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50- The Bonus Army Catastrophe

If you haven’t heard of the fantastic Bonus Army then you have to check out this episode! This story holds a star-studded cast of American characters. It’s a story of honor, horror, and holdouts. It’s 1932 and the Great Depression has struck. A horde of WWI veterans will descend on Washington to demand pay they … 50- The Bonus Army CatastropheRead More »


49- Olga’s Revenge

Revenge is a dish best served in heaping portions. Olga of Kiev who is sainted by both the Catholic and the Eastern Orthodox Churches will wreak bloody havoc on those who wronged her in the past. This is a “must-hear” story of shocking payback! Sources 1 2 3 4


48- USA: “Mexicans Wanted!”

Imagine a time the US was importing Mexican workers by the thousands to do simple labor jobs. No, it’s not a Trump dystonian nightmare! It’s the Bracero Program! Learn about this bizarre standard from US history Jess and Joe never actually teach their students! America has a long history of relying on it’s southern neighbor … 48- USA: “Mexicans Wanted!”Read More »


47- The Bloodstained Canal

The Panama Canal is a darker story than you may know. Think about it for a second… How did the United States gain land in the middle of Central America? It’s a story that is more complicated than you may think. It will require taking the land, threatening Columbia, and also a side coup d’etat … 47- The Bloodstained CanalRead More »


46- The Hillbilly Prophet

A TUESDAY episode? Who could have predicted that? This show is special! This is our “live show” rehearsal! So if you caught us at the East Tennessee Historical Fair you may want to pass. Honestly, I think we did even better in person! But here you go! A fun story from our part of the … 46- The Hillbilly ProphetRead More »


45- The American Filipino War

No more playing around. America will claim her “just reward” for “helping” the Cubans. This conflict, however, will prove to be an expensive, costly headache for the US. It may even be a foreshadowing for another costly headache of a war that will drag on in Eastern Asia later that century. It turns out invading … 45- The American Filipino WarRead More »


44- The Spanish American War

“Here I come to save the daaaay!” Mighty Mouse’s motto is a perfect backdrop for America’s intervention into the Cuban independance movement. In the second story of American Imperialism we look as the US seizes control of Cuba in their efforts to “help.” If you’ve never heard this story of America’s treatment of their neighbor … 44- The Spanish American WarRead More »


43- Hammurabi’s Code of Fun

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind right? Well apparently not for Hammurabi and his impressive set of codes. Jess and Joe dive into one of mankind’s oldest records of law. We dig into the history of the codes, where they came from and how we have them today. Then we have … 43- Hammurabi’s Code of FunRead More »


42- The Heist of Hawaii Part 2

The stage is set for the first American overthrow of a foreign government. Join us to the exciting, insulting, frustrating, and even shocking conclusion to this strange tale. Today we’ll see how those carefully laid plans pan out. As a bonus, you’ll finally learn about “ol’ Twinbeard” himself on our cover art! Sources – … 42- The Heist of Hawaii Part 2Read More »


41- The Heist of Hawaii Part 1

How did Hawaii become a state? How did the United States gain control over islands 2,000 miles away? Well the story isn’t pretty! Learn about how some devious businessmen force America’s hand to conquer these friendly people. Jess and Joe begin a new long running series on American Imperialism with this first story. Don’t worry … 41- The Heist of Hawaii Part 1Read More »


40- The Hollow Earth People

John Quincy Adams approved the funding but Congress did not! Today Joe and Jess dive into the weird world of the Hollow Earth Theory! What’s in there? Dinosaurs? Angels? Nazi scientists? Flying Saucers? A monorail? The answer, of course, is all of the above! If you loved Flat Earth then this is even better! You … 40- The Hollow Earth PeopleRead More »


39- John Quincy Adams

A crocodile in the White House? A corrupt bargain? A throw down with Andrew Jackson? What all went on with the oft-forgotten but interesting life of our 6th president and his four short years in office. Not only that! But he’s the son of a president and their two presidencies are weirdly similar. Check it … 39- John Quincy AdamsRead More »


38- Ozzy Osbourne Wants You Dead

Ozzy’s Madness knows no bounds! What better way to be hardcore than to encourage your own adoring fans to kill themselves? Sound far fetched? Well it certainly didn’t in 1985! Learn about how Ozzy was accused of being a cult-like leader whose music pushed young people to take their own lives. Sources – The first … 38- Ozzy Osbourne Wants You DeadRead More »


37- Are Disney’s Dirty Jokes Real?!

We’ve all heard the rumors that Disney has hidden sex symbols in their classic animated films. Be honest, haven’t you looked at least once? Joe and Jess dive into the rumor mill and try to get at the heart of this 1990’s “pornography for kids” scandal! Is it real? Is it a rumor? Whats the … 37- Are Disney’s Dirty Jokes Real?!Read More »


36- The Women Warriors of WWII

Did you know Russia sent women to fight in World War 2? Did you know that they terrified the Germans? Check out this episode on the badass babooshkas of WWII and some of the hilarious and embarrassing responses they received from Americans. Sources 1 2 3 4


35- Chuck Norris Saves America!

Happy 4th of July! Today we’re unloading a special holiday episode celebrating America’s Independence! You may not know of the time in 1985 when scores of men stormed the beaches of Florida to wreck havoc on freedom loving Americans. Don’t worry, Chuck Norris took care of it! This was made into a feature-length film/documentary titled … 35- Chuck Norris Saves America!Read More »


34- Never Gonna Give You Up

World War II ended in 1945 but why on earth are a few Japanese men still fighting all the way up to the 1970s? Is this chivalry, stupidity, or something else? Join Jess and Joe as we look at three different men who were all “Japanese Holdouts” for different reasons. Sources 1 2 3 4 … 34- Never Gonna Give You UpRead More »


33- Cleveland’s Balloon Madness of ’86

In 1986 Cleveland released 1.5 million balloons and set a new world record. They had no idea the chaos that would ensue. Join Jess and Joe for this fun look at the Balloon Madness of 1986! Pictures! 1 2 3 4 5 Sources 1 2 3 4


32- Animal Heroes of WWII

Not all heroes of WWII were human! Today’s episode looks at a few of our furry or feathered friends who participated in man’s insatiable desire for death. Learn about some bizarre bats, a dangerous duck, an elderly elephant, a boozed-up bear, and a daring dog in today’s show! Sources 1 2 3 4 5 6 … 32- Animal Heroes of WWIIRead More »


31- Banning Free Speech in America

During WWI two notorious laws would be passed. The Espionage and Sedition Acts would drastically limit the freedom of speech and prohibit Americans from criticizing the war, the draft, and even the government itself. Amazingly, when challenged, the Supreme Court defended these as not contradictory of the 1st Amendment! Today we discuss Schenk v. US … 31- Banning Free Speech in AmericaRead More »