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Two comedians take an unmerciful and hilarious look at athletes who have lost big games...with the law! Crime in Sports does the research, and finds the funny in the world of sports true crime. New episode every week!

Two comedians take an unmerciful and hilarious look at athletes who have lost big games...with the law! Crime in Sports does the research, and finds the funny in the world of sports true crime. New episode every week!
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Two comedians take an unmerciful and hilarious look at athletes who have lost big games...with the law! Crime in Sports does the research, and finds the funny in the world of sports true crime. New episode every week!




#123 - The Revenge Of Mr Pancake - The Anonymousness of Lee Siner

This week, we dig deep to find a story of pure crazy. Gangsters with cartoon character names, street violence, and a brutally beaten physics professor. This man started a beef with the silliest sounding gangster in the entire world, but didn't learn his lesson, and kept on with his antics, and insanity, leading to a stabbing, a shooting & more! This is truly one of the weirdest & most hilarious stories we've ever encountered!! Develop a rip roaring cocaine & whiskey problem, knock a...


#122 - Watching It Burn To The Ground - The Ineptness of Andre Rison

This week, we climb a mountain of arrogance & stupid behavior, with a man who thought incredibly highly of himself, maybe because he made millions of dollars, and dated a pop star. Of course, he blew every penny, and that pop star burned his mansion to the ground. That's just par for this guy's course, as he makes every wrong decision possible, and comes out worse, in the end! Tell everyone how great you are, make sure to keep your fire insurance up to date, and spend every dime you make...


#121 - The Tornado Of Temper - The Copiousness of Milton Bradley

This week, we navigate through a torrential downpour of arrests, ejections & general craziness. He started out promising, but soon his temper got the best of him, and seemingly took over every aspect of his life. His explosive reactions are mind boggling, as is his relentless need for control while at home. This one is a log jam of insanity!! Always react violently to anything that you don't like, control everyone around you, and make sure to text your in-laws obscene videos with Milton...


#120 - Who Put Cocaine In My Underpants? - The Pugnaciousness of Bob Probert

This week, we hang on tight for a wild ride with a man who never met a fight that he didn't like... including with police officers, and just about every player in the NHL. He was wilder off the ice, than on it. His saga is one of constant relapses of drugs, alcohol, and bad decisions, leading to tons of arrests, and illegal things, hidden in his underwear!! Punch everyone that you can, never get behind the wheel without a good buzz, and always fill your underwear with stimulants with Bob...


#119 - Like A Greased Up Sled - The Unendingness of Tammy "Sunny" Sytch

This week, we peek in at the downhill slide of a person who seemed to have it all. She had brains, talent, beauty, hard work, dedication to her craft, and all the success that comes from those attributes. Unfortunately, those qualities also came with a rip roaring drug & alcohol problem that led to professional downfall, regrettable personal behaviors, and a LOT of arrests. This is a wild ride!! Fulfill your childhood dreams, win the award for "Best Buns", and se how many times you can get...


#118 - Violence Just Follows Some People - The Menacingness of Anthony Mason

This week, we head down an alley, and get punched in the face by repeated criminality, and craziness. A man who was beloved in his sport for his tenacious, and rugged play, but unfortunately for all concerned, he took those qualities off the court, and into places like nightclubs, house parties, and the middle of Times Square! This is a long, crazy journey that never stops giving!! Work harder than anyone around, punch anyone who crosses you, and have questionable relations with young...


#117 - Never A Dull Moment, Always An Empty Glass - The Recalcitrantness of John Daly

This week, we may have bitten off more than we can chew, with this giant, enormous, disaster of a story. He came out of nowhere to become a champion, and a cult hero. He was a rebel, in a sport full of stiffs. He was also a winner, a loser, a drunk, a louse, a criminal, a quitter, and a maniac. Say what you will about the man, but the one thing he's never been accused of is being boring!! Change the way people look at your sport, marry everyone who crosses your path, and never stop doing...


#116 - Terrible People Do Terrible Things - The Vileness of Hermes Franca

This week, we dive back into the brain damage sports with a man who brought himself to the US, with nothing but $300, and a dream. He achieved that dream by becoming a champion, in the ring, but quickly shattered that dream by being an absolutely awful human being, outside of the ring. His actions were disgusting, and his reaction to his own misdoings are even worse!! Make your dreams come true, fall into the usual trappings of stardom, then go completely off the rails & do something...


#115 - Hitting A Bullseye With A Hammer - The Shiftlessness of Chris Mason

This week, we are confronted with pint glasses full of crazy, as we delve into a sport that we've never covered before, and a man who is truly what Crime In Sports is all about... Ego, self-destruction & and the complete disregard for others. This guy has it all. Multiple assaults, culminating in a 3 man hammer & bat attack, for the silliest reason imaginable, and that's just part of the fun within!! Call drinking at the pub "going to work", leave your pregnant wife & be publicly shamed...


#114 - Bad Luck, Booze & Bullets - The Disorderliness of Steve Foley

This week, we serve up a heaping helping of one of the craziest stories out there. A guy who had both the best, and the absolute worst luck imaginable. He did enough stupid things to cost himself, but in the end, a bullet ends up taking his playing career, but not his troubles with the law!! Be arrested twice in 24 hours, kick a door off the hinges, then have a woman that you barely know try to run over an off duty police officer with your classic car with Steve Foley!! Check us out,...


#113 - Punching Leads To Shooting - The Turbulentness of Jermain Taylor

This week, we take a hard look at man who came up the hard way, and managed to overcome it all to be a hero to his community, state, and the entire country. He achieved all his goals, before beginning a long string of strange, violent, and scary incidents, making him not only lose his hero status, but his freedom. It's a truly wild tale of having it all, and needing to throw it away, as quickly as possible!! Win an Olympic medal, fire shots toward a family at the Martin Luther King Jr Day...


#112 - Flexing His Crime Muscles - The Exhaustiveness of Jose Canseco

This week, we travel down a long path, littered with idiocy, arrogance, and steroid needles. He was as well renowned as you can be, but he always had a secret. A secret that he had no problem revealing, at a later date, in tell all book style. In between, he drove like an idiot, had crazy pets, hung out with Madonna, and got arrested... A whole bunch of times. It's a extra large, steroid riddled, non-stop crazy edition of CIS! Fill yourself full of enough drugs to hit 462 home runs, have...


#098 - Violent Lives Bring Violent Deaths - The Ferociousness of Edwin Valero... LIVE from Chicago!!

This week, we are LIVE in Chicago at Lincoln Hall, where we are overwhelmed with violence, as we look at a man, so full of rage that not even boxing was enough to get out his aggressions. He started young, and only got worse. From motorcycle riding robberies, to violence, assault, and finally a bloody & horrific murder. And thats not even the final, pathetic chapter. This one is wild & crazy, so strap in, and get ready!! Look for street fights from a young age, never wear a helmet while...