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Carrie & Tommy Podcast - Hit Network - Carrie Bickmore and Tommy Little

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Get carried away on the drive home with Carrie Bickmore and Tommy Little every weekday arvos on the Hit Network.

Get carried away on the drive home with Carrie Bickmore and Tommy Little every weekday arvos on the Hit Network.


Sydney, NSW


Get carried away on the drive home with Carrie Bickmore and Tommy Little every weekday arvos on the Hit Network.




Carrie's AWKWARD TEXT to GUY SEBASTIAN, we can't make Tommy SNEEZE (but we try really hard), AND food that can KILL you!

Are you a Guy with a crush on Carrie? Make Tommy Sneeze Best part of your day? Foods where a quantity would kill you Ghost Bus The Paper Quiz See for privacy information.


Carrie's mum is BANNED from seeing Tommy's comedy, Tommy's FLYING MISHAP, AND Jock Zonfrillo!

Mum who's been at Tommy's show When did you provide commentary no one wanted? What are you allowed to do but it's too much? Flying Update Same Same But Spoken Pole dancer Jock Zonfrillo See for privacy information.


The BEST BITS of Carrie & Tommy! Cat Chat returns, and we make BUBBLY WINE (kind of)

What Funny Luittle Thing Do You Do When You Get Excited SODA STREAM WINE Salmon Date Meal How Long Until They Tell Us We're Wrong What Do Ya Reckon FLIGHTS Tommy's Cat Chat RETURNS See for privacy information.


The BEST BITS of Carrie & Tommy! Carrie performs in front of 35k people without a REHEARSAL, AND Fat Guts Anon RETURNS!

Carrie's Gift For Tommy Carrie's MEETING Phrase Game Fat Guts Anonymous Carrie & Tommy at Mardi Gras When Have you Been Stuck in a Slide See for privacy information.


The BEST BITS of Carrie & Tommy! A cute photo from Tommy's past, and CARRIE meets KARRIE!

Denise Drysdales's Spill Karrie Webb Evie At Auction Tommy Getting Scammed Carrie's Cassette When Was That Weds - Tommy Photo See for privacy information.


The BEST BITS of Carrie & Tommy! Andy Lee's SHOCKING story about his WILL, and Tommy EMAILS a US CELEB!

Andy Lee Bickers Gives Sonder a Hand Massage Tell Us Your Boring Tommy & Tiff Haddish See for privacy information.


The BEST BITS of Carrie & Tommy! Is Carrie's daughter a GENIUS, and we fire up TOMMY'S TINDR!

What Weird Thing Can Your Body Do? Is Evie a Genius Tommy DATING APP Waleed Aly Ball Throwing See for privacy information.


The BEST BITS of Carrie & Tommy! Bickers NEW HOBBIE, and someone made SHIT CAKES?

Bickers is GREAT at Golf Bickers partner WALKS about GOLF Carrie's AWFUL CAKES What Do You Reckon? Length of sex Knock One Out For Us Finish The Next Line Song Game See for privacy information.


The BEST BITS of Carrie & Tommy! CONSTABLE CARRIE and Evie's FIRST DAY at SCHOOL (so cute!!)

Song Game (song you like that nonone else does) Tommy's Selling His Fee Yep You Guessed it Evie's First Day At School Carrie's CRIME WATCH See for privacy information.


The BEST BITS of Carrie & Tommy! Andy Lee, a bottle of GRANGE, AND a PROPOSAL?!

Phil's Proposal & Grange Gift Andy Lee & Grange Tommy's Cat Chat See for privacy information.


The BEST BITS of Carrie & Tommy! Producer Eli RANKS the team from LEAST FUN to MOST FUN and causes CHAOS!

Eli's Fun Ranking List Are You Dumb & A Pilot Dog Barking game Tommy's Surprise Slab What Do You Reckon? MARRIED PEOPLE SEX See for privacy information.


Tommy's Project FAIL, we put 10 THOUSAND cents on the line, AND which iconic singer does Carrie hate?!

Bickmore's Booty Drop Hugh van Cuylenburg Tommy's Project Plug Same Same But Backwards Alphacents Carries bathers Elvis Knock One Out For Us Rapt or Raw See for privacy information.


Carrie's EGG REVENGE (rEGGvenge), Jules Sebastian helps Carrie craft a SAUCY text to her husband GUY Sebastian, AND Christian Hull's RUDE book!

Tommy gets egged The Time Game $2400 How long until they tell us we're wrong? Roadside births Christian Hull Eli's idea Jules Sebastian See for privacy information.


Carrie tries to do a MAGIC TRICK on Tommy, but it BACKFIRES in spEGGtacular fashion! The YOLK is on her! Eggcellent content!

Willem Carrie's Magic Phone Me My One and Only - Astronomer / Astrology Tell us your injury and we'll tell you what hurts Nath Valvo The Paper Quiz Movie Title Translations See for privacy information.


Tommy goes grocery shopping for CARRIE'S WHOLE FAMILY, AND we bring you THE LATEST BREAKING NEWS ON THE SUEZ CANAL!

What a ship show / This is ship house? I spy a celebrity Tommy shopping Celery Juice Same Same But Spoken Carrie's Feet Game See for privacy information.


Tommy's A Jerk - by Carrie, cooking Salmon on date - celeb chef Justine Schofield weighs in! Carrie vs Cornetto's and a massive challenge for Tommy!

1. Tommy’s Final Outfit - dressed by Carrie! 2. Same Same But Backwards - who wins the reversed lyrical challenge this week! 3. Carrie sets an epic challenge for Tommy 4. To cook or not to cook Salmon on a date to impress. 5. Justine Schofield calls in, weighs in on the Salmon debate. 6. Sonder Vs Mamamia - how not to get a story published 7. Carrie’s Cornetto’s - how does her homemade cones stack up? 8. News from across the ditch – the French edition See for privacy...


Accidental Nudes! We're onto something - wine in a soda stream or bubbles - Carries takes the challenge! We find out what Sam Fischer has to say in LA and a reflection on Michael Gudinski

Greetings to the legends on a Thursday Accidental Nudes! Remembering Michael Gudinski Tommy's new game - how long until they tell us we are wrong! Stuck in a car park Sam Fischer calls in from LA Soda Stream Wine or Bubbles - which one reigns supreme? Alphacents - can we giveaway a mega 1000 cents?! See for privacy information.


Carrie Reflects On Michael Gudinski's Memorial

See for privacy information.


Triple Stripe Tommy for dress ups by Bickmore day 3, a generational habit of Carrie's family touching themselves in the same place when excited, comedian Dave Thornton shares a wedding fail from Tommy and Bickmore's Bits of the week!

Dress Up Tommy Day 3 What have you been up to in your triple stripes? Tommy vs Movie Promethius - a guide for Dummies (aka Tommy) The Time Game - can we beat the clock for $2300? Bickmore's Bits Comedian Dave Thornton with an epic tail of Tommy Little at a wedding New Game Time - Name the animal! See for privacy information.


Carrie rubs herself where when she gets excited?! Tommys Dress up and cooking adventures, join us for the Paper Quiz and Peter Helliar's in for the lols!

Dress Up Tommy Day 2 Last Names - do you take your partners, do you hyphen or get creative? Guess the headline challenge Tommy's cooking adventures What do you do when you get excited? Carrie rubs herself where? Paper Quiz Challenge Peter Helliar with the lol's! What do you reckon? Men or Women have more tattoos? See for privacy information.