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E0024 - Unedited Episode

After six months and 24 episodes we are pleased to announce the end of Season One of the Dropbear and Panda Save the World Podcast. We'll still be putting out new stuff throughout December but Season Two kicks off in January. Watch for our Annual Christmas Short Video coming soon. In this episode we explore sponsorships, talk cinema, theatre, storytelling, Russia, news highlights, and a couple of our favourite theatre and film projects. LINKS FOUND IN THIS EPISODE Dax Shepard: Armchair...


E0023 - Unyielding Episode

What a week! Panda is struggling with the video game Human: Fall Flat and is about ready to throw her controller across the room. Dropbear has had it with the US Sales Invasion known as Black Friday. Then there was that nitwit trying to convert a remote tribe to Christianity, and Ivanka Trump has her very own email scandal. Yoiks. But it's not all bad — we're working with Seniors Secret Service to bring holiday cheer to seniors in Calgary and so much more good stuff. LINKS FOUND IN THIS...


E0022 - Undulating Episode

Well the bid for the Olympic Games in Calgary is finally over—in our wee city there are people trumpeting triumphantly, and others crying in their beer—for us it's just another day. A day where Panda is $100 richer. Taxation has gone crazy stacking up against small business, public works of art are being called into question, the world is mayhem which is why we end up talking about folklore, the law of supply and demand, virtual reality, video games, Newton the time travelling cat, and...


E0021 - Undecided Olympic Episode

Dropbear and Panda welcome Dan "No Bear" Gauld to the show to talk about why he started the NO CALGARY OLYMPICS movement, and what it means to him and our city. Rife with profanity and considered opinions on all sides, there's even a bet on the outcome; and Dropbear says he'll even give Mayor Nenshi $100 towards the games. Dropbear is a romantic and is all about the Olympics; Panda is a hard-nope until sitting by roaring fires while drinking craft beer becomes a winter sport. And Dan?...


E0020 - Undead Episode

It was a pretty scary week all told—we released our 2018 Halloween Short Film "Scared Bear" and scared the beejeezuz out of friends and family around the world. We talk about bulletproof school supplies, Panda's recent bout of TMD, the size and shape of horse balls in video games, jiggle physics, the best show on Netflix, and what it was like to be zombies in a haunted house. LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Best of Calgary (Nominate Dropbear and Panda BEST PODCAST and BEST...


E0019 -- Unwound Episode

Dropbear is in Victoria and Panda sounds like a robot in this tiny-perfect-episode. We talk the 2026 Olympic Bid for Calgary, 1988 Olympics, more on legalized weed, the lore podcast, and how not to catch a cab in Victoria, BC. LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Yes Calgary Olympics No Calgary Olympics 2026 Olympic Bid Timeline LORE, The Podcast Legalized Marijuana SPECIAL THANKS Theme song by Emre Cords


E0018 - Unparalleled Episode

Canada just legalized marijuana, there are line-ups around the block, and we're getting reports it's like the Apple Store, but for weed. We take a quick trip down mammary lane to the Red Mile for the Calgary Flames playoff run. We recycle and compost like a boss and chat about adding worms to our compost. Speaking of worms, apparently Ticketmaster got busted for admitting collusion-ee type activities with scalpers. And Dropbear has a new rifle. LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Legalized...


E0017 - Unpredictable Episode

Snow is still falling at the Dropbear and Panda Studios and there's word climate change isn't messing around anymore. From Italy to Indonesia, the Florida Panhandle to Ireland; things are pretty messed up but we make the best of it. In a few days marijuana is becomes legal in Canada, so that should help. We talk theatre, octopus comedy, why Dropbear shouldn't wear crappy shoes, and how Panda and the Scorpio Theatre team killed it during their run of "Women Playing Hamlet". LINKS...


E0016 - Unpacked Episode

How many people does it take to move Dropbear and Panda? A small army and a JunkSquad™, that's how many. In this tiny, perfect episode we take a break from moving, acting, and working to talk about our record snowfall, how the move went, Panda's latest show "Women Playing Hamlet", Dropbear's adventures doing improv and standup, and most importantly...our new doorbell. LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Women Playing Hamlet Scorpio Theatre Handcuff Comedy JunkSquad Armchair Expert with...


E0015 - Unbelievable Episode

When in charge of saving the world you need to take it seriously. This week we talk about getting sick, Toronto getting bullied, lobsters getting stoned, Douglas Adams, and politicians who look like Vogons. We're not news reporters—more like news commentators—and this week we take umbrage with the "MEDIA" in general. Except of course that cool reporter who talked with our foreign correspondent, Badger, in Russia. LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Doug Ford's Revenge What the heck is a...


E0014 - Unruly Episode

Canada confirms it has performed its first ever face transplant—no not the country—doctors did this to a person, not the country, that would be ridiculous. Doug Ford is pondering using the NOTWITHSTANDING CLAUSE to effectively overturn a Superior Court decision which says he can't unilaterally change the number of wards in the City of Toronto, Zach Braff weighs in on the Paul McCartney masturbation story, Winnipeg has run out of mosquitos, and Nike is kicking ass. LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS...


E0013 - Unlucky Episode

It's the UNLUCKY Episode Numero 13! Dropbear is dressed like a Pirate Savant and Panda, of course, calls him out. Frustration towards the construction next door boils over and the construction company is finally revealed. To make it even more interesting, Panda admits her fondness for kilts and she jumps knickers deep in the New York Times debate over POTUS. Dropbear makes the case for Nike and his birthright. To top it all off, our Russian Correspondent 'Badger' got arrested in...


E0012 - Underestimated Episode

Can we agree that the Eighties were a weird time all around? It's cool to see some things are coming back into vogue like solid punk, thrash, and the band Suicidal Tendencies, but lets hope neon stays where it belongs. In this episode we get into it over both awesome and awful music videos, NAFTA, our world filled with earthquakes, losing fingers on waterslides, Dax Shepard, and video games. Somehow we come out the other side having saved the world yet again. LINKS TO STUFF MENTIONED IN...


E0011 - Unobjectionable Episode

In less than two months Canada is about to legalize marijuana and Dropbear talks a little about the medical benefits. DB&P find themselves questioning TWEED and the Calgary Parking Authority over some recent advertising in Kensington, then of course there's earthquakes and fire everywhere. We talk a little politics, visit our travelling correspondent in Russia, discuss themes and issues surrounding Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Big Bang Theory, Joss Whedon, life in tv land, and that no...


E0010 - Unclassifiable Episode

What better way to save the world than talking about rescuing kittens while drinking delicious craft beer on a lake? In this, our 10th episode, we start off talking about this amazing cafe called the Regal Cat Cafe in the heart of Kensington, Calgary where they have already helped find 249+ homes for homeless cats. From there we find ourselves at Sylvan Lake Alberta for a wee vacation, find some great local beers, talk politics, BC wildfires, short films, and even discover we're in a new...


E0009 - Uncompromising Episode

The USA is saying they'll have a SPACEFORCE by 2020, we naturally start thinking Romulan's and Gene Roddenberry rolling his eyes. Chris Pine, Bruce Willis, Sir Patrick Stewart, followed by Frank Grillo, Joe Carnahan, and Patrick Wilson get some consideration. California and British Columbia wildfires, why you don't take selfies with bears, tweets from Trump, Monk Fish, ginger beer, and getting out of a traffic ticket in Estonia are also fodder in this short and twisted episode. LINKS...


E0008 - Unbridled World News

Every week we sit down and chat about the special kind of crazy that's going on in the world, and every week we do our part to try and save this weird blue marble in the cosmos. This week is no different. From dealing with construction, to Nasa's solar probe, to Elon Musk's space car, SpaceForce, skydiving, Tom Cruise, France's answer to assholes, Vancouver Island, cliff jumping, sharks, gun violence in Canada, bikers, and hail storms in Alberta, we cover it all. LINKS OF THE WEEK Lux...


E0007 - Unequalled Episode

Holy moly what a week! We had everything from fires in Greece, to 680 children misplace in the USA, to facial recognition software in Canada, to augmented reality and so much more. We ordered food from SKIP THE DISHES, Dropbear made good on the World Cup Soccer bet and recorded a commercial for Panda ... oh, and we invited Russian correspondent Scott Picket to join in the show from Russia. Theme song by Emre Cords Refreshments Good Mood Brewery in Calgary.


E0006 - Unhinged Episode

You just know it's going to be a weird few weeks when the World Cup ends, Dropbear loses a bet against Panda, communication challenges in Russia, and some well-meaning folks are about to open three sarcophagi housing some mummies. What could possibly go wrong? Join us for this weeks episode for all of the above, plus our vacation travel tips from the Calgary Stampede, to Russia, to Croatia, to Greece. We cover it all with the help of some libations from Common Crown despite the crazy...


E0005 - Undeniable Episode

We're a day late and a dollar short posting this episode because we've been having a grand ol' time hosting and emceeing a hilarious event at this year's Calgary Stampede called "The Meat Sweats Challenge". Yep. It's what we do. We also get into our final picks for World Cup 2018, Trump and the Queen, the Thai Soccer Team and SEAL Team rescue, nipple piercings, river safety, the Atlantic Ocean, playing on icebergs, lawn darts and our all-time favourite show "The Mighty Boosh". Theme song...