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36.5 - Home Improvement//House 2-4 (feat. Mark Gallagher)

Caterpups, electric serial killers, and pizza monsters. These movies are incredibly dumb and strange and very fun to talk about. Come with us on a journey into a wild ass film anthology called House. What a wonderful reminder that I'll always live in an apartment :(


36 - Homebodies//House (1986) (Ft. Luke Bemand)

Houses are fun but sometimes they are not because they are haunted and spooky with creatures inside this may or may not be one of those instances so please prepare for a possible spooking. We'll release part two of the pod shortly, which will highlight House 2-4 :)


34 - Year In Review 2018

We're back baby.


33 - Lil Guyz//Gremlins + Ghoulies + Critters (Ft. Mark Gallagher)

Smallbois. Tiny Creatures. You love them as much as we do. If you don't we'll gosh dang make you. This episode is a little raunchy in a fun sexy way, but that's what you get when you invite Mark Gallagher onto your pod. Let's get rowdy with Gremlins (1984), Ghoulies (1984), and Critters (1986). If you weren't sure which of these have porn drawn of them, fret not because we totally tell you in graphic detail. Power of the night!


32.5 - Low Visibility//Silent Hill + The Fog (Ft. Will Potorff)

We're back so suck it. Happy Halloween :) The long awaited second half of our hazed out episode featuring Will Potorff! We literally spend the last 15 minutes arguing about pirate ghosts vs mariner ghosts. Does that mean it's good? We have no idea.


32 - Vape Hella Cloud//The Mist (Ft. Will Pottorff)

SPOOKY DOOKY HALLOW TIME BABY. The autumn equinox is upon us, blessing us all with the feeling of horror in our bleak ass hearts. Let us help you get in touch with that feeling, let us guide you like a clergy of dirt priests showing you the truth you knew all along. The truth, that our podcast is the best podcast. Believe it. We're here with a little filth reverend Will Pottorff to discuss The Mist (2007). Stay tuned for part 2 of this episode where we talk about Silent Hill and The Fog!!!


31 - Prehysteria//The Meg + Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (ft. Zack Burwick)

NOTE: If the levels are off (one voice too loud) redownload the file, I mixed it better >: ) Buckle up buckaroos because we are bringing fire and brimstone to this pod. Let's travel back in time, then travel back to the present again, because we're dealing with two blockbuster bonanzas featuring prehystoric man-eating monsters. We dive deep into The Meg (2018) and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018). We are not alone however, we enlisted the help of the nasty little zealot Zack Burwick of...


30 - Shapefest//Sphere + Triangle + Cube

After a dumb hiatus we have returned stronger than ever. We've been doing HGH and DMT and tons of other drugs to expand our bodies and minds to become pod gods. We're almost there. This month we present to you SHAPEFEST. You love shapes don't you, you little drug pig? Did you smoke weed and have your mind warped by staring at a can of beans? Then this pod is for you. We dig into Sphere (1998), Triangle (2009), and Cube (1997). These movies are all mind melters. Can you handle it? Also we...


29 - Guys & Dolls//Dead Silence + Dolls (Ft. Jen Dulong & Sarah McElaney)

We are back! Sorry it took so long, we were busy fending off a mental breakdown due to puppet exposure. We're ok. Are you ok? Great. Let's get friggin whacko with these two treasures in James Wan's puppety dread piece Dead Silence (2002) and Stuart Gordon's bizarre fantasy fever dream Dolls (1987). We also had on our totally cool and understanding love partners Jen Dulong and Sarah McElaney! They don't mind that we spend an unreasonable amount of time watching horror movies. They really...


28 - Brain Slugs//Night of the Creeps + Faculty + Slither (Ft. Owen Linders)

Give in to us. Become one with us. Once you are part of Dead Last Podcast you will feel no pain. You will need no editing. You will become perfect. Damn it feels good to be a hive mind. Once again we are joined by the beautiful baby man Owen Linders to talk about some sneaky ass parasitic brain aliens. We open up all our holes to possibility with Night of the Creeps (1986), The Faculty (1998) and Slither (2006). All of these movies are great and so are we. We responded to criticisms that our...


27 - Scale Boyz//Anaconda + Alligator (Ft. Terence Pennington)

We talk about the amphibious feature films Anaconda (1997) and Alligator (1980) with comedian Terence Pennington. Luke gets super racist towards dwarves. Brandon's John Voight impressions are amazing and he doesn't even write these descriptions because that would be narcissism. Terence comes to terms with breaking the chains of his childhood. It's pretty intense. We probably had too much fun doing this one. If you hate us laughing you won't like this one at all. You're probably just jealous...


26 - Year In Review 2: The Return of Revenge

Behold! Another year we have done this podcast for FREE. We do this for you as philanthropy, remember that you friggin slimes. Once again we use the sharp edges of our psyches to dissect the year's best movies with surgical precision. We are basically doctors and deserve a doctor's wage. What a year 2017 was for the genre! So here's hoping to a dark and bloody future ahead. Cheers!


25 - Ice Elation//The Shining + The Thing (Ft. Ryan Flaherty)

Dag y'all it is COLD. What a perfect time to hide away and cuddle up with some nice warm paranoia! Remember not to trust anyone around you because they all want to hurt you :). Light some blood on fire to keep those pesky loved ones and UPS boys away. We delved into some frosty cinematic isolation with The Shining (1980) and The Thing (1982). Two visionary directors. Two amazing lead actors. Two hot young podcast boys with so much to give. And one untrustworthy ghost alien of a man named...


24 - Harambe's Tomb//The Mummy (1932 + 1999 + 2017) Ft. Sam Furst

When we die please put all of our precious shit in a stone house with our bodies and curse it with a scroll. We need our VHS tapes and pog slammers in the afterlife. Our organs can go in a bunch of different cans of Monster Energy drink. That'll do. Anyways we talked about The Mummy. Which one? Friggin' all of em. 1932, 1999, 2017, and even some other ones. We sat down with owner of Monsters are Good clothing, Sam Furst. He's a Cruise Mummy apologist but please don't hold that against him,...


23 - Latex Death Angels//Hellraiser 1-3 (ft. Andrew Maroney)

We're in for a long one y'all. Lube yourself up and slip into some latex filled with nails because it's Hellraiser time babyyyyy. We sit down with horrorphile Andrew Maroney to talk about the first three Hellraiser films. Luke pops his franchise cherry and Brandon might be a little too into the lore for his own good. Why is hell so windy? Can fidget spinners open a portal to hell? Does Frank eat ass? Let's try to pry some answers from this interesting franchise that may be a little too bold...


22 - Low Stakes//Bram Stoker's Dracula + Horror of Dracula

With surgical audio dexterity we dissect Coppola's clunky labor of love "Bram Stoker's Dracula" and Hammer Horror's gem "The Horror of Dracula". Vampires are pretty silly but blood is really cool, so we're pretty torn about these ones. We really do some work on this cast as we figure out how George Lucas came up with Count Dooku and create a tasty beverage known as "Moon D". Happy Halloween y'all. I hate writing these.


21 - Sewercide Squad//IT Miniseries + Film

We all float down here y'all. Sometimes literally. We break it down per usual with Stephen King's It Miniseries (1990) and the brand new It (2017). I know the name of this episode is great so don't bother complimenting me.


20.5 - Space God Complex//Resurrection, Prometheus, + Covenant

The second half of our Alien spectacular. We tear into the russian nesting doll of existentialism that is Alien: Resurrection, Prometheus, and finally Alien: Covenant. Featuring guests Jesse Miles and Stephen Learson!


20 - Every Face Needs A Hug//Alien, Aliens, + Alien 3 (Ft. Jesse Miles + Stephen Learson)

Happy to be back people! Let's get in DEEP on the Alien franchise. This one is way more analytical than jokey but we dig down folks. PLEASE RATE ON ITUNES AND MAKE US FAMOUS. Featuring comedian Jesse Miles and pod boss Stephen Learson.