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22- China’s Communist Calamity Pt. 3

What Come’s Next? Soon You’ll See! From the 1970s to the 1990s China underwent rapid economic growth under the leadership of Deng Xiaoping. Is this the end of the CCP? Is Capitalism here to save the day? Find out on this episode of Cutting Class!


21- China’s Communist Calamity Pt. 2

You say you want a Revolution? The CCP tried to hearts of the youth after the Great Flop Forward. They didn’t know what horrors would be let loose by young adults when given the chance. Check out this wild tale of the Chinese Cultural Revolution!


20 – China’s Communist Calamity Pt. 1

Who says you can’t be a commune farmer by day and steel worker by night? Learn about one of biggest flops of Communism with the Great Leap Forward! The Five Year Plans of Stalinist Russia went so well then why not try it in China? What could possibly go wrong? We’re laying the groundwork for … 20 – China’s Communist Calamity Pt. 1Read More »


19 – A Gruesome Death for Garfield

Learn about the bizarre butchery of America’s 20th President. Today we cover the little known president James Garfield and the major issue facing his presidency that lead to his murder! Not only that, but we get gruesome with some medical malpractice that ends this poor guy.


18 – A Get out of Jail Free Card

For some, a game of Monopoly feels like an endless trap with your family. But during World War II, it could be a blessing in disguise. Today we learn about how British and US forces used Monopoly boards to break POWs out of Nazi prison camps. Sources 1 2 3 4 5 6


17 – Kony 2012: A Viral Meltdown

Six years ago on March 15th, a wild, naked man was arrested in San Diego. He happened to be the creator of Kony 2012, the most popular viral Youtube video in history at the time. What on earth happened? Learn about this 2 week long hysteria of 2012! Sources 1 2 3 4 5 6 … 17 – Kony 2012: A Viral MeltdownRead More »


16 – The Dark Side of Henry Ford

Crushing labor unions? Anti-semitism? Being one of Hitler’s heroes? Not all is sunny in Fordlandia! Join us as we look at the darker, less discussed sides of Henry Ford’s legacy! Sources 1 2 3 4 5


15 – Henry Ford’s Capitalist Jungle Utopia

Henry Ford is a far more interesting character from history than we give him credit. The Model T and the assembly line are great and all but what about his flying cars? What about his square-dancing jungle utopia? Oh! You haven’t heard of this? Neither had we! Check out this fascinating episode about America’s most … 15 – Henry Ford’s Capitalist Jungle UtopiaRead More »


14 – The “Spanish” Flu of 1918

This week Joe and Jess discuss the 1918 Spanish Flu! Exactly one hundred years ago, a horrible plague swept through the world leaving devastation in its wake. It was possibly the worst disease to strike mankind in recorded history! Join your hosts as they brave this often overlooked “Spanish Flu”, the potential origin of the … 14 – The “Spanish” Flu of 1918Read More »


13 – Nero the Hero

Get pumped for what may be our strangest episode yet! Jess and Joe dive headfirst into the madness of Emperor Nero and discuss things like self-aggrandizement, bankrupting the empire, murder, sex, and the Olympics! Beware, this episode features some gross and unruly concepts, so lock up your children! Sources – 1 2 3 4 5 … 13 – Nero the HeroRead More »


12- A Mother and a Murderer

Join Joe and Jess as they delve into Roman madness! We explore the life and crimes of infamous Romans Agrippina and her son Nero in part 1 of a 2 part series. This episode covers the exploits of Agrippina, an ambitious woman that positioned herself as the puppet master of Roman politics. We then delve … 12- A Mother and a MurdererRead More »


11- Vlad the Impaler

Join us on a thrilling eastern European adventure as we delve into the history and mythology of Vlad Tepes of Wallachia! We look into the Impalers favorite methods of torture, his wars against the Ottomans, and some awesome myths surrounding his grim cruelty. We end the show with a brief talk about the literary Dracula … 11- Vlad the ImpalerRead More »


10- Theodore Roosevelt: Manliest of Men Pt. 3

Roosevelt is out of office but not out of amazing stunts up his sleeve. What does the manliest of men do after being president of America? Get shot by lunatics, explore the Amazon, and volunteer for World War I of course! Join us for the final chapter of Roosevelt’s amazing life. Sources 1– 2– 3– 4– 5– 6– 7– 8– 9– 10– 11


9 – Theodore Roosevelt: Manliest of Men Pt. 2

Roosevelt has invaded the White House! In this episode Jess and Joe take a small look at how Roosevelt squeezed all that mustachioed manliness into the confines of the presidential mansion. Enjoy some snippets of his personal life as President of the United States. From his kids terrorizing the White House staff to Roosevelt literally … 9 – Theodore Roosevelt: Manliest of Men Pt. 2Read More »


8- Theodore Roosevelt: Manliest of Men Pt. 1

Ivy league graduate, boxer, big game hunter, cowboy, soldier, president, and explorer. If space exploration had occurred you better bet this guy would have been the first up there. Is there anything he can’t do? This is our first series episode! We can’t contain all of him to simply one episode so be prepared for … 8- Theodore Roosevelt: Manliest of Men Pt. 1Read More »


7- Wacky Weapons

Humans consistently invent newer and better weapons to defeat other humans. But not all of these devices are good at it. In fact, some of these weapons are downright goofy. In this show, Jess and Joe highlight a few ridiculous weapons from the past. This episode best enjoyed when you can actually see the images. … 7- Wacky WeaponsRead More »


Crazy Christmas Traditions #6

Merry Christmas! Where did tinsel come from? Why is that little man pooping near baby Jesus? Who are the Christmas goblins? Why is that woman disemboweling children? We’ll be diving into some weird beliefs and stories of the world’s biggest holiday.


The Funny Tale of the False Dmitrys #5

The story of the False Dmitry is legendary. Not one, not two, but 3 people all try to pretend they’re the same czar of Russia with hilarious consequences. Enjoy as Poland pulls a Wile E. Coyote parade of ridiculous Czars just to try and take the throne. This story has everything! Zombies, murderous rage, and … The Funny Tale of the False Dmitrys #5Read More »


Kellogg’s Anti-Porn Flakes #4

Alert! – Adult Content in this Episode – Did you know Kellogg’s Corn Flakes were made to discourage masturbation? Did you know that the inventor of Corn Flakes was reportedly never intimate with his wife? Today Jess and Joe dive into the strange beliefs of John Harvey Kellogg, the inventor of Kellogg Corn Flakes.


Operation Acoustic Kitty #3

Ever heard of the time the United States tried to take down communist Russia with a cat? Of course not. The Cold War brought us laugh-a-minute kinds of fun. If we weren’t threatening nuclear annihilation or destroying foreign nations with proxy wars then we were busy spying on one another. These spy games brought us … Operation Acoustic Kitty #3Read More »


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