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12: Give Us Something Real

Expect to be disappointed. Miles had to work overnight a couple of times at his dumb job. Who works? Losers do. Ugh. SO gross. Not only does he brag about how much money he makes but now he’s the improv master. Uh, hello? You’re talking to the only improv master ever. Aspergerie. 30s the new 20\. Jeanette and Coire started their own podcast called Earth Spaceship Co-pilots Podcast about philosophy, social, political, and relationship topics. You’ll find it on iTunes and other podcast...


11: 011 - Trans Primate with Dr. Michelle Reed

If you take any of this seriously, you do at your own peril. Jeanette is still trying to incriminate Miles by recording him when he least expects it. Still feeling weird, Jeanette might turn to the Demi Lovato route and start self medicating with drugs to stem the crazy tide. She just wants the bipolar polar bears to eat her already. Miles wants to make everything racial and tries to convince Jeanette that no matter where her mudblood parts come from, she’s still part of the white master...


10: 010 - Is this Good Enough for You Miles?

You show me your friends and I’ll show you your future. Sweet Katie Thompson is warming up her vocals in the background for her singing lessons. She’s so legit you can check out her extensive musical portfolio: Chiasma, guest singer on Fallujah-Dreamless, & Kadebra. DaddyOFive, FamilyOFive are the definition of a narcissist. That piece of shit is textbook classic DSM. In hell, Satan rapes Mike until he gets a nosebleed and Cody takes an axe to the rest of the sorry excuse for human beings...


9: 009 - Arkansass

Christ. Let’s start over. Miles takes a solo southern states trip spelunking and talking about his clostophilea. He’s got the measurements of a Kardashian (an hourglass figure), whooo whoo. Jeanette is not comfortable with enclosed spaces. Some of the best caves are in Arkansas, so bring your reading glasses. Would you go on a solo trip by yourself as a married man? Jeanette gets drunk on chardonnay and lets loose. There is home construction going on in the background. She's sipping wine...


8: 008 - Good One Tapioca!!!

Alright! We're live! Hi guys, it's us again! Subscribe! Smash the downvote. Benjamin Franklin had a lot of great quotes! Global warming? Why is it so cold here in Indianapolis? Instead of taking drugs, just work a physical job while having a fever. Miles came in like a wrecking ball. Would you rather sneeze or poop? We live in such an enlightened and empathetic age that Jeanette doesn't know many racial slurs. What do they really mean? Wow. Americans get bent out of shape when brown people...


7: 007 - Trash

Is the podcast recording? Jeanette almost gets mauled by a dog and wanted to see a guy who was possibly dead in his car. This is America. College isn't for everyone but Jeanette and Miles think they know what art is. Miles tells a story about a guy in his art class that ejactelated into paint and then had women unknowingly smeared on their bodies. New Ads: iPlant and Jeremy Obama's Body Valves. Please buy to support the podcast. Father Anthony calls in to talk about exorcisms, Brian...