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#9 - Naturally our moms go together: The Mother’s Day special!

Finally fufiling a dream of ours, we get our moms together. Kelly and I are friends, and we’re friends with our moms, so we wanted to see if our moms could be friends! Join us on a very special Mother’s Day adventure, including bear encounters, and cats wearing solar panels! Please subscribe to us, whether on iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast, Google Play… really anywhere you like. And we’d love to hear from you–leave a compliment, won’t you? You can also write in your own compliment,...


#8 - We are crushin’ on Kitty Lindsay!

It’s episode 8, the final episode of our first season of Complimentary! The Podcast! We’re going to take a short break, but we’ll be back before you know it. In the meantime, we hope you’ll share our show with a friend or two. Maybe over a bowl of steel cut oats? On a seaworthy raft made of milk cartons…? As a writer, theatre maker, and feminist, Kitty Lindsay is committed to creating opportunities for women and girls to share their stories. A Ms. blogger and regular weekend contributor...


#7 - Cat Durickas and Miki Yamashita are the cat’s meow!

Join us on a wonderful daydream about cats, libraries, opera singers, comedians, and disco floors on the ocean. This week’s complimentary features another purr-fect pairing of two guests: Catherine Durickas and Miki Yamashita. Catherine Durickas is a writer, actor, and improviser. She performs with a sketch team at the Pack Theater, and they also have a YouTube channel of their work. This summer she will be backpacking across Europe. Cat is a cat person: she’s always fostering kittens...


#6 - Jessie Evans has delectable taste!

Prepare your taste buds, because this week we speak with actor and food enthusaist Jessie Evans! Jessie’s passion for food led her to start her own food blog/vlog “Jessie Eats.” She’s a food lover who shares her adventures in eating! Instagram: @Jessie_Eats Where to watch “Jessie Eats”: or on Please subscribe to us, whether on iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast, Google Play… really anywhere you like. And we’d l [...]


#3 - Cats grok quality: Emily Schwartz and Ahsan Butt are excellent together!

This week we pair in the best way: two people we admire and think would like each other! Ahsan Butt is a writer, whose short fiction and essays have appeared in The Massachusetts Review, Pacifica Literary Review, The Offing, The James Franco Review, and more. He loves to read and finds writing mostly excruciating. His interests are confusingly scattered and if looked at closely, may reveal some pattern he’s not yet ready to see. Among his favorites: author interviews, essays on Twin...


#2 - Laura Nickerson goes really well with pajamas!

Yay! It’s episode 2 of “Complimentary! The Podcast!” This week we go on a trek into the mountains, while eating perfectly cooked soft-boiled eggs and asapargus. We also talk to Laura Nickerson; she is a TV and radio personality known in the Mom space as The MomBuster. You can see her new show “Mom Vs. Player” on the Kyoot YouTube Channel, created with America’s Funniest Home Videos. Find her at @the_mombuster on Instagram and The MomBuster on Facebook. She has 2 kids, 1 husband, and 0...


#1 - Kelly Holden Bashar is super duper!

In episode 1 of “Complimentary! The Podcast!” it’s a plethora of positivity as we talk about pairing shortbread with tea, fantastic free yoga, Reese Witherspoon’s third leg, plus we compliment wonderful actor and improviser, Kelly Holden Bashar (Fargo, 2 Broke Girls, Parks and Recreation, Speechless). We really like Kelly–she’s super duper! Find her on Twitter and Instagram: @kellybashar We’re excited to announce that we’re on ALL (or maybe most) of the places you like to listen to your...