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Chub Creek 183 - 50 Years Of Gary

Happy 50th Birthday my old friend. This episode is dedicated to you. It took me half a year to pull it off, so you’d think it would be pretty good. I’m not sure that’s where we landed, but I had a blast making it. You’re a special guy, and the world needs to here more of you. For what it’s worth, this is my effort on that score. Remember for those long time listeners to wish Gary (and me too, why not) a happy 50th at feedback at


Chub Creek 182 - Peat and the Nun

Join me on a new adventure full of fun stories, silly skits, depressing realities, soul searching, technology gripes and discoveries. My friend Zeeche joins me, as well as my daughter Mary, and Marvin suicide even makes an appearance. The tunes this week were: Robots Play Chub Creek by Zeeche. The Chub Creek Theme by Mary. Brandmauer by H.ADAM Funk Up (Original Mix) by アルファード Flight by Aritus


Chub Creek 180 - Miss me?

If you like my podcast send me an email of encouragement and loveliness to feedback at Wow can I ever not remember how to do any of this. What a frikkin bunch of work this was! Fun though. You’ll be seeing these less frequently (maybe once a month or two?) but maybe more reliably. Miss this. And you. Let me know if you enjoyed. Nothing all that special about this one, although it’s a bit longer. You’ll hear from Gary a little, and my folks as you often do. Oh Merry...


Chub Creek 179 - That Lovely Coiffe

After a brief hike somewhere I can’t remember, and some great music by Dustmotes called Insight, we visit with my buddy Gary and two of his daughters, Montana and Amy. Also Montana’s boyfriend Phil, who happens to be the Canadian Skeet Shooting Champion. We also talk about Kim Jong Un’s hair.


Chub Creek 178 - A Reason You’ll Never Know

Is it cowardice, or is it kindness? Today we delve into my psyche with such navel gazing I can’t even believe it. But there it is. In Stereo. Today’s songtastic track was “Insight” by Dustmotes. Hey are you listening to Marvin Suicide Podcast? Do it now. But after you listen to this. Or before, whichever. Comments. Below.


Chub Creek 177 - Pointy Seagulls

Some exploring down at Long Point, then later at Silver Creek while I blather at you. This episode takes place over a few weeks. Sorry about the occasional wind noise. I promise to banish it from future episodes. Thanks to Petite Viking for their excellent funky track “Old School”. Also thanks to the guys that played in my uncle Pete’s back yard. They were called “Amazing Disgrace” at the time, but now are called “Bang on”. Here’s the link to that crazy woman & bear video. Here’s the link...


Chub Creek 176 - MaryCast

For this episode my beautiful daughter Mary takes over with some charming commentary, and some sound seeing. Guest appearances from the parental units, as well as some acoustic loveliness from my boy Will. Enjoy and give Mary some love in the comments :)


Chub Creek 174 - Ain’t Got No Knife, Ain’t Got No Gun

Don’t kill cartoonists. I think that’s the biggest takeaway from this episode. But we all know that. At least we should. Join me on the trail for some catching up on things and even a bit of ranting. The musical selection this week was “Cantina Rag” brought to you by Jackson F. Smith. I’m wondering how many of you noticed the song is from Star Wars. Nerds.


The Time Machine by H.G. Wells - 4

A little Christmas Present for you. The final chapters of H.G. Wells’ “The Time Machine”. Thanks for staying with me through these four parts. I really enjoyed doing it and I hope you enjoyed it too. Don’t forget to drop me a line in the comments below (on the website at


The Time Machine by H.G. Wells - 3

This is the part where some really exciting stuff happens, Eloi, Morlocks, burning matches, narrow escapes and terrible tragedy. It doesn’t get any better than this! Curl up and enjoy as we continue with Chapters 6 through 9 of H.G. Wells’ gripping story.


The Time Machine by H.G. Wells - 2

Chapters 4 and 5 of H.G. Wells’ classic novel. I have to admit I found a few rather racist passages troubling to read, and considered editing, or omitting. But in the end I realized it isn’t up to me to edit history, or Mr. Wells. It remains a fantastic story, and I’m sure H.G. would have different views today than he did back then, and might even wish to travel back in time to re-write a few lines.


The Time Machine by H.G. Wells - 1

Something different. This is part one of H.G. Wells’ “The Time Machine”, read by yours truly. This includes an introduction, and the first three chapters. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed recording it. More to come. Stay tuned. The Time machine was written by H.G. Wells in 1898. Please let me know what you think in the comments!


Chub Creek 173 - John Trudeau

Halloween stories, Peat stories, Cast-On with Brenda Dayne stories, Cat Nip stories, Terrorism stories, and more. And less. Happy Birthday to my Dad! Today’s track was “The Chase After Rainbows” by Fonogeri.


Chub Creek 172 - The Biggest Nothing

On this episode, as I take in the breathtaking colours of fall, I do some parental musing, more endless meta-natter about Chub Creek, a lot more obsessing about bears than about Ebola or Isis, and at one point I fall completely on my ass. It’s worth the wait. Join me if you dare. Today’s beautiful ballad was “Homage” performed by Feist X Timber Timbre.


Chub Creek 171 - Look A Lobster Mushroom

The annual tromp through Algonquin Park with my buddy Gary. We had a great time and if you’d like to share some of it with us, listen on. I dropped in two songs today, one of them was “Claris” by Fonetik, and the second was “Click Click (feat. Tanakasomething)” by Grünemusik. Big props to Brenda Dayne and Cast-On for all the years of great podcasting and to the many listeners who have come our way via the knitting needle. Knit like the wind.


Chub Creek 170 - Your Hair is Beautiful

Today we (drum roll) go walking on the trails. A few surprises though, including a guest performance from my daughter Mary, my son Will, Mary’s friend Bella, and my old friend Gary. Todays tunage was “Funkastar” by Mister Electric Demon. Download and enjoy it freely and legally on the internet, as my friend Marvin Suicide would say.


Chub Creek 169 - Gossamer Fuckface

Many Canadian apologies, but it would just be dishonest to name this episode anything else. I was describing a bug, and bugs are on my shit list right now. I’m sure iTunes will iBoot me from the iUniverse. Ah well it would be iWorth it. Today’s musical interlude was brought to you by Tymphony with the track “The Tranquility Effect of Outer Space”.


Chub Creek 168 - Celebrating It Inside

FIXED VERSION - On this episode I reveal something deeply personal that I’ve never spoken of before on the podcast. I hope it’s not too weird. Also I talk about my kitten. I figure one of those two things might be interesting to you. Today’s music was “Come Back and Play” by my good friend Zeeche, (a touching tribute he wrote during Chub Creek’s four year hiatus) and “Time” by Young Wonder.


Chub Creek 167 - The Cat Situation

Join me for a bird-song filled stroll through Long Point Bird Sanctuary, and listen to me talk about my new friend, who, by the way, would have had a blast trying to eat all the goslings. Today’s musical selection was “Comfort Zone” by General Fuzz. I found it on a great website called Jamendo. Check it out. By the way, all music played on Chub Creek is, amazingly, downloadable for free. Add your kitty name suggestions in the comments!


Chub Creek 166 - May the 4th Be With You

For once, I actually sit down and try to say something coherent. “Try” being the key word there. As Yoda would say, “Do, or do not. There is no try.” Check out for a lot of great music including today’s “2025” by Until the Ribbon Breaks. If you want that stupid ringtone it’s here (iPhone or Android) Take a look at some of the photos I was talking about below (at