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Episode 27: rip B.o.B (Ft. Jay Kraft, Brad, & My NeighborDean)

The Slackers traveled to the desolate and depressing land of upstate NY this week, so naturally they sat down with Jay Kraft, Brad, & My NeighborDean to throw down in NBA on NBC on the ol' Sega Dreamcast. First though, Erek tries to figure out who/what he does it for while the bois try to convince Neil Degrasse Tyson to come on the pod to explain why he doesn't think the earth is flat. Also My NeighborDean explains why he owes Tanner reparations after childhood shenanigans. Brady reveals...


Episode 26: 333 (Prince Smith Interview)

This is easily our greatest interview yet. If you're expecting cum jokes, this isn't the episode for that. Prince Smith educates the Slackers all about his spiritual awakening. He goes in depth regarding his song "Kanye's Cry" off his new album A.Y.E. Seriously, our mind holes have been opened. There will be on bonus episode on next week where Tanner, Erek, and Prince listen to Kanye's Cry and react. So if you're interested in more, subscribe on there. You can...


Episode 25: Mama, I'm So Sorry (Ft. Uber Edd)

As Dedicated Slackers Fest quickly approaches, the bois are podding from some new locations to spice things up. This week, we're live from Uber HQ, where we confront Uber Edd about his addiction of wearing $500 shoes to work. Meanwhile, Tanner is just chilling on the casting couch as Erek expresses his true disdain for diabetic Italians like Super Mario. To stay updated on Dedicated Slackers Fest and buy tickets, follow If you really enjoy our annoying...


Episode 24: Hi, I'm Chris Hansen

After podding it up at the Great House pool party, the Slackers are back in cozy Sex Dungeon Studios. Perhaps we get a little bit too comfortable as we talk way too long about pedophiles and the real reason why Obama is such a big celeb. I’m sorry in advance. If you’re easily offended or just a pure soul, you’re going to want to pause this episode now, delete it, delete the app you’re listening to this on if possible, turn off your phone, smash it with a hammer, and throw it in a large...


Episode 23: The Pool Party Pod (Ft. Great House Vision)

The episode you've been waiting for (I hope you haven't been waiting long, it's just a podcast, relax, guy) But anyway this is our episode that was recorded live from the Great House Vision Pool Party in Valley Stream, NY. People asked us "you really think recording live from a pool party's going to go smoothly?" Actually, no. No, we didn't. And that was the point. We got you an interesting episode through the fact that we were chilling in the garage in the middle of a party with...


Episode 22: Pepé Le Pew in 4D

What up. Sorry this episode is late. We busy bois. Also I apologize if this sounds like trash. Erek kept pounding on the table like the lunatic he is and it was impossible to cut out. But hey, we announced the lineup for Dedicated Slackers Fest, so there's that. We also celebrate July Fifth (5th), the true American holiday. To stay updated on Dedicated Slackers Fest and buy tickets, follow We'll also be live streaming from the pool party on July...


Episode 21: The Artificially Colored (Ft. Christian Wendt, Dralligator, and Uber Edd)

Well folks, we're finally back. And we have several announcements. We finally got an IG account @DedicatedSlackers and we will use our newly gifted Instagram powers to live stream our podcast at the Great House pool party on July 14. Also, DEDICATED SLACKERS FEST is Sunday August 12 at Muchmore's in Brooklyn. Stay tuned. Today though, we have some guests. 3 to be exact. All dudes. That makes 10 balls in the room, folks. That's a lotta nut. Musical artiste Christian Wendt is here and we...


Unfair Edge - I Swear We Respect Women

Come see us at Warped Tour


Episode 19: Orange Cream Summer Pt. 2 - Unfair Edge

This is a good one, folks. Don't think I edited a single thing out. But then again, I'm a lazy bitch. Either way, Erek tells a sex shop story aka the time he first entered "the Walmart for angsty teens," as well as the story of the time he found out he was allergic to expired sunscreen. We also start our own band, discuss what it would be like if there were designer butt plugs, and debate DVD prices in 2018. In that order. Naturally. If you enjoy our annoying voices, please support on...


Episode 18: Orange Cream Summer Pt. 1 - Zeus Thighs

Finally back at Sex Dungeon Studios after some guest filled weeks, the Slackers kick back and prepare for summer. Erek elaborates on the time he thought he was going to get torn in half by Zeus Thighs and also explains how one can easily eat vegetables using only pinky toes. Tanner finally has another Blazed Movie Review, kind of. He talks about Trading Spaces for a bit before ranting about the use of prostitute characters in '80s movies. This is a rare late night pod, so buckle up, folks,...


Episode 17: RIP Tanner (Ft. Mini Mac & Tommy Watson)

To wrap up the Mercy SoundSquare trilogy, Mini Mac & Tommy Watson are back on the pod to promote their upcoming show Saturday May 26 at The Delancey in NYC. Unfortunately, Tanner’s dead this time. Damn, tragic. Anyway, the bois discuss chocolate and candy this episode, as well as what it’s like to choke on bubble tea balls for the first time. Tommy shits on Dr. Pepper, which nearly sparks World War III. Once that’s over though, the esteemed guests tell us what albums have influences their...


Episode 16: What That Spine Do? (Ft. Izy McCoy, Prince Smith, & DJ Mastermind)

Continuing our trilogy of episodes recorded at the Mercy College Sound Square, this week we are joined by Izy McCoy making his triumphant return, along with singer/actor Prince Smith and DJ Mastermind. All three of these gentlemen are from the company Great House. Kristin is still in the building as well. We cut it short a bit to for a breaking news report. However, to hear Izy, Prince, and Mastermind name their top 5 childhood crushes from TV and talk cartoons, just go subscribe on...


Episode 15: The Safe SoundSquare (ft. Rich Rivera of The Everafter and Kristin Millard)

Live from the Mercy College SoundSquare, this is the first of a very exciting trilogy full of guests who all deserve flame emojis next to their names. In this edition, we are joined by 1/4 of pop punk band The Everafter, guitarist Rich Rivera. They have a show at Gold Sounds Saturday May 12 (TOMORROW). We also have Kristin Millard with us, #1 Dedicated Slackers fan and singer of the theme song among many other things. She's the guest host for this trilogy, so please join us as we venture...


Episode 14: The Zuccening

This episode took about seventeen (17) tries to record. The Slackers reveal a lot of info regarding Erek's upcoming Patreon-exclusive Cookbook. We also use the the word "microagression" in the complete wrong context for about nine (9) minutes. We are learnt, folks. Also, music is discussed for half this episode. There's a historic album review from Erek. Unrelated, he had Hank Williams playing throughout the whole episode for some reason. Theme song is taken from “Face to Face” by Sunset...


Episode 13: Wii Would Like to Play

We deeply apologize for the unexpected week off. We understand many of you heartbroken and have lost your way in our absence. Fear not though, we have returned. Kind of. We had to splice together a couple episodes because computers hate us. Also, we are offering a free 30-Day Trial for to make up for this debacle. Use promo code SalaciousCunt to receive your 30 days to search for your docking partner, but please browse safely. If there’s one thing the Slackers learned this...


Episode 12: Selling Out (ft. Uber Edd)

Fresh off The Nut Button™ sponsorship, the Dedicated Slackers are selling out hard. We contemplate whether murder will affect our sponsorships in the future. Uber Edd also joins us and he’s very quiet. But don’t worry, Tanner asks him some key questions to get the scoop. Tanner also gives his Blazed Movie review, while Erek reviews the album My So Called Life by Venetian Snares. More importantly, Erek gives us the lowdown on his upcoming Patreon-exclusive cookbook that will feature a...


Episode 11: PLUGS (ft. Big V and Mike Carlos)

Very special episode of the Dedicated Slackers as we include 2 of our favorite human beings, Big V and Mike Carlos aka Elmer Fudge aka the man who you can find shirtless and asleep on the floor in the studio. As you guessed it, this episode is all about the PLUGS. We tryna get all the sponsorships. Shoutout to, we love you and we wanna zucc you. But also some quality stories are told during this episode so saddle up if you wanna hear about sitting on poop in an Uber,...


Episode 10: The Gucci Gang MegaPod

This was supposed to be a Patreon bonus episode but that sick wave just keeps hitting, so the Slackers could not record today. There's a 43 minute long Gucci Gang MegaMix, so naturally we tried to pod while listening to the whole thing. Enjoy.



After a couple guest filled weeks, Tanner and Erek get back to doing what they truly love: each other. The Slackers use their alone time to get some burning questions off their chest, such as "Do porn stars have dental coverage?" and "Why do the Property Brothers look so similar?" and who could forget "What if the Red Cross advertised themselves as if they were used car salesmen?" Also, reviews are finally back, as Tanner presents his Blazed Movie Review for Shawshank Redemption and Erek...


Episode 8: Brazil Nuts (Ft. ZNasty, Mikaela, Scrambled, & Tynan)

Erick may be dead but Erek is here, which is cool. But in more important news, the Slackers recorded this episode at The Towers at CCNY and are joined by guests Zhané aka ZNasty, Mikaela, Synclaire aka Scrambled, and Lily aka Tynan. Together they name a lot of names you don't know and reminisce about parties you never went to. Oh, and lots music talk. And nuts talk. Very good content. But honestly most of the episode is just spent cutting Mikaela off whenever she tries to introduce...