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EP. 9 CWMM - Ma's Life Is Saved By Her Full Length Faux Fur Coat - The Police Brutality Episode.

Today’s episode was kind of hard to hear and make, if I’m being honest. Ma tells me about the time the Surete Du Quebec (provincial police) beat the shit out of her when she went to get some groceries for us, alone. It was high tension climate, post-blockade Quebec and I vividly remember going to bail her out wearing my faux silk pajamas and Warrior Flag bomber. It may make you angry, it sure fired up some things inside myself. So be warned, this story could be triggering, but if you stick...


EP. 8 CWMM - Ma Clears The Air About Marlon (Brando).

In todays episode I sit down with Ma and she explains what really went down back in the 60s, when Marlon (first name basis oh la la) called her up outta the blue in Kahnawake. She gives us the scoop on her first trip to Hollywood, what Marlons villa looked like, and how she rubbed elbows with stars like Eugene Burdick at a political fundraiser in San Fran!


EP. 7 Ma Is Pregnant and Gets Jumped By The Teachers Pet at McGill

In the early 1970's Ma is pregnant with her second child and goes back to school.. again. When questioning one of the teachers, some nut-bag from Westmount jumps her from behind. Ma tells us about that rumble, the aftermath and how we should always 'question everything'. sound mixing by PennTraxx theme - Kristi Lane Sinclair logo - Patrick Hunter Sponsors Birch Bark Coffee Co. Cheekbone Beauty USE DISCOUNT CODE "COFFEE" FOR 10% OFF YOUR...


EP. 6 Ma And Her Adventures With Chief Pine Of Garden River

With the help of her cousins, Ma prepares for battle before going up to Garden River. Chief Pine asked for her help and she was ready..... to take on The National Indian Brotherhood.


EP. 5 CWMM - Ma And The Gang Bus To Ottawa to See Elvis in 1957/Ma and The CGIT (Craziest Girls In Town)

Today’s episode is fun! Ma tells us about the time her and some rebels from Quebec bussed to Ottawa to see Elvis in 1957. Scandalous! **Video link of Elvis’ performance in Ottawa. CBC - Then she talks about her adventure with the Kahnawake faction of the ‘Canadians Girls In Training’. We also announce the winner of the ‘LipKit’ by our sponsor Cheekbone Beauty! LISTENERS USE CODE ‘COFFEE’...


EP. 1 CWMM - Ma Takes On The Toronto Telegram

E.1. CWMM - . .*first aired April 16th 2018* MA TAKES ON THE TORONTO TELEGRAM . First I take a few minutes to explain the evolution of this project and then we get into the action. In this episode Kahentinetha (my Ma) tells me one of my favourite stories. It takes place during Expo67 and theres a fist fight, the drunk tank, a tearful phone call with Peter Czowski and much much more! . WARNING- WE SWEAR AND CURSE IN THIS ! . Hosted by - Kaniehtiio Horn Ma is Kahentinetha Horn . instagram -...


EP . 4 CWMM - Ma Steals Larry The Cree Baby, Surviving The 60s Scoop

Ma tells the story of when she helped out a couple of Cree girls who wanted to keep their babies. I also talk about a campaign I think we should all get behind, The Moosehide Campaign started by my gal pal Raven Lacerte. Cheekbone Beauty is now sponsoring us and has given a discount code for our listeners! Hosted by - Kaniehtiio Horn Ma is Kahentinetha Horn Instagram - coffeewithmymapodcast twitter - coffeewithmyma facebook - coffeewithmyma email - sound mixing by...


EP . 3 CWMM - Ma Gets Fired...A Few Times...PART 2 - Foreman Dickson To The Rescue and When Indian Affairs Really Doesn't Want You Around.

First things first I want to say something quickly about Ma giving AFN (ASSembly of First Nations) a good old fashioned elder scolding. Then we get into the good stuff, Ma discusses her first job at the tender age of 13 and how a man from Kahnawake did a very sweet thing to help her out. Then we get into the biggie, when Ma got fired from Indian Affaires because she was barricaded behind razor wire and surrounded by the Van Doos!! Oh Canada! Hosted by - Kaniehtiio Horn Ma is Kahentinetha...


EP. 2 CWMM - Ma Gets Fired...A Few Times... PART 1 - The Canadian Chemical Company Debacle and The Arranged Marriage.

EP. 2 CWMM - Ma Gets Fired...A Few Times... PART 1 - The Canadian Chemical Company Debacle and The Arranged Marriage. In today’s episode, Ma tells us about when she started work as a file filer in Montreal in the mid 1950s, it was short lived, you’ll hear why. Then Ma starts secretarial work for what is now known as Air Canada, and somehow finds herself in Mexico with her cousin... Hosted by - Kaniehtiio Horn Ma is Kahentinetha Horn Instagram - coffeewithmymapodcast Twitter -...