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Each week Drew and a friend enjoy craft beer, and a casual conversation. A "Pew Pew Audio" Podcast

Each week Drew and a friend enjoy craft beer, and a casual conversation. A "Pew Pew Audio" Podcast


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Each week Drew and a friend enjoy craft beer, and a casual conversation. A "Pew Pew Audio" Podcast






Ep.166: Halloween Controversy

Rob and Drew go over the 2020 list of controversial Halloween decorations and costumes. This week's brew is Bones Coffee Co. Jacked 'O Lantern.


Ep.165: Strange Brew: Paranormal investigation 101

Todd joins Rob and Drew to break down the paranormal investigation process. Todd is part of the Amazon Prime series "Haunted State". Stream Season 1 now! This week's brew is Flying Dog's The Fear.


Ep. 164: Inebriated Input

Kim and Jen from the podcast Inebriated Input join Drew to talk giving advise, podcasting, drinking, and more. Follow Inebriated Input Twitter: @inebriatedinput Instagram: Inebriated Input Podcast Facebook: Inebriated Input


Ep. 163: Seltzer Saturday: Drew Gets Uncomfortable

Kae and Corissa make their return to the world of no gossip. Drew gives them some questions to answer, then somehow that leads to weird make out stories. This episode's seltzer is Stray Forth's Salvation (Cherry/Apple).


Ep.162: Strange Brew: Die Glocke

Rob and Drew discuss the Die Glocke and how it relates to time travel and aliens. Rob gives some info on how ice cream cones were potentially invented. This week's brew is Surley Brewing Co's Damien.


Ep.161: Rad Girlfriend Records

Josh from Rad Girlfriend Records joins to talk about running an independent record label, being a parent and touring musician, punk rock, and more. Josh drinks a Miller Lite, Drew drinks 3 Sheep Brewing Co. Southern Tropics. Check out Rad Girlfriend Records: www.radgirlfriendrecords.com Facebook: Rad Girlfriend Records Instagram: Radgirlfriendrecords Twitter: @radgirlfriend Bandcamp: www.radgirlfriendrecords.bandcamp.com Check out his bands The Raging Nathans and The...


Ep.160: Strange Brew: Creation vs Creator

Rob and Drew discuss Anunnaki Theory and how it relates to the reptilian theory as well as create their own theory that there will soon be an intergalactic war among us. NOTE: Rob gets some of the info wrong, but not too bad. This week's brew is Badger State Brewery's Okt-ski.


Ep. 158: Kit Lang

Actor and star of the 2020 movie "Battle Scars" joins the show to talk acting, preparing for roles, beer, being Canadian, and more! Battle Scars is available on demand and in stores everywhere! Follow Battle Scars: Instagram: @moviebattlescars Follow Kit Lang: Instagram: @officialkitlang Facebook: KitLangActor Promo by: Inebriated Input


Ep. 159-Seltzer Saturday

Dudes With Brews Presents: Seltzer Saturdays'! Join Corissa and Kae as they sip a new seltzer and play the game "Super Mommio" created by Drew. They then discuss Disney movies, childhood memories. This "no gossip" segment sure is a blast! This week's seltzer is the Great Dane Brewing Company's Dog Daze Citrus Seltzer.


Ep. 157: Aaron Dalla Villa

Aaron Dalla Villa joins the show! Aaron is an actor, musician, and writer. Season 1 of his YouTube show "Tucci and Jones" is out now! Watch Aaron in the hit horror movie "Pledge" available on Hulu and on demand. His singles "Demon Killer" and "Conspiracy" can be found on Spotify under the name "Dalla Villa". Find Aaron on: IMDB - imdb.me/aarondallavilla Website - http://aarondallavilla.com/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/aarondallavilla/?hl=en Twitter -...


Ep. 156-Dilemmas

Rob and Drew go through some questions that create moral dilemmas. This week's brew is Maplewood Brewing Company's Juice Jorts.


Ep.155: Macabrod

Rob and Drew talk routines, fairies, dreams, and more! This week's brew is Southern Tiers Warlock, a imperial pumpkin stout. Follow on twitter: @dudesonaporch Untappd: Dudes With Brews


Ep. 154: Familiar Foes

Aaron and Garret from The Familiar Foes Podcast join the show! They talk beer, having debates and still being friends, podcast, and more. Rob and Drew drink Ale Asylum's Hazy Hopalicious. Listen to Familiar Foes Podcast on all pod applications. Follow Familiar Foes on Twitter: @FamiliarFoes


Ep.153: Bloody Creamsicle

Rob and Drew are back at it. They talk about what horror movie they would live in, food, more movie stuff, and more. This week's brew is Lupulin Brewing Company's Fruitsmack Blood Orange Creamsicle. Follow Dudes With Brews on Twitter: @Dudesonaporch Email: dudesonaporch@gmail.com Instagram: DudesWithBrewsPod


Ep 152: Micro Brew: In Poor Taste

Sean from the podcast In Poor Taste joins the show! They talk comedy, the creative process, musicals, and more. Sean drank Penn Brewery's IPA, Drew drank 3 Sheeps Brewing's Citra Slice. Follow In Poor Taste on Instagram: @InPoorTastePod Listen to In Poor Taste on all pod apps!


Ep.151-Lemon Pie

Rob and Drew talk dating, binge eating, quarantine, writing jokes, and more. This episode's brew is Mob Craft's Lemon Meringue Pie Milkshake IPA. Subscribe to the Dudes With Brews Substack: dudeswithbrews.substack.com Twitter: @dudesonaporch Instagram: @dudeswithbrewspod Untappd: Dudes With Brews


Ep.150- Derek from Rolling Misadventures and LifeWorld

Derek, host of the podcasts Rolling Misadventures and LifeWorld, joins the show! Him and Drew talk beer, the creative process, what goes into making a podcast, board games, and more! This episodes brew is New Holland Brewing's Dragon's Milk. The end of this episode features his written segment for the podcast Listen, Rinse, Repeat. Follow Derek on the following: Twitter: @sometimesgeek, @LifeWorldPod, @Rmisadventures Rolling Misadventures and LifeWorld are available on all podcast apps.


149-What To Do

Drew is joined by Corissa. They talk being quarantined, what they plan on doing going forward, musicals, and more. This week's brew is Goose Island Beer Company's Halia (2015).


Ep 148- Beernuts Productions: The Melanie Holden Interview

gough from Beernuts Productions joins the show to talk about his new film "The Melanie Holden Interview"! The film is a great watch. They also talk a little beer, chasing their dreams, and supporting other creative folks. Watch the film and all other works at www.beernutsproductions.com Follow gough on twitter: @beernuts_gough Follow on Instagram: Beernuts Productions


Ep 147-Annoying Radio Guy

Rob and Drew talk weird weather, Rob has notes, body issues, and more. This week's brew is Put-In-Bay Brewery and Distillery's Watermelon Wheat.