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Join Tom and Ian as they journey to find out what exactly IS a clown? In this all inclusive podcast, they will be discussing the ins, outs, middles and weird side bits of clown, comedy and performance.

Join Tom and Ian as they journey to find out what exactly IS a clown? In this all inclusive podcast, they will be discussing the ins, outs, middles and weird side bits of clown, comedy and performance.




Join Tom and Ian as they journey to find out what exactly IS a clown? In this all inclusive podcast, they will be discussing the ins, outs, middles and weird side bits of clown, comedy and performance.




The Caveman - Clowns Create

Dive into a mismatched narrative of a caveman who struggles to light a fire... Clowns Create is a new series where Tom and Ian exercise their funny brains and imagine a Clown Act from scratch using nothing but quick wit and accumulated knowledge from the Cheeky Podcast series. These episodes are aimed to inspire and entertain listeners for their own creative projects, while we come up with both terrible and hilarious ideas. Timestamps 0.19m Intro 1.28m The Action Triangle 2.41m Things...


What is Bouffon?

Answering the age old question of Bouffon, Tom and Ian get into how, where and why Bouffon came to be. Bouffon is a style of performance in which the aim is to provoke emotion (usually laughter in the uncomfortable) in order to gain clarity or resonance in a particular subject - the more taboo, raucous, or edgy the better. If you're interested in researching more about Bouffon then feel free to have a look through our sources below! Let us know if we missed something...


The Electrician - Clowns Create!

The next installment of the Clowns Create series has landed! Using nothing but quick wit and creativity, Tom and Ian brainstorm an entire live performance Clown Routine completely from scratch. Clowns Create episodes were made to exercise our creative muscles and apply some of the clowning techniques we have learned about while at NICA and producing the Cheeky Podcast. TIMESTAMPS 0.00m Intro 1.32m Act Triangle 4.04m Brainstorming Begins 18.09m Remembering Audience Interaction...


Marcel Marceau - Highlighted Histories

Today we take a look at the most famous MIME in the world! Said to have single handedly revived the art of mime during the 20th century, there is most certainly more than meets the eye here! After rescuing many children during WWII as a part of the French Resistance, he turned to performance, where his shows would touch hearts and minds. Even becoming friends with Michael Jackson and becoming an inspiration for the moonwalk! TIMESTAMPS 0.00 Intro 1.24 Opening Notes 3.04 Birth and...


What is Mime?

What is Mime?! Baby don't hurt me...Don't hurt me... No More! In this episode of the Cheeky Podcast Tom and Ian attempt to make sense of the performance genre of Mime. What is Mime? And how is it similar and different to Clowning? Find out this and more as we try to piece together the mystery of Mime. TIMESTAMPS: 0.00m Introduction 3.55m What is Mime? 8.53m Can Mimes use Props ? 13.39m Is mime a category of Clown ? 17.38m History of Modern Mime 22.55m Trivia & Fun Facts 24.55m...


Baton Controller - Clowns Create

A brand new thing! Today Ian and Tom create an act in front of your very ears! Beginning with an Act Triangle they make their way through their imagination to create the amazing Baton Controller! TIMESTAMPS 0.00 Intro 1.57 Act Triangle 3.00 The World 5.35 Character Rd 1 10.07 Audience Interactions 13.50 Overview 17.05 Character Rd 2 24.24 Outro 25.51 Joke of the Day SHOWNOTES Ludwig Interview Bonebreaker Leo European Whiteface


Ludwig Schukin - Interview

Ludwig Schukin! The oft mentioned teacher of Ian and Tom has come down from the heavens to discuss clown, and his journey into it. Ludwig is an incredible clown and performer, who performed all over the world, in front of amazing crowds, with amazing people before coming to NICA to teach the next generation of clowns, cyr wheelists, slapstick acrobats, strap artists and more. TIMESTAMPS: 0.00 Intro 1.03 How Did You Become A Clown? 22.54 Did You Perform At The Circus When You Were...


Character Clown - The Clown Types Series

Completing another piece of the the Clown Types series! In this episode learn from Tom and Ian all about the 'Character' type of clown. Proper description and timestamps coming ASAP !! Sources : COMPETITION RULES The Different Types of Clowns


Monsieur Hulot's Holiday - Clowns React

Join us as we discuss Monsieur Hulot's Holiday, a world renowned French movie starring Jacques Tati, a famous mime and clown who transitioned into movies. Monsieur Hulot is an eccentric character, the likes of which inspired Rowan Atkinson when he was young. Equipped with his childing naivety and troublemaking skills, he sets to go on holiday to a French beach. TIMESTAMPS: 0.00 Intro 1.19 Opening Statements 2.06 Comedic Devices 14.39 Favourite Moments 20.20 Trivia 26.26 Outro 27.57...


Chocolat and Foottit - Highlighted Histories

One of the original pairings of the August and White Face Clown, Chocolat and Foottit became a famous comedy duo in 19th century France who broke the social norm. Tune in to hear more about their lives, careers and comedy style! TIMESTAMPS: 0.00 Intro 2.12 Opening Statements 2.40 Chocolats Upbringing 10.29 Foottits Upbringing 13.32 Their performance career 22.26 The Duos Separation and Additional Facts 26.37 Outro 27.31 Joke of the Day Old Footage!...


Joseph Grimaldi - The ORIGINAL Clown - Highlighted Histories

Today we are going over the fascinating history of the worlds first clown, Joseph Grimaldi! Joseph Grimaldi is accredited to being the inventor of the modern clown, whether that's character clown, white face or even auguste, its all due to his interactive style that he invented in 1801. TIMESTAMPS 0.00 Intro 1.13 Initial Notes 2.47 Family History 5.41 Pantomime Side Note 6.57 Childhood and Teenage Years 13.13 His 20's and the Origin of Clown 20.47 Highlights 23.22 Family and Old...


Middleditch and Schwartz - Clowns React

An unexpected masterpiece. Middleditch and Schwarts can forever change what you thought was possible with improvised comedy. In the first Clowns React episode for 2021, Tune in to hear Tom and Ian barely contain themselves as they break down the comedic devices, their favorite moments and fun facts about the creators of the show. Middleditch and Schwarts is a 2020 improvised Netflix comedy special with a Rotten Tomato's review score of One Hundred Percent. Dang! SPOILER ALERT: We highly...


Tramp/Hobo Clown - The Clown Types Series

Did you know that there is a difference between Hobo and Tramp Clown types? We didn't either! Tune in to listen to that, as well as the fascinating history and origin of these two types. TIMESTAMPS: 0.00 Intro 3.10 Historical Context 4.54 Origin of Hobo/Tramp Clown 5.33 Discussion of Origin 11.00 Appearance of Hobo/Tramp/Bag Lady 14.21 Characteristics of Hobo/Tramp/Bag Lady 19.54 Hobo/Tramp Performers 21.07 Outro 21.47 Joke Of The Day SOURCES: Tramp vs Hobo History of...


The 'Auguste' Clown - The Clown Types Series

When you think of the stereotypical Clown, the 'Auguste' clown is probably what comes to mind. In this episode of the Cheeky Podcast , Tom and Ian talk about the characteristics , appearance and possible origin stories for one of the most widely recognized style of clown . Timestamps: 0.00m Start 0.23m Introduction 1.44m Opening Statements 3.03m Different Unrelated Facts 4.48m Status of the Clown 7.25m Stories of where the 'Auguste' Clown comes from 12.02m Behaviour of the the...


Aunty Donna's Big Ol' House Of Fun - Clowns React

The brand new Aunty Donna's Big Ol' House Of Fun has come and brought joy to all the boys and girls this Holiday Season! In this Clown's React we dissect their and talk about our absolute favourite moments from the show. Aunty Donna is a performing group who, after amassing 300,000 Youtube subscribers, have created and released an absurdist show on Netflix called Aunty Donna's Big Ol' House Of Fun. TIMESTAMPS: 0.00 Intro 2.26 Comedic Devices 11.49 Favourite Moment 19.17 Outro 20.15...


White Face Clown - The Clown Types Series

You asked for it folks! Finally, The Cheeky Podcast begin a series into the different types of clowns. In this first episode, Tom and Ian talk about the White Face Clown (now to be known as '...The Classic European...'') and dive into its characteristics and origins. This series hopes to bring some order to the chaos of conflicting google search results and commonly held beliefs. Classic European White Face: TIMESTAMPS: 0.00 Start 0.22m Welcome 3.42m Introduction to the 'Classic...


You Nazty Spy! By The Three Stooges - Clowns React

You Nazty Spy is an old Three Stooges short film classic (try saying that 10 times quickly). We try out a brand new format to the Clowns React episode! Tune in for weird maps, farce, and dinosaurs as we discuss this all time classic, a favourite of two of the Three Stooges, Moe and Larry. TIMESTAMPS: 0.00 Intro 1.27 Style Of Humour 4.50 Favourite Gag 9.16 Trivia 12.45 Outro 13.50 Joke Of The Day SHOWNOTES: You Nazty Spy! The Map Screenshot Trivia


The Three Stooges | Highlighted Histories

The original comic trio of the 20th century, 'The Three Stooges' were icons of the short film era. With a mixture of witty jokes, ludacris situations and eye poking slapstick, the Stooges were Movie stars, Television stars and Live Performance wonders. Tune in to learn and laugh, as Tom and Ian dive into this comic groups wacky career. TIMESTAMPS: 0.00m Start 0.21m Episode introduction 1.40m The Stooges Overview 5.52m Early Career 12.16m Columbia Pictures Years / Audience Popularity /...


Safety Last by Harold Lloyd | Clowns React

In this short episode we discuss Harold Lloyd's Safety Last, a movie widely regarded to be his most famous feature film! Safety Last is a silent era film featuring the then famous Harold Lloyd, a person recognised in his time for his funny films and witty humour. Join us as we dissect and laugh! TIMESTAMPS: 0.00 Intro 2.15 Music 3.38 Verbal Jokes 8.27 The Speed Of Film 10.10 The Finale 15.02 Style Of Funny 16.56 The Fabric Scene 18.56 Aiding The Story 24.48 Underground Elevator...


Buster Keaton - Highlighted Histories

Buster Keaton was a Producer, Writer, Comic Actor and Stuntman who peaked in popularity in the late 1920s. His films including 'The General' and 'Steamboat Bill, Jr.' have been titled as some of the greatest silent films of all time. Tune in to hear Tom and Ian share about the ups and downs of this amazing artists career and personal life. TIMESTAMPS: 0.00m Introductions 1.30m Growing up into a family of Vaudeville performers 11.26m Leaving the Family Show and Entering Film 15.41m...