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JBs Unclassified Camp Survival Guide

Lots of people head to camp for the summer, but only the smart ones listen to the Father & Sons podcast first...it's time to gain some camp wisdom, you're welcome.


Father & Sons - Back to the Wedding Crashers

Chism has a BRILLIANT idea for the Back to the Future reboot that will never come to be, while Mark and Josiah judge every tiny little aspect of what it could be. Call us, Hollywood Execs, we are mining GOLD here. GOLD, JERRY!


Father & Sons - Shark Tank. I'M OUT!

Back again with an exciting episode where we pitch some of the BEST new ideas for inventions SHARK TANK STYLE. Listen to us mimic our favorite reality show and hear as things get heated when we pass on Josiah's brilliant e-reader tablet idea. CHECK US OUT ON STITCHER AND ITUNES, LEAVE A REVIEW.


Father & Sons - Guardians Make Me Cry (SPOILER ALERT!)

SPOILER ALERT! Mark, Josiah, and Chism come at you this time with an OFFICIAL REVIEW OF GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2! We are so excited to share our thoughts (and tears) from this movie with the world. Who would be more appropriate to review this movie about Ego and his son, Star Lord than Mark and his sons? Nobody. SPOILER ALERT!


Father & Sons - Chris Pratt's Not Welcome Here

WE HAVE A FAN! And we were so excited about that that we needed to sit down and talk about it. We cover all sorts of topics, but mainly just talk about our excitement for the new GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2!


Father & Sons - The Hulk is Naked Far Too Often

Here we are again! Three members of the same immediate family (Mark, Chism, and Josiah) (Father, Son, and also Son) discuss the intricate world of what it means to be a superhero. There is so much more going on than what is shown in these movies and comics, so why don't we see more of THAT. Also, we discover that Mark Ruffalo is actually the Hulk IRL. I mean, spoiler alert, but we all knew this was coming.


Father & Sons - Dead Unicorns

On the second episode of Father and Sons, Mark, Chism, and Josiah discuss the super trending Unicorn Frappuccino from Starbucks and answer the question to what the next viral frapp flavor will be.


Father & Sons - Evil Luke Skywalker

For the first episode of Father & Sons, Mark and Chism struggle as they listen to Josiah's ridiculous theory about Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Is Luke Skywalker secretly Emperor Snoke? Will Jar Jar ever return to the Star Wars cinematic universe? Where in the world is Frankie Muniz? The answers to these questions AND MORE on this week's episode of Father & Sons.