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Season 2, Episode 6: Poached Eggs

This week, our three idiots talk a LOT about movies, including reviews of the new Netflix Special, Polar, plus conversations about Miss Sloane, Final Destination 2, TrashHouse - by British Comedy/Horror director, Pat Higgins, Poached Eggs, Foxes and Rabbits, Terminator 2, Bad driving, cinematic soundtracks and a host of other topics which take us through an 85 minute episode where they assume their own Gangster-Rap identities.


Season 2, Episode 5: Space Miles

The first ever Episode 5 from FFR. Topics include changing names, parachute jumping, AdBlue, Tom Hanks, and Heath Ledger.


Season 2, Episode 4: Here's a Speedboat

In this latest episode, Danny, Phil and Tim swear a LOT, as they list the things in life that irk them, including fun-size Mars Bars, Tim, Tim again, Nando's, Netflix Movie's, Ballad of Buster Scruggs, Siri, Brexit news and much more. They discuss Bad Awesome Movies, new production company, and pyjamas.


Season 2, Episode 3: Two In The Bush

The longest Episode to date sees a wide range of topics covered, from making beer, to constitutional reform to the Faces For Radio by-laws. Siri the comedian comes into play, porn in the hedgerow, Album Artwork, Musical Influences, breaking into Chessington World Of Adventures, getting caught short and managing bad toilets.


Season 2, Episode 2: You Weren't In My Imagination

Season 2, Episode 2 sees the gang embark upon their first drunken podcast, as an evening down the pub is abandoned for a chicken shed, pizza, a lot of beer and an entire recording studio. This week, on FFR - A review of the new Netflix Release - IO, Epic Tellyboxnessness with the new season of The Grand Tour, lots of childishness inbetween, and the first ever post-credit outtakes aired.


Season 2, Episode 1: Get to the Chopper!

The first episode for a year sees an entire episode dedicated to movies, with discussions around Netflix budgets, Birdbox, Formula One and Star Trek, and a particularly brilliant section on phone boxes, plus a dramatic lifestyle change for Phil and Tim.


Season 1, Episode 4: Die Hard with a Yoda

This extended Christmas Episode of Faces For Radio features an in-depth review of M. Night Shayamalan movie "Devil", Cropdusting and other Profanisaurus expressions, what would happen if Yoda met John McClane, Dr. Who and political correctness, Santa arrives at the studio, and the world's most childish trio debate the business model of Milk delivery.


Season 1, Episode 3: Diplomatic Immunity

In this episode, Tim hates Straight Outta Compton, Phil hates The Core, Danny hates ambulance-chasing cold-callers, and the 3 discuss Babestation, Sponsorship opportunities, other words for boobs, Phil debates the entry method of earth-drilling machinery, and there are several moments only appropriate for visual entertainment. They also share jokes from their children, except Tim, who can only compete by telling his own jokes....


Season 1, Episode 2: Flying Lessons

In episode 2, we discuss Hilary Swank, Dwayne, Things that annoy us on Amazon & eBay, how to fly, bad awesome movies, super powers, Trevor the Flamingo and speculation on migratory habits of birds in Luton.


Season 1, Pilot: 3 Men & A Baby, Without The Baby, Or Ted Danson

DO NOT JUDGE US ON THIS QUALITY. We basically recorded a meeting to discuss doing a podcast, and then released it as a podcast.... In this episode, the three tackle Music, Smart Phones, Star Wars, Star Trek Discovery & Enterprise, drunkenness and TV Series Mars. Danny Lenihan talks about why Star Wars Battle of Hoth is RUBBISH, Tim McEwan explains why he saved money with Samsung, and Phil Close tells us all about the TV Series, Mars, and his embarrassing drunken tales.