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Just Ceddy interviewing interesting content creators and artists to learn from their experiences.

Just Ceddy interviewing interesting content creators and artists to learn from their experiences.




Just Ceddy interviewing interesting content creators and artists to learn from their experiences.






Twitch Partner, Cosplayer, Former Playboy Playmate Holly Wolf Shares Her Experience Of Being DEPORTED From Bali, OnlyFans' Shenanigans And MORE!

Let me start off by saying that I love tea (You already know that), and I am talking about stories, the wilder it is, the more I wanna hear it. I knew Holly Wolf on Twitter and I approached her to be on my show because she talked about her being deported from Bali. Asian countries LOVE westerners so you've got to fuck something up so badly till they wanna deport you. And she spilled the beans, I adore her because she's very open about her career as as Playboy Playmate, I asked her about the...


FIRST Podcast Guest Of 2021 - RoraPickles! Discussing Her Evolution And Streamer Culture

Happy 2021 everyone, if you are reading this part I want to wish you a wonderful year and thank you for still supporting the podcast! My first guest is RoraPickles, she is known for using all her 23412 cameras when she needs to address trolls, she's loud, funny and real. Rora has been through so much that her character evolution amazes me, at first I did not understand or get her humor but we have been cordial with each other and the more we speak, the more I understand her and I appreciate...


Super Creative Twitch Partner Shaperka Shares Her Content Creation Journey And She Uses WHAT On Her Skin!?

I came across Shaperka's content on Twitter and I instantly fell in love with her humor because I love it when people don't try too hard to be funny. She is mostly staying in her lane (Avoiding streamer Twitter drama) and her hard work and dedication in content creation finally earned her a lot of attention after an Internet outage and she said something about being a full time Animal Crossing content creator. I enjoyed my conversation with her, she's been super raw about her journey and I...


Medium, Prophetess, Twitter Sensation Empress Sin Alyss Talks About Her Divine Gift And How She Solved A Criminal Case Through Her Vision

Empress Sin Alyss came onto my show to talk about her gift and how she became a Twitter sensation because her dreams literally came true! I personally have gotten reading from her and she was full of light and sass and I had to get her on. Note: You do not have to believe in everything we are discussing so all snarky remarks will be dismissed. Support the show (https://patreon.com/ceddyornot)


Facebook Gaming Partner MunchkinDoom On Fake #BLM Allies, Her Experience With FB.GG, Why Content Creators Need To Be Paid And MORE!

Ms Candice a.k.a. MunchkinDoom stopped by my show to spill so much hot tea about the industry, the fake allies who use the #BLM in their bio, her experience going from Mixer to Twitch and expanding to Facebook Gaming and more. I adore Candice so much because she did not hold back with her opinion and she did her research prior to getting on my show to learn the vibes. Enjoy the podcast! Support the show (https://patreon.com/ceddyornot)


Afkayt's Journey On Being A Body Painter On Twitch

As a body painter on Twitch, these streamers are often walking on egg shells because Twitch can be very fickle with their rules and regulations, a few body painters were banned from the platform due to obscure reasons. FORTUNATELY, Afkayt's journey on Twitch has been pretty smooth sailing and she talks about the transition from being a variety gamer to body painting and things she has learned along the way. Support the show (https://patreon.com/ceddyornot)


Being A Facebook Gaming Streamer, Cliques In The Industry And The Differences Between A Niche And Variety Streamer (Featuring Cowsep)

Facebook Gaming partner / Master Yi main Cowsep hops onto my show to share his thoughts about being outside the circle (clique) of the industry. He also shared the differences between Twitch and Facebook culture. Support the show (https://patreon.com/ceddyornot)


On Creating Evergreen Content, Using Platform For Good And That Far Verona Drama With Multi-Talented Twitch Partner/Actor Elspeth

Elspeth was so sweet to reach out to me to get on my Podcast because she enjoyed my previous shows and it was a huge honor to have her on too!! I followed Elspeth on Twitter for awhile but we never really interacted much until today! She was really kind and open about her experience as a content creator and how she got to where she is today. Of course, as a tea-spiller, I had to get her to spill the tea about the Far Verona incident that made her quit! Support the show...


Anjali Talks About Rampart, Comparing With Friends And We Discussed My New Music!

My good good friend/ mentor Anjali Bhimani stopped by my show to talk about her experience voicing Rampart (New hero from Season 6 of Apex Legends), then we dove deep into the conversation of comparing ourselves with friends. I also let her listen to my new song PWRFUL just to see her reaction, Patreon supporters will be able to watch her full reaction so if you have that extra dime to spend, go over to my Patreon and a $4.99 sub a month allows you to unlock so many cool perks. Support the...


What Does It Take To Be An Influencer? Influencer Relations Manager SeriouslyClara Has Some Hot Takes!

The word "influencer" has attracted many negative perception from the public because some influencers unfortunately, were not using their reach and influences for good. When we say influencer, we typically think of Instagram influencers, but what about influencers in the gaming industry? Do they exist? If so, should we claim the title? And how to be one? SeriouslyClara, a Twitch Partner/ influencer relations manager shared her opinion on this topic. Support the show...


ReAnimateHer Talks About Her Experience With An Online Stalker, Her Passion For Tarot And Being A Horror Game Streamer

On today's episode we get into spooky stuff as my guest ReAnimateHer shares her passion for Tarot and horror games and movies. She also talks about her experience with an online stalker. Support the show (https://patreon.com/ceddyornot)


Black Lives Matter / Streamer Twitter / More Mixer Tea And Defining Wholesomeness (Featuring ZombaeKillz)

Gamer, Blacktivist ZombaeKillz stopped by my show early this week to talk about her opinion on Black Lives Matter movement and what she truly thinks about black streamers who are unhappy about the temporary hype they received during the movement. She also spilled a lot of tea about Mixer!! Support the show (https://patreon.com/ceddyornot)


Death of Mixer / How To Manage Friends And Partners With Mental Illnesses (Featuring Mental Health Champion Mxiety)

My good friend Mxiety stopped by my show to talk about the time she found out about Mixer being shut down and shared her knowledge on how to manage friends and loved ones who are battling with mental illnesses, she also recalled the time when a random stranger told her to leave her husband because of his panic attack! Support the show (https://patreon.com/ceddyornot)


Dead By Daylight / Twitch Partner / Number One Hag / Drag Queen Elix Spilled Some Teas!

Twitch/ Dead By Daylight Partner / Drag queen Ms Elix came to my show and we had such a great time talking about so many cool stuff! She explains what was it like being a "first generation Mexican American" and how she has to work her ass off to get to where she is today. You will also learn how we both utilize our social media to grow our communities and more! Support the show (https://patreon.com/ceddyornot)


Dealing With "You're Not Funny" Comment And Some Twitch Sings Tea (Featuring SaraJazz)

SaraJazz, professional saxophonist, troll and a funny Twitch streamer came by my show to talk about our experience on a group Podcast. She also spilled tea about her experience with inexperienced Twitch artists. Also, did she just say that many Twitch Sings artists are mediocre? Oooh this is gonna be spicy! Support the show (https://patreon.com/ceddyornot)


Happy Anniversary To Ceddy Or Not (Featuring Anjali Bhimani)

Today we celebrate ONE year of Ceddy Or Not, time flies! And I was happy to have Anjali back on my show since she was the one who essentially made this whole thing happen, without her encouragement there will be no Green Dumpling or even this Podcast! As usual, having her on means we are spending hours just gassing each other up and she's always so fun, we also talked about how celebrities are told not to voice their political opinion, Me Too movement and more! Enjoy this episode!! Support...


Let's Talk Comedy And Voice Acting (Featuring Lucie Pohl)

The doctor is in!! The voice actress of Mercy from Overwatch Ms Lucie Pohl stops by my show this episode to talk to me about her JUICY journey as a voice actress and she imparts some knowledge to me about being a comic, yes! Apart from voicing one of the popular characters in Overwatch, Lucie hosts stand-up shows in New York and as a baby comedian, I feel that I have to learn from her and she was kind to share what she knows. Support the show (https://patreon.com/ceddyornot)


From Sombra To Raze And How She Makes The Best Out Of Self Isolation (Featuring Carolina Ravassa)

Carolina Ravassa, popularly known among the gamers as the voice actress of Sombra from Overwatch joins me today to talk about her brand new role - Raze in Valorant, for those of you who haven't played the game, it's fine, she describes the character for you and we talked about how she makes the best out of self isolation. It was a fun and relaxing episode. Support the show (https://patreon.com/ceddyornot)


The Ugly Side of Being People of Color In The Industry / Dungeons and Dragons 101 (Featuring ThatBronzeGirl)

Twitch Partner / Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast / Overall fun queen ThatBronzeGirl a.k.a. Jasmine Bhullar drops by my show this week to talk about our experiences as people of color in this industry and why we are absolutely not obliged to educate ignorant and racist trolls. Also, she gave me some pointers to understand Dungeons and Dragons if I wanna jump in on it. Support the show (https://patreon.com/ceddyornot)


Of Being Authentic And Her Journey As An Actor And Voice Actor (Featuring Jeannie Bolet)

Jeannie Bolet, the voice actress of Echo (Overwatch) stops by my show this week to talk about her experience as an actor and the process of booking a job to voice the brand new hero in Blizzard. She also talks about her passion for the Universe and how she generally lives her life - Being kind and authentic. Support the show (https://patreon.com/ceddyornot)