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034 - That's My Parking Space - Chicano Shuffle

This week we kick it off with another special creation... surprise and happy birthday. Once that is taken care of we continue on with our regularly schedule shuffle... olé. Someone tells us about his journey getting back into music, which somehow takes us back to mentioning Urb-e's again (photo below). In shuffle fashion, that leads to a totally unrelated story of being pulled over recently and that experience. Not to worry, we keep it flowing. We also deliberate on roadside memorials and...


033 - Guest Momo Rodriguez - Chicano Shuffle

We have a special treat this week for the raza, the hilarious comedian and writer Momo Rodriguez! He swung by to have a beer and chat it up with your favorite vatos. We discuss his start, the struggle, and being at the right place at the right time. Between and around that, we do a bit of shuffling as usual including being in a relationship with a gordito, his show in production "Tons of Anarchy", joke stealing, and racism in the industry. Plus plenty of hilarious stories involving some big...


032 - Los Vatos Violentos - Chicano Shuffle

We've got a special treat today... won't ruin it... you'll have to listen. After that, we get into the regularly scheduled shuffle. Starting with a doctor visit and a trip to get some pupusas. That leads to discourse about a music video that bugged someone with a sprinkling talk of ghost writers. This shuffles over to taco experts, Urb-e again, and someone's vivid adult nightmares. We then discuss vices and why machismo guys do one thing but say another. Plus some anecdotes about gym time...


031 - Son Reebok o son Nike - Chicano Shuffle

Where do we start... #31... episode gets rolling along with Xvideos and misunderstood music lyrics. Easy transition... as always. That is followed by a nice shuffle of topics. We touch on the Easter holiday which leads to a story of someone's dad getting into a fight. That shuffles over to the terminator and yet another review/discussion about a Netflix documentary (starting to think they owe us some ad fees). Then it gets a tad serious for a few beats as we touch on some political topics...


030 - Defend Your Title - Chicano Shuffle

So, let's get this straight... we've done at least 30 of these? Esta cabron... thanks for sticking around or welcome! Things get kicked off with a sickness that someone caught, the marathon, a fixie bike gang, and some skateboard childhood accident. Then a shuffle over to libraries... yeah definitely a shuffle. We get into a conversation about someone's recent Canada trip. The topic goes on for a bit but, of course, we stray back and forth, including some low-pro drinking tips. We follow...


029 - Tattoos and Dating Tips? - Chicano Shuffle

Maybe we are running out of gas... maybe we were just hung over... either way this week we present one of the "Lost Episodes"! Have to use them up before the expiration or something like that... guaranteed fresh. Looks like we commence with conversation on a Netflix documentary... shocker right... that compares prison systems. Interesting, interesting stuff. That transitions into a deliberation about tattoos... some meaning and history. Then... shuffle over to dating tips? Yeah, something...


028 - Cholo... Goth... Really - Chicano Shuffle

Back at it on the same day and time... same pendejadas. We commence with someone's tales from his Hawaii trip... yeah he came back. Of course, we all know this will take a bit but it's worth it. The conversation comes back around to a McDonald's we discussed some episodes back... "You had one job". This segues us to an obvious connection, "cholo goth"... okay maybe not so obvious. Yeah, you heard that right... cholo... goth! Worth it. Then an actual good segue to an anecdote about an ex...


027 - Something About Tacos Arabes - Chicano Shuffle

Twenty-Seven is the natural number following 26 and preceding 28... yeah, good point... more importantly, it's time for another shuffle! We get the ball rolling with a wet table... not that kind... our millennial discovery and a retraction (cause mistakes are made). Somehow we shuffle over to tacos... shocker... tacos arabes, mulitas, and some nacho fries. Very nice! Of course this segues to... a crazy story of infidelity... nice shuffle. Followed by some crazy sex phrases, insert parental...


026 - A Fly in my Hominy Soup - Chicano Shuffle

Welcome back to another shuffle... Tuesday right... we get things rolling along with a talk about concerts and someone's encounter in little Toyko involving karaoke. Shuffle on over to a Netflix documentary which takes us into a conversation about secret codes and phrases that don't translate well. It's only rational that this leads the raza to an unusual DUI news story from this past weekend. Which in turn, brings us to car related stories including a chingon one about a stolen car. Not a...


025 - El Nada Que Ver - Chicano Shuffle

Here we are again... is 25 a milestone? We're not sure... so moving along... we kick off with a little recap from last week's quasi-live episode then shuffle over to the ghetto whistle and an unofficial plug for a chingon internet radio station. Someone tells us how he makes all us guys look bad on Valentine's Day... thanks vato. Yeah... don't let your girl hear this section. We power through the shuffle with aliens, Tesla, Mars, and billionaires. Eventually it's time to slow it down... in...


024 - East LA Art Walk - Chicano Shuffle

Today we are coming at you live from the East Los Angeles Art Walk! Well... kind of... pre-recorded live... close enough. First things, first... We'd like to thank them for having us and thank all the chingon artist that were out there... plus let's not forget the people that rolled by... gracias! It's was nice to get out of the cozy garage and mingle with the raza. We've have some of the usual shuffle pendejadas plus a few guests that jump in for chat. Us vatos had a great time and hope...


023 - The Music Battle - Chicano Shuffle

WARNING: This episode contains catchy music that may or may not be stuck in your head all day... you have been warned! We kicks off with an awesome story of a music battle with a mini truck. The catchy music and episode namesake... check. To follow that up, some quick soundclips about a club and a yet another restaurant run. This all leads to a discourse that gets a little heated about millennials in relation to car culture. The shuffle takes us to co-workers that don't speak spanish but...


022 - Invest in Tomatoes - Chicano Shuffle

So, quick rundown today... time is money... We start with a tiny bitcoin talk that leads, of course, to discourse or review of the show Black Mirror. Along the way, we discuss social media likes, annoying posts and a fancy taco run. Then another story of a weekend fiesta that takes us to an oldie but goodie. We also go over some of our social media post this week. That takes us to announcement for an upcoming event. Then... shuffle... some shuffle dating tips. Shuffle... shuffle......


021 - Get Rid of Passion - Chicano Shuffle

Yeah... we're still doing this... missed an episode but we're back. Ponganse las pilas... you got it! Double episode time! Someone is a little hungover so, yeah, we kick off with a story of puro pari. We throw in a shout out to a compa's little business, Benny's Bots (link below) and continue on to a discussion about parents and your dreams. That leads the episode to it's namesake, a discourse on passion vs purpose. It's a pretty good random topic, if we do say so ourselves. Then in...


020 - Resolutions and Diets - Chicano Shuffle

Wow... number 20... don't know if that is a milestone but it feels like it. We really do appreciate the support, thanks. That being said, nothing special to see here... just the usual shuffle. Oh yeah... we do have something a bit special, the announcement of the winners of our first giveaway! Before that, shuffle... A quick conversation about a NYE party and resolutions, followed by a discussion about a new Oregon law concerning gas stations. Then we do a shuffle over to some deliberation...


019 - New Year, New Episode - Chicano Shuffle

New year... new episode... well kind of... we are on our union mandated holiday break but still have a fresh lost episode for you. As is customary though, there is plenty of shuffling but we touch on xbox fifa, los adelitas, and enabling each other. The rest of the intricacies of this lost episode, you'll have to discover for yourself... union break. Thanks for listening and supporting us. And... Happy Year!


018 - Christmas Episode? - Chicano Shuffle

Did we say Christmas episode, just so no one is under no illusions, this is about 10% Christmas episode, 30% shuffle and 60% "A Day in the Life part 2". The Christmas episode kind of got lost in the shuffle... there is always next year. We hope everyone had a great Christmas... Thanks for listening and supporting us.


017 - A Day in the Life - Chicano Shuffle

Welcome back to another shuffle, let's getting going... we start off as usual, with banter and a"sponsor". Not much time is wasted this week before we get to the meat of the episode... A day in the life of our compa Ramon. The story is told as only he can... with plenty of salsa. It's a tale that involves ride sharing, hot dogs, tinder, a barber, and a hipster bum fight. Yeah, he had a crazy day. Not to mention he tells it all while battling the usual interruptions. Then it's back to our...


016 - Paisa Frogger - Chicano Shuffle

This week we bring you an episode that got lost in the garage... not to worry it's still good and fresh. We warm up with a conversation about luchadores... come on everyone likes luchadores. Somehow, we shuffle over to discussing 90's styles and a related side hustle... life hacks offered here. That steers us into talking about globalization, Ben Davis, bombers jackets, etc. Of course, that leads to a discourse about people asking for limosna (charity/panhandling) next to people hustling....


015 - I Deserve This - Chicano Shuffle

The shuffle pulls an Al Bundy and we reminisce. Oh... the good old days! But first we shuffle around some other random topics... nothing new here then we get a little serious. To start, we drag around some words about facials, truck nuts, and clean cholos. How those are related... only here... you know how we roll. Then a drive by conversation about ghetto burgers. Oh, the Al Bundy days... the reminiscing begins. We get into some stories of our school days, including lunch and prom. Before...


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