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This podcast is about the screwball relationship between a ventriloquist and his dummy. Because it's an audio podcast, Steve works on the honor system. There's also plenty of music and well known guests such as John Sebastian, Peter Schickele and many others.

This podcast is about the screwball relationship between a ventriloquist and his dummy. Because it's an audio podcast, Steve works on the honor system. There's also plenty of music and well known guests such as John Sebastian, Peter Schickele and many others.
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This podcast is about the screwball relationship between a ventriloquist and his dummy. Because it's an audio podcast, Steve works on the honor system. There's also plenty of music and well known guests such as John Sebastian, Peter Schickele and many others.




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CWMD 80 Dr. Charney and Mr. Hyde

Harry brings in a potion that Steve stupidly drinks. What do you think happens? He turns into Mr. Hyde of course. Also the great Robin and Linda Williams are Steve's guests singing "Rubber Blubber Whale". And Harry sings how he made his millions. As usual hilarity ensues...


CWMD 79 Multiple Personalities

Seems Steve has multiple personalities and it's going to take a therapist like Harry to cure him. But when Harry does find the cure guess who disappears! Also Nancy Tucker sings "Everything Reminds me of my Therapist".


CWMD 78 The General Store once more

The store is open again! And Steve and Harry are well stocked. In order to compete with Amazon they have to sell everything and anything. If you want a candy cane big enough to use if you have a limp, they got it. You want a cloud? No problem.


CWMD 77 Peanut Butter is outlawed

Steve and other guardians of children (and dummies) have written their congressman and have a law passed to outlaw peanut butter. But Harry has his jones's man and needs his fix. Also Washboard Jungle a crazy fun group sing "Bas Tat" about walking the moors without a hat. And Harry sings a song called Skippetybopbebop based on the old blues song Diddywadiddy.


CWMD 76 Harry is a primitive comic

You've heard of Grandma Moses, the primitive painter? Well Harry accuses Steve of being a primitive comic. So Harry gives Steve lessons to up the quality of his work. Also Nancy Tucker is Steve's guest singing a song she wrote "Piano" And Steve and Harry sing an old Tin Pan Alley song "Goofus.


CWMD 75 Tom Chapin is the guest and Personal Care products

Tom Chapin sings his most excellent song "Uh Oh, accident" about being a klutz. Harry also brings in his personal care products, like anti-gravity shampoo and slow motion lotion or faster than light aftershave. Only he gets into trouble with the FDA. Hilarity ensues.


CWMD 74 Alarms

Harry's got a get rich scheme. He's created some very unusual alarms. Like the alarm that goes off if a bowling is about to roll off the table and fall on your toe. Or if your significant other is going to make liver for dinner. 'Nuff said.


CWMD 73 Harry's hands get married

For those of you who like one of those Dadaesque episodes, you might like this. Harry's hands are in love and he has to keep them separate to observe decorum. I mean you know, they either get married or they have to stay separated. That's why one of them has a glove on. Also Robin and Linda Williams are guests. They were regulars on Prairie Home Companion.


CWMD 59 Harry's hands are in love and Robin and Linda Williams

Robin and Linda Williams from Prairie Home Companion are Steve's guests. And Harry is having trouble...his hands are in love. Yep. It's as crazy as it sounds.


CWMD 72 Tattoos and Peter Schickele

Harry's gotten some very interesting tattoos. Don't worry they're the kind you can just rub off...except his don't. Sandpaper anyone? And Peter Schickele, grammy award winner and creator of PDQ Bach, sings his original "Fat Cats". And Steve and Harry sing the school song for National Embalmers


CWMD 71 One more time, the Store is open

Steve really gets a kick out of opening the Store. It makes Amazon or Ebay look like a little startup company. It dwarfs Walmart. You want liver flavored soda? They got it. You want a yeti egg, a tulip egg, they got it.


CWMD 70 The Nut Religion continued

Harry is getting fed up with his new found religion (The Nut Religion) when he finds himself thrust in the middle of a holy war against The Nudnik Religion. He just wants to act like a nut not start fighting the nudniks. But his supreme teacher Marmalade Ice noggle insists. Also David Heitler-Klevans sings a Charlie King song "No one get killed at our house" Why? Because he doesn't own a television. And Harry sings a song about a really crappy car he has to drive. The fuzzy dice are made...


CWMD 69 The Nut Religion

Harry has joined the Nut Religion. He finds spiritual solace in acting like a nut. And the nuttier the better. Also Lyn Hardy and Diane Senabria sing a Mark Graham song "Zen Gospel". Steve and Harry sing how they miss New York City of the 70's. You know, when there were rats in the streets and lots of crime. You know, the good old days.


CWMD 68 Tall Tales

You like Tall Tales. Steve and Harry do. Bill Gordh, Steve's guest also does. And that's what we got here. Tall tales upon tall tales. As well as Dr. Fentermacher's song "The longest strand of spaghetti in the world".


CWMD 67 Marshmallows

Harry tells us about the importance of marshmallows through history. Michael Cooney sings a great song by Peter Berryman called "Vegetables" One of Steve's favorites. And Steve and Harry sing a song about their cat. One mean son of a gun.


CWMD 66 Trout Fishing and

If Judy Garland married Howdy Doody her name would be Judy Doody. Get it? Well there are a lot more where that came from. Also Trout Fishing in America are Steve's guests and they're singing an original Boiled Okra and Spinach. Steve sings a song that he wrote after he had a dream (true story) It's called They are a Hairy Bunch. And Harry sings his own song I Married My Shoe.


CWMD 65 The Store is open one more time

Steve and Harry like to open their store (and their minds) occasionally. It's an unusual store. It makes Amazon and other on-line shopping sites pale in comparison. Why? Because in this store you can get anything. No really. And the customers ask for the weirdest things. But they have it.


CWMD 64 Harry's 4 brothers start a Hat Factory

Christine Lavin is Steve's guest again. She sings a song about not being able to find her glasses. Sound familiar? Also Harry's three long lost brothers have taken the inheritance from their uncle and bought a hat factory. Steve doubts it'll be a successful, I mean after all, they are dummies. Also Steve and Harry sing an old song from 1893 "I've been to Gay Paree".


CWMD 62 The Knock Knock Show

You like knock-knocks? No? Then skip over this podcast. But if you do like 'em. Then this is the place for you. Not only does Harry have like a million knock-knocks, but Steve plays with Jay Ungar and Molly Mason from his Scholastic album "The Riddle Kings Riddle Songs". There's also a live segment from Steve's first CD where Harry wrecks havoc with one particular knock-knock joke. In other words, a good time is had by all.


CWMD 61 The Store is open again

Steve and Harry's store is open again. And they make Amazon look like a little IPO startup. They make Walmarts look like a corner deli. Why? Because they have everything. No, no, really. EVERYTHING!