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049 Martial Arts with Daniel Ortiz and Tony V

Daniel Ortiz is a Ishin Rue Black belt and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt and Tony is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belt. In this episode I sit down with Daniel and Tony and talk martial arts. Daniel gives us some insight into his start into martial arts, being an instructor, competing, and how martial arts carry over into being a police officer. We talk about the future of martial arts and the importance of children starting at a young age. We had a blast recording this one and if you have...


048 Jac & Joe UFC 225 Recap and UFC "Legends League"

In this episode Jacquie and Joey discuss the results of UFC 225, the future of CM Punk, Yoel Romero, and the possibility of a "Legends League" in the UFC. Hilarious concept. Thanks you to all of our listeners, we love you. Special thanks to our sponsors (Use "fitfarm" at check out for 10% off) Also, all of our affiliates at Visit our website for the latest specials Lastly, Please donate on Patreon if you are a fan of the show and want to...


047 Mickey Zeng Owner of PVC Prep

Mickey is the owner of PVC meal prep service. We talk about what got him started on his personal fitness journey, being Asian and Bruce Lee stereotypes, starting his own business, behind the scenes at PVC Prep, and what's on the horizon for the business. If you are interested in ordering meals from PVC prep find them on Facebook or Instagram. Or visit Peak Fitness in Rockford, IL. We would like to thank all of our sponsors, the guys at powertrain tape (use discount...


046 Professor James O' Connor

In this episode I sit down with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt James O Connor and his student Andrew Mahoney. We talk about the early days of MMA, when James competed in "No holds barred", intermittent fasting, Jiu Jitsu, injectable amino acids, and much more. Enjoy! Special thanks to our sponsors at powertrain tape. Visit and use the code "fitfarm" at checkout for 10% off. Also, be sure to check out our affiliate links on our website for...


044 Jared Levine

Jared Levine is an RN and Jiu Jitsu practitioner. He shares his story of dropping out of school, going back to get his bachelors degree in nursing, working on his doctorate, and all of his jiu jitsu experiences (competing in Abu Dabi and training at high level competition schools) We want to thank our sponsors and affiliates at UrthBox, Proozy, and Blue Apron. For the latest deals from them check out our affiliate link at Also powertrain tape. Go to...


043 Daniel Miller

Daniel Miller is a life long martial artist, former runner and college tennis player. We talk about what got him started into Kung-Fu in the 60s, his martial arts journey, long distance running, basketball, and all sports he competed in. Daniel is working on his own martial arts program that he will be teaching called Grasshopper Kung-fu. Keep your eyes open for that! And thank you to our sponsors at powertrain tape. you can use "fitfarm" at checkout for 10% off....


042 Jac & Joe talk UFC 223, Conor McGregor, proper warm up and "general ftiness"

In this episode Jacquie returns!! We talk recap UFC 223, talk about Conor McGregor's huge backstage mishap, our Blue Apron experience, our thoughts on UrthBox, and we take on listener questions. T-shirts are back in stock and on our webpage. We are also on Patreon for anyone looking to support the show! Thank you for tuning in. Enjoy! Thank you to our sponsors at powertrain tape @ use "fitfarm" at checkout for 10% off. Also our sponsors at Blue Apron, for the most...


041 Sal Di Stefano of Mind Pump

In this episode I sit down with Sal Di Stefano from the Mind Pump podcast. We talk about how they came to be, what made him go from training into podcasting full time, and what is on the horizon for the crew there. As a bonus we talk Jiu Jitsu, gut health, how to deal with certain types of clients (as a trainer), and hear some very interesting stories from Sal about his own fitness and jiu jitsu journey. Enjoy! We would like to thank our sponsors at powertrain tape. Go to...


040 Chand Tubio

Chand Tubio is kickboxing coach at No Joke Martial Arts in Loves Park, IL. He is also a boxer and kickboxer with many of his own fights and titles. We talk about his "Walk Off Homerun" head kick KO that was circling social media and the news. He also talks about what it's like adjusting to living in the midwest after growing up in the Phillipines, his early life in martial arts, and what the future holds for him. We appreciate you taking the time to listen, please make sure you are...


039 Jiu Jitsu Special with @proudbjjwhitebelt

In this episode we have the guys from @proudbjjwhitebelt out to share their stories. The page is ran by 5 friends that have a very strong passion for jiu jitsu. They tell us about their individual stories, the start of their jiu jitsu journey, the list of legends they have met through jiu jitsu and their inspirational Instagram page, and they share their plans for the future of the page. We talk a lot of jiu jitsu and all around have a ton of fun in this one. If you enjoy, subscribe and...


038 Jim McDonald

Jim McDonald is the host of the Less Than Obvious podcast and former co-host of Mark Bell's Powercast. We talk about his current project (if you haven't listened, be sure to check it out), some of his favorite guests from the Powercast, and the future of the fitness industry. He also tells us some of his goals for the future and what is next for him. Jim is an all around great guy and it was a pleasure getting to speak with him. Enjoy! We would like to thank our sponsors at Powertrain...


037 Bryce Franck

Bryce Franck is a former professional kickboxer and mixed martial artist. He tells us about his major influences in martial arts, what brought him to initially beginning his martial arts journey, and his time training martial arts under Pat Militech, Duke Rufus, William Sockwell, and many others. Bryce works in law enforcement and has trained many officers and fighters. He is currently running his own self defense program as well. Had an amazing time talking to him and hearing his story....


036 Ryan Rogers

Ryan is an ex bodybuilder and long time lifter. He talks about his younger years, being raised on a farm, being picked on as a child, being overweight and struggling with depression. As well as dropping out of school, finding his was back to finish his diploma, and how he found happiness. He also shares his experiences with bodybuilding. Ryan has an amazing story and we are so glad he shared with us. If you enjoy the show please feel free to leave us a rating and a review. Be sure you...


035 Thomas Holder

Tom Holder is a professional MMA fighter who fought for Bellator. He tells us about his experiences fighting on the amatuer and pro circuit, how he got started into his MMA journey, and the importance of wrestling (especially for MMA). We would like to thank our sponsors at powertrain tape. If you are shopping on their website use the code "fitfarm" for 10% off your order. I do not own the rights to the intro music. All licenses can be found here...


034 "Fit Family" and retail blues

In this episode cohost Jacquie is back in the studio with Joey. We discuss the unfortunate news about Toys R Us, the slow decline of retail, and what we think the future looks like for retail. We also give some suggestions and ideas that may help retailers, and we share a couple of our retail horror stories. We also talk about "Fit Family" and what it really means besides a catchy hashtag. We offer suggestions that may help keep you on track with your health and fitness goals, and live an...


033 The Fitness Game Changer with Mike Koehl & Josh Byars

Mike Koehl is a general manager at Peak fitness in Rockford, IL. He also trains many athletes and is one of the few people I would trust to train my own children as athletes. Has been working in the fitness industry for over 20 years. Josh Byars is the head trainer at Peak fitness in Rockford, IL. He trains over 30 sessions every week and has helped many people overcome injuries and reach their goals. We talk about the importance of periodized training, RPR, diaphragmatic breathing,...


032 UFC 222 Recap and Meal Prepping

In this episode Joey is in the studio by himself giving a rundown of the fights and results of UFC 222. He gives a brief shoutout to last weeks winner Adam The Wiz Michael, has an exciting announcement about upcoming guests, and more. Enjoy! Visit our sponsors at use "fitfarm" at checkout for 10% off. Also be sure to check us out on Patreon at We are also on YouTube now with full episodes in video, instructionals, and our technique of the...


031 Shayne Adams, Amanda Ginski, KJ Kordick

Shayne Adams is the owner of Northern Illinois Combat Club and Fitness and Amanda Ginski is a Professional Kickboxer with an upcoming bout March 10th in Janesville, WI. KJ is a representative for WAKO team USA kcikboxing. We talk about the life of a proffesional kickboxer, how Amanda stays motivated while working two jobs, training, and fighting. She tells us about the one time Shayne had to stich her up while NOT fighting, how fighting has taken her literally all over the world, and what...


030 Squat Rack Rules and 3 Exercises you are doing wrong

In this episode we talk about what we believe should be the rule set for proper squat rack etiquette. We also offer up some suggestions for fitness clubs to take care of these situations. We announce last weeks review winner, (still have choices of the starbucks gift card, gym membership, and the coffee tumbler), we pick out the top 3 exercises that we see done incorrectly on a daily basis at the gym, and we give a shout out to our great sponsors at powertrain tape. As we mention in this...


029 Tommy Woodruff

Tommy Woodruff is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under Jeff Curran. We talk about his start into training, his weight loss journey, his time training with Ken and Frank Shamrock at the Lion's Den, buying into his own academy, and ultimately living the jiu jitsu lifestyle. He talks about the 20 minute "initiation" that he ended up doing twice for permission to train in the Lion's Den. He also filled us in on what its like having his own academy, sponsorships, and the future. This was an...