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Ep. 74- Scream 3 (2000) with Rob Schulte

It’s that spooky time of year when Peter is forced to watch some horror movies, and this time it wasn’t that bad! Rob Schulte of the Pumpkin Spice Podcast is back for the 4th year in a row to fix Scream 3 (2000). The boys have a great time getting creepy with Rob, as well as fixing toxic masculinity in the movie business and discussing the best way to kill people in horror movies. All of the "Scream" films are available on Netflix. GO CHECK OUT PUMPKIN SPICE PODCAST HERE


Ep. 73 - The Philadelphia Experiment II (1993)

Stults-tember keeps on rolling! Get yourself a second helping of Stults when Brett’s brother Peter comes to fix "The Philadelphia Experiment 2" (1993). You can find Peter's work on his Instagram and on his Behance page.


Ep. 72 The Philadelphia Experiment (1984)

Happy 3 year Anniversary to us! The boys kick off their third year of the pod by kicking off Stults-tember. Brothers Brett and Peter Stults are fixing back to back movies beginning with Brett fixing The Philadelphia Experiment. Check out this B-Movie based on a conspiracy theory of the same name. Next episode: The Philadelphia Experiment 2 (1993)


Ep. 71- Fixing Movie Theaters

The summer time series continues! Connor and Peter have a think about the general state of movie theaters and what can be done to get more people back into the theaters. If you have thoughts on this, tweet at us @flickfix or comment on our Facebook Page.


Ep. 70 - World War Z (2013)

Summer time is wrapping up, and the boys are back with friend of the pod Pat Luciano joins them to talk about the just ok movie, based on the AMAZING book, World War Z. The boys develop not one, not two, but three whole new movie franchises out of one book. Come on Hollywood! We're right here waiting for you! Be sure to rate and subscribe on Apple Podcasts. Have a great idea for a Flick to Fix? Email us at to be on the show! Seriously, you should listen to...


Ep 69 - Armageddon RERUN

It's summer time here at the Detective Agency and the boys are off getting some rest and relaxation, so we brought back one of our favorites from the Fix A Flick catalogue - "Armagedon" with Kate and Murda from There Will Be Porn Since they were on the show Kate and Murda went on to found More Banana Productions and Kill Room Studios. Based in Brooklyn, More Banana was founded in early 2018 as a response to a gap in the podcasting world. This gap was twofold: a noticeable lack of women...


Ep. 68- Godzilla (1998)

It’s July, which we all know is Roland Emmerich month. The boys have their first podcast apart and welcome to the detective agency Amanda Kusek (Insta @cheapcourage) of the Show Me Yours podcast to talk about their favorite 20 story lizard- Godzilla. Be sure to visit our friends: @showmeyourspod @giveit5


Ep. 67- Masters of the Universe (1987)

What a masterful episode! Old friends Matt and Frank are back with a brand new podcast in tow. This hybrid episode of the brand new Give it 5 Podcast and Fix-a-Flick is worthy of only one powerful movie- Masters of the Universe (1987). Be sure to check out Matt and Frank's podcast "Give it 5". Check it here! And check them out on Facebook and Instagram


Ep. 66- Broken Arrow (1996)

The good doctor Matt Zimmerman is back to bring us a fix for this mid 90’s classic action flick. Check it out as the boys and Dr. Matt dismantle the nuclear threat that is Broken Arrow. Be sure to give Dr. Matt a follow on insta @manhattanbodyworks


Ep. 65 - Mrs Doubtfire (1993) w/ Rob Schulte and Brittany High

It’s not halloween, but Rob Schulte and Brittany High from the Pumpkin Spice Podcast and the TV Show Show Podcast are here to pull the mask off of Mrs. Doubtfire (1993). The gang takes a stroll down memory lane and finds that a lot of Mrs. Doubtfire would not make it to the big screen in 2019, but they have some great ideas on how to update the classic comedy. This month we celebrate the release of "Randy: The Full and Complete Audio Memoir of the Amazing Life of Randy S.!" out now on...


Ep. 64 - Boogie Nights (1997) w/ Mike Sacks

What have the boys gotten themselves into this week? Special guest Mike Sacks is on to discuss the movie that made PT Anderson and the good and the bad of this classic film. Come get sexy with us, won’t you? This month we celebrate the release of "Randy: The Full and Complete Audio Memoir of the Amazing Life of Randy S.!" out now on Stitcher Premium. Use the offer code RANDY for a free month of Sitcher Premium and check out the show. Mike Sacks wrote the show, and best friend of the show...


Ep. 63 - The Man in the Iron Mask (1998)

All for one and none for this movie! The Man in the Iron Mask is an epic tale that falls short of its promise to reunite the Musketeers to once again save the French Monarchy. Guest Tom Quirk is on to dismantle this beloved film of his youth and make something better than the sum of its parts. En gardè! Subscribè! Give Tom a follow on his Instagram @quirkaderk


Ep. 62- Dungeons & Dragons (2000)

No fooling- we have a fun episode for April 1st! Joey Simpson (aka Polius Plays )is back to Skype with Peter and Connor about a guilty pleasure movie for many geeks: Dungeons & Dragons (2000). Bust out your dice and make sure your character sheet is up to date, this one gets real nerdy real fast. Be sure to check out Joey’s Youtube channel here:


Ep. 61 - Jaws 2 (1978)

The boys need a bigger boat! Frank Hanley is back on the podcast to fix Jaws 2! How can the sequel to one of the best movies ever made be so... mediocre? Fire up the USS FlickFix because we are going hunting for our great white! Check out Frank and Amanda's podcast!


Ep. 60 - White Christmas (1954)

Christmas in March? Not quite! The boys welcome friend of the show Cameran Hebb and Connor faces existential dread of fixing a treasured childhood movie. Pour some off season nog and enjoy! Cameran Hebb is an actor and stand-up comedian who writes things. She’s been on AXS TV’s “Gotham Comedy Live” and just debuted her solo character show, “Is 2019 Still the Year of the Woman?” Follow her on the insta @cameranhebb and her website She doesn’t really tweet yet because she likes...


Ep. 59. Kong Skull: Island (2017)

Connor and Peter monkey around with new friend of the pod Ronan Babbitt as they fix the revamped King Kong and the larger MonsterVerse!


Ep. 58 - Tiptoes (2003)

Did you miss us?? Fresh off their January hiatus Connor and Peter are back and better than ever with friend of the show Mike Sause to talk about one of the worst movies they have fixed on this show- Tip Toes (2003). Seriously, who thought this was a good idea? Be sure to rate and subscribe on Apple Podcasts. Have a great idea for a flick to fix? Email us at to be on the show!


Happy 2019!

Peter brings a special announcement to you and all the Fix A Flick family. We're taking January off to get some special shows read for you.


Ep. 57 - El Camino Christmas (2017)

It’s the most coziest time of the year! Peter and Connor sit down next to a roaring fire with an ice cold glass of egg nog that may or may not have a pour or two of bourbon in it to try to sort through the 2017 Netflix movie El Camino Christmas. Pour a nog of your own and have a great holiday season Fix-a-Flickers!


Ep. 56 - Waterworld (1995)

Best friend of the pod, Peter Stults, is back in the detective agency talking about the 1995 "classic" Waterworld. Can Peter and the boys find a diamond in the famously rough sci-fi epic? Go check out Peter's wonderful work here! And buy some of it!