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Ep 97: Return to Story Time Hell

It's time to take a chance, roll those dice and see what madness is unleashed as Paul & Eli return to the Story Cubes. Don't say you've not been warned! Over the course of this week's episode, Eli chats to God about his soul, a sheep gets a call from it's bank, a young boy finds his "crying tree" and the world is introduced to Mr Cunnyhole... You wish it hadn't! Other than that volatile stupidity, you can expect some more juicy Tales from the Shop Floor, a disco flavoured Silverman's...


Ep 96: A New Low

What happens when Paul relinquishes responsibility of CheapShow and demands Eli dictate the order of events? Well, it's possibly be a new low for the podcast... But we say that a lot. In a baggier, more loose and frankly deeply troubling episode of CheapShow, we promise one collection of features and then give you something completely different all together. Paul and Eli talk cheap medicine, dive through some more Tales from the Shop Floor and cram in a Price of Shite with that "Bought,...


Ep 95: Dragon's Den

Following the terrifying events of episode 94, normality almost returns to CheapShow. We deliver a new Tales from the Shop AND Dance floor, Mi Casa/Su Casa pops up just in time to help calm the frazzled nerves and there is even time to finish off those delicious American Cheap Eats... However, when the CheapShow Chaps decide to play a board game based on the BBC TV show "Dragon's Den" a dark cloud once again emerges from the depths... However, this time it comes with a peace offering... But...


Ep 94: 24p

The following episode takes place between 8pm and 9pm on Thursday, 20th September 2018. The episode has been released in "real time" so you can witness the events unfold. Some may find it shocking. You have been warned! And if you like us, why not support us: Share & Enjoy. Subscribe or Die! If you want to get involved, email us at And if you have to, follow us on Twitter @thecheapshowpod or @paulgannonshow @elisnoid &...


Ep 93: The Car Boot Sale Challenge 2

It's been a long time coming, but CheapShow is finally returning to a much loved format, and hoping not to cock it up a second time! The cheapshow chaps are escaping the confines of the House of Pickles and venturing out into the "real world" to take on a brand new Car Boot Challenge! This time, Paul & Eli are joined by fairweather co-host Ash Frith and his "associate" to see what treasure they can find amongst the trash. The Destination: Trumpington Park & Ride Car Boot Sale, just outside...


Ep 92: Without A Cluedo

There has been a murder at Tudor Mansion! Who was it? Where was the crime committed and with what object? If that all sounds familiar, then that's because it's Cluedo, innit? In this latest episode of CheapShow, Gannon gets another Golden Game to add to his collection, and this isn't any old Cluedo! No. This is Cluedo SFX!! Which means it's fancy. Who will win? The answer maybe slightly anti-climatic. Also, it went on for AGES, so be prepared for a few artistic edits! Elsewhere in this...


Ep 58: Coke Heads

Has CheapShow crossed the line? You can only find out by listening to episode 58 of the Bric-A-Brac podcast that YOU adore! It's an episode that may upset, may offend and may make people shake their heads disappointingly! Eli nearly breaks Paul mentally with his revolutionary and innuendo packed "Tales from the Dance Floor". The CheapShow chaps put their taste buds to the test with a range of budget Colas that makes a liar out of Eli. Paul visits the "VHS Bottom Shelf" again with an almost...


Ep 57: Spirit Squad

Let's get spooky! It's another Halloween special at CheapShow HQ and you're all invited along for another episode filled with ghosts, games and grumpy old men. It starts out typically rocky, as Paul & Eli have a very early blow out over Eli's silly voices, but things become a little more steady as the cheap chaps play a ghoulish edition of "The Price of Shite 2.0". Later, we play "Trick or Treat" as we mix Halloween candy with scary musical choices from Silverman's Platter. Paul also gets to...


Ep 56: Go For Broke

What a lovely episode 56 turned out to be! Not a single raised voice, not one moment of anger... nothing. At no point does Eli completely lose his mind and start talking utter random crap. There is never a moment when Paul nearly explodes with anger after Eli purposefully fixes a game. Even when the chaps play MB Games retro classic "Go For Broke" is there ever a time when Eli rubs a small victory in Paul's face or Paul gloats as a poor winner. No. This was a lovely show. One you can play to...


Ep 55: HoP 6 "Story Time Hell"

Once Upon A Time there were two naughty boys! Two wicked boys with nothing too. One lived in a happy halfway house, the other in a house built on pickles & despair. One night they spoke about such wondrous things. Things that would set your hairs standing on end and boggle your mind... Of naughty Noel Edmonds and his horrid house party... Of sexy adventures in a house made of fun... Of bizarre life hacks designed to make living easy... and of magical dice created to tell tall tales that...


Ep 54: An Acting Masterclass

CheapShow 54 aims its spotlight at the theatrical stage in an episode dedicated to the life and appalling acting talents of 19th century actor Robert Coates. But is Eli a worse actor? You can find out as Paul reads Eli another demented tale of low life larks. It's not just story time on CheapShow, the cheap chaps also present another "Mi Casa, Su Casa" segment which leaves both pretty offended and underwhelmed... And we jump into another pile of vile vinyl in "Silverman's Platter" that takes...


Ep 53: Don't Get Mad Strikes Back

You demanded that it returned. You wanted this. After long last, it's back... We are returning to the ugly world of "Don't Get Mad" and this may be the most demented, twisted, hilarious one yet... But don't say we didn't warn you! In this long awaited episode, Paul & Eli go back to basics with a classic Tales from the Dancefloor (one that manages to break Eli), a revamped "Price of Shite" that goes down very well indeed and a super sour "Cheap Eats" too! It's stuffed with the usual CheapShow...


Ep 52: House of Pickles 5

We venture onwards with our 5th trip to the House of Pickles, the supposed "mini" episodes that just keep on getting longer and longer! In this new audio adventure, Eli & Paul wax lyrical about the loss of the word "bastard", fail to create two new segments for the show, come up a cropper when they decide to pinch someone else's Life Hacks and Noel Edmonds is given yet more of a verbal beating. Also, Patreon donor Jordan Richards joins the Cheap Chaps for another chat where we discover Eli's...


Ep 51: Life is Cheap Cheap Cheap

This should not have been Episode 51. Noel Edmonds made us do this. We can only apologise profusely and hope you can forgive us... We watched "Cheap Cheap Cheap". For our sins we watched it, so you never have to. This episode begins as a commentary track for Ep01 of "Cheap Cheap Cheap" but quickly and horrifically devolves into something unforgivable. Eli was WAY too ill to sit through an hour of Noel Edmonds and it nearly breakes him. In turn, that nearly breaks Paul too. We will all be...


Ep 50: The Big Fat Power Bottom Epic Special Deluxe

This is it! This is the big one! Our BIGGEST one yet! To celebrate somehow reaching episode 50, we have gone big AND we've gone home. Back to the House of Pickles to record this mammoth pointless milestone of an episode! We are joined on this special occasion by two very special guests. Ash Frith comes out from behind a phone line to join us face to face and he is accompanied by Richard Sandling, who was there at the very beginning when CheapShow was stupidly called The Uncliqueables. So how...


Ep 49: Bum Eggs

Paul & Eli tackle more delightful and demented charity shop finds in an episode carefully entitled "Bum Eggs". Why? Well, why not find out? It's a bumper edition of the show to tide you over until the forthcoming "epic" 50th edition and the cheap chaps cram in lots of the usual features. Eli fields a new batch of noodle questions, much to Paul's annoyance... Can you tell the difference between brand and off brand snacks? Eli takes on the challenge to see if Aldi's range of bubbly chocolate...


Ep 48: House of Pickles 4

It's time for a minisode, live from the House of Pickles! And this episode? Well, it's hardly bloody mini! We spoil you. In this loose and lively podcast, Paul & Eli take questions from the audience with the #askcheapshow hashtag thing. The questions are odd and the replies are just as shady. Also, for the first time, we speak to the first of our Patreon Donors who paid the top tier. As a result Steven Feary get the "honour" of being a small part of the show... Wanna be a guest on The House...


Ep 47: Paul Gannon's FrothShop

Important Note: In this episode we accidentally give out some actual proper advice! We apologise wholeheartedly and promise never to knowingly do it again! With that out of the way, why not enjoy another hour of cheap tat, cheap tunes and cheap laughs. In this episode, Eli rummages through more of his weird and wonderful vinyl... Paul tries and fails to create a new exciting feature for Cinefiles... Gannon also looks into a collection of off brand candy AS WELL as knockoff BeanBoozled jelly...


Ep 46: That's Life!

It's cheap gossip magazine time and, as it turns out, there is not too much humour you can derive from articles about domestic violence, harrowing illness and personality quizzes... and it doesn't help that Paul has just discovered a wacky sound effect app for his phone that he hopes will lighten the tone somewhat. He is wrong. Eli, in turn, brings the food for another delightful Cheap Eats segment. Despite the usual collection of bargain foodstuffs, the cheap chaps finally get their hands...


Ep 0: An Introductory Offer

Don't know CheapShow? Don't know where to start? Well, how about using this delightful teaser mini episode that sets the scene for the madness that is to follow! In each episode, Paul Gannon & Eli Silverman celebrate the cheap and tacky and try to find treasure in the trash. It's a little pop culture, it's a little nostalgic, it's manic, verbally violent and unlike any other podcast you know... potentially! And if you like us, why not support us: Share & Enjoy....