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ChongaTron is made up of 3 idiots attempting to make a comedy podcast. Listen to their adventures as they publicly meltdown, their relationships crumble, and they wind up jobless, & blacklisted.

ChongaTron is made up of 3 idiots attempting to make a comedy podcast. Listen to their adventures as they publicly meltdown, their relationships crumble, and they wind up jobless, & blacklisted.
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ChongaTron is made up of 3 idiots attempting to make a comedy podcast. Listen to their adventures as they publicly meltdown, their relationships crumble, and they wind up jobless, & blacklisted.






ChongaTron 2: High Voltage

We were gone. Two of us were in New Orleans. One of us was in the hospital. The other one was a drunk lazy Mexican. But we're back. Our mothers couldn't kill us. Our father's couldn't kill us. Our own hearts couldn't kill us. None of you fuckers could kill us. Not for lack of trying though. Chongatron is immortal. Chongatron is gay. Chongatron in eternal. Chongatron is forever. Long live Chongatron.


ChongaTron II Society

Straight up loc'd down OG, get off my dick this is gangsta crip, West Side, bout to pull a hoo-ride and be wanted for a homicide. The gang is back from Long Beach, where they joined the rollin 20s, a set of the LBC. A horrible tragedy occurs, resulting in the death of God Emperor Rat Bastard, so I heard, we weren't there or involved or anything, and our heart and prayers go out to his family. This episode is dedicated to his memory, and is a celebration of his life. Topics include - The...


Dan the Man's Last Stand

Starring Dan as himself, Dan as Holly and Dan as Edgar in an acting tour-de-force remnicient of Eddie Murphy. Written by Dan. Directed by Dan. Audio Engineered by Dan. Recorded by Dan. Produced by Garrett Carlton. Dialogue Coached by Dan. Key Gripped by Dan. Best Boy is Dan. Better Boy is Dan. Good Boy is Dan. Casting by Dan. Costuming by Dan. Featuring Dan's special guest Emperor Rat Bastard. Dan can be reached on Twitter @ChongaTron or at


ChongaTron Diaries: The Edge of Reason Ft Amanda

Edgar was busy, so we decided another guest would be cool. And who else, but the infamous Amanda? It's ladies night tonight ya'll. See Holly and Amanda geek out with each other as always. You'll soon hate to love us both. A friendship made in heaven, or maybe Taco Bell... Follow us on Twitter: @chongatron



Emperor Rat Bastard sends Holly to fight in the gladiator pits, for the glory of Chonga, as Edgar and Daniel forced to act as geishas for Japanese Businessmen. Will Holly succeed and become champion of the arena? Winning means a free vacation to Long Beach California to feast on gelato, and losing is certain death. Who will survive? Find out this Chongatron Time, this Chongatron Episode. Featuring, A Meeting With Human Resources, Terrence Howard's Math Knowledge, Urine, MC Smelly Smell and...


Chongatron in Gay Valis by Feelup K Dicks

Hey, we're gay, and we hear voices, and Edgar won't stop talking about his damn rapey fantasies. We realized we are living in 70 AD as gnostic rebels. Being too high can make girls sound really dumb. Woke Stone Cold shows up for a refreshing La Croix. God Emperor Rat Bastards' reign of terror continues.....but for how long? Tune in next week....


Rat Bastard Presents: God Emperor of Chongatron (ep 7)

All Hail Rat Bastard. The Rat is Holy. The Penis is Evil. We are Rat. Our management forces us to say that. We are contractually obligated to say that. Due to the immense success of Rat Bastard on the podcast Rat is elevated to his proper place amongst the populi, the God Emperor of ChongaTron. Now our entire reality is manifested through Rat. We are stuck in an illusion, a simulation, a black iron prison... And we were placed here by a nefarious demiurge. How will Danny, Edgar and Holly...


ChongaTron 6: The Legend of Curly's Gold ft. Rat Bastard pt 2

Part two of Rat Bastard. Very little Holly (me) in the second part of this one. Maybe you like the idea of that and maybe you don't. Either way, 9/11 was an inside job. This one is more of a hang out.


ChongaTron 5: The Legend of Curly's Gold ft. Rat Bastard pt. 1

In part one of a very special ChongaTron: We invite Rat, our one fan, onto the podcast for an interview. Like the most popular podcasts, we bend like a reed in the wind, allowing our fans to dictate what opinions and beliefs we hold. Dan continues to become Archie Bunker. We abuse our one fan for being a proud Cherokee warrior. Holly gets treated for hysteria by a holistic gynecologist. Holly becomes a riotgrrl and is empowered by her B.P.F. Rat gets molested by patients in a nursing home....


ChongaTron - Revolutions

HR evaluates Edgar's performance and rips him a new one. Dan raps a diss track, Ol' McKay. Sexual roleplay as your grandad. We are getting good at this. The sound is a little better, and will be even better next time. Men gang banging men, sluts. Holly is a genius


ChongaTron the movie the game

Family secrets get exposed. Boys do inhalants, an american folk tale about a "talented" family. This one gets personal y'all


ChongaTron and the furious Hobbs and Shaw

Topics include Varg Vikernes, a mail-order bride, Joker's plans to make TV better, Homeless men buying prostitutes, and girls don't poop damn't. Holly really shines in this one, but says "fuckin" too much.


The Return of ChongaTron

Sound sucks but hang in there with us. This is really the second one, but the sound was too bad, and it was way too alt-right for the 1st episode. Eventually we will invest in some good microphones. Lots of screwed up shit in this one boys