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ESN #2.091 : The Fat Whore Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Fat shaming • Not sharing information with your friends • The difference between box seats and standard seats in a football ground • Friends getting left behind at airports and missing flights • Yellow Pages & Teletext • BlacKkKlansman movie • Misty in the theatre • How long is worth waiting for good food • Kanye West defending Kim Kardashian's honour • What classifies one as a ho/hoe/whore • Suge Knight facing up to 28 years in plea deal • Michel'le's...


ESN #2.090 : The Back Home From Back Home Episode

In this episode we discuss: • The Power finale (with spoilers 7:29 - 14:50) • Ghetts' 'Ghetto Gospel: The New Testament' album • Machine Gun Kelly v Eminem • Eminem not being a top 10 Emcees • Diddy allegedly getting Tupac killed • How difficult it can be for a popular rapper to battle a less well known rapper • Back home report from Nigeria & Ghana • Moving back to Africa (or not) • Corruption back home • Africa / China relations and loans • The murder of Botham Jean by off duty policewoman...


ESN #2.089 : The Just Do It Episode

In this episode we welcome our guests Ny & also Mo from Colour Out The Box podcast to discuss: • Our first full time job • Mr Wolf school reunion • Wahala experience at the Afro Hair Talk show • Nas dissertation about his relationship with Kelis • The stress of fathers not being able to see their child • Serena's problems at the US open final • Is Serena trying to balance Motherhood, Tennis and being a full time megastar getting to her. • Was the umpire bias • Nike Just do it campaign with...


ESN #2.088 : The King James Remix Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Meeting some of the fans of the podcast. • Is it ever ok to cockblock another man • Men that diss other men to get women • Christians that support the new testament bible • Should Africans support their cultural religions • Does hip hop need to have more positive lyrics in the music • Eminem & D Double E album review • Ghett's Black Rose and should he have spoken about colorism in the past • Odell Beckham JR record breaking contract • Carnival & the numerous...


ESN #2.087 : The God Will Get You Episode (Feat. SincerelyTops)

In this episode we welcome guest Simply Tops & discuss: • The recent quadruple stabbing in Camberwell • The murder of the young British Nigerian model • Drill music and violence • Women kneeling to their husbands at a traditional engagement • The customs of asking for a woman's hand in marriage • Grime artist Chip's response to criticism over lack of Black women in his Instagram picture • The curse of Ham • Wishing dark skin children on people who don't like dark skin • Whether you need to...


ESN #2.056 : The BDESN Episode (Feat. Lady Andromeda)

In this episode we welcome guest Lady Andromeda & discuss: • Cyrille Regis' passing and his legacy • Ronaldinho's retirement • The BDSM / Dominatrix industry • How the UK laws have affected the UK porn industry and Women especially • How we'd react if our friend had a sex doll • If we'd do an infomercial praising a sex doll for 150K • Tracey Ellis Ross' equal pay battle with Anthony Anderson of Black-ish • L'Oréal's hair product promotion featuring a Hijab wearing model • Synthetic diamonds...


ESN #2.055 : The Price Is Right Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Liverpool's win over Man City • Football's VAR technology • Ginuwine's refusing to kiss Trans India Willoughby • If John Barnes is Cooning on CBB or just being real • Oprah Winfrey's 'Time's Up' speech and possible 2020 Presidential run • ANOTHER celebrity, Aziz Ansari, being accused of sexual misconduct • If you kick someone out if they refuse your advances • Goddamn Trump, his shithole comments & all the over foolishness he did this week • Dave Chappelle's new...


ESN #2.054 : The Thoroughbred Episode

In this episode we discuss: • How many episodes have we done • Oyinbosity in 2018 • Invitation etiquette • Authentic African parties • Nudity around young children • When is bathing a child inappropriate • Menstral cycle awareness • White middleclass male struggles • Jesse 'Messi' Lingard affair • Gender based sexual appetites • How Nigeria made Instagram • Wedding photographer beef • Essence Magazine • The rise and fall of page 3 • Gentrification of Tottenham • #StavrosSays Recommendation :...


ESN #2.053 : The New Year, Same Ego Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Festive illnesses • Seeing an ex girlfriend with a new girlfriend & vice versa • Stavros telling his Ex's they will never get a better man than him • How to help men having issues with their confidence • Stavros' ego v Stavros' self doubt • How we can do better and be better as individuals and as a group • In what aspects we're flopping individually and the issues we as ESN have as a podcast • Lewis Hamilton telling his nephew that "Boys don't wear princess...


ESN #2.052 (The B Side) : The Drunk & Tired Episode

This is The B Side of our two part Christmas special In this episode we discuss: • Drunk stories • Rio Stories • Falling for strippers • Mr Wolf's views on The Lottery Situation • Charles Barkley's $1 million pledge to Black women with a caveat • Straight men getting married to each other for tax break • Inheritance talk • Apple iPhone slow down • UFOs • Disney acquiring Fox • Best superhero films • #StavrosSays Recommendation : The music of RnB artist 'PJ' Connect with us at & send your...


ESN #2.052 (The A Side) : The Money Changes Everything Episode

This is Side A of our two part Christmas special. Look out for Side B later on this week. In this episode we discuss: • Star Wars : The Force Awakens review • Work Christmas partying while Black • The fallacy of the term 'I don't judge' • The Spac Nation Church & the balaclava sermon/grime session • R.I.P Combat Jack • Joe Budden leaving Everyday Struggle and joining Revolt? • Do men want to watch their child being born • Buying Christmas gifts • The Lottery Dilemma • Whose money is whose...


ESN #2.051 : The Insecure Gossip Episode

In this episode we discuss: • How well Ghanaians are doing in entertainment • Black Thought's 10 minutes Funk Flex freestyle • Eminem's 'Revival' and N.E.R.D's 'No_One Ever Really Dies' albums • Wu-Tang's rapping order • If Method Man puts more effort into rap or acting • Nigerian restaurant sagas • KFC shop sagas • Sickle Cell and giving blood (SickleKan blood drive) • Car incidents and not going through insurance • TV show Insecure breakdown : MAJOR SPOILERS • Single women and the men they...


ESN #2.050 : The Agony Uncle Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Taking on the bad traits of those one hangs around • Being the 'good friend' that a girlfriend is happy her partner go out with • Partying like we're in our 20s • Chance meeting with fellow UK podcasters from The Not Everyday Podcast • Black Women going gym • What we're too old to do now • Stereotypical Black footballer uniforms • Which is the one drug we'd take if we had to do it once • #ListenerDilemma : "Should I re-date my Ex who is friends with my other...


ESN #2.049 : The Bad Singers & Absent Fathers Episode (Feat. MadCat)

In this episode we discuss: • Gay hating Bashment music • Dancehall / Bashment / Ragga artists banned from the UK • What people slow dance and grind to in clubs these days • Listening to old school lyrics with adult ears • Michael Jackson owning The Beatles, Destiny's Child & Eminem's publishing • Dancehall Battle • DSTKRT venue closing down • Putting a partner or a parent first • Denzel Washington's comments on absent Black Fathers being blamed for numbers of Black in Jail • Smacking...


ESN #2.048 : The Patriarchal Fairy Tales Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Harassment from airport immigration officers • Nigerian v British Passports • 15 year old Terrell Decosta Jones-Burton's servere injuries by police during being detained for suspected mobile phone theft • Corrupt police in general • Which children's stories have underlying aspect of sexism and racism • Black women fighting battles for other fractions/communities before themselves and their own • Ignorance from other communities to the plights of Black women •...


ESN #2.047 : The Goddamn 47th Episode (Feat. MadCat of Occasion Angel)

In this episode we discuss: • What it's like for MadCat to live with Stav • Stav finally fixing the shower! • The What The Health documentary • Wahala reducing his meat intake due to watching the film • The Coup of Mugabe in Zimbabwe • African leaders staying in power for too long • If a woman should leave her husband if there was a coup and he had been taken hostage? • If Serena or Venus looked better at her Serena's wedding? • What Black women have to think about regarding their hair in...


ESN #2.046 : The Sin of 10 Jaffa Cakes Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Wahala being a spoilsport & control freak • Former MP, Priti Patel's dodgy holiday • Tory Backbenchers looking to snake Theresa May • Why the rich want Brexit • More conspiracy theories • How South Africa has changed since the end of apartheid • The worst thing would we'd do for 1 million pounds • If successful artists who have had tragic beginnings would change their past • What music would be like if artists didn't take drugs • What the ESN guys' addictions...


ESN #2.045: The Windowsill Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Crack Heads • Best way to get robbed • Vicious dogs • Kevin Spacey being a sexual predator • #Windowsillgate • The one time in band camp when Stav got drunk • If responsibilities ruin lives • Dogging & sex in public places • Tyrese and his family/mental issues • Losing touch with close friends and how that happens • Conspiracy theories Connect with us at & send your questions & comments to: #ESNpod so we can find your comments


ESN #2.044: The Romantic Bushmen Episode

In this episode we discuss: • String vest appreciation • The Armenians stealing prosperous Blacks • Stress management • African hospitality • The many personalities of Stavros • Dj Envy's shenanigans • What are Gay tendencies • The proliferation of sliders • The definition of a Cougar • Outrageously romantic mandem • Work husbands & wives • Who actually runs the household • The way of the woo • Women asking men for dates • If there is ever a time you can't or shouldn't approach him/her...


ESN #2.043: The Vindication Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Disappearing Suya spots • If you can be pro Black and not want to eat African food • The fine art of haggling (pricing market) • Being mistaken for a Jamaican • The criteria of 'preference' • Harvey Weinstein's sexual assault scandal (recent update) • Who is looking after the sisters • Men holding men responsible when appropriate • Displays of Uncle behaviour • Stav's inability to admit defeat • Who is the better rapper turned actor Connect with us at & send...