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Ep 123: Episode 46: Dark Tower

In this week's episode Paul and Eli discover


Ep 122: The Ballad of Roy Jay

"Gather round children, for we have something to say About a strange 80s comedian by the name of Roy Jay. He released an odd album, with music galore So why is its content an almighty bore?" RIGHT, enough rhyming! What else is in the podcast this week? Well, in an interesting turn of events, Paul and Eli are swapping segments. Eli grabs some random candy for "Silverman's Spoff Shop" and Paul snags some weird vinyl for "Gannon's Gramophone" which takes us on a journey of 80s Double Acts,...


Ep 121: Noodle Pimping 101

It's time to get your pimp on! Your Noodle Pimp on (whatever that means)! This week, Paul takes another magical trip to Eli's "Country Urban Noodle Testlab (Kitchen)" to get a lesson in how to spice up a regular, boring old instant noodle. The results may surprise you. Elsewhere in the world's best economy comedy podcast, there is a full fat edition of "The Price of Shite" that bounces from kitchenware, 70s nostalgia and classic BBC Radio 4 comedy. This is also the episode where Eli thinks...


Ep 120: Leaving Mount Grotpants

"Ello, ello, ello! What's all this then?" In this week's economy comedy podcast, Paul & Eli play as Cops & Robbers in a shabby, confusing race through the streets of London... Kinda! It's another Gannon's Golden Games segment as they get to grips with the classic chase game "Scotland Yard". There is also a bumper edition of Silverman's Platter which contains an energy saving anthem, a sickly ballad sung by a green duck, a monkey calypso and an 80s Saturday Morning TV show's crack at the...


Ep 119: Bone Hoover

We were warned there were more stories to tell. We knew it wasn't over. We were promised something more bizarre than The Brookeside Tiger... and we think we got it, whether we like it or not! With thanks to @VGBasementUK we've got another delightful/terrifying tale from the mind of "Derek" and this one, for reasons you will soon find out, we've called "The Bone Hoover". Elsewhere in CheapShowVille, we take on the 3rd most popular "packaged crisps" in the UK: McCoys and we wrap the segment up...


Ep 118: Tat Hunt: Bum Of Justice

It's Part Two of Tat Hunt! Paul & Eli return home to the House of Pickles with their East Finchley Booty to see who made the best charity shop discoveries. What sugary treats did Paul discover for the Froth Shop? What gets Eli deeply upset and jealous? Who will reign victorious in the first ever "Price of Shite VS Battle!" and also we discover two new characters... That we hope to never perform again. Welcome to CheapShow! And if you like us, why not support us:


Ep 117: Tat Hunt: East Finchley

Something a little different this week as we launch "Tat Hunt". This is Part One of a Two Part series where Eli and Paul pick a place in the UK to hunt for charity shop treasure, gather their wares and then prepare them for next week's reveal! So, because Paul & Eli are lazy, they went someone close in location and close to their heart... East Finchley in North London. A place they both lived at one point, and also at their darkest hours. Will Paul & Eli regret returning? Let's find out!...


Ep 116: Spoff Pot

For some reason, CheapShow asked a YouTube Retro Gamer and Digitiser The Show co-host to come on the podcast. And for some reason, she said yes. So, as a result, this is that episode! Please welcome Octav1ous Kitten to the show! Paul and Eli welcome her to the CheapShow Family in the only way they know how, by giving her dodgy presents, causing her to choke on milky powder, constantly getting her name wrong, offering her a suspicious Columbian import, dealing with Eli's wrath and literally...


Ep 115: The Winkie Wedding

Just how deep is the "Winkie" Rabbit Hole? As it turns out, pretty damned deep! What started as a curious vinyl record find now encompasses 80s toy crazes, billboard stunts, a weird wedding and a famous American fringe artist! Find out more about Winkie... and what we plan to do next. Elsewhere in this extra chunky episode, Eli dishes out a decent Price of Shite and Paul gets to dip his toes into the warm waters of Off Brand Brand Off. Unfortunately, we all know what's coming next as a...


Ep 114: Winkie

What is "Winkie"? Who is "Winkie"? Why is "Winkie"? This is the mystery we try to uncover in this week's episode. Paul and Eli take the deepest dive they can into a world of weird and unusual vinyl in Silverman's Platter. Along the way the Cheap Chaps tolerate "pub singing", strange French musicians and uncover what must be the most obscure record in podcasting history... which leads down a very odd rabbit hole! For those of you missing out on some hardcore Noodle action, fret no more, as...


Ep 113: 221b Baker Street

The Game's Afoot... literally! This week, Gannon's Golden Games gets a modern classic board game mystery to solve. But once 221b Baker Street starts, the competition becomes fierce and stakes become higher. Will Holmes and Watson solve The Mystery of the Unholy Man? Find out in this week's thrilling adventure. Somehow, the show also manages to cram in some Muppet talk, reader's letters and a dodgy new night club venture. Typical. Many thanks to Stuart Ashen for his guest appearance @ashens...


Ep 112: Beyond Punderdome

It's the Punderdome, a pun filled battle to the death. Two men enter, one man leaves... followed by the other a little while later! When the Cheap Chaps play a board game based on a New York comedy night, their comedy skills are put to the test and left sorely lacking! Before all that madness, there is a classic Price of Shite with one particularly angering toy discovery, Paul erupts into the most prolonged and pointless piece of toilet humour in the show's history and we get a little trippy...


Ep 111: Mr. Monkey

We hear you like it hot? Well, CheapShow gets all hot and bothered over more prized chilli sauces in Eli's favourite new segment "The Hot Sauce Experience". Sadly, this time it ends in a lot of stupid pain. Elsewhere in the world's best economy comedy podcast... Paul gets to explore a box of "Fröth" with some salty surprises and then later discover why Eli storms off at the end of The Price Of Shite: BFG Edition! However, regardless of all this, just who is controlling the thoughts of Mr....


Ep 110: The Spidermilk Fallout

"Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies!" as that band once sung, and on this episode of CheapShow, we get to hear just how good/bad the Cheap Chaps are at lying! And lo, should they be caught out, there is a horrible forfeit awaiting their lying, deceitful faces! Before that reasonably grand finale, there is a whole load of unusual food to discover. Paul and Eli have a very strange "Cheap Eats" section that isn't that cheap and you'd not want to eat anything anyway. Finally, Paul discovers...


Ep 109: The Ancient Order of Froth Blowers

Have you heard of the "Ancient Order of Froth Blowers"? The CheapShow chaps hadn't until it was mysteriously pointed out to them via sacred scrolls... or Twitter. Whatever. The point being is that it's once again time to go down the history rabbit hole. Exciting... Just not for Eli. Elsewhere in the podcast, Eli teases some tasty USA sourced Cheap Eats and, for some reason, Paul and Eli decide that allowing its listenership the opportunity to ask us a question would be a good idea. It...


Ep 108: Dick-A-Lot Bear

We're back for an episode full of laughs, random tangents, quality tat and a lot of gagging and coughing. Paul has a pretty rough time this week! After a long absence The League of Snacks (and crisps) returns to tackle the mystery of the Doritos. Where will they rank? There is also an overdue return to Silverman's Platter to listen to some unusual charity shop finds. If you care about your childhood, you may want to brace yourself. Finally, Paul and Eli eat some disgusting bug gummies. It's...


Ep 107: The Office Christmas Party

It's been a big old year for the CheapShow chaps, so they are going to celebrate Christmas in style... with an elaborate, no expense spared, all star Christmas office party... Which goes about as well as you think. Paul is drunk and rude, Eli is sober and angry and no matter how hard they try, they can't keep their "celebrity friends" for interfering. So pour a festive drink, relax and join the party. There's a bit of Chas N Dave, crackers to pull, food and drink to devour, presents to give...


Ep 106: "Bet Your Spunk!"

Paul & Eli accidentally invent a new, terrible game show idea in episode 106. Hopefully, the rules are too awful to make it a recurring feature. Consider this another warning! Elsewhere in this edition of the world's most brilliant economy comedy podcast, the cheapshow boys learn about the Tooth Gremlin, delves into some Sex Shop flavoured "Tales from the Shop Floor" and try to telepathically communicate during a very special "Price of Shite". Hold on tight, this is an odd one... and Paul...


Ep 105: The Brookside Tiger

Get ready for a "storytime" with a difference in this week's CheapShow. When YouTube channel Video Games Basement got in touch to offer up an unusual cassette tape from a mad relative containing a previously forgotten bedtime story, we simply HAD to listen. We soon regretted that decision. Discover along with Paul & Eli the true terror of The Brookside Tiger... If you are brave enough. Oh, also, the cheap chaps taste test some hot sauces, get an exclusive "Tales from the Shop Floor" from...


Ep 104: MallTwats

Join Paul and Eli on a merry adventure as they travel to a part of Eli's childhood... Brent Cross Shopping Centre. What soon begins as a wistful journey soon descends into shouting, arguing in stores and attempting to make the best of a boring situation. However, a chance discovery leads to a very happy ending for Eli whilst Paul sees his worst fears realised. They're on the Road to Brent Cross, why not tag along? And if you like us, why not support us: Share &...