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Ep 020: It's Going Down in Ravenwood Town

Strap your butts in for the wildest ride yet! The big bad Demakus army is crawling all over Ravenwood but our good friends from Red Mountain are coming to our rescue... hopefully soon. Can our heroes hold off the hoards until help arrives? Find out in this week’s episode of DangerTown.


Announcements and a Quick Thanksgiving Interlude

We ran into some technical difficulties with our latest episode recording, so we're taking this week off to take care of that and we'll have the next full episode up on 11/27!


Ep 019: The Nightmare Before Ravenwood

Booooo, Happy Halloween, ya ghouls! Welcome to our spookiest episode yet. Join our ghost hosts on their way through the haunted house out of their nightmares. Look out behind you! TW: This one gets a little gory.


Ep 018: Valentine's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Buckle up your time machine seat belts, because we're about to catch up with Val! The knuckle heads are glad to have him back but it seems like there is a lot he’s not saying. Plus, things get deadly serious, the gang rides barrels down a waterfall and we've gotta find that red ball that Swans keeps going on about.


Ep 017: The Jailbreak Jig

The gang attempts a prisoner exchange grift and gets more than they bargained for. They’ve got it all, fire, visions, ghost riding the whip, MOM?! Check into the DangerTown Motel and stay awhile with us. We promise you’ll make a connection.


Ep 015: Hugs Not Thugs

After a lot of bad planning decisions, it’s time to tussle. Mika finally gets the bloodshed she has been waiting for and Swans helps. Trax tried their best to keep the peace but there is only so much that a gnome can do.


Ep 014: Gotta Get Godrick

Now, with more questions than answers, the squad ends up back in Ravenwood and very late for an appointment with Aldra. After being scolded for things that they had no control over, Mika, Swans, and Trax take a road trip up north to Darrow to make a new friend by force. Be aware that this is our randy-est episode yet.


Ep 013: The Floating Tower

After making the ill-informed decision to jump into a magical chest portal, our heroes end up in The Astral Plane... maybe. With one of our friends missing and some dragonborn asshole breathing down their necks, the team is going to have to figure their way out of this one. Plus, with time passing all Willy Wonka around here, they are going to have to do it fast.


Ep 012: The First Rule of Ravenwood...

Swanson, Val, and Trax are woken up far too early, after their drunken celebration, by Mika and her Taxi... Cat Person... Tabaxi friend… Let’s just call her, Breah. It looks like everyone is destined to keep fighting in dingy coliseums. Hopefully, Mika can actually pull this off with a little help from her friends.


Ep 011: Back in Town and Ready to Party

The boys, girl, and Trax are back in town! After defeating the evils of Red Mountain and getting some crazy visions; “the guardians” finally make it back to their Ravenwood base to figure some things out. The responsibilities never end but maybe we'll get to go drinking. Tw: graphic description of hanging


Ep 010: We're All the Way Up

Things are heating up in Red Mountain. Dwarves are breaking free from their mind control and fighting desperately to free the others. Our heroes must wade through the chaos to fight the asshole behind all of this, but where are they? Probably, by the big magic chandelier, that no one told us about until now.


Ep 009: Heist to Meet You

Trax has too much to say, so only listen to the interesting parts, like Mika does. The plan is crystal clear but like one of those crystals with a bunch of cracks in it. Whatever, just let us have this fashion montage before we have to crawl through these tunnels. At least they get to finally use those walkie-talkies.


Ep 008: The Legend of the 100ft Elbow Drop

After a traumatizing bout with the hands of fate, everyone is feeling a bit worse for wear. With Ruby back on the light side, a plan begins to formulate… or maybe two plans. Okay, three. Fine, we lost count but everyone really wanted to light some furniture on fire. Is that still on the table? We’ll get back to it, if they make it through the day.


Ep 007: Things Get Hairy

Our gang of misfits discover that something much darker than they anticipated is afoot in Red Mountain. A failed worker’s uprising, combined with mind reading and fight clubs provide for an interesting tableau. But don’t worry, our buddy, Braum has a secret surprise for all to enjoy. Welcome to DangerTown.


Ep 006: Road Trip to Red Mountain

Ensuing their 48 hour jaunt of Ravenwood, the nerds decide to head out to Red Mountain to investigate the mysteries hidden within. Tricking bandits, glitter filled campouts, peace talks, and dwarven architecture all combine into an interesting molotov cocktail of a ten day. What will they find behind this 100ft door of intrigue? Find out next week on DangerTown.


Ep 005: Ssssh, This Is a Library

Once our heroes have a good night’s rest and a well balanced breakfast, they head out to conquer their toughest challenge yet... bureaucracy. Then the party uses Samuel L. Barkson’s irresistible charm to get jobs and head toward the library to find the keeper of knowledge. Yelling, hand slapping, ambushing, nap times, and poisonings ensue as the city becomes more than anyone bargained for.


Ep 004: The Great City of Ravenwood

After three episodes of thrashing, our faithful adventurers have made it to Ravenwood. They may be a little worse for wear but they are working toward the up and up with Braum in tow. Venturing toward the Thirsty… Tipsy Troll, the gang gets distracted by the all the wonders of city life. Hopefully, one day, they will all remember why they came here in the first place. Find out next week on DangerTown.


Ep 003: Bandits, Beatdowns, and Braum

Honor bound to help those in need, our party trailblazes onto the bandit hideout. Mika tries out her cheerleading skills, Swanson trips the resident nerd, Valentine and Big Valentine class clown their way into an A+, and Trax just wants to go back home. After much blood loss on both sides, our heroes learn that there is a lot more to this adventure thing than they thought.


Ep 002: Grandpa's Basement

This week on DANGERTOWN, Trax tries to make new canine friends and just ends up with a lot of thrift store finds. Valentine pays a reverse stripper to put pants back on and talks a lot about his grandma. Mika learns a lesson in mortality and empathy while forsaking her stealthy ways. Lastly, Swanson is the designated driver for his group of uncontrollable and impolite murder toddlers. No one is paid enough for all of this.