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Drunk Birds,Halloween Movie,Post Malone,Ariana Grande's Name,Animated Movies,Reddit,Legos,Fake News - Ep. 28 - Funny News Comedy

Honch is out this week, so we try to tackle the topics of the world, including obsure Malcolm in The Middle reference, and then we falsely identify the parts of the movie Halloween - including that Fergie is in it. Only one of the members actually watched it. Do you know how to properly pronounce Ariana Grande? The D will she the record straight for you. On to actual news - a town north of Duluth, MN has been experiencing drunk birds flying around as they were eating fermented berries. As...


Bad College Advice,Macaroni Robbers,Googly Eyed Fish,Fake News Headlines - Ep. 27 - Funny News Comedy

We kickoff this week's episode of Delay Radio like every other...awkwardly. Jethrow kicks us off with searching Reddit for questions, including someone seeking advice for new college students. Get a blood test, remember you're young, and in the words of Jethrow, "don't". We mean, there are probably some famous people that figured it out, right? Because dad doesn't understand that the world is different so you still need tuition for next semester. Here are some other options: get famous on...


Ruined fake jobs,worst bathroom stories,Cardi B,weird world records,fake news headlines - Ep. 26 - Funny News Comedy

Once we actually go started, we came up with the jobs/careers that we wanted hypothetically, and then how we could ruin it. Honch wanted to be a pizza delivery man, so it makes sense that he wouldn't own a car, D wanted to be a CEO,Hackerman wants to be a pilot so he's going to be blind - and Jethrow wants to develop video games, so he's going to get migraine headaches when he's thinking about video games. After talking about jobs, Honch wanted to talk about 'bathroom behaviors'. Honch...


Bad Porn Names,Elon Musk,Space Perfume..Grilled Pineapple,Shirt Smell Dating,Find Fake News Headlines including Lindsay Lohan and Kardashians - Ep. 25 - Funny News Comedy

So after some complete nonsense, we go into porn names. There is the old addage about using your street name, middlename, etc. But as it turns out, there are some other methods to come up with your porn screen name - and each of us give up our new porn names. And with those conventions, what happens if the street you live on is socially prominent? Yes, we accidentally went there...and as it turns out, Jethrow is Christopher Steel. After talking about bad porn names, we talk about smells - a...


World's Longest Fingernails,Sound FX FAILS,Penis Flashing Soccer Coach in England,Reddit Questions about Presidents,Movies,Tom Cruise,MI6,Disney,Nebraska frog hostage,Liquid Big Mac at McDonalds,Skin Conditions - Ep. 24 - Funny News Comedy

We think we're running a real news podcast, but we're apparently doing it wrong, because we're using a soundboard. But once we go off on a real tangent of playing with sound fx, an 82 year old man has been growing his nails for 66 years, and recently cut them for display at Ripley's Believe It Or Not in New York City. What started as punishment from a teacher, turned into a lifetime of nail growing. And you won't believe this, but they had to use a grinder to cut the nails. The longest...


Fire Tornadoes,California,Netflix,Sharts,Taco Bell,Creepiest Video Games,Scary Squirrels in Germany,Bad Loading Screen Tips on Reddit,Dad jokes,Strange Dental Facts,Birds - Ep. 23 - Funny News Comedy

On this week's episode, we start out with the scary movie harmony. If you haven't caught on, we do a voice intro. We got right into a movie that Jethrow watched about a sexually transmitted demon. We decided that we needed a soundboard, after going on about the Amish filming a movie. Have you seen the movie ghost? It doesn't matter, because no one wants to give their bit of news. Jethrow begins to tell us news that he heard on the radio. It is official that California has fire tornadoes,...


Worst Careers,Life Ruined,Beer,Fake Degree,Stress Banana,Top Reddit Questions,Trainee Jail,Escaped Goats...Jackpot,boobs,send nudes - Ep. 22 - Funny News Comedy

We kick off this week's podcast with a quick callout to Chipotle's food poisoning incident, and to the 'radio voice' featuring a Janis Joplin tribute band, and Molly Hatchet. So the 'D' has betrayed Honch, divulging details about a cruise that Honch bought for his wife..because D didn't know the details. And not to sidetrack, have you ever had trash grits? It has pork belly, but that tarnishes everything because D ruined Honch's life. I guess we'll resort to drinking beer. Hackerman had...


6 yr Old McDonalds Burger on eBay, Wife Coffee Corpse,BBC,Viagra Lawsuit,Reddit Temptations,Wrestlers, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Ray Romano, Ramen Noodles, Jurassic World - Ep. 21 - Funny News Comedy

We started the podcast by not starting it the way it should start, with an intro. We actually just started talking about "Weekend at Bernie's" and the dance from Michael Jackson's "Thriller". Once we realized we should probably kick things off, we finally kicked it off. Going through introductions, we keep it very open. Honch was talking about his wife's coffee, he accidentally used the word corpse, but we assure you that his wife is alive. Apparently her coffee order is getting more...


Women,Baseball Food Destroys Face,Reddit Life Lessons,Seinfeld Fantasizing,Volcano Cooking,Would You Rather R. Kelly- Ep. 20 - Funny News Comedy

On this week's episode, we starting out by being not sorry about anything, with a quick hommage to some weird 50's and 60's songs. And how we like our women - coffee, and other various things. We immediately give Hackerman a host of stage names all driven by web tech; PHP, DJ Ruby on Rails, etc. To kick us off, Honch talks about announcing at a race track to get into a news story about a woman getting hit in the face with a hot dog, because as it turns out, if you use an air cannon - people...


Buying Lube on Amazon,Nicolas Cage and Muppets,Jurassic Park,Moon Dust vs NASA, Kardashians,Bad Interview Questions, DMX is Kid Rock - Ep. 19 - Funny News Comedy

On this episode of Delay Radio, we bring on our newest member, hackerman (is it pronounced hackerman, or hackermen?) and we'll probably spend the rest of eternity trying to shorten his name. Honch went on vacation to Atlanta, Georgia, where he subjected his family to our very own podcast for hours on end -- all the way from Michigan to Georgia. Instead of playing it over his Bluetooth connection, he listened to it over the phone. We're still not sure how he was driving, but apparently it...


Cops Bust Guy With Gun Tattoo, Things Falling from SKY, Interupting Idiots,Free booze on Southwest Airlines? - Ep. 18 - Funny News Comedy

On this week's episode of Delay Radio, we have special guest, only known by his intimate circle of friends as Protor - he had the right to remain silent apparently, so he did...well for the most part. D starts off with his 'juicy' story in a batman voice (only part of the time). The ultimate level of irony plays out. So a man has been arrested with gun posession charges, but the irony is that he has a tattoo of a pistol on his head. He has a felony conviction on his record, so he cannot own...


Rat Eats $18,000,Poop Train Update,Skipping School,Screwing up Computers,Dying on Oregon Trail - Ep. 17 - Funny News Comedy

On this week's comedy news podcast, we have a few funny topics, including rats and ATM's (with the weird news noise), and an update from the Alabama poop train from Honch, and some other things. Immediately, before actually talking about the knews, we get off topic, discussing Seinfeld and showering with food. Croutons will definetely not work in the shower. So we finally get onto the news story, which is an update from 7 months ago (we think, we don't understand the concept of time). So a...


Play-Doh Smells,Dumb Criminals, Stupidest Fears,Time Travel Goals,Best Reddit Questions of The Week - Ep. 16 - Funny News Comedy

On this week's comedy news podcast, we have a few funny topics. Including, the trademarked smell of play-doh (why don't they just spell it play dough?). In addition to this we have a case of mistaken identify from the police.. Honch jumps in with a story from Vancouver, Canada, where a criminal was listed as a drug dealer #1 on his phone, for which he was busted by police. We also find out what Honch is called on his cell phone. The moral of the story is stop challenging the...


Stormy Daniels Makes America Horny Again, Donald Trump's Naked Statue and Tiny Hands - Ep. 15.5 BONUS - Funny News Comedy

Often times we chat about comedic news topics 'off air' as much as we do for the full weekly podcast episodes. So we decided to leave the mics on before and after recording to see what happens. In this bonus episode of Delay Radio Comedy News, we talk about Jethrow's topic of Stormy Daniels and how she is out touring the a unique way. It involves a statue in the likeness of someone we all know, Donald Trump. We also learned that someone threw a wallet at her..but the real...


Top Stupid Things to Do,Super Troopers 2,Bear eats Ice Cream,Fake British Accents, 440 lb Bear Dog FAIL, Throwing Pizza at Cars - Ep. 15 - Funny News Comedy

On this episode we have...well, bears...and more bears. We have some stories from Reddit. If you didn't know we typically get questions from Yahoo! Answers, but have found better ones on Reddit. As for actual topics, Honch kicks us off with a story of a bear. This bear was at a zoo in Alberta, Canada...and well, he was behaving so well that his zookeepers decided to take him out for ice cream. Ironically, unlike most stories that we do, this bear did nothing wrong...he just enoyed his soft...


Luarel or Yanny? Brainstorm...Green Needle. Pizza and Jagermeister Cough Syrup - Ep. 14.5 BONUS - Funny News Comedy

As it turns out, we almost talk as much off air as we do on the we decided to just record some of the conversation that happens between episodes. We're not responsible for our own actions..not on a bonus episode that is. Hide yo kids and hide yo wife because we're getting our minds blown over this Laurel and Yanny argument. We discuss losing an entire days work over this whole mess...and a whole lot of food and pizza (including food we couldn't really figure out what it is).


Star Wars Airport, Cryogenic Allergies, Minnesota Accent, Cheap Legal Advice, Arbys Coke, Fresh Beef, Video Game Character Names - Ep. 14 - Funny News Comedy

In this episode, Steve North is still out hanging with Flo-rida, but is possibly handling diplomatic meetings between the Karate kid and Cobra Kai (sp?). As you all may have known, May the 4th was upon us, and the London Heathrow Airport may have had the best Star Wars reference. Their flight board featured flights to various locations from the movies, including a 'cancelled' flight for Princess Leah. We thought that was pretty awesome...and the force was definetely strong with them. D...


Kicked out of Avengers Infinity War, Stolen Fajitas, Airport Security Frisking, Panic Attacks - Ep. 13 - Funny News Comedy

Is Florida pronounced Flo-rida? Steve North is out on a trip to Florida, so D will open the show without properly introducing the Honch and Jethrow. On this episode, we have the story of stolen Fajitas, airport people, and questions from the web. We open with Honch talking about traveling in an airport. As it turns out, the most annoying people that you've ever met are stuffed in a plane -- that is how you know that you're traveling. The story begins with Honch going through security -- he...


North Korea's Kim Jong Un's Worst Nicknames, man wants to know if he's dead, terrible late night snacks, creepy music video, hot dog water and warm beer - Ep. 12 - Funny News Comedy

We weren't sure if we were recording, but it turns out that we're all extreme radio DJ's. Finally this is the second episode that we got all four of the Delay Radio team together in one room, or around one pool table. Steve North immediately gets us to dive into the news, where we talk about Jim Jong Un, North Korea's leader, visiting China, where they tried to keep it under wraps. People in China were using WeChat to name Kim Jong things like...'Fatty Fatty' and Kim Fat the III - which we...


Man attacked by shark, bear, and snake. Obnoxious vegans, New pizza cereal, Alabama poop train from New York . - Ep. 11 - Funny News Comedy

We kick off this funny/comedy news episode being whatever we want to be, or whatever we identify as (some of us are French maybe). Steve North kicks us off with him wanting D to shut up, but immediately wants him to start talking again because he has some comedy news to deliver. A man from Colorado (stoned?) has been attacked by lions and tigers and bears (oh my). Not really, he was attacked by a shark, he's been mauled by a bear, and bitten by a rattlesnack within a few year period. In his...