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Conspiracies & Cryptids is a bi-weekly podcast about conspiracy theories and cryptozoolical creatures of myth and legend.

Conspiracies & Cryptids is a bi-weekly podcast about conspiracy theories and cryptozoolical creatures of myth and legend.


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Conspiracies & Cryptids is a bi-weekly podcast about conspiracy theories and cryptozoolical creatures of myth and legend.






46: A Cliche White Person and a Cryptid Infomercial

For season 5, Sammy is having a bunch of special guests temporarily fill Tessa's shoes while she's hard at work. In this episode, Sammy talks about the viral app, Randonautica, and the conspiracy behind it. And his guest, Dustin, covers a Pennsylvania cryptid known as the Suscon Screamer. Dustin's podcast is called Dustin Can Read, and you can find it on most podcatchers. You can find him at the following social media sites. Twitter: @dustin_holden Instagram: @dustincanread


45: Big Fur Interview

In our special bonus episode for the hiatus, Sammy interviews movie director, Dan Wayne, and World Champion taxidermist Ken Walker, about their upcoming movie, Big Fur. Big Fur is a documentary about not only the life of Ken, but also his creative endeavor to recreate the famous Bigfoot known as Patty, from the 1965 Patterson-Gimlin video footage. The movie will be officially released on 11 August 2020 on all digital platforms to rent or own. You can find more information about the film at...


44: A Snog Log and Ear Butter

Sammy takes a suggestion from a fan and covers the Oregon cryptid known as Bandage Man. Then, Tessa talks about the famous conspiracy of The Simpsons predicting the future!


43: A Postmortem Lottery Ticket and Rude Nicknames

Sammy really dives down the rabbit hole and over researched the mystery of disappearing flights, and then Tessa takes us across the pond to talk about the Australian Bigfoot known as the Yowie.


42: Viral Stupidity and a Spooky Smiler

After two years of doing the podcast, Sammy finally decides to tackle the conspiracy of the reptilian elite. Then, Tessa takes us back to the spooky vibes from early seasons by talking about Indrid Cold or the Smiling Man.


41: The Best Bed and a Farty Phantom

After almost two years, Sammy finally gets to talk about the Mattress Firm conspiracy theory, and then Tessa talks about the Missouri local legend, Momo the Monster.


40: Dirt McFlurries and the Other White Meat

For our second April Fool's Day we decided to not make up a conspiracy theory and cryptid because we figured you all would be expecting that. So, instead, Sammy tells us about the conspiracy that Elvis Presley faked his own death and is still alive. Then, Tessa talks about the Maryland cryptid, and other amalgamation of weird, the Snallygaster.


39: Flacid Spiders and Folk Synthwave

Tessa has chosen a massive creepy crawler known as the J'ba FoFi as a way to tap into Sammy's massive arachnophobia, and then, to lighten the mood, Sammy finally talks about the Flat Earth conspiracy!


38: A Kentucky Handshake and a Sucky Spirit

Coming back at you for episode 38, Tessa's here to talk to you about the infamous Hopkinsville Goblin and the creepy story surrounding it, and then Sammy takes us on another trek through the history books to teach us about the Lost Colony of Roanoke.


37: A Templar Tab and the Heaven Bouncer

Sammy's back at it again this week with another conspiracy steeped in history, the Knights Templar. And then Tessa delves into the cryptid ghost story known as La Llorona!


36: LSD Induced Errands and a No-No Choo-Choo

This week Sammy teaches us the history and theories behind the infamous Project MKUltra, and Tessa tells us about the urban legend cryptid known as the Pope Lick Monster.


35: Ticked Off Godzilla and Conspiracy Nesting Dolls

Welcome to Season 4! We're taking the premise of our swapisodes, where Sammy and Tessa swap topics, and applying it to the entire season, that we're calling a swapiseason. So, Tessa goes first for the New Year and talks about the bizarre cryptid known as the Dingonek, and Sammy finally gets to talk about the Rothschild family conspiracies.


34: Problematic Santa and Seasons Beatings

Going a little outside the norm for the holidays this year, Tessa talks about the controversial Dutch holiday tradition of Zwarte Piet (Black Pete), and Sammy also covers the Norweigan character of Krampus.


33: Nature You Crazy and a Goat Suicide Pact

We get lost at sea this week as Tessa sails us through the Bermuda Triangle and somehow wind up on the shores of Puerto Rico so Sammy can lead us on a safari to track down the elusive Chupacabra.


32: The Zak Bagans of Cryptids and Sexy Bill Nye

Coming back from the Halloween Bonus Episode, Sammy dives right into another lake monster cryptid by telling us about Champ! Then Tessa teaches us about the much debated about HARP project.


31: Grand Theft Artery and Slaughterella

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode is about the serial killer Richard Chase, known as the Sacramento Vampire, and goes into his killings in detail. There is discussion and description of gore, shootings, and dismemberment. Listen at your own risk.


30: The UFO Police and a Vampire Manager

As promised last week, Tessa starts us out by talking about the Rendlesham Forest incident and the happenings there, followed by Sammy telling us all about vampires and the history behind their lore.


29: Cryptid Insurance and Eyebrow Extensions

Starting out Spooktober, Sammy takes us to South Carolina to tell us about the Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swam, and then Tessa talks about the mysterious cases of people appearing out of thing air, and sometimes disappearing as suddenly as they appeared!


28: Naked LARPing and Sam-I-Am Flashbacks

Tessa wins the Penny for Your Thoughts again this week and tells us all about the creepy boys club known as the Bohemian Grove! Then, Sammy takes us back to West Virginia, home of Mothman, to explain the legend of the Flatwoods Monster.


27: The Turkey X500 and a Hulk Hogan Cryptid

This week, Tessa wins the coin toss by legitimate means and talks to us about the conspiracy that birds aren't real and have been replaced by robotic drones, while Sammy tells us about the Pacific Northwest cryptid known as Batsquatch.