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Issue 22 - Spawn

It's our second Patreon President selected episode - SPAWN! Find out what happens when an atheist becomes an agent of Hell! Plus references to the Simpsons, Annie Duke, and Pascal's Wager! Listen now! SHOW NOTES: Spawn References: The Devil and Daniel WebsterTreehouse of Horror IVThe SimpsonsIllusions, MichaelArrested DevelopmentYakety SaxWatchmaker analogyPascal's WagerNuremberg defense Thinking in Bets The Walking Dead listener poll iTunes: here Google Play: here Stitcher:...


Issue 21 - Typhoid Mary

WE'RE BACK! Season 2 of Capes kicks off with a look at Typhoid Mary, the multiple personality seductress featured in Iron Fist S2 this week! So sit back and enjoy all the South Park references and psychoanalysis you can handle! SHOW NOTES: Listener poll fundraiserDaredevil References: Butters summoning Biggie SmallsSouth ParkMonica using a 619 she saw on TVHeroes Article on Psylocke returning to a Caucasian bodyMunchausen by proxyMoney, Power, Respect iTunes: here Google Play:...


Issue 20 - Multiple Man

It's our second ever Patreon President-selected episode, as listener Matt suggests Multiple Man Jamie Madrox! Anthony & Dr. Issues discuss paralysis by analysis, and Doc deals with an unorthodox group session. Listen now! SHOW NOTES: Giant-Size Fantastic Four References: FaginOliver TwistSilence of the Lambs clipMultiplicity Power Perversion PotentialRic FlairArthurPoochie rapThe SimpsonsThe Golden ManNextI'm not Xena, I'm Lucy LawlessThe Simpsons iTunes: here Google Play:...


Issue 19 - Scarecrow

Don't be afraid, it's just the latest episode of Capes on the Couch featuring Gotham's premier fear fetishist, Scarecrow! Anthony & Dr. Issues talk about how Jonathan Crane would be a mage, and Anthony goes on a non sequiter about cookies. It's par for the course, really - listen now! SHOW NOTES: TerrorLong HalloweenDark VictoryWhen in RomeKnightfallAs the Crow FliesScarebeastHushBattle for the CowlBlackest Night/Brightest DayForever Evil References: Everything is AwesomeThe Lego...


Issue 18 - Casey Jones

This week, it's the masked vigilante and cricket aficionado CASEY JONES! Anthony tackles his ever-changing backstory, while Dr. Issues discusses what makes vigilantes difficult to treat. And the couch session is unlike anything that's come before. So get high on cocaine and watch your speed - listen now! References: Casey JonesNinja kick the damn rabbit!Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesAmerica, F**k Yeah!Team America: World PoliceWe can rule the galaxy as father and son.Star Wars Episode V:...


Issue 17 - Hank Pym

It's a special Ant-Man and the Wasp episode as Anthony & Dr. Issues examine HANK PYM! Our hosts discuss his multiple costumed identities (and invent a new one for him), and discuss his interactions with the other Avengers in light of the #MeToo movement. It's all here - Listen now! SHOW NOTES: Thanos AnnualSentry2 Men and the Mouse podcastTales to AstonishAnt-ManTales to AstonishGiant-ManGoliathAvengersYellowjacketAvengersAvengers ForeverWaspRage of Ultron References: Honey I Shrunk the...


Issue 16 - Sentry

This week's patient is Marvel's insane Superman analogue, THE SENTRY! Anthony & Dr. Issues pick apart Bob Reynolds to find out what makes one of Marvel's most powerful heroes tick. And speaking of powerful, Dr. Issues gets emotional talking about depression and suicide. It's all here - listen now! SHOW NOTES: Sentry References within episode: Flying BrickBruce AlmightyLegally BlondeWorld of cardboardJustice League UnlimitedHarlow experimentRational emotive behavioral therapyNational...


Issue 15 - Question

Anthony & Dr. Issues examine the predecessor to Rorschach, THE QUESTION! Of course, it was all part of the plan that they did Rorschach first... or was it? SHOW NOTES: Watchmen References in episode: Skin gunManipulative BastardJustice League: DoomGDPRNo man is an islandDevotions upon Emergent OccasionsCreator Avatar Paranoid personality disorder Delusional disorder iTunes: here Google Play: here Stitcher: here TuneIn: here iHeartRadio: here Twitter Facebook E-mail Patreon


Issue 14 - Legion

Our first ever President-picked episode - LEGION! Anthony & Dr. Issues go inside David Haller's shattered mind to revisit dissociation, talk about what it's like being the son of the most famous mutant in the world, and the most auditorally challenging couch visit yet! SHOW NOTES: References: Three men make a tigerBlind men and an elephant iTunes: here Google Play: here Stitcher: here TuneIn: here Twitter Facebook E-mail Patreon


Issue 13 - Cyclops

This week's patient is Scott Summers, aka Cyclops of the X-Men! Anthony & Dr. Issues try to delicately untangle the Summers family tree and look at his many romantic relationships. What happens when a black man and a mutant discuss who's been more oppressed? Listen now to find out! SHOW NOTES: References: TriskaidekaphobiaShrek is LoveScott is a dickPhineas Gage iTunes: here Google Play: here Stitcher: here TuneIn: here Twitter Facebook E-mail Patreon


Issue 12 - Mr. Freeze

Anthony & Dr. Issues chill out while talking about Batman's coolest nemesis, Mr. Freeze! Plus dueling song references - Foreigner vs. Omarion, and yet another South Park reference... SHOW NOTES: References in the show: Cold as IceCame Back WrongWarm his icy heart with a hot island songGot an icebox where my heart used to beFirst do no harm iTunes: here Google Play: here Stitcher: here TuneIn: here Twitter Facebook E-mail Patreon


Issue 11 - Booster Gold

It's the Greatest Hero You've Never Heard Of, Booster Gold! Anthony & Dr. Issues tackle the underachieving egomaniac, how the RZA could help make him a better hero, and for the first time ever, a hero actually learns something on Doc's couch! SHOW NOTES: Special links: Grit by Angela Duckworth"My Shot"HamiltonC.R.E.A.M. iTunes: here Google Play: here Stitcher: here TuneIn: here Twitter Facebook E-mail Patreon


Issue 10 - Deadpool

Anthony sings the Bee Gees, Dr. Issues channels Madeline Kahn, and the Patreon is announced. Oh, and they also talk about the Merc with the Mouth, Deadpool! SHOW NOTES: Patreon Pop culture references throughout the episode: "I Started a Joke" by the Bee GeesLisa breaks Ralph Wiggum's heartClips from South Park "It Hits the Fan" - NSFWClue - "Flames on the sides of my face" iTunes: here Google Play: here Stitcher: here TuneIn: here Twitter Facebook E-mail Patreon


Issue 9 - Loki

Anthony and Dr. Issues dissect the God of Mischief, Loki! They also talk sibling rivalries, gender fluidity, and sing the Odd Couple theme. It's a good one, we promise. SHOW NOTES: Timely ComicsVenusJourney Into Mystery Special links: "The Scorpion and the Frog"Is Loki Canonically Genderfluid Now? iTunes: here Google Play: here Stitcher: here TuneIn: here Twitter Facebook E-mail


Issue 8.5 - Bonus Loki skit!

Since the original recording of the Loki episode featured corrupted audio, we thought we'd release the skit (which somehow was undamaged) as an apology to the fans. So enjoy this little skit :)


Issue 8 - Thanos

The Avengers: Infinity War special - THANOS! Anthony compares Infinity Gauntlet to Beauty & the Beast, Dr. Issues talks God's Debris, and the most far out couch skit yet! SHOW NOTES: Iron ManThanos QuestInfinity GauntletInfinity GauntletBeauty and the BeastInfinity WarInfinity CrusadeInfinity AbyssAnnihilationThanos ImperativeThanos RisingInfinitySecret WarsCivil War IIGod's DebrisLOKI! Special links: "The Egg"God's Debris iTunes: here Google Play: here Stitcher: here TuneIn:...


Issue 7 - Rorschach

Anthony and Dr. Issues tackle Watchmen's absolutist protagonist, Rorschach! Listen as they discuss whether someone who's totally unwilling to compromise could function in the real world. Anthony also gets hung up on Sucker Punch, Doc reexamines his global outlook after meeting with Rorschach, and Anthony threatens Doc with Celine Dion. (It makes sense in context. Sort of.) Show notes: (NOW WITH TIMESTAMPS! YAY!) Sucker PunchInfinity WarTHANOS! Special links: steelmanningDr. Erikson's...


Issue 6 - Jessica Jones

Anthony and Dr. Issues take on the reluctant superheroine-turned-private-investigator, Jessica Jones! Alcoholism and PTSD make for a dangerous combination, but our hosts are up to the task... Dr. Issues's office, notsomuch... Show notes: AliasRorschachWatchmenTHANOS Twitter Facebook E-mail


Issue 5 - Harley Quinn

Anthony and Dr. Issues tackle the Clown Princess of Crime, Harley Quinn, her thoughs on Mistah J and Ivy, and how she could function in society. And as usual, Doc has a major repair bill by the end of it. Show notes: Google Play: here iTunes: here Stitcher: here TuneIn: here Twitter Facebook Email


Issue 4 - Moon Knight

Anthony goes totally fanboy over his favorite character, while Dr. Issues tries to keep things on track. It's a miracle this episode was only an hour... SHOW NOTES: Vengeance of Moon Knight