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Film Snuff is a podcast where we tear apart supposedly great movies that actually suck. Hosted by comedians Keating Thomas & James Hunt. Contact:

Film Snuff is a podcast where we tear apart supposedly great movies that actually suck. Hosted by comedians Keating Thomas & James Hunt. Contact:
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Film Snuff is a podcast where we tear apart supposedly great movies that actually suck. Hosted by comedians Keating Thomas & James Hunt. Contact:






Episode 108 - Cast Away

In 2000, Robert Zemeckis made "Cast Away," the longest FedEx commercial in history that masquerades as a trapped-on-a-desert-island story. Granted, the middle section of the film where Tom Hanks is marooned isn't terrible, but the pair of audience-insulting bookending acts that surround it replace any good will that created with seething anger. Tom Hanks plays Chuck Noland, a man with no time because of his demanding job at FedEx, who is the lone survivor of a plane crash over the...


Episode 107 - Dances with Wolves

The Kevin Costner vanity project "Dances with Wolves" beat "GoodFellas" for Best Picture in 1990. That's right, this three-hour goofy slog that was heralded as the first movie not to have two-dimensional Native American characters, took home the gold statue. The problem? Even if its Lakota characters had actual names and dialogue, they're still depicted as Noble Savages who seem more like cavemen than fleshed-out individuals. Kevin Costner clownishly plays a Civil War Union soldier named...


In Theaters: Us

After the enormous success of Jordan Peele's first feature film, "Get Out," he's back at the helm again with his followup, "Us" (which is currently in theaters). And, because of that, we went and saw it for our aptly-named In Theaters segment that we do on this show from time to time. But guess what? We disagreed on this one. Well, maybe our doppelgängers did. But find out which of *us* took a pair of scissors to the heart of this picture, and which has his heart tethered to it. **NOTE:...


Episode 106 - Ferris Bueller's Day Off

If you actually do stop and look around at the 1986 John Hughes classic "Ferris Bueller’s Day Off," there's a lot of stuff you can't miss that doesn't make sense. Are Ferris and his sister twins? Do his parents think he has the mind of the 5-year-old boy? Is Ferris a figment of Cameron's imagination? We will discuss all those and much more as we tear this iconic '80s flick. Matthew Broderick plays Ferris Bueller, one of the most popular high school students without a social media presence...


Episode 105 - Green Book

The controversial 2018 film "Green Book" that just won the Academy Award for Best Picture has it all: a white-savior narrative, cheesy New York Italian-American accents, and a series of cringeworthy tone-deaf scenes that aim to solve racism, but end up being more racist themselves in the end. Farrelly brother Peter directed this unfunny Oscar-bait that apparently either warmed the hearts of all the old white Academy members or was just the perfect anti-Netflix movie to pick so "Roma"...


2019 Oscars Wrap-Up

For the third year in a row, we fired up the mics immediately after watching the Oscars ceremony and give you our take on what we witnessed. We also figure out who got the most categories correct (and settle our wager), discuss the ceremony, some of the speeches, and our favorite and most-hated moments from the broadcast. It might not have had a host, but there still were a lot of parasites. Follow along by visiting, where we have provided a list of the...


Our 2019 Oscars predictions

We guide you through the Oscar nominations for movies released in 2018 leading up to this Sunday's ceremony (which will take place on Feb. 24). We discuss the snubs, the surprises, and give you our picks for all 24 categories. We also decide upon a bet for whoever loses, and talk about how bad "Bohemian Rhapsody" is and how it shouldn't have been nominated for anything. Follow along by visiting, where we have provided a list of the nominations in the order we...


Episode 104 - (500) Days of Summer

Happy Valentine's Day! This time we tore apart the 2009 movie "(500) Days of Summer," an overly-stylized hipster attempt at an anti-romantic comedy. You can't spell parenthetical without pathetic. This is one of the most pretentious movies in the last ten years. They bounce back and forth between timelines for no reason, make obvious literary, music, art, and film references to try and seem smart, and they even have films-within-the-film to seem clever. It also hits the annoying montage...


Episode 103 - American History X

We decided to curb stomp the 1998 Edward Norton vehicle "American History X" that showed us all neo-Nazis have to do to overcome their vicious deep-seated racism is have one jokey conversation with a funny black guy in prison. This movie has it all: a "Psycho"-esque black-and-white bloody slow-motion shower scene, a hilariously unrealistic reverse slam dunk by Edward Norton, a giant swastika tattoos, a cheesy villains, a few funny wigs, and even a little kid dressed up as Adolf...


Episode 102 - Splash

The 1984 box office smash "Splash" gave us a lot of things: Tom Hanks as a leading man, Ron Howard as a bankable director, and oddly the name Madison becoming popular. It’s just a shame that's all this pile of fish crap is worth. It's literally a fish out of water story, and also, frankly, the filmmakers have a lawsuit against the movie "The Shape of Water," which ripped this off almost to the letter. Tom Hanks plays Allen Bauer, a wholesale fruit and vegetable salesman who apparently is...


REPLAY: Episode 62 - When Harry Met Sally...

Happy New Year! We'll be back next week with new episodes. It's 2019 now. The future. Makes the 2015 from "Back to the Future Part II" seem like a million years ago. But now we're in the year of "Blade Runner." And they really nailed that. No better way to describe Los Angeles 2019 than a bunch of sushi-eating robots. Jim's still on his paternity leave of sorts as we've been taking some time off for the holidays, but in the meantime, enjoy our repost of one of our favorite episodes,...


REPLAY: Episode 65 - Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Hey, guys, we're still hoping to get a Christmas episode done, but this past week hit a little snag. A good little snag. Jim's wife just gave birth to their second child, so needless to say, he's been a little busy this week. And this time she didn't go into labor while we were recording, so that's good. See our "Jerry Maguire" episode for when that happened. And more good news: Keating is still childless. Anyway, in the meantime, we decided to repost our "Home Alone 2" episode on our...


Episode 101 - Gone with the Wind (2/2)

Continuing our discussion and dismantling of the epic classic film from 1939, "Gone with the Wind," we break down everything that happens in the nutty second half of this movie (after the intermission). Scarlett O'Hara gets married two more times to people she doesn't love, and Rhett Butler continues to play his mind games with her. Join us as we discuss the evil things Rhett does to Scarlett, we learn how Keating doesn't fully understand what breastfeeding is, and as we (for some reason)...


Episode 100 - Gone with the Wind (1/2)

In our 100th episode, we cover the first half of the epic classic 1939 film "Gone with the Wind" that tells a story of Southern belle Scarlett O'Hara who begins her life as a bratty rich girl on her idyllic plantation, and then loses everything when the Civil War strikes. Then she lies, cheats, murders and marries her way into being rich during Reconstruction, like some kind of airheaded Daniel Plainview. Marred by a tumultuous production due to its maniac producer David O. Selznick, this...


Episode 99 - The Intern

Nancy Meyers' most recently helmed vehicle, 2015's "The Intern" once again shows that she is out of touch with society and unable to make a movie that doesn't pander to the lowest common denominator. This cliche fish-out-of water story is just the same lame joke flopping around repeatedly wishing it could swim. And although this movie is set in modern-day Brooklyn, it pretends like the idea of an Internet company that sells clothes is something new, and it populates its cast of only white...


Episode 98 - Remember the Titans

In 2000, Disney released "Remember the Titans," a true story about a newly racially-integrated Virginia high school football team that in 1971 went 13-0, and in the process dissolved racial tensions in the community. Great story, but too bad it's not true. Denzel Washington plays the team's coach Herman Boone, who is brought in to be the new coach, replacing the popular and successful white coach. This movie also features some of the first roles of Ryan Gosling and Hayden Panettiere. Join...


Mailbag: Watching porn with dad

Today we open our mailbag and answer questions on subjects like: what movies do we disagree on, what movies are we looking forward to doing on the show most, and whether or not our ads are real. We also recount a story about Keating fixing a beauty contest, discuss how he has a knack for making people flip out on him, and read a listener's anecdote about how Film Snuff helps her tolerate spending time with her dad. If you have a question, comment or fun story that you'd like to hear on a...


Episode 97 - Halloween (1978)

Happy Halloween! In 1978, John Carpenter made a film where a guy slowly strolls around a town killing babysitters for no reason, but apparently it is a deep social commentary—but if you really think about it, it isn't. It's just a movie about a guy slowly strolling around a town killing babysitters. For no reason. Activia spokesperson Jamie Lee Curtis stars as Laurie Strode, a smokin' hot high school nerd who boys don't like because she's "too smart," yet not smart enough to realize that a...


In Theaters: First Man

In this installment of our periodical "In Theaters" segment, we give you our immediate reaction to seeing a new movie on the big screen. This time, we discuss a movie where Disney dreamboat Ryan Gosling plays Neil Armstrong, "First Man." Will we think it's out of this world, or will we think it's as vacuous as space? Listen to find out. **NOTE: THIS EPISODE CONTAINS SPOILERS** Quick Facts Release date: October 12, 2018 Runtime: 2 hours, 21 minutes Starring: Ryan Gosling, Claire Foy,...


Episode 96 - Legally Blonde

A woman dumps her boyfriend because she's about to go to Harvard Law School and doesn't want his childish antics holding her back. Then this jilted lover devises an elaborate scheme to enroll in her school specifically to stalk her and systematically destroy her life. Sound like a horror story? Well, if you switch out the gender of the psycho stalker and add some fun music, then you've got yourself the movie, "Legally Blonde." Tell us what you think by chatting with us (@filmsnuff) on...