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Why the Craft Beer Republic? Because we are a nation of craft beer lovers. Every week, we're tapping a fresh keg of content with a variety of topics related to your favorite beverage, craft beer! We're here to raise a pint and keep you entertained and well hydrated with beer reviews, breaking Booze news, Beer Science, and everything that is craft! And every few weeks, we sit down with the head brewer or owner of a local craft brewery to sample their brew and take a deep dive into the nerdier side of the industry. So grab your libations and join the republic every Wednesday on your favorite podcast app! In Beer We Trust.




Why the Craft Beer Republic? Because we are a nation of craft beer lovers. Every week, we're tapping a fresh keg of content with a variety of topics related to your favorite beverage, craft beer! We're here to raise a pint and keep you entertained and well hydrated with beer reviews, breaking Booze news, Beer Science, and everything that is craft! And every few weeks, we sit down with the head brewer or owner of a local craft brewery to sample their brew and take a deep dive into the nerdier side of the industry. So grab your libations and join the republic every Wednesday on your favorite podcast app! In Beer We Trust.






That's Helles Disgusting

Coley is back on Batch 341 just in time for stupid Dry January to be over! We're talking about Dry January stats, disgusting gift beers, how much beer the government wants you to drink, and celebrity hall passes. - Flex is drinking Sex and Candy from 18th Street Brewery. Greg and Coley are sipping on Shell Shock, a big stout from Martin House Brewing. - Flex's beer sparks a conversation about our favorite candy and celebrity hall pass. Coley is officially famous as her Instagram got...


Moist January

Moist January is almost over! Coley is back as we talk about brewery anniversaries, recap the beer release party, talk about lunch beers, teaching old beers new tricks, and the driest stats in the US. - Coley and Greg are drinking a fresh drop from MadeWest Brewing: 7th Anniversary Double IPA. Flex is sipping on Code Name: Hurricane Lucas from Young Blood Beer Company. - Greg talks about his research at MadeWest’s anniversary party over the weekend. Coley tells the story of a waitress...


Live from Pedals & Pints: These Guavas Are Making Me Thirsty!

Let’s get salty! We’re so excited to announce (and drink) our collaboration with Pedals and Pints head brewer Monica Potter: These Guavas Are Making Me Thirsty! It’s a Gose-style beer with guava added. It makes for a delightfully tart, crisp, and refreshing beer with some guava added to it and a hint of salt to balance things out. - To celebrate the beer release, we shared it with a live crowd at Pedals and Pints. We talked about the collab beer, Hummingbird Lager, Born to be Mild, and...


United We Stand, Drunken We Fall

Suck it, Dry January! Erica stops in as we talk about our New Year's festivities, weird foods from Wisconsin, beer poking, chunky beer, more brewery closures, and drunk-robbing a baseball team. - Flex drinks King of the Thing, a double IPA from Drekker Brewing. Erica is sipping on Avenger, another DIPA from Loomis Basin Brewing. And Greg is reviewing Repeated Exposure, a Hazy from Four Legs Brewing. - Greg talks about his low-key travel-packed New Years. Erica did New Year's Eve with her...


Drunk for the Holidays

Happy New Year, it's our first episode of 2023, and we're starting the year off on the right note! We're Boozin' on a Budget, talking about Greg's big investment, recapping Pozole Palooza 2022, talking some homebrew, and year-end lists to anger Flex. - Greg is drinking Home for the Holihaze from Pure Project and Burgeon Beer Co. Flex is sipping on Campanology Brewing's Tiramisu from Trader Joe's. - A financial investment has been made into a new website, and we're excited to share it. We...


You Know What? Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, mmkay! Beergirl Melissa stops in to hang out with us as we wrap things up before the New Year’s parties. We’re talking about our drunken Christmases, weird Wisconsin foods, Murky vs. Hazy beers, end-of-the-year beer lists, and our collaboration beer with Pedals & Pints! - Mel is drinking Cup of Gold Murky DIPA from Pure Project & Alvarado Street Brewing. Flex is sipping on King Julius from Tree House Brewing. And Greg is researching Focal Banger from The Alchemist. - Big...


Flex: Part Time Scientist, Full Time Hunk

Grab your holiday beers; it’s time to celebrate! Deb joins us to help spread the holiday spirit and talk about Friendsmas, the dropping of the Yule Log, hot tub shenanigans, beer prices, and the worst beers of 2022. - Flex is sipping on his holiday class: Warmest Wished from Phase Three Brewing. Deb and Greg are drinking Celebration Fresh Hop IPA from Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. - We’ve convinced Deb to start her own website; look for that in the new year. Greg talks about Friendsmas at...


The Best Hops & A Case of the Lingus

Have you ever had the lingus? The Dream Team has been reassembled, as Deb hangs with Flex and Greg. We’re talking about Deb’s new website, drinking in a ballpark, coffee science, the best brewery buyouts, great hops, and drunk Florida man. - Greg and Deb are drinking Babe Brew 7 w/Distraction Brewing Company; it’s an Oaked Porter. Flex is sipping on The Great Outdoors from BlackStack Brewing. - Greg talks about the Malibu Brewing episode and the excellent dinner they put on. We discuss...


Malibu Brewing Company

Greetings from Malibu, CA! Greg had the opportunity to sit with the Malibu Brewing Company crew. Ryan Ahrens is the co-owner and co-founder (with Jill Ahrens), and Chas Cloud is the brewmaster. - The recent winners at the 2022 Great American Beer Festival talked about winning their first year, opening their brewpub just a couple months ago, and planning (or pivoting) a brewery during a pandemic. Brewmaster Chas led us on a guided tasting of their delicious beers: Canyon Rose Lager, Happy...


What Does Sour Beer Smell Like?

Does sour beer have a smell? Beergirl Melissa stops in to hang out and convince us to have a "CBR After Dark" version of the podcast. We're also talking about the sober world cup, Thanksgiving aftermath, the grossest-looking fruit, the weird saga of MacLeod Ale, and when to admit you're drunk. - Flex is sipping on Raspberry Tart from the elusive New Glarus Brewing. Mel is drinking Murphy's Law from District 96 and Ghost Hawk Brewing. Greg is enjoying Malibu Brewing's Oktoberfest. - Are...


Chunked Out of Your Bean

Gobble gobble, tap heads! Coley is back, and we’re talking about dangerous drinking activities, brewery sellouts, hanging out with moose, drunken teachers, and free beer! - Coley brought Greg a delicious can of Jelly Not Jam, Lemon, Strawberry, and Vanilla from Burley Oak Brewing. - The beer we’re drinking leads to Coley’s favorite joke of all time. Greg went axe throwing and drinking (sounds safe). Coley got hooked up with some fantastic free beer. And we address the age-old question of...


Don't Drink and Cop, You Might Spill Your Beer

Coley makes her triumphant return to the cool kids club. We’re talking about weekend beer research, upcoming interviews and beer collaborations, the effects of day drinking, situational beers, brewery closures, and drunk cops! - Flex is drinking Viking Funeral from Four Fathers Brewing, thanks to Zack. The homie You’re your Beer sent Greg and Coley Timbo Pills from Highland Park Brewery. - Greg spends the weekend doing some important beer research, has some weird pineapple beer, and gets...


I’m Not Drunk, The Ghost Made Me Do It!

Spencer is back for another week of abuse. The crew is talking about brewery concerts, meeting up with gram friends, the most annoying thing while working at a brewery, buying drinks for people, fake IDs, and blaming ghosts for driving crazy. - Greg and Spencer are drinking West Coast Freshie from Monkish Brewing. Flex is sipping on Demo Track from Eagle Park Brewing. It’s an open-fermented West Coast IPA. - Greg went to Naughty Pine’s emo night and ran into a bunch of beer friends....


Breaking! Greg Drinks Pumpkin Beer and Lives!

Good gourd, is it still pumpkin season? MadeWest Cellarman and all-around nice guy Spencer drops in to talk about what’s happening at MadeWest, and all the new beer he’s making. The crew also talks about the worst candy of 2022, Flex’s trip to Nashville, turning beer into spirits, and drunk captains running ships aground. - Spencer brought Bottle Logic Brewing’s Basic Math Pumpkin Spice Latte barley wine to share with Greg. Flex is drinking Titletown Brewing’s Red Rum Imperial Red...


The Roll Tide Remix & Autumn Seltzers

What do you think is the worst candy? Halloween season is upon us, and we are drinking ZERO pumpkin beers! Trillium is selling their brewery, Flex is influencing new breweries, Bud light Seltzers just got worse, Greg is partying at local breweries, and the Roll Tide remix! - Thanks to Great Notion, the whole crew is sipping on Ripe, a hazy IPA jammed with Citra and Citra Cryo hops. - Flex was invited to Lion’s Tale Brewing’s soft opening of their new spot and did some excellent research....


Cargo Shorts Were Made For Drinking

Erica stops in to celebrate Nosh-toberfest! We’re talking about the Surf n Suds beer festival, Erica’s Aftershock aftermath, sneaking booze in sunscreen bottles, and hangover recovery times. - Erica is drinking Rocktoberfest from Almanac Beer Co. Flex is drinking his buddy’s collaboration with MobCraft Brewing, Bobbin’ for Caramel. And Greg is drinking Totally Excellent, an IPA from Tarantula Hill and Kern River Brewing. - Greg hung out with the homie Chew Your Beer at the Surf n Suds...


Flex, The Influencer!

Flex and Greg are here with the healthiest alcohols, beer prices around the NFL, a California beer road trip, getting wine-wasted, and a genuinely drunk voicemail! - Greg is sipping on Sea Haze, a hazy IPA from Firestone Walker & Humble Sea Brewing. Flex is drinking Zwub, an IPA from Oliphant Brewing. - Flex is quite the influencer and has been invited by a local brewery to check out their new spot. He’s also getting ready to head to Nashville and needs some tips! But no country music....


Anniversaries & Surviving the Great American Beer Festival

Who’s ready for an anniversary party? Nic Bortolin, co-owner & head brewer at 14 Cannons, stops in to talk about the big five-year anniversary party on October 15. We’re also talking about the Great American Beer Festival, the big news in Milwaukee, the best Marzens for Oktober, and how bad things are getting in New Jersey. - Greg is drinking 14 Cannons Marooner Marzen, while Nic is drinking K-17 Czech Dark Lager. Flex is sipping on I’m Calling About Your Vehicle’s Extended Warranty from...

Beer Force Ones

Give me two beers; I need two beers! Erica stops by to hang with Flex and Greg and learn a little country grammar. We’re sharing a delicious beer, doing some football drinking, selling pretzels in booty shorts, and getting all astrological with our beers. - Thanks to Great Notion, we’re all drinking Patterns, a hazy DIPA. - Greg hit up a few spots for beer research and ran into some beer friends. The fantasy football season is going very smoothly for CBR. Deb catches a commercial...


A Place Where The Beer Flows Like Wine

Who wears short shorts? Flex, of course. Erica comes in from Capistrano to hang out. We’ve got the best breweries near NFL stadiums, Flex is hulking up, Greg does a ton of road trip research, Erica is getting ready for a festival, and lagers are cool again! Erica is drinking Numb and Number from Fall River Brewing…and totally redeems herself! Greg is sipping on Holy Bones, a Black IPA from Boneyard Beer, and Holy Mountain Brewing. Flex has the alcohol metabolism of She-Hulk, and is gearing...