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ESN #2.138 : The Flagrant Fowl Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Slumflower's change of attitude • Social media popularity • Stale podcast topics • Griff's Essex Bwoy comedy show • Anxiety from hoping you don't get picked on in a comedy show crowd • The Met Police Officer that went on Nigerian Big Brother and if she should be fired • Home Office's #KnifeFree chicken box campaign • The lack of ideas combating knife crime • If Jay Z's Roc Nation / NFL deal is him selling out • Jeffrey Epstein's "suicide" • Democratic...


ESN #2.137 : The 37th Advance Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Rick Ross' new album Port of Miami 2 • The anniversary of Sean Price's death • General Hip-Hop talk • Travelling to 'the hood' in different countries • Looking "Nigerian" • If it's ok to verbally insult a woman after she insults a man for approaching her • When children lose their innocence • Teaching children negative traits inadvertently • If racism is learnt • The fear of a woman walking in front of a man • How to survive trauma • The different traumatic...


ESN #2.136 : The Blacks Episode (Feat. Off The Cuff Podcast)

In this episode we welcome guests Mr Vans & Fols of 'Off The Cuff' podcast and discuss: • Afro Nation winning • dbcxptures winning with his photography link ups at Afro Nation • The problem with Houseboys / Housegirls • Lux Afrique's Polo Event • Different crowds for different ages • Going to night clubs by yourself • The disrespect of women rejecting men's advances rudely • How to use social media to finesse the game • The entitlement of random people taking videos / pictures taking...


ESN #2.135 : The 2nd Time Lucky Episode

On this week podcast we discuss: • ESN guesting on other people podcasts • 3 Shots of Tequila Podcast’s upcoming show at Hammersmith Apollo • The Receipts Podcast getting a Spotify deal • Who listens to Black UK podcasts • Puff Daddy dating his son’s ex girlfriend • If you would suggest a girl you dated to your son if she was better suited to him • If you set up your daughter with a work colleague • Settling down with a woman that has slept with as many men as you • How do you tell your...


ESN #2.134 : The So Called Adulting Episode

In this episode we welcome guest Mo from Colour Out The Box podcast and discuss: • Being envious of your friends • Adulting: Pensions & Private Healthcare • Having more disposable income • Our most expensive resturant meal • Cash v Chip n Pin v Contactless • Being Friendzoned • Height shaming & men lying about their height • Online dating and its woes • What filters we’d use if we could customise the online dating experience • Mahershala Ali playing Blade and wishing Wesley Snipes could have...


ESN #2.133 : The Patterned Up Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Growing old and not understanding new slang, specifically the word 'pattern' • Date night with the other half • What makes a spontaneous activity • If African Countries should go back to being tribes as opposed to the coloniser designed countries • The Biafra war / Nigerian Civil War • The issues with Nigeria • If pretty girls know when they're receiving pretty girl privilege • Jermaine Dupri's views on current female rappers • Lauryn Hill (The Miseducation of...


ESN #2.132 : The Outdoor Ariel Episode (Feat. Darran Griffiths)

In this episode we welcome guest Darran Griffiths and discuss: • Darran's comedy special • Dealing with hecklers on stage • Best ever comedy special • Uproar around Black singer Halle Bailey playing the live action Ariel in The Little Mermaid live action remake • Kids parties that are actually adult parties • Failing out with friends over wedding planning • What you expect from other people • If it's desirable to be labeled the first Black person to... • If Stormzy deserved a headline spot...


ESN #2.131 : The Facade Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Our favourite adult actresses and their impact on their lives • What counts as too big an ass • The best sex song • Having sex with multiple people on the same day • If it's a bad thing to reminisce over good times with old friends of the opposite sex • Men being men and not letting over men step on their men business • Male and female roles in relationships • Investment strategies • Going out with friends of the opposite sex when in a relationship • Why people...


ESN #2.130 : The Black OS Episode

In this episode we welcome discuss: • Big Wahala's wedding • Governments poisoning citizens on purpose • The difference between intent and negligence • The removal of Louis Farrakhan from social media • Why they don't teach financial literacy and Black history in school • The best TV/Movie Dad for Fathers day • When They See Us (Yes, again) • Pulling up on companies to get what you're owed Voice note us at Connect with us at & send your questions & comments to: #ESNpod...


ESN #2.129 : The Traditional Fatherhood Episode

In this episode we welcome discuss: • Wahala’s Traditional engagement • The etiquette of whining & what a man should do whwn he gets ’heated’ • Stalking your own children • Blacks getting a pass for racially sensitive conversation • Serena Williams’ White husband trying to learn to do his bi-raicals daughter’s hair by entering a close Black haor group • The advice we give to a Father having his first child (daughter) • Being refused to enter the delivery room when our woman is giving birth...


ESN #2.128 : The ADOS: Afrikan Descendants Of Sovereigns Episode (Feat. Gbontwi Anyetei)

In this episode we welcome guest Gbontwi Anyetei and discuss: • Black women in Love Island • Dating someone who has been on Love Island • The compative beauty in Africa • If a stop over in a country means you can claim that as a country you’ve been to • ADOS: American Descendants of Slaves as a new and divisive movement • Black British v African Americans • Gentrification and its effect on the community • How Black people that were not born and raised in Africa are seen when they go back...


ESN #2.127 : The Winners & Losers Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Liverpool's win in the Champions League final over Tottenham • Arsenal's loss to Chelsea in the Europa League final • Anthony Joshua's loss to Andy Ruiz Jr • Coming up with a friend and them leaving you behind • Endz Festival and if it's for mature people • Time flying between 30 and 40 • Our thoughts when we found out our partners were pregnant • Different styles of Fatherhood • What middle class Africans look like and the difference between lower, middle and...


ESN #2.126 : The Languages Of Love Episode

In this episode we discuss: • The Marvel comics Onslaught Saga • Disney's upcoming streaming service v Netflix • What programme has the best ending • The idea that people that sleep 8 hours aren't successful • Wedding counselling, what it entails and how useful it could be • Love languages • Doing things we don't wanna do for a relationship • Wanting people to want to do things they don't want to do • Paying people upfront before service rendered • Billionaire Robert F. Smith offering to pay...


ESN #2.125 : The New York State Of Mind Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Stav talking about his travels • What would you do if someone asked you to review something you didn't enjoy but they're a nice person • What it's like living in New York • Mr Wolf sister attempted car jacked in NY • How do you feel about crack heads? Can you spot a crack head from someone who just is a little off? • Would you help a disabled person if you saw them in a gym & they didn't ask for assistance. • What do we think of Falcon being the new Captain...


ESN #2.124 : The Blame It On Eve Episode (Feat The 90's Baby Show)

In this episode we welcome guests Fred Santana & Temi Alchemy The 90's Baby show podcast and discuss: • Stav tales from Toronto • Uncle Behaviour • What the last time your Dad took your Mum on a date • Fred wanting people to cancel meetings. • Ayesha Curry wanting to be desired by other men apart from her husband • Do we as men want to be desired by other women that's not ours • Danny Baker chimp picture of the new royal baby • Is Charles about this Ruler life? • Is outward racism back in...


ESN #2.123 : The No More Followers Episode(Feat. Mo From Colour Out The Box Podcast)

In this episode we welcome guests Mo from Colour Out the Box podcast and discuss: • Taking time off work after redundancy • Game of Throne spoilers! • Waiting for your partner to watch shows • Is Simple Simon raising a road man going too far? • R.I.P respects • Police asking to have rape and sexual assault victims phones for evidence • Instagram hiding likes and followers • How influencers and businesses will be effect by instagram changes • Social media and mental health • Hamza Choudhury...


ESN Bonus Episode : Avengers Endgame Spoiler Review & Analysis

ESN Bonus Episode : Avengers Endgame Spoiler Review & Analysis by ESN: Eloquently Saying Nothing is a podcast discussing current events, answering listener questions and dealing with life's big issues (like weave) all with a dash of humour.


ESN #2.118 : The Innuendo Episode (Feat. 2 Girls & A Mic Podcast)

In this episode we welcome guests She Talks & Lala of '2 Girls & A Mic Podcast' and discuss: • Dating down and financially yoking yourself to someone with less ambition • If Black women refuse to change expectations when searching for a partner • Staying with someone who is destructive • Why people can talk about other people but not take their own advice • If money is linked to ego and confidence • Jussie Smollett having to pay for wasted police time • Cardi B being dragged for drugging and...


ESN #2.122 : The Saggy Pants Gentrification Episode (Feat. Ola Curvy Creative)

In this episode we welcome guests Ola Curvy Creative and discuss: • The correct way to give social information on a podcast • Podcast editing protocol • The four bases of sexual affection • Giving children 'the look' in public to avoid • Embarrassment in public • Dress code for parents picking up children from school • Having pride in watching siblings lying for each other • Self gentrification and what that actually means • Keeping money within the community • Chinese businessman Mike Zhang...


ESN #2.121: The Inspirational Scammers Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Scammers • Old mobile phone networks • Buying dodgy goods • Spartacus • Diane Abbott drinking on the overground • David Lammy’s sudden social change • What 3 celebrities would you want as a role model for your daughter • The importance of living in an area with your ethnic group • Which area in London is best to live in • Paula Radcliffe discussing the Caster Semenya trial and transgenders in sport • Social experiments • #StavrosSays: Fleabag on BBC and Avengers...