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Comedy sketch podcast from South Wales based comedy troupe Comedy Geek. Starring Daniel Morgan, Amy Webber, Thomas Woodrow and Jamie Davies.

Comedy sketch podcast from South Wales based comedy troupe Comedy Geek. Starring Daniel Morgan, Amy Webber, Thomas Woodrow and Jamie Davies.
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Comedy sketch podcast from South Wales based comedy troupe Comedy Geek. Starring Daniel Morgan, Amy Webber, Thomas Woodrow and Jamie Davies.






Live at the Swansea Fringe Festival - 7th October 2018

In this very special bonus episode we bring you a couple of snippets from our live sketch show performance at the Swansea Fringe Festival on 7th October 2018. What a lovely treat for you. Enjoy! If you've enjoyed season 1 of the Comedy Geek Sketch Podcast then why not rate or review us on Apple Podcasts and tell a friend. Find us on Twitter @comedy_geek1 and give us a big fat LIKE on Facebook as well if you have some time to kill. Did you know we also have some funny videos up on...


The Comedy Geek Christmas Special 2018 - Ep12

Join Comedy Geek and their very special guests for a Christmas comedy sketch spectacular! With appearances from many of your favourite Comedy Geek characters including “Ask Angela”, “Chardonnay & Binky”, “The GEEK Report”, “Toby Not Porn Xerox" and “The Agents of ODD”, plus a whole array of delightful new oddballs, this episode is guaranteed to leave a distinctive comedy taste in your mouth this festive season. So why not pull up a comfy chair and enjoy the Comedy Geek Season 1...


Our Sketchiest Episode Yet - Ep11

Join Comedy Geek for a very special episode of the Comedy Geek podcast and explore some of the finest sketch comedy ever created by humans. A short while ago, Comedy Geek lobbed a huge question out into the podcasting community: “What is your favourite comedy sketch of all time?” The response was delightful. With nominations and insights from their finest podcasting friends and contemporaries, Comedy Geek are proud to host this exceptionally sketchy podcasting event. Curated by none...


Ben Langley Interview

Probably the only Cbeebies TV presenter to own a set of Jason Statham throwing knives, Comedy Geek talk to one of the nicest men who ever lived, the one and only Ben Langley. From his energetic street performances at Covent Gardens to writing and starring in a range of stage shows including the massively successful "Haha..." comedies, and from his hilarious misheard lyrics routine on Britains Got Talent 2018 to his storytelling role on Cbeebies' magical TV show Treasure Champs, Ben paints...


Fetch the Special Sauce! - Ep10

They’ve done it again! Yet another sensational episode of the Comedy Geek podcast has arrived. In this episode: Stanley gets a new duck buddy, some annoying Brits travel abroad, Mikey dishes out some condescending advice, and a couple of amateur genealogists make a startling discovery at the local cemetery. Also, pothole expert and enthusiast Bradley Jones returns to Comedy Geek for a very special edition of the Geek Report. Be sure to listen beyond the end credits for a batch of...


Sarah Bridgeman Interview

Amy, Tom and Dan are joined in the studio by funny lady Sarah Bridgeman, stand-up and all-round promoter of everything comedy in the Swansea area. As well as performing standup since 2009 and hosting her own open mic comedy night in Swansea, Sarah has just returned from her first stint at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and we ask her how it went and what she learnt from the experience. We delve face-first into Sarah's world and chat about the time she was in the same audience as Jimmy...


Tag! You're It! - Ep9

Another nutritious and delicious episode of the Comedy Geek podcast, full of marrowbone Jamie. In this episode: a cookery show host struggles to resist her hunky special guest, a fly-on-the-wall visit to a local diet club ruins everyone's appetite, and the t-shirt slogan team come close to losing their jobs. Also: a supernatural encounter of the confusing kind, a difficult patient visits the Opticians, and the Agents of ODD call in a psychotic to help with an impossible case. Written and...


The Battle of Corny Plop - Ep8

Flippin’ heck! It’s the Comedy Geek podcast! And what an episode we have in store for you! Coming up: Tom deals with a ludicrously indecisive SatNav, agony aunt Angela returns with more unsavoury advice, Siobhan Fanchomper attempts to become “The Best”, and an estate agent gets a big shock when the house he’s trying to sell contains a shrine to Nigel Farage and a Peter Andre-inspired garden statue. Written and performed by Comedy Geek. Special guests: Noel James, Marie Edwards and Marc ap...


Noel James Interview

He once met Woody Allen at a party and failed to make him laugh: quick-witted Welsh standup comedian Noel James joins us at Comedy Geek HQ for a nice long chat and discusses the role surrealism, one-liners, word play and puns play in his comedy. We also ask Noel about the people who have influenced him and the comedians he has inspired, his journey to the Britain's Got Talent 2018 semi-finals and how he made Simon Cowell crack up, how to spread a good rumour, his experience writing on TV...


My Potato is Bigger Than Your Potato - Ep7

Oh no, look out! It’s another crazy episode of the Comedy Geek podcast. Coming up: the first ever comedy sketch performed in morse code; a children’s health and safety talk goes awry; an exclusive interview with Henry VIII’s 6th wife Catherine Parr; Jamie discovers whether he has ever been mis-sold M.I.S.S.I.S.S.I.P.P.I. and a hospital receptionist tries to book Smithson Pocket in for a casual dissection. Also featured in this episode: no less than two magic hats! Written and performed...


The Walk of Shame - Ep6

In this groundbreaking episode of the C.G. Podcast: an exclusive trailer for the questionable new movie "Jaws… But with a Cow", agony aunt Angela returns with more questionable advice, and a team of questionable council workers attempt to name a rather whiffy street. Also, some questionable hands-free devices play God, a questionable car salesman sketch gets very punny, and some questionable Brits struggle with the names of popular Italian cuisine. Written and performed by Comedy Geek....


Simon Emanuel Interview

He did a crap Michael Jackson moonwalk at a family BBQ and the rest was history. Swansea standup comedian Simon Emanuel and his flatmate Luigi Sabato join the Comedy Geek crew in the studio for a nice chat about how Simon got sucked into the world of standup comedy, the Button Moon-landing conspiracy, radioactive chihuahuas, Luigi's Italian rage and Tim Vine's puns. Follow Simon on Facebook and check out his very lively act at a comedy club near you. Catch Simon and Luigi in our June...


I Know What You Did During That Time Back Then - Ep5

It really is just too good to be true! Comedy Geek are back for another monthly dose of hilarity. In this glorious 5th episode, the awful T-shirt Slogan team are at it again, an overly-friendly police duo try and solve a case by being really nice, Jamie gets a bit confused about why Comedy Geek can’t be the band Queen, we learn the sinister truth about traffic cones, and some hopeful singers wait in line for this year’s Vocal Talent Show Factor. This episode also features a very repetitive...


Uncle Simon's Feng Shui Adventure - Ep4

More sketches from the Comedy Geek clan! This week; Toby Xerox is cast in a movie which definitely isn’t porn; our agony aunt Angela helps a young man with acne problems; Arianna learns the correct way to fob off customers at the call centre; a production company brainstorms some highly questionable TV show ideas; and an obligatory road rage sketch. This episode also features someone who may (or may not) be a real doctor. Written and performed by Comedy Geek. Special guests: Sianny Thomas,...


Siânny Thomas Interview

She can't drive, she can't ride a bike and she can't swim. But she can do stand-up comedy. Siânny Thomas joins Amy and Dan in the studio to chat about Parks and Recreation, yo-yos, 'Rough As' comedy nights in Mozart's Swansea, Beatles conspiracy theories, Jessica Jones' nose, time travel and her secret alter ego, "Nap Girl". Follow Siânny Thomas on Facebook and check out her live performances. She is a very funny lady. Catch Siânny along with special guests Marc ap Anthony and Marie...


Whatever Happened to Tarquin Sponge? - Ep3

In this ridiculously exciting episode of Comedy Geek we learn the truth about all those hidden hours the government is hiding from us. Also, Genevieve is uninvited from Flossy’s wedding, a hyperactive Sat Nav gets on Jamie's nerves, a sound effects man gets everything wrong, and Mikey offers some sage advice on dental surgery. We also get a scarily accurate account of what its currently like to buy a train ticket in the UK. Written and performed by Comedy Geek. Special guest: Marie Edwards.


Trailer - The Comedy Geek Podcast

Welcome to the weird and whacky world of the Comedy Geek Podcast. With quirky British humour and zany characters galore, there's something for every comedy fan here. NB: Please enjoy this trailer responsibly.


The Dangerous Tortoise - Ep2

In this Mega Cola-fuelled episode of Comedy Geek, the marketing team have to reenact a very sexy advertisement, the Grim Reaper makes a slight booboo, and Barry White shows up late for band practice with a wholly unoriginal song. We also learn about the devastating role chocolate cake plays in the decline of society as we know it. Written and performed by Comedy Geek. Special guest: Marie Edwards.


Terror at the Local Bakery - Ep1

Live bleep censoring, some awful t-shirt slogans, coverage of this year's 'Rock Paper Scissors' world cup final, lazy social media addicts, the worst bank robbery in history, and a bungled mission by the Agents of ODD are all on the agenda in this month's episode. Also Jamie Follop attempts to break THE world record. Written and performed by Comedy Geek. Special guest: Marie Edwards.