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We dish everything nerd culture, from Marvel to Star Wars, and Harry Potter to video games!

We dish everything nerd culture, from Marvel to Star Wars, and Harry Potter to video games!
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We dish everything nerd culture, from Marvel to Star Wars, and Harry Potter to video games!




Avengers Endgame and Daycare's at Theaters

Hello everyone and thank you so much for listening to the Footlong Pony Podcast! Today we are talking about Avengers Endgame and the upcoming Spider-Man sequel. Also through our experience watching Endgame we ponder why anyone would ever bring their baby into a movie theater and why theaters should invest in daycare's. We are also talking about the IT 2 trailer and how awesome both Bill Skarsgard and Bill Hader are at their crafts. Also weird food combos


May the 4th Be With You- A Star Wars Celebration Podcast

In this episode we are celebrating Star Wars day by talking, uh, Star Wars! We have our resident Star Wars expert, Paul, as our guest this week as we dish about the Episode 9 trailer, the new Jedi Fallen Order video game, and give our best and worst movies. Later we dish new movies that are coming out and what is the big deal with the female nipple.


Impact of Social Media and Butthole Nicknames

In this episode Rob starts us off with a lackluster Barney the Dinosaur impression and then it's off to the races! We talk our earliest memories and it turns out that all of them are kind of traumatic. We discuss the impending AEW TV deal and good things happening for the promotion. We talk about how social interactions have changed since the takeover of social media and we rag on Mitch for his thirstyness on social media platforms. We dish on nicknames for a butthole and what music we...


The Definitive Marvel Movie Ranking

With Avengers Endgame on the way it's time to take a look back at the last decade plus of MCU movies and give our rankings of all 21 films that have led us to this moment. Sit back and listen and give us your rankings!


Probably The Most Accurate NFL Top 10 Mock Draft

In this episode we are using our NFL draft expertise and giving you what will probably be the most accurate top 10 mock draft this year. We are each giving our picks plus a few big names who might have fallen outside of the top 10 tier. We are also giving our predictions for our own favorite teams being the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Chargers. Also we are talking about when the Phoenix Cardinals and Coyotes became the Arizona Cardinals and Coyotes. Also please forgive the weird...


Disney Streaming Service and Winnie The Pooh Impressions

In this episode of the Footlong Pony Podcast Mitch joins us as we break down some awesome science discoveries recently, talking about possible new homo sapiens species and photos of black holes. We talk about if Netflix TV shows are way better than their original movies. Nate breaks down the Marvel TV side of the Disney streaming service and we talk about DC and their new and possibly bright future of movies and great history of animated features. We debate Pink Belly vs Purple Nurple's...


NFL Draft Strategies For Our Favorite Teams and Soda vs. Pop vs Coke

in this episode we are talking strategies for drafting our favorite NFL teams. Going over what we perceive to be our teams biggest needs of concern this year. We go over the average NFL retirement age and how it will probably only continue to increase as the years go on. We debate Hall of Fame credentials for players like Julian Edelman and Eli Manning and if their postseason success is enough to get them in the Hall or not. We also try to figure out what the hell is going on with...


The Best Wrestlemania Podcast Ever

In this episode we are going over the great grandaddy of them all, Wrestlemania! We are talking about the most "Boss" move when standing at a urinal and our special guest Andy starts us off with some godd/bad band names and Robby wants you to tell him which rap name to pick. Meaghan shares stories about her times going to the Warped Tour and how much it changed from the first time to the last time. Then we dive into the wrestling as we give you our most interesting matches of the night...


NFL Rule Changes and Nathan Wants A Job Scaring Children

Hello everybody and thanks so much for checking out the Footlong Pony Podcast. In this episode we are telling some stories about sneaking out as a kid, trying to hide being high around our parents, and some stories about being just a little bit too drunk. We cover the NFL rule changes and through Nathan's own mistake we talk about the legacy of Michael Vick. We also ask the question everyone wants to know about Harry Potter and that is "Is wand size related to dick size?"


Superhero March Madness Pt 2

Welcome back to the Footlong Pony Podcast and thank you so much for listening to pt 2 of our superhero tournament. If you haven't heard part 1 make sure you check that out. We pick up with round 2 and go all the way to the championship as we put our knowledge of these heroes and villains to the test and see who would win in a battle to the death. Make sure to let us know who YOU thought would have and should have won these match ups.


Superhero March Madness Tournament

This is the first ever Superhero March Madness Tournament! We randomly selected and placed 32 of everyone's favorite comic book heroes and put them head to head in a battle to the finish. We each give our opinions on who would win the match ups and the one with the most votes wins the battle and moves on to the next round. Let us know who YOU think would/ should have won and please rate the show!


Best Cartoons Of Our Childhood

Want to know what the best cartoons of the 90's were? We discuss Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Sailor Moon, Spider-Man, Avatar the Last Airbender and many many more. In this episode of the Footlong Pony Podcast we let you know! Mitch joins us as he lends his unique perspective as we cover everything from the golden age of animation to content airing right now. We also go over some things we are watching on Netflix and Hulu. Thanks as always for listening! Please comment, and rate the...


Feeling Guilty For Liking Marvel Movies and Is PBR Hipster Beer?

This week we are asking when did PBR become a hipster beer? We get into a few of our favorite actors, and talk about feeling guilty for liking Marvel comic book characters because of the movies that we didn't like when we were kids.