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Ep 72: Spunky Bun

"Can I have a vowel please Carol?" And with those immortal words, CheapShow dives into another TV show board game classic as the cheap chaps play a round or two of Countdown! One that doesn't go according to someone's very particular plans! Before all that though, there are many things to enjoy first! Marvel as Paul & Eli discuss the bliss of owning a Generation Game toy! Fear their chat on being a superhero with an erection problem. Howl at the moments where Paul gets to slap his co-host....


Ep 71: "Death to Don't Get Mad!"

This HAS to be the last time we do this, right? It can't still be popular? It's just two guys having mental meltdowns! However, you demanded it and so here it is. It's back... The dreaded "Don't Get Mad" game returns in all its horrific glory and we are pretty sure this is the final one. Possibly. Before all that though, why not take in the lovely sounds of Paul & Eli discussing all things tat and terrific! In episode 71, Paul gets all musical, Eli gives you some top tips on how to...


Ep 70: Abbott & Edmonds' Madcap Music Time

We promise, we will never talk about Russ Abbott's singing career again. Mostly because we have run out of stuff to criticise! In Episode 70 we take one last dip into the world of cheesy light entertainment music and discover a long long Abbott "classic". We also find something MUCH worse. A rare vinyl single. Introduced by "rumoured human" Noel (Tidy Beard) Edmonds. It's not good. Elsewhere in everyone's favourite economy comedy podcast, Paul & Eli argue over more Tales from the...


Ep 68: The League of Snacks

The episode that nearly wasn't! But we rescued it! It's been a long time coming, but finally, Paul & Eli begin to put together their long awaited "League of Snacks" has begun to curate it's collection of snacks and crisps for review. It will be the most important thing of all time ever! Where will your favourite snack end up ranked? But before all that, it's the usual CheapShow madness... We have more weird and wonderful Tales from the Shopfloor, Paul challenges Eli to a devious round of...


Ep 67: The Defecator

Following on from the fallout of the infamous SEX episode, Ash is feeling considerably left out that no one wanted to write him into one of the sordid tales of CheapShow nookie... So Paul vamps one, much to Eli's chagrin. Ash then goes on to tell us about his vegan adventures in Rome, discovers who is in charge of penieses at the Vatican and what a little pooping statue means. Elsewhere, Eli is typically hung over, Paul gets his Dollop Rip Off indefinitely postponed and the cheap chaps...


Ep 69: Sexy Times

It's finally here! The episode you have either craved... or feared... The SEX episode. As you can imagine, the contents of this podcast can be quite blunt and graphic at times, so please listen with that caution ringing in your brain! If you decide to listen, then be prepared to hear about sexual firsts, personal proclivities, shocking revelations and more! Eli and Paul delve into Poundland's brand of sex toys and, in the process, discover something truly shocking when they explore some...


Ep 66: Bottom Sniffer

Well, this turned out to be a big one! It's the episode that sees us tasting the most disgusting thing ever to pass our lips. It's also the episode where Eli delivers a brand new "Top 3", we find out what horror lurks at the bottom of the "bag of bags", the cheap chaps discover a most unusual flavour of potato crisps, debate whether you can live off food pills stuck up your arse and try out some infamous "high alcohol" cheap lager. Things get very heated in another bout of Board Game play...


Ep 65: Murder or Ice Cream?

What's popular in podcasts these days? Murder, right? So Paul & Eli decide to jump on that "True Crime" bandwagon and find a story about a cheap serial killer. It does not go well and Eli is not impressed. In fact, Eli is not impressed much in this episode. He is let down by Tales from the Shop Floor. He is upset about the Cheap Eats selection and he is especially not happy about Paul... Who won't stop eating a sandwich. In fact, on reflection, this may be less a CheapShow episode and more...


Ep 64: A Crinkly Bottom Werewolf In London

It's finally happened... The curse of Noel Edmonds has struck and has dreadful ramification on the whole show! The latest episode of the world's best and probably ONLY trash based comedy podcast returns with all the usual bells and whistles. Elsewhere, Eli tries to bring back the classic "Price of Shite" format but Paul seems determined to ruin it by pointing out as many flaws in Eli's logic as possible. There is also a very special edition of "Silverman's Platter" where the CheapShow...


Ep 63: HoP 8 The Gooch

It was recorded between Xmas and New Year. It was meant to go out before New Year. It didn't. It's here now though! A brand new "informal" off brand episode of CheapShow where Eli, Paul and Ash get to just talk their heads off. In this random stroll through the minds of the Cheap Chaps... Ash explains what "NerfGate" was all about. We discover the wonders of the Gooch. Eli gives us a noodle update, tells us of a altercation with a bus driver and also offers up a mini Tales from the...


Ep 62: Merry MinjMuncha

It's Christmas... Apparently! But don't expect anything special from CheapShow this year... It's just the usual cheap chat, odd tat, Bric-a-Brac and an unusual board game Paul found in a strange shop he'd never seen before... There is something VERY eerie about this game though! Something magical... Oh and Merry Christmas! And if you like us, why not support us: Share & Enjoy. Subscribe or Die! If you want to get involved, email us at...


Ep 61 Don't Touch Me

Paul Gannon would like to use this podcast description to apologise for the ongoing antagonism and inappropriate contact between himself and his co-host Eli Silverman. Paul will be taking time to reflect on his actions and behaviour and he sincerely hopes this doesn't affect your enjoyment of Episode 61 of CheapShow. This episode features our very first "Tales from The Shop Floor" with some weird and wonderful Charity Shop stories, as suggested by listeners! It also contains a very...


Ep 60: Eli's Country Noodle Kitchen

If you have ever wanted to cook noodles in Eli's kitchen (because you obviously must be demented), you finally get your chance as CheapShow finally takes you into a world of pure imaginoodles! Move over Nigella, get lost "Masterchef" and bugger off "Bake Off", this is the cooking show for you! Eli takes you on a journey through his noodle knowledge and he devours some interesting, and surprisingly hot, cheap treats! Elsewhere in the show, Paul finally gives up on sentence structure, we...


Ep 58: Coke Heads

Has CheapShow crossed the line? You can only find out by listening to episode 58 of the Bric-A-Brac podcast that YOU adore! It's an episode that may upset, may offend and may make people shake their heads disappointingly! Eli nearly breaks Paul mentally with his revolutionary and innuendo packed "Tales from the Dance Floor". The CheapShow chaps put their taste buds to the test with a range of budget Colas that makes a liar out of Eli. Paul visits the "VHS Bottom Shelf" again with an almost...


Ep 57: Spirit Squad

Let's get spooky! It's another Halloween special at CheapShow HQ and you're all invited along for another episode filled with ghosts, games and grumpy old men. It starts out typically rocky, as Paul & Eli have a very early blow out over Eli's silly voices, but things become a little more steady as the cheap chaps play a ghoulish edition of "The Price of Shite 2.0". Later, we play "Trick or Treat" as we mix Halloween candy with scary musical choices from Silverman's Platter. Paul also gets...


Ep 56: Go For Broke

What a lovely episode 56 turned out to be! Not a single raised voice, not one moment of anger... nothing. At no point does Eli completely lose his mind and start talking utter random crap. There is never a moment when Paul nearly explodes with anger after Eli purposefully fixes a game. Even when the chaps play MB Games retro classic "Go For Broke" is there ever a time when Eli rubs a small victory in Paul's face or Paul gloats as a poor winner. No. This was a lovely show. One you can play...


Ep 55: HoP 6 "Story Time Hell"

Once Upon A Time there were two naughty boys! Two wicked boys with nothing too. One lived in a happy halfway house, the other in a house built on pickles & despair. One night they spoke about such wondrous things. Things that would set your hairs standing on end and boggle your mind... Of naughty Noel Edmonds and his horrid house party... Of sexy adventures in a house made of fun... Of bizarre life hacks designed to make living easy... and of magical dice created to tell tall tales that...


Ep 53: Don't Get Mad Strikes Back

You demanded that it returned. You wanted this. After long last, it's back... We are returning to the demented world of "Don't Get Mad" and this may be the most demented, twisted, hilarious one yet... But don't say we didn't warn you! In this long awaited episode, Paul & Eli go back to basics with a classic Tales from the Dancefloor (one that manages to break Eli), a revamped "Price of Shite" that goes down very well indeed and a super sour "Cheap Eats" too! It's stuffed with the usual...


Ep 51: Life is Cheap Cheap Cheap

This should not have been Episode 51. Noel Edmonds made us do this. We can only apologise profusely and hope you can forgive us... We watched "Cheap Cheap Cheap". For our sins we watched it, so you never have to. This episode begins as a commentary track for Ep01 of "Cheap Cheap Cheap" but quickly and horrifically devolves into something unforgivable. Eli was WAY too ill to sit through an hour of Noel Edmonds and it nearly breakes him. In turn, that nearly breaks Paul too. We will all be...


Ep 50: The Big Fat Power Bottom Epic Special Deluxe

This is it! This is the big one! Our BIGGEST one yet! To celebrate somehow reaching episode 50, we have gone big AND we've gone home. Back to the House of Pickles to record this mammoth pointless milestone of an episode! We are joined on this special occasion by two very special guests. Ash Frith comes out from behind a phone line to join us face to face and he is accompanied by Richard Sandling, who was there at the very beginning when CheapShow was stupidly called The Uncliqueables. So...


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