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ESN #2.073: The Do You Want To Be Friends Episode

In this episode we discuss: • The Royal Wedding For Harry and Megan • Where was Megan Family • Do Black or White people focus more on the race aspect of the royal wedding • Men denouncing new born's cause they don't look like them • How do adults make friends • Meeting new people through your children • Men proposing to women on events that celebrate their successes to take away their shine • Proposing in public • LGBTQ issues with Rita Ora song 'Girls' • Tanzanian Police To Arrest Men...


ESN #2.072: The Billion Dollar Penis Episode (Feat. Fiona Compton)

In this episode we welcome guest Fiona Compton and discuss: • Accent objectification • The #MuteRKelly movement and his removal from Spotify playlists • Epitomes of 'White Trash' • Bill Crosby & Roman Polanski's ejection from the Academy • Money to Phallus comparison ratio of importance • The art of Quinting • White Women vs Black Women's work rate in the bedroom • Lying to your friends partner for your friend • When it's ok to cheat on someone • Childish Gambino's "This is America" video...


ESN Bonus Episode : Ty Interview

In this bonus episode of the Eloquently Saying Nothing podcast, the guys hook up with the UK Hip Hop legend Ty to discuss his new album, A Work Of Heart, his career and more. Connect with Ty: Instagram: @tymusical Twitter: @tymusic Facebook: @TyChijioke Connect with us at & send your questions & comments to: #ESNpod so we can find your comments @esnpodcast on all other...


ESN #2.071 : The Alleged 71st Episode (Feat. Ty)

In this episode we welcome guest Ty and discuss: • Gentrification and what the community didn't do to stop it • Kanye's 'Slavery was a choice' comment and if's he's faking it all for promo • Issa Rae's Asian men and Black women should get together remarks • Comdian Kojo co-signing Kanye's Slavery comment then backtracking on his Twitter • Teaching ethics and morals and what those mean to different people • The 'Incel' movement and the steady rise of hyper-misogyny • How much is too much on...


ESN #2.070 : The Make America Gay Again Episode (Feat. Aysha Scott & Laurelle Jones)

In this episode we welcome guests Aysha Scott & Laurelle Jones and discuss: • Absent Fathers and ways to force them to be proactive in their children's lives • Kelis interview outing Nas as domestic abuser and faking his pro Black stance • Bill Cosby's guilty verdict in his sexual abuse case • Meek Mill released from jail • Kanye West controversial tweets regarding Trump and his new tracks • Janelle Monáe and the definition of 'pansexual' • Colouism • Old tweets catching up with you •...


ESN #2.069 : The Corrupt Politricks Episode

In this episode we discuss: • The Dark Ages and Black people in British Monarchy over history • Various forms of holiday etiquette • Metro systems from around the world and comparing them to the London Underground • The difference between how corruption is described from country to country • Asylum seekers in Austria being asked for phone and money before entrance • Lycamobile's alleged money laundering and Tory donations • The possible conspiracy surrounding the bombing of Syria • If Will...


ESN #2.068 : The Uncorrect Political Episode

In this episode we discuss: • The continued KFC shortage • Why it's off limits for fellow Blacks to insult Somalians • Biskit gripping his Mother's buttocks • Tristan Thompson's infidelity against Khloe Kardashian • Watching adult content with parents • AFTV guys getting a programme on Channel 4 • Best crews in the rap game, ever • Whether Missy Elliott or Lauryn Hill is best • Female rappers and why they're always pitted against each other • What would put us off having sex with a woman •...


ESN #2.067 : The When Will You Marry Episode

In this episode we discuss: • • • Getting followed by police • • Stephon Clark's old tweets insulting Black women and the following clapback • • • • • • • • • • The rise in London's youth crime • The 50th anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King Jnr's • #StavrosSays Recommendation : PeteBlas - Message To The People ( Connect with us at & send your questions & comments to: #ESNpod so we can find your comments


ESN #2.066 : The Alternate Minority Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Feminine energy of the mandem • CBeebies Jollof • Nigerian cuisine • What an "alternate minority" is • If temporarily reversing slavery would or could cure some of the world's ills • There being no criminal prosecutions of the Alton Sterling's police killers • Unarmed Father of two, Stephon Clark, shot at 20 times in his grandparents garden. Mostly in the back. • Devonte Hart & other Black adopted siblings probably killed by adopted parents in suspected...


ESN #2.065 : The Growing Old Disgracefully Episode (Feat. Wayne & Tracey)

In this episode we welcome guests Tracey & Wayne & discuss: • Calling people Caribbean or West Indian • Surname changes after marriage • Africans throwing their language and culture away • Taking DNA test to find out ethnic makeup • The best and worst part of our relationships • The highs and lows of Ghanaian food • Not understanding modern music and culture • Growing old and embracing it • Comparing credit scores • People in their 2nd Childhood • What it'd be like to be single again • The...


ESN #2.063 : The Skin Fade Episode (Feat. Mark 'SliderCuts' Maciver)

In this episode we welcome guest Mark 'SliderCuts' Maciver & discuss: • What it's like for SliderCuts going from local neighborhood barber to award winning, celebrity barber • How having a PA can stop you getting numbers from DMs • How local Black businesses can help give work to young people in the community • Ways to help deal with mental illness in the Black community • Barbershops acting as a middle ground between the streets and the corporate world • Vanessa Carlton not wanting to be...


ESN #2.062: The She's An Adult Episode

In this episode we discuss: • The etiquette of inviting a woman to the podcast when no-one has met her • If men should take decisions away from grown women in regards to their safety • Anthony Joshua's comments on his Son and Niece • If boys and girls should be taught the same in regards to sexual expression • If men hold women to the same standards that they do themselves • If people teach boys to be good husbands the same way they do girls to be good wives • Skepta and Naomi Campbell...


ESN #2.061: The Best Friend Episode

In this episode we discuss: • The ESN work rate • Tiffany Haddish explains Groupon • Will & Jada Smith's dominance • Official Film spoiling people • Stormzy's armour • How they treating Theresa May • Young black Power couples • All-star courtside action • Oprah's interracial relationship • How M'Baku got the juice • The culture of School shootings • The art of petty • Africans in the Winter Olympics • The oil find in Jamaica • Friendship dates with the opposite gender • Wahala's Fat Watch...


ESN #2.060 : The Wakanda Forever Episode

In this episode we discuss: • The healing properties of Rubb & Abenaki • Beyonce v Michael Jackson (again) • Men crying • Drake's "God's Plan" video & the negative comments around it • Taking hand outs from other men • If taking out the trash a mans job even if the woman is a housewife? • If good sex stops a partner complaining • If men get pussy whipped like women get dickmatised? • The Black Panther movie • Blac Chyna's leaked sex vid • Fergie's atrocious national anthem • Examples of...


ESN #2.058 : The Correct Attire Episode

In this episode we discuss: • The last time we got angry and switched • Stav and Wahala getting beaten by their sister • Should a wife always leave her husband in every • If women have forgiven Chris Brown for the Rihanna beating • Wearing native regalia to the Black Panther movie • If David Oyelowo's Black Panther premier attire a disgrace • Stefflon Don's Shadeism tweet controversary • Why people are shadeist • If dark skinned men have the same issues in society as dark skinned women •...


ESN #2.057 : The Ambitious Potential Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Smut peddling sagas • What dress size we are attracted to • Disliking Soca • What songs we'd like played at our funeral • What our personal theme song is • West African elocution etiquette • Dating advice • The pros & cons of dating 'potential' • Blind dates and running out on a potential because they're ugly • What we'd do if our friend's mother continuously asked for money • Why Caribbean men can cook and male WAFs (West Africans) can't • The exchange of...


ESN #2.056 : The BDESN Episode (Feat. Lady Andromeda)

In this episode we welcome guest Lady Andromeda & discuss: • Cyrille Regis' passing and his legacy • Ronaldinho's retirement • The BDSM / Dominatrix industry • How the UK laws have affected the UK porn industry and Women especially • How we'd react if our friend had a sex doll • If we'd do an infomercial praising a sex doll for 150K • Tracey Ellis Ross' equal pay battle with Anthony Anderson of Black-ish • L'Oréal's hair product promotion featuring a Hijab wearing model • Synthetic...


ESN #2.055 : The Price Is Right Episode

In this episode we discuss • Liverpool's win over Man City • Football's VAR technology • Ginuwine's refusing to kiss Trans India Willoughby • If John Barnes is Cooning on CBB or just being real • Oprah Winfrey's 'Time's Up' speech and possible 2020 Presidential run • ANOTHER celebrity, Aziz Ansari, being accused of sexual misconduct • If you kick someone out if they refuse your advances • Goddamn Trump, his shithole comments & all the over foolishness he did this week • Dave Chappelle's...


ESN #2.054 : The Thoroughbred Episode

In this episode we discuss: • How many episodes have we done • Oyinbosity in 2018 • Invitation etiquette • Authentic African parties • Nudity around young children • When is bathing a child inappropriate • Menstral cycle awareness • White middleclass male struggles • Jesse 'Messi' Lingard affair • Gender based sexual appetites • How Nigeria made Instagram • Wedding photographer beef • Essence Magazine • The rise and fall of page 3 • Gentrification of Tottenham • #StavrosSays Recommendation...


ESN #2.053 : The New Year, Same Ego Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Festive illnesses • Seeing an ex girlfriend with a new girlfriend & vice versa • Stavros telling his Ex's they will never get a better man than him • How to help men having issues with their confidence • Stavros' ego v Stavros' self doubt • How we can do better and be better as individuals and as a group • In what aspects we're flopping individually and the issues we as ESN have as a podcast • Lewis Hamilton telling his nephew that "Boys don't wear princess...


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