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Ep. 17: David Schwimmer’s Furry Paradise

Gorons, Zora, Koroks, little kids with runny noses...if only The Legend of Zelda games could just be Link, Zelda, and Ganon. We’ve seen plenty of goofy side characters over the years, but there are a few that just stand out as especially awful. Between a codependent fish princess, a self-proclaimed bug monarch, and a straight-up racist uncle, we highlight the worst of the one-dimensional characters littered across Hyrule. In case you missed our livestream of Until Dawn, you can head over...


SIDEBAR 3: Video Game Creepypastas (Pt. 2)

Part 2 of our super spooky creepypastas continues. This week, we are covering the black hole of misery that is Petscop and are digging up another classic Pokemon tale with even more murder! WARNING: Some of these stories touch on serious subject matters, such as suicide and child abuse. If you are sensitive to this kind of content, please check out our other episodes. In case you missed our livestream of Until Dawn, you can head over to to watch Andrew...


SIDEBAR 3: Video Game Creepypastas (Pt. 1)

The idea of creepypastas was a weird mid-00s Internet phenomenon. A product of the message board era, creepypastas are ghost stories posted across a series of forum posts. Naturally, there are a ton of these out there based on video games, so we’re going to share some of our favorites. WARNING: Some of these stories touch on serious subject matters, such as suicide and child abuse. If you are sensitive to this kind of content, please check out our other episodes. Check out more incessant...


Ep. 16: Werewolves Don’t Always Wear Jorts

Spooktacular Express continues this as we talk about classic movie monsters. In the usual Debate This! flair, we ask ourselves what if old-timey movie monsters got their hands on a video game power-up. We’re serving up a ooky spooky potluck chock full of metal vampires, a Time Lord mummy, and werewolves who just gotta go fast. Check out more incessant arguments at and keep the conversation going by following us on social media @debatethiscast.


SIDEBAR 2: Scary Games Discussion

Here at Debate This! We love Halloween. So we’re bringing you a new episode each week during the month of October all focused on our favorite spooky content. This week, we’ll be taking off the boxing gloves to have a gentlemen’s discussion around horror in video games, and what truly makes a game scary. Check out more incessant arguments at and keep the conversation going by following us on social media @debatethiscast.


Ep. 15: How Many People Has Waluigi Killed?

To celebrate the release of Venom’s very own movie, we’re all about the black alien goop in today’s episode. The Debate This! boys are writing our own kickass treatments for Venom by pairing the Symbiote with a classic Nintendo character. Think of the nightmares come to life if Kirby had slimy tendrils or if Samus could dominate over the wills of her enemies. Or, Captain Falcon could, faster?


Ep. 14: I'm Sexy When the Bones Go Away

Heroes and villains have long been given god-like powers haphazardly while mere mortals have prayed that the all-powerful beings around them don’t erase them from existence with laser eyes because they’re having a bad day. So today on Debate This! we talk about what superpowers would have the potential to be the most horrifying if they were real. Andrew plays mind games, Kyle investigates the chemical makeup of our blood, and Matt says “bone protrusions” more than anyone in the world ever...


Ep. 13: Why Is The Rock So Sweaty?

The Leader. The Muscle. The Charmer. The Wild Card. From the Beatles, to the Turtles, to The Fantastic Four, all of the best teams have these archetypes covered. But, does this setup apply to any characters? This week, we are creating our own A-Team out of NPCs from some of our favorite role-playing games. Todd flies on a rocket-powered bicep, Matt melts our brains with FNAF lore, and Andrew rides ze shoopuf.


Ep. 12: Our Dragons Don’t Raise Taxes

The Triforce. Metal Gear. Power Pellets. So many games are built around these kinds of seemingly insignificant instruments of unstoppable power. This week’s episode is dedicated to some of our favorite video game McGuffins...that one thing that could either save or destroy the world. Matt digs up a dead horse to beat some more, while Todd ignites a pretend race war and Kyle sings karaoke with some dragons.


Ep. 11: The Devil Went Down to My Potluck

Bible school, Sunday picnics, spaghetti dinners...we all have our own personal experiences with Religion, but thank Whatever-God-You-Believe-In that real religions aren’t like the ones in video games. In this episode, we unpack some bonkers religions found in video games. Andrew reps a giant whale, Todd flings peasants into the sunset, and Matt rocks out with his naughty bits out.


Ep. 10: Please Ignore the Zangoose Pee

Let’s face it, we’ve all dreamt of being a Pokemon Master...exploring the countryside, making new friends, and murdering children’s pets along the way. We’ve also all had that moment one-hit-KO-ing Erika’s Vileplume where we think we can do better. This week, Debate This! asks the question, “What would your Pokemon Gym do differently?”


Ep. 9: With Apologies to Vincent Diesel

Hollywood loves a good reboot. So that’s why we’ve decided to chase our dreams of being screenwriters and reboot our favorite classic sitcoms with video game characters. Todd whips out his extensive knowledge of Fallout, Andrew dredges up the worst Legend of Zelda sidekicks, and Kyle explores the interpersonal dynamic between Pokemon’s Red/Ash and Blue/Gary.


Ep. 8: The Only Thing Worse Than Charmy Bee is Cardi B

Hoo boy, the Chaotix...the B-listers of the Sonic Extended Universe. Anyone remember these guys? No? Well, we dove deep and brought you way too much lore around Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon, and Mighty the Armadillo. But, who’s the best? It really doesn’t matter.


Ep. 7: More Airtight Than Yoshi’s Butthole

Mario has had many sidekicks throughout his career. This week’s episode has us discussing which of his past partners is the best. A flu-addled Andrew goes toe-to-toe against a sleep-deprived Matt and things get...gross. Todd brings an old flame to the table.


Ep. 6: Friends Don’t Let Friends Commit Domestic Terrorism

Everyone needs a partner, even superheroes. This week on Debate This!, we discuss the best comic book bromances. Kyle introduces us to the best hard-drinkin buddy cop duo imaginable and Matt shows us how DC Comics is trying to be progressive. Oh, and Todd gets all America on everyone’s ass.


Ep. 5: Might, Magic, and Mario

In the last years of the SNES life cycle came a game that grew a whole new generation of RPG fans: Super Mario RPG. Fans are still clamoring for the sequel that never came. Instead, we received two new franchises as spiritual successors in the form of the Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi series. We discuss whether or not the new games successfully improved upon the original, but Todd instead focuses on why Mallow isn’t the most useless character.


SIDEBAR: Infinity War Discussion

The boys take a break from arguing this week as we discuss the latest MCU phenomenon, Avengers: Infinity War. No yelling, no insults, just boring old amicable conversation.


Ep. 4: Fear is the New Red Koopa

The Koopa Kids were introduced in Super Mario Bros. 3 as Bowser’s lieutenants, and have since acted as the world boss in many of the 2D Mario games. Only one of them can inherit the throne to the Koopa Monarchy, but who has the right to the crown? Kyle and Matt lay out a more democratic approach to leading the Koopa race, but Andrew leans in to the darker side.


Ep. 3: Ocarina, Schmockarina

This week’s Debate This! attempts to set the Internet on fire with our discussion of what is arguably the most beloved video game: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. Is it truly a national treasure, or is it all hype? This might be a point of contention, but we can all agree the people who pronounce “Ocarina” with a hard ‘o’ (like joke) are all monsters.


Ep. 2: Robot Beanpocalypse

In this week’s episode of Debate This!, we discuss whether or not any of Eggman’s death inventions could have been made legitimate. Does the Drill Tank have any utility as a mining tool? Could the Mean Bean Machine be re-engineered to solve world hunger? Will Metal Sonic be the one to save us all in the inevitable robot apocalypse?