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E066 - The Banging Season Episode

Valentine’s Day just passed and we review prior V-Days; it seems that they have not been so good. Dropbear can’t even remember any - so that’s sayin’ somethin’! A woman in South Korea visits her dead daughter in virtual reality, Canada’s CHIME telescope receives a repeating signal from 500 million light years away and we save the world this episode with the Canadian charitable organization “Looking at the Stars”. LINKS FOUND IN THIS PODCAST Looking at the StarsViolinist...



Dropbear & Panda were sent on a very special mission for this episode by a listener: to gather vital information on a very bizarre film called, "Doctor Doolittle" and we've reported back to say that... well, we definitely saw it. Oh boy, did we ever see it. GB left the EU and DB&P and the rest of the alphabet still seem confused about it all. The coronavirus is making the rounds and the best way to save the world this week is to kick back and buy a whole lot of hot chocolate. LINKS FOUND...


E064 - Winter is Ballz Episode

When the planet is topsy-turvy and it seems like there's very little good in the world, Dropbear and Panda are on the case to find the fun with news, reviews, and ways to save the world that might actually work. We've been nominated for ‘Outstanding Production in a Series’ by the Canadian Podcast Awards, we discover a strange military tradition in Canada at the handle of a shovel, review both the Underwater movie and 1917, and we're still on a tear to help Australia in whatever way we...


E0063 - The Jellicle Cat's Ass Episode

Yes, we risked the very last drops of our sanity to save YOUR world and went to see CATS so you don't have to. We discuss everything from the desperate need for kitty keenex to sexy spurting milk to TS Elliot's speech-impedimented niece. AND we discover what Jellicle ACTUALLY means. Not only that, but we also touch base on the latest Star Wars movie and release the unofficial new Space Force Theme song that you didn't know you needed. WARNING: Dropbear & Panda are not responsible for any...


E062 - Ho Ho Ho Holiday Episode

Dropbear finally finished a game and Panda has the lowdown on the Holidays. This is our winter holiday episode filled with delight, swearing, breaking news, wicked reviews, and our very own look at holiday traditions and the "War on Christmas". Dropbear can’t wait to see a particular movie and Panda thinks it’s time to launch him into deep space... maybe he’ll get a job with the AMERICAN SPACE FORCE? Besides breaking news we also review two video games FarCry 5 and Sunken City. LINKS FOUND...


E061 - Much Ado About Happy Pants Episode

Panda is enjoying her final weekend on stage with the cast of the lauded Shakespeare-Extravaganza ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ while Dropbear is saving the world from the Doomsday Cult of Eden’s Gate on Playstation. More like SaveTheWorldStation, amiright? There’s some great news from Michigan about a bow-tie wearing kid named Michael, Panda forgets to check the date on a breaking news item, Rob Mitchelson sends over his latest Friday Sock Jingle creating a whole new musical genre, and we offer...


E060 - Cybertrucks and Modern Warfare

In light of finally completing a game on PlayStation, Dropbear adjusts his review and recommendation about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019). He has some choice words about polygons, and Panda is head over tentacles in love with a new Detective-Action game. Breaking News! Elon Musk just unveiled his latest creation: A cyber-space-truck from hell that is bullet-proof but not ball proof (heh) and the Internet has decided it has all the sexiness of an 8-bit doorstop. LINKS FOUND IN THIS...


E059 - The Untitled Episode

We just found out that James Dean is making a come back and can't help but wonder who thought this was a good idea, and what other dead celebrities are making their rounds? Catch up on news about why people's lungs are suffering from vaping; there's a possible cross-over with Supernatural and Doraleous and Associates; Call of Duty game reviews from Dropbear and his son, Kierin; a local hero in Nova Scotia; and a gentle nod to our Service Women and Men as we prepare for Remembrance...


E058 - You Know What's Spooky Episode

It's one of our favourite times of year! No, not post-election season (although that's really great too); it's Hallowe'en! So we reached out to our listeners and asked what really freaks them out. We weren't disappointed. Terrifying elections, campy horror movies, blobs, nude jawas, and more. We even uncover some unsettling truths about what makes Dropbear's hair stand on end. It's everything. Panda is at it again, saving the world by scaring the bejeezuz outta people, so all is right with...


E057 - The Almost Holiday-Free Holiday Episode

We have a lot to be thankful for in Canada - you know, things like Haunted Houses, super-fun elections, and the fact that we won't dwell on holiday stuff during this episode. You're welcome. From homicidal clowns, to occupying bridges, to epic movie soundtracks that haven't happened, we cover it all with reckless abandon. To top it off we send a birthday card to a special 7 year-old, and introduce you to sentient warrior, Greg Million. LINKS FOUND IN THIS PODCAST Arctic...


E056 - Your Fuzzy Navel

There's a lot going on in Dropbear and Panda Land™ from recent film and theatre projects to terrifying people in haunted houses — all this amid the backdrop of some of the biggest brands reducing their presence in the world. Is it the economy, bureaucracy, or something else entirely like climate change or homicidal dwarves? You be the judge. Kick back, relax, make yourself a Fuzzy Navel with an Orange Wedge and join us on Kickstarter to support the 'I Love Project' and save the...


E055 - Like a Hot Dog in a Hurricane

Things are happening in Canada. Some of it's liberating, some of it conservative by nature, other parts are green, and there's a subtle whiff of something new and democratic. Aliens are ready to party but the Powers That Be have pooh-poohed the idea; someone is sorry for messing up an entire Kingdom; an adorable seal foils the escape of a drug dealer; we review an awesome book on 'Dadding'; children are saving the world one hot dog at a time; and a good friend travels abroad to help others...


E054 - The Ontari-Ari-Ari-Oh Episode

We're back from our summer break with tales from far away lands. Lands that have actual summertime, and cheese. Lots and lots of cheese. Can you have too much cheese? Click here to find out. Canada, as you may or may not know, is HUGE. Like, really big. We have a lot of water; almost as much water as there is cheese, truth be told. We rented a lodge on an island to get away from it all and are back to tell you all about it—along with some little known Canadian History. LINKS FOUND IN THIS...


E053 - The Dumb Ways to Die Episode

We're going to take August off for a well deserved vacation but before we go, we've got a new Sock Jingle AND we invite you to invade the Bermuda Triangle! At your own peril, of course. This is a weird one! We talk death by meteors, why eating poisonous bugs is a bad idea, paying for redundant surveys about redundant redundancy, we even touch on a story about forks in toasters. LukeSaber has a new challenge for Panda, and Femme Wave has a fundraiser with Lt. Ripley. See you in...


E052 - The Controversy Episode

Episode 52 brings you controversy after controversy after controversy! What does it all mean??!? Listen to this episode to find out more! Is Lashana Lynch really the next 007? Are Canadians really taking over the Marvel Universe? (Looking at you, Simu Liu!) And what is the connection between the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing and the Area 51 invasion?? Find out all this and more on Dropbear & Panda Save the World Podcast of Destiny! LINKS FOUND IN THIS PODCAST Giant Shark...


E0051 - Area 51 Episode

There's a thing about to go down in Roswell and Area 51 and it just so happens this is 'Dropbear and Panda Save the World Podcast of Destiny' Episode 51. Coincidence? We think not. The Calgary Stampede is winding down, GlobalFest is winding up, Panda owes Dropbear a steak dinner because the USA won the World Cup in soccer last week, Lime Scooters make their first appearance in Calgary, and a farmer nearly starts armageddon with some gophers. EPISODE LINKS Storming Area 51Area 51 Storming...


E0050 - Makin' Bacon Pancakes

We really don't know why she bets against Dropbear, but Panda loses again with Bacon Pancakes on the line! It's the final weekend of the Women's World Cup Soccer and we are all in — there's a steak dinner at stake. Er. Steak? Ummm. Meat. We get into it about the Calgary Stampede, the way the USA does parades, filibusters in Alberta politics, our favourite obscure music genre, Steven Seagal and a truly great way to save the world. EPISODE LINKS DBP Canada Day Short FilmAlberta Politics of...


E0049 - Oh Canada

It’s the Canada Day long weekend, and it’s episode 49, and we’re above the 49th parallel — coincidence?! This episode is all about moose, maple trees and hosers! Oh, and Panda loses the first World Cup Soccer bet of the season. We talk everything Canada today from obscure Canadian tv shows to beavers to the most Canadian story ever told: a man from Saskatoon buying a canoe with a briefcase full of Canadian tire money. EPISODE LINKS Good Mood BreweryMr. CanoeheadCanadian Tire Money...


E0048 - The Hot Pepper Prophecy

We are starting off our second year with episode 48 and we've made it to 53 countries around the globe! We'd like to thank you for your support; We can't save the world without you! Rob Mitchelson sends us his latest Sock Jingle as suggested by fellow podcaster @soundtrackcast. Dropbear adopted a magpie much to Newton's chagrin, our studio is now wired for the best disco parties around, and Panda tells Mr. Kenney what he can do with his earplugs. Also: Dropbear is growing hot peppers of...


E0047 - To Russia with Love

Exactly one year ago we started the Dropbear and Panda Save the World Podcast of Destiny™ with an episode featuring our friend Badger as he was embarking on a six month motorcycle tour starting in Ireland and ending in Russia. 47 episodes later, over 11,000 downloads across 40 countries, Dropbear and Panda are still saving the world, and Badger is moving to Russia. We drink LandShark Lager, reminisce about Ontario and Nova Scotia, celebrate the Raptors, and discuss Women's World Cup...