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Episode 30 - Child Labor: Pull Your Weight You Little Bastards

Welcome to episode 30, which may be our most depressing one yet. This week, we will be covering the long, tear-soaked saga of using kids as cheap (or free!) labor. Follow along as we talk about the adorable, four year old miners grave from Roman Spain, the plight of poor, medieval peasant children, the (relative) enlightened attitude of Golden Age Islam, China once again being better than everyone, and the sheer depravity of using kids in early factories. No worries, though, the Founding...


Episode 29 - Music: All Chanting, All The Time

Welcome back everyone! After a long break we are here to tell you about the history of music. In this episode we explore the epic poems of Ancient Greece, the dirty lyrics of Rome, the limited selection of genres in the Medieval world, China's devotion to only playing the best music, and belly dancing! This is a fun, relatively clean episode free from too much violence and feces. Bring the kids! Sources: One of my favorite recreations of Ancient Roman music....


Mini-Episode 7 - 2019 Teaser: Homelessness Will Be Fun

Hey everyone! The 2019 season of Everything's Just Fine will be starting soon, but in the meantime please enjoy this teaser for some of our upcoming content!


Mini-Episode 6 - Christmas Traditions: DO NOT TOUCH THE LOG!!!

Merry Minisode Christmas! It’s time to harvest magic mistletoe, punch your blindfolded friends, burn a chunk of wood from the yard so your family doesn’t die, and eat flaming raisins. All in a 12-hour day’s long work. Oh, that’s not what you do on Christmas? Well thank your lucky ass you weren’t born in the Victorian era. Join Mike to learn about… basically all the things I just listed. Sources:...


Episode 28 - Mining: The Good Kind of Slavery

Who wants to learn about terrible working conditions and basic lapses in safety? Because that is what you are getting as this week we talk about mines. Learn about the earliest human 'mining' (picking stuff off the ground), Egyptians and the 'flesh of the gods', Romans literally moving mountains, and the Chinese once again being better at everything than everyone. Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010_Copiap%C3%B3_mining_accident...


Episode 27 - Disease: Let's Play Water Polio

It has been a while listeners but we are back. After each of our own long bought with seasonal afflictions, we are here to talk about diseases! From the mysterious plaque that ran through Athens in 430 BC, to the Black Death of 14th century Europe, we have something for everyone this week. Come along and learn about the various hilarious (and stupid) ways humanity has tried to prevent rabies, dirty poop-water, and everyone's favorite cowboy sickness: Tuberculosis! Sources:...


Halloween Special - Ghosts: Bitches be Poltergeists

Welcome to the spookiest episode yet! This week we cover the ancient ghosts of Babylon, the Pokemon-type spirits of China, the Lemures of Ancient Rome, early American haunted houses, poltergeists, and the door-knobbiest of presidents, Martin Van Buren! It is a spook spectacular! Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bell_Witch https://www.livescience.com/48515-10-haunted-house-ghost-stories.html https://www.ancient.eu/ghost/...


Episode 26 - Stupid People: Schnapps Forts

There are a lot of dumb people around, right? Surely it has never been this bad before, has it? Well...we got some bad news for you. Welcome back for this week's episode. This time, we will cover the ancient Chinese (dumb), the Ancient Greece (real dumb), and the 18th Century Austrian Army (king of the smooth brains). You'll not hear more about drunken donkeys anywhere else on the internet! Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wan_Hu https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_unusual_deaths...


Mini-Episode 5 - Tornadoes: Skeletons of Trees

The boys were busy this week so we have a mini-episode for you about the think Mike fears most in this world: Tornadoes. We will be back next week with a full show, but until then enjoy the soothing sounds of Mike.


Episode 25 - Cosmetics: Buttered Stink Hat

Welcome back everybody! For this week, we have another user suggested episode topic: Cosmetics! Come along with Mike and Lincoln as they explore why literally everyone used to cover themselves in lead, the disgusting ingredients in a Roman face-mask, and the sheer sexism and misogyny that drove most of cosmetic use throughout history. This one should make you angry! Sources: https://cosmeticsinfo.org/Ancient-history-cosmetics...


Episode 24 - Worker's Rights: They Can't Kill Us All!

Eat your pheasant, drink your wine, your time has come...uh, sorry. Got a little excited there. Anyways, welcome back listeners! This week, Lincoln is in a rage as we discuss the roller coaster that is the history of worker's rights. We'll talk about the differences between the Ancient Greek and Roman social safety nets, the upward bump caused by the Black Death, Appalachian coal miners literally going to war for the right to unionize, and one political party's attempts to set us back 100...


Episode 23 - Severe Weather: Spinny Cloudy Thing

Welcome back everyone! This week, we get topical as we cover weather! We'll talk about how extreme weather led to some civilizations collapsing, the Japanese getting saved by a divine wind, the English getting saved by a Protestant Wind, and a tornado so large people thought it was fog rolling in. It is actually terrifying to think about. And yes, I did watch 'Twister' immediately after recording this episode. Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Climate_of_Ancient_Rome...


Episode 22 - Communication: Roman Vuvuzelas

Welcome to a less gore-filled episode of Everything's Just Fine! This week, we cover the history of communication, from the beacon fires of Gondor...I mean Europe, to the modern convenience of the cell phone. Also, the first phone call in history was real lame. Sources: https://www.wired.com/2008/03/dayintech-0310/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drums_in_communication http://www.hellenicaworld.com/Greece/ImagesGR/StentorophonicTube.jpg https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Church_bell...


Episode 21 - Executions (Part Two): Party Foul

Welcome to the final part of our series on executions! While it will be hard to top death by elephant, the methods we cover this week may be even more cruel. We'll learn about the Roman way of punishing mutiny, giant wheels and the men who used them, the Assyrian penchant for removing skin, and the terror of the Brazen Bull. Once again, it gets kind of gross: Sources: http://www.historyrundown.com/10-most-cruel-execution-methods-of-all-time/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scaphism...


Episode 20 - Executions (Part One): Why Would The Elephant God Allow This?

20 episodes! Wow! Great job everybody. This week, we have the first part of our episode on executions. We start simple with classics such as stoning and beheading but we soon move into more imaginative territory. Come along as we go over the excruciating Death by 1,000 Cuts, the Salem Witch-era Crushing (More Weight!), Throwing to the Ashes, Crucifixion, and the morbid - but hilarious - execution by elephant. Man, we really cannot stop screwing over the pachyderms. Sources:...


Episode 19 - Imprisonment (Part Three): Rectal Knives

Welcome to the final part of our series on prisons. This week we cover the unmitigated disaster that is America's prison system. From Civil War prisons, jails in Yuma, accidental decapitations, to the current gang-plagued halls of places like Pelican Bay, we go over quite a bit in our quest to find out where it all went wrong (COUGH *War on Drugs* COUGH). This one may make you a little mad. Sources: http://www.history.org/foundation/journal/summer11/prison.cfm...


Episode 18 - Imprisonment (Part Two): A High of -42°C

We are back with Part Two of our series on prisons. This week we cover the start of everyone's favorite penal colony (Australia), talk about the epidemic of Vampire Bats on Devil's Island, explore the cruelty and cold of Tsarists prisons and Soviet Gulags, and remind everyone why the Nazis were just the worst. Sources: https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/first-australian-penal-colony-established http://www.prisonhistory.net/famous-prisons/devils-island/...


Episode 17 - Imprisonment (Part One): Cruel By Today's Standards

Episode 17 everyone! This week, we go in-depth with humanity's history of imprisonment. Come learn about how son's could pay for the crimes of their fathers in ancient Mesopotamia, the sewer dungeons of Rome, the difference between medieval Italian and German prisons, and the 'Bloody Code' of England. As always, it gets kind of gross. Sources: https://www.ancient-origins.net/history-ancient-traditions/prisons-and-imprisonment-ancient-world-punishments-used-maintain-public-020588...


Episode 16 - Disgusting Jobs: An Empire Built on Pee

Psst, hey kids...wanna learn something gross? I hope so, because this week's episode is all about dooky. Find out how humans throughout history have cleaned up feces, stretched out innards, robbed graves, turned bones into baby chew-toys, and checked on the health of their king by methodically checking their leavings. Honestly, I don't know how this show continues to get more disgusting week-to-week. It is a real accomplishment. Sources: https://www.bbc.com/news/business-35958730...


Special Guest Episode 1 - Science Deniers: Everyone's Bigfoot

Welcome to our first Special Guest Episode! This week we are bringing in our friend Nathanael, an expert in all things weird. In this episode we discuss the history of science denial and its implications across the years. Come hear about anti-vaxers (dumb), those who thing aliens built the pyramids (dumb), cryptids (awesome and dumb), and Skinwalker Ranch (totally real). It gets esoteric (i.e. really damn weird).