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6 yr Old McDonalds Burger on eBay, Wife Coffee Corpse,BBC,Viagra Lawsuit,Reddit Temptations,Wrestlers, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Ray Romano, Ramen Noodles, Jurassic World - Ep. 21 - Funny News Comedy

We started the podcast by not starting it the way it should start, with an intro. We actually just started talking about "Weekend at Bernie's" and the dance from Michael Jackson's "Thriller". Once we realized we should probably kick things off, we finally kicked it off. Going through introductions, we keep it very open. Honch was talking about his wife's coffee, he accidentally used the word corpse, but we assure you that his wife is alive. Apparently her coffee order is getting more...


Women,Baseball Food Destroys Face,Reddit Life Lessons,Seinfeld Fantasizing,Volcano Cooking,Would You Rather R. Kelly- Ep. 20 - Funny News Comedy

On this week's episode, we starting out by being not sorry about anything, with a quick hommage to some weird 50's and 60's songs. And how we like our women - coffee, and other various things. We immediately give Hackerman a host of stage names all driven by web tech; PHP, DJ Ruby on Rails, etc. To kick us off, Honch talks about announcing at a race track to get into a news story about a woman getting hit in the face with a hot dog, because as it turns out, if you use an air cannon - people...


Buying Lube on Amazon,Nicolas Cage and Muppets,Jurassic Park,Moon Dust vs NASA, Kardashians,Bad Interview Questions, DMX is Kid Rock - Ep. 19 - Funny News Comedy

On this episode of Delay Radio, we bring on our newest member, hackerman (is it pronounced hackerman, or hackermen?) and we'll probably spend the rest of eternity trying to shorten his name. Honch went on vacation to Atlanta, Georgia, where he subjected his family to our very own podcast for hours on end -- all the way from Michigan to Georgia. Instead of playing it over his Bluetooth connection, he listened to it over the phone. We're still not sure how he was driving, but apparently it...


Cops Bust Guy With Gun Tattoo, Things Falling from SKY, Interupting Idiots,Free booze on Southwest Airlines? - Ep. 18 - Funny News Comedy

On this week's episode of Delay Radio, we have special guest, only known by his intimate circle of friends as Protor - he had the right to remain silent apparently, so he did...well for the most part. D starts off with his 'juicy' story in a batman voice (only part of the time). The ultimate level of irony plays out. So a man has been arrested with gun posession charges, but the irony is that he has a tattoo of a pistol on his head. He has a felony conviction on his record, so he cannot...


Rat Eats $18,000,Poop Train Update,Skipping School,Screwing up Computers,Dying on Oregon Trail - Ep. 17 - Funny News Comedy

On this week's comedy news podcast, we have a few funny topics, including rats and ATM's (with the weird news noise), and an update from the Alabama poop train from Honch, and some other things. Immediately, before actually talking about the knews, we get off topic, discussing Seinfeld and showering with food. Croutons will definetely not work in the shower. So we finally get onto the news story, which is an update from 7 months ago (we think, we don't understand the concept of time). So...


Play-Doh Smells,Dumb Criminals, Stupidest Fears,Time Travel Goals,Best Reddit Questions of The Week - Ep. 16

On this week's comedy news podcast, we have a few funny topics. Including, the trademarked smell of play-doh (why don't they just spell it play dough?). In addition to this we have a case of mistaken identify from the police.. Honch jumps in with a story from Vancouver, Canada, where a criminal was listed as a drug dealer #1 on his phone, for which he was busted by police. We also find out what Honch is called on his cell phone. The moral of the story is stop challenging the...