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ep 23: Conspiracy Theories

Bust out those tin-foil hats sheeple, in honor of this, the spookiest month, the Oracles are taking on one of their most terrifying topics yet, Conspiracy Theories.


ep 22: Fictional Kellys

What do Mindy Kaling, Jaclyn Smith, and Liam Kyle Sullivan all have in common? Basically nothing, beyond leaving an indelible mark on pop culture byway of characters named Kelly. Oracle Kelly (who maintains her Kellyness full-time with grace and wit) has challenged Mary and Andrew’s categorizing prowess with a list of fictional Kellys, and they get in the weeds brainstorming new installments of Dick Wolf's Chicago franchise.

ep 21: Mythical Lake Monsters of North America

The Oracles might just need a bigger boat this time around as they tour some of North America’s most dangerous lakes and discuss the savage creatures that inhabit them.


ep 20: Great Lakes Tourist Traps

The Oracles are back from their summer vacation and are ready to show off their crustaches and opinions of the best tourist traps the midwest has to offer


ep 19: Subversive Summer Reading

This week the Oracles are adding “overachievers” to their many titles and accolades by knocking out their summer reading lists early. However don’t be fooled into thinking they’re apple-polishing milquetoasts; for when all the “outdoor kids” were off playing sportsball your hosts had their noses buried in the bawdiest, juiciest, and wildest YA they could find, and they’ll joyride that train all the way to a library co-signed personal pan pizza. Features special guest Kate Whitney co-host of...


ep 18: Dumb Paint Color Names pt 1

On our latest episode the Oracles attempt to bring a little color into the world, and in doing so learn thing or too about parade float supplies, ballistic gel genitalia, fur diapers, and much more! Come along for the ride but please leave your mayo at home.


ep 17: Summer Jams 2

Summer is finally upon us and to celebrate we're letting loose a previously unreleased follow-up to that CO classic Summer Jams, aptly titled Summer Jams 2. Originally recorded over the summer of 2017, this time around the oracles count down the #1 and #2 songs from 1977–1984, take a two month break, then pick back up with 1985–1996.


ep 16: Misused Quotes

"Hand down one of the best — and classiest — episodes of the show to date. You won't want to miss it. Ya Boob" - Captain Hook


ep 15: Modern Greek Choruses

Don't you hate it when you're watching a movie and don't know how to feel? Lucky for you, the ancient greeks felt the same way and came up with a clever solution: the aptly named, Greek Chorus. It's worked so well over the centuries that we still use it today, and that's what our latest episode is about, modern greek choruses.


ep: 14 Fictional Places to Get a Cup of Coffee

Feeling sluggish, do you long for the company of good friends? Well pull up a chair at the Oracles' table and wrap your hand around a warm mug as we take a tour of some of the fiction's most notable java joints.


ep 13: illegitimate Children of Zeus

On our latest episode, the Oracles bravely laugh in the face of the fates by taking a look at children of one of mythology's greatest cads, Zeus. We'll cover everything from dehydrated celestial bears to egg shell hats and golden showers, all of which help us to better understand the greatest lesson of the ancient greeks; Zeus is an asshole. We prophesize that you'll love it.


ep 12: Go to Products in Supermarket Sweep

Is this one of your fantasies? You see a big beautiful supermarket and they say "go ahead, do what you've always wanted to do! Make terrible sandwiches, frantically dig through bins of canned food, and wear a dickie!" No? What if you got to do all that and get chased by men in rubber monster masks!?! Join the Oracles this week as they whip through the aisles in their cheapest primary colored sweatshirts and categorize some of the weirder bonus items from one of TV's most peculiar game shows,...


ep 11: Awkward Oscar Moments

What a night folks! Hollywood’s greatest stars, both human and cardboard, are out and breathlessly awaiting the arrival of this week’s episode — and look who just arrived! It’s a stretch limo with all three Oracles packed in like sardines with a list just dripping in couture and jewels! They’ve got all the great Awkward Oscar Moments with them, from Adele Dazeem to the hottest “It” couple Rob Lowe and Snow White! This will surely be an episode you won’t want to miss!


ep 10: Retired Conversation Heart Quotes

Remember being in elementary school and shifting through an impeccably decorated shoebox only to find impersonal Valentines your classmate gave you out of obligation? Remember that first February 14th after a brutal breakup where literally everyone else is eating steaks with their true loves and you’re just huddled with a crispy chicken salad wishing you could set yourself on fire? Well, this episode is all about blowing those hollow sentiments and bitter disappointments out of the water as...


ep 9: Summer Jams

Winter bringing you down? Throw off your snowshoes. pop on your sandals, and join the Oracles as they take a look back at the most popular summer jams of the last couple decades.


ep 8: Cults

On this weeks episode, the Oracles have turned their eyes on some of America's most notorious cults and encourage all CO listeners to have a happy, healthy, and cult-free new year.


ep 7: Rudolph: The Red Nose Trilogy

You know Rudolph and Hermie, and Yukon Cornelius. Donner, the Bumble, Santa, and Missus (Claus). But do you recall, the least famous Christmas creatures of all? Well, if you don't then pop on a pair of headphones and come with us on a journey through the ragtag menagerie of idiots, clock monsters, and elder gods that populate the trilogy starring everyone's favorite mutant reindeer; Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Rudolph's Shiny New Year, and Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July.


ep 6: Pop X-Mas Songs

Hello-ho-ho faithful listeners and welcome to the first annual Categorical Oracle holiday episode. This week, we three oracles have traveled far to deliver you this nicely sorted list of pop Christmas tunes. So post up by the fire, pour yourself a pot of toddies, and unwrap our latest episode.


ep 5: Thanksgiving Potluck

In this very special Thanksgiving episode the Oracles are hosting a potluck! Get your lips smacking and your chops set because we’ll be carving up three mini lists this time around. Our buffet table is groaning with items each host is especially thankful for; a baker’s dozen of La Croix flavors, platters of famous cats, and to finish off, massive slices of Meat Loaf’s album covers.


ep 4: Fan Theories

This week Kelly has trawled the depths of fan theory message boards and has delivered a net full of flimsy connections, shaky reasoning, and soggy literary criticism for Mary and Andrew to pick apart. How many portmanteau categories will we Frankenstein together? When will our Oracles start loosely interchanging slightly overzealous media fans with conspiracy theorists? Will this podcast once again trigger Dave Coulier’s Google Alert on himself? SPOILERS: too many, very early on, and most...