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Ready to learn what podcasts people in the podcasting industry listen to when they aren't working on their own sh*t? Join us at Chatting Over Chowder where two minority women who own a podcast management business talk to OTHER women in the podcasting industry about what podcasts they are listening to....while eating chowder (or soup).

Ready to learn what podcasts people in the podcasting industry listen to when they aren't working on their own sh*t? Join us at Chatting Over Chowder where two minority women who own a podcast management business talk to OTHER women in the podcasting industry about what podcasts they are listening to....while eating chowder (or soup).


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Ready to learn what podcasts people in the podcasting industry listen to when they aren't working on their own sh*t? Join us at Chatting Over Chowder where two minority women who own a podcast management business talk to OTHER women in the podcasting industry about what podcasts they are listening to....while eating chowder (or soup).








COC Features Melanated Conversations

Chatting Over Chowder is taking a two month break to recharge our energy and bring you more magic. Having said that, you KNOW Bethany & Sharoline would never leave you without anything to listen to! Some of our amazing guests have allowed us to feature one of THEIR amazing podcast episodes. We are so excited to introduce you to Melanated Conversations. In the words of Yana and Terrian: Melanated Conversations was created out of the desire for a sisterly community that fosters positive and...


Blessings Disguised as Podcast Guests

As I live and breathe, 5 years ago if someone would have told us that we were going to have a podcast, I would have scoffed. If they told us we would have 22 episodes in Season 1, I would have laughed. If they told us we would have over 1,100 downloads in the first season, I would check their temperature because clearly they were having a fever dream. I am so happy to report, Sharoline and I did ALL.THOSE.THINGS and more! We provided information. We provided value. We introduced you to...


“Getting Your Finance Life Right” with Patrina Dixon

If you know me, you know I love me some money! When I first met Patrina, I knew I had to invite the incredible finance expert to the show to discuss how you can get out of a messy situation by being smart, self aware, and intimate with your money. Today with us, she shares her amazing knowledge and expertise. Patrina Dixon is a personal finance expert, international speaker, and an award winning author of the top selling financial journal book, “It's My Money Journal”. Patrina was honored...


“Your Copy Is Your Authenticity” with Jacqueline Paumier

Words are so important. Strung together, you can become enraptured in their essence, pulling you to dive deeper and deeper until you must finish reading the sentence. The paragraph. The chapter. The novel. Amazing copy does the same. It is influential and transforms your words into an experience and creates a connection. Jacqueline Paumier is the QUEEN of the written word. As a born copy-writer, she looks into her clients soul and pulls out how they can convey their message to their...


“Podcasting is a Business” with Sankeetha Selvarajah

One of my favorite sentences that I say regularly in my business is “Well my business attorney said”.... I say it so often, I figured we HAVE to have our business attorney on Chatting Over Chowder so she could share all of her knowledge with you! Sankeetha Selvarajah is a principal shareholder and managing attorney of Selvarajah Law, PC, a civil transactional firm located in Boston, Massachusetts with satellite offices in New York, New York. Her practice has an emphasis on general business...


Nurturing, Building, and Retaining Relationships with Altimese Nichole

Sharoline has ZERO issues but for me, I know that I can pop off and speak quickly without thinking. That is why, this conversation was NEEDED. Altimese Nichole, the Founder of The Ezer Agency brings the importance of having a PR Agency behind you... especially in this age of social media. Join us as we chat about: The importance of following the social media rules as a business owner Why your squad needs to create an authentic full picture of who you and your business are The longer you...


Protecting Your Business with Summer Burnley

Summer Burnley is an attorney, business strategist, and the owner of Burnley Law PLLC. A virtual boutique law firm, specializing in business and trademark law. Her law firm is a progressive law practice that has abandoned the traditional ways of doing law. She has purposely chosen to forego a brick and mortar. She has ditched the billable hour and has said goodbye to the ultra conservative legal uniform. She has humbled to be a part of the elite group of less than 1.7% of black attorneys...


Women Leading Women in Communication with Robin Kinnie

Powerful, brilliant women are our jam! We like to say that Chatting Over Chowder is so much more than two minority women talking to other women in the podcasting industry...while eating chowder. It is about bringing powerful women in the podcasting industry to the forefront of our listeners. Then every now and then, we have someone that we absolutely idolize!! Robin is one of those people. Robin Kinnie is the President of Motor City Woman, a custom-built broadcast studio with services in...


Being a Derry Girl, Radio & True Crime Producer with Pauline Moore

Pauline Moore is a former BBC Radio Reporter/Producer turned freelance podcast producer/editor on a number of podcasts and BBC. She is from Northern Ireland but lives in Scotland. Pauline is also the co-host and producer of the Talking Derry Girls Podcast. At one level it’s a fan based podcast about the global hit sit-com Derry Girls, streaming on Netflix. Pauline’s also produced a true crime podcast; a podcast based on a live court case; A Scottish crime fiction podcast and has just...


The Right Temperature for Women Who Podcast with Sasha Huff

Today we chat with Sasha Huff. Sasha is a 10 year radio veteran turned podcast producer who helps women launch, grow and use podcasts as a high valued marketing tool. After leaving her broadcasting career, she launched the free group women who podcasts or want to. Which now has over 2000 women in various stages of their podcasting journey. Her ultimate goal is to empower women, to use their voices, spread their message and increase their revenue through audio. Join us as we chat...


Finding Her Voice with Wine & Chisme with Jessica Yanez Perez

Latina. Fierce. Fighter. A San Diego native with a laugh as big as her hair. These are just a few words to describe the Founder and Host of The Wine & Chisme Podcast, Jessica Yañez. But that’s just the beginning. Jessica grew up in the suburbs of San Diego and has always had a curiosity for other people and their stories. As far back as she can remember, she would be the first to approach a new student at school, introduce herself, and want to know all about them. Not much has changed as...


She Absolutely Did That with Tasha Booth

Tasha Booth is an agency owner, coach, and podcaster. She is the Founder & CEO of The Launch Guild - a Course Launch Support & Digital Marketing Implementation Agency supporting established coaches and course creators with Course & Podcast Launches, Operations & Systems Management, and Content Management & Repurposing. Her team is over 20 members strong and works together to support their clients in being able to focus back onto their zones of genius. Additionally, she mentors Virtual...


Always Love What You Do with Angie Jordan

If it’s not fun, Angie is definitely NOT in. As a marketer at her core with over 15 yrs of experience, Angie has worked with hundreds of business owners helping them get visible online through SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, and now Podcasting. She’s the brain child of podcast launching and marketing, landing many of her clients in the top ranks in their category, and helping her clients make money through their podcast. When she’s not knee deep in podcast marketing, she’s enjoying a...


Are You Showing Up for Yourself with Cassandre Dunbar

Cassandre is a mom of 2 spirited boys, wife, doctor, and educator. Years of 'doing it all' finally culminated in severe burnout following the traumatic birth of her now 2-year-old son. Now, she is passionate about self-care practices for Black millennial women- especially moms - who've been socialized to be self-sacrificing since birth. She is the host of the Be Well, Sis podcast- a wellness podcast dedicated to providing resources and candid conversations that empowers Black millennial...


Being a Thought Leader in Podcasting with Danielle Desir

Danielle Desir is an author, blogger, podcaster, and founder of The Thought Card, the award-winning affordable-travel and personal finance blog and podcast empowering financially savvy travelers to make informed financial decisions - travel more, pay off debt, and build wealth. She is also the co-producer of Millennial Wealth Builders, a 3x grant-funded audio docuseries highlighting women of color building wealth. As the founder and CEO of WOC (Women of Color) Podcasters, Danielle is...


Making Your Own Rules In Podcasting with Wendy & Beth

Wendy and Beth are the two mysterious women behind Fruitloops - Serial Killers of Color podcast. Fruitloops was created over their love of true podcasts and their realization that the true crime space was lacking diverse female voices, as well as the diverse stories. Rather than waiting for that kind of show to magically appear, they decided to create it themselves. In July of 2018, they launched the podcast and 100+ episodes later, are still going strong. As a duo, they host, produce, and...


The Impact of Having Your Core Podcast People with Kimberly Sumpter

Today, we are chatting with Kimberly Sumpter. If you don’t know Kimberly Sumpter, if you are a part of Libsyn, you definitely know her face! She is the black female that is front and center on the Libsyn page! Kimberly is a podcaster and business coach who encourages women of color to expand their reach and share their unique stories through the medium of podcasting. She has a podcast launch program called “Podcast to Empower” where she mentors and coaches emerging podcasters with her...


Finances, Families, Food, Faith and Fros with Melanated Conversations

Yana Reynolds and Terrian Jones are the magnificent duo of the podcast Melanated Conversations. Melanated Conversations holds space for the amplification of black women voices and their stories. They are a sister community that fosters positive and authentic expression of topics with our perspectives in mind. Building community and culture through honest dialogue between women, they connect to share their lessons while celebrating their successes. In our chat, you will learn: Listen to...


Vicariously Learning Lessons with Terri Lomax

Terri Lomax is a globally recognized podcaster, speaker, and brand strategist. The founder and visionary for the Mocha Girls Pit Stop blog and co-founder of Cultivating H.E.R Space Podcast, she empowers entrepreneurs to leverage social media and personal branding to grow their audience, impact, and bank accounts. Whether you want to start a podcast, write a book, or build a trustworthy brand, Terri can help you cultivate a meaningful connection with your community so you can serve them and...


“By Keeping Us Tired They Keep Us Small” with Abby DesJardien

In this week in Chatting Over Chowder, we talk to Abby DesJardien. Abby DesJardien is a sleep evangelist who believes sleep is an act of empowerment. Through her podcast, challenges, 1:1 coaching, and courses, she teaches women entrepreneurs how to transform their businesses and lives through the power of sleep. As a recovering workaholic and insomniac, she knows the struggle is real. She helps her clients go from exhausted and burnt out to rested and on top of their game. Abby lives in...