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Ready to learn what podcasts people in the podcasting industry listen to when they aren't working on their own sh*t? Join us at Chatting Over Chowder where two minority women who own a podcast management business talk to OTHER women in the podcasting industry about what podcasts they are listening to....while eating chowder (or soup).

Ready to learn what podcasts people in the podcasting industry listen to when they aren't working on their own sh*t? Join us at Chatting Over Chowder where two minority women who own a podcast management business talk to OTHER women in the podcasting industry about what podcasts they are listening to....while eating chowder (or soup).


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Ready to learn what podcasts people in the podcasting industry listen to when they aren't working on their own sh*t? Join us at Chatting Over Chowder where two minority women who own a podcast management business talk to OTHER women in the podcasting industry about what podcasts they are listening to....while eating chowder (or soup).








The Heart and Soul of Podcasting with Elsie Escobar

If you are a woman in this podcasting space and you don't know who Elsie Escobar is SHAME ONE YOU! Elsie humbly says she is a podcasting advocate, pundit and mentor to primarily women podcaster leaders. She has a driving dialogue in the podcasting industry focusing on podcasts’ impact on society, and culture as well as their power to drive social change. She is definitely all these things but this does not do her justice so we are going to brag on behalf of her! Elsie is one half of the...


The Power of Stories in Podcasting with Mimi Jacks

Podcasting is more than a conversation. It is about highlighting and bringing people's stories to the table. And that is what Michelle Jackson aka Mimi Jacks loves most about podcasting. Mimi Jacks is the host of the MProper Mimi Podcast where she talks about empowering women at Home, Work and Play. Going into the 3rd year of podcasting, Mimi Jacks loves to share stories of the amazing women she has come in contact with as well as embracing the freedom of saying whatever is on her mind at...


We're Back, We're Black...and Dominican

WE ARE BACK!!!!! We cannot wait to introduce you to all of the stunning women we are talking to this season. From app creators to Podcasting royalty, the women we have given soup to in Season 3 deserve every delicious morsel! But today, it's just Sharoline and I talking sans soup! Because we always forget to get soup for just ourselves! Join our chat as we discuss: Saying we are an award winning podcast Why we are planning a trip to Bermuda Our podcast merch Trademarking our...


Season 2 Finale: Closing Time

It has been a crazy few weeks but Sharoline and I finally got to record our Season 2 wrap up. As you can tell in the first 3 minutes, our brains are exhausted and confuzzled from all that we have done in 2021 but we still got this recording DONE because we love you all and we do not believe in podfade! Join our chat as we discuss: How we won a podcasting award The realization we only began Chatting Over Chowder this year The phenomenal women we have had on Season 2! How we give our...


Spoonful of Comfort with Anne Cummins

When your product ends up at the White House in a picture with the first female multi-raced Vice President, you know you have something special. Spoonful of Comfort is a women founded and owned gourmet soup delivery company that believes: "If you can’t mail a hug, this is the next best thing". After sending almost all of our guests Spoonful of Comfort as well as our own family members, friends, acquaintances and imbibing great quantities of Spoonful of Comfort ourselves, Sharoline and I...


Podcasting as Yourself with Dalia Kinsey

We are so excited that Dalia Kinsey is joining us today on Chatting Over Chowder! Dalia and I met when I was offered an opportunity to cohost a Clubhouse with them for WOC Podcasters. Since the first time we chatted, I knew I wanted to have them on the show! Before we begin, things you should know: Dalia's voice is BUTTER! Secondly, they have a new book that you should purchase immediate: Decolonizing Wellness. Now, let's get to the chatting. Join us as we chat about: How a 7 year old...


COC features Shelter In Place

I am so excited and honored to feature my Shelter in Place episode on the Chatting Over Chowder platform. The Kasama Collective is storytelling training intensive that I was chosen for in August. This program was created by Nate & Laura Davis of Shelter in Place Podcast. In this program, our collective learns how to craft stories, write scripts, create sound designs and so much more! Each team member gets to create a podcast with the season theme in mind. This season it is home. Listen...


Healing Power in Sound with Porsha Williams Gates

Porsha Williams Gates should be the most nose stuck up in the air, bougie, you need to speak to their agent to get ahold of them type of person! Except, NOPE! Porsha is the most down to earth lovely soul being you can ever meet! Their laugh fills your whole heart and envelopes you with love. If you don't know, Porsha Williams Gates is the founder and CEO of Porshanality Media, LLC. Porshanality Media is a podcast production house dedicated to the mission of amplifying the collective sound...


Using Your Podcast to Enhance Your Business with Jess Williams

Jess Williams is used to getting barked at by her clients! Since the age of 3, Jess has surrounded herself with dogs and has truly loved every moment of it. She has been competing and performing with her dogs for over 15 years. She has performed with her dogs at state fairs, theme parks, halftime shows, and theatre productions all across the nation as well as overseas. In 2008, Jess even appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show as an advocate of animal welfare. Jess and her husband, Scott, are...


Organization and Systems in Podcasting with Ronni Hill

Today, we have an exceptional guest. Someone we’ve shared history with and holds a special place in our hearts: Mz Ronni Hill! Ronni is a full-service podcast manager + podcast systems creator for female visionaries + CEOs. Since starting her self-named business (Ronni Hill) in 2018, she’s transitioned from all-around virtual assistant, to social media manager, to Facebook ads manager, to podcasting & the culmination of her experiences are clearly represented in her services. In today’s...


Being Human with Our Stories with Kanika Chadda Gupta

We've heard of multitaskers before, but nothing like what you're about to hear with Kanika Chadda Gupta! Today we will be speaking about how Oprah (amongst others) were the true motivation behind Kanika's career choice and all that's she's been able to conquer after that. Kanika is a CNN television anchor turned entrepreneur, podcaster, wife, and mom of three [twins + 1], Kanika Chadda-Gupta, invites guests to share their 'mom sense' experiences and dig deep on topics like what to expect...


Creating Inclusive Yoga Practices with Ayanna Parrent

Fit Phat Chat is a a fun, sassy, non-pc, REAL talk, community podcast about movement, mindfulness, body positivity, joy, health and being well... for EVERY.BODY and we had the pleasure of speaking with one of the cohosts and creator Ayanna Parrent! Not only does she speak on her podcast about inclusion and using yoga for recovery, she also created B Free Coaching Wellness center which is a community that transforms people’s lives by providing free or low cost services including movement,...


Capturing Melanin in Cover Art with Damaly Shepherd

Do you believe photos and podcasting are interconnected? What if I told you they have more in common than you think! Join us as we speak to Damaly Shepherd, a published photographer and writer whose mission in life is to help women OWN IT on or off camera. From making people feel beautiful to making them feel heard, if you are creative, this is the conversation for you! Join us as we chat about: The importance of the know, like, trust factor in your brand Why a professional photo...


Podcasting With Anxiety with Sarah Kerlin

As a sufferer of anxiety all of my life, our guest this week speaks to my soul! Sarah Kerlin is the host of the podcast 'Anxious AF,' where she and her guests discuss their experiences with anxiety. She is also the writer & director of the YouTube series, 'Film Life Rules', which helps film production newcomers learn the basics of what they'll need to know on set. In a former life, she worked in production on countless independent films and reality singing competitions. She is currently...


The Healing Power of Podcasting with Latrice Sampson Richards

Latrice Sampson Richards is dynamic, amazing and HYSTERICAL! No wonder every podcasting network is trying to get her on their employee roster! Latrice Sampson Richards, LPC-S, CLC is a Mental and Emotional Wellness Creative, Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (Louisiana), Licensed Mental Health Counselor (Florida), and Certified Life-Enhancement Coach. She is the host of Unicorns Talk Podcast, and serves as the Lead Event Consultant for the Afros & Audio Podcast Festival. She is a...


Creating Your Own Niche in Podcasting with Suzy Chase

Get your utensils out and be ready to dive your teeth into this episode!! From soul sounds to foods, we bring to you Suzy Chase!! Suzy Chase is a podcasting pioneer who started way back in 2005 with her podcast, the longest running soul music podcast. Her second podcast,, the #1 cookbook podcast, started in 2015 and created the cookbook niche in the food podcast space. Suzy recently launched a podcast...


Strengthened by Our Struggles with SharRon Jamison

Get your pen! Get your paper! Get a glass of water or wine! Tell your family you are going on "Do Not Disturb" for 60 minutes because this conversation needs your FULL attention! SharRon Jamison, MBA is a life strategist, author, minister, entrepreneur, and corporate leader who is committed to helping you BE who you were born to be, and not settle for what society has taught and told you to be. Through her coaching programs, books, sister circles, and speaking events, she passionately...


The Transitions in Podcasting with Juliana Pedri

Full Disclosure: Juliana Pedri is one of my favorite people....and she is part of Team Crackers In Soup! Juliana is the type of person that makes you feel warm, cozy and loved! This woman is literally a physical manifestation of soup!!! Juliana is a podcast manager/producer that resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has found her love of podcasting through her sister, Jillian, who introduced her to shows like, “My Favorite Murder”, “Dolly Parton’s America”, and so much more. From these...


Breaking Bread Over Soup

Welcome back to Season 2 of Chatting Over Chowder!! In this episode, we sit down and share our excitement for our upcoming guests in this season. I can’t express enough how much I love each and every one of them and how important they are in the podcasting community. Each guest brings a uniqueness that each episode will leave you inspired and wanting to know more. So grab a spoon, some soup, and let’s dive into season two! Join us as we chat about: The bomb ass woman and content that’s...


COC Features Cultivating HER Space

Only 7 more days until Chatting Over Chowder is back with a brand new episode. However, today we are featuring one of our former guest’s podcast. In a world where black women are often underrepresented and misunderstood, we need more safe spaces to just… be. Every Friday, join Dr. Dominique Broussard, a college professor and psychologist, and Terri Lomax, a techie and motivational speaker, as they initiate authentic conversations on everything from fibroids to fake friends. Didn’t get a...