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Freaking Comedy - Episode 20 - Kate Quigley and Jack Assadourian

Doug is joined, in studio, by Kate Quigley and Jack Assadourian. They discuss Valentines Day, plastic surgery, who doesn't want to be there and, of course, the art of comedy.


Freaking Comedy - Episode 19 - Derek Sheen and Clara Pluton

Derek and Clara were in town to perform at The Blue Room Comedy Club last weekend and sat down with Doug to have just the most fun interview. They riff, they skiff and they let it all hang out!


Freaking Comedy - Episode 18 - Todd Glass

Comedian extraordinaire Todd Glass joins Doug IN STUDIO, to talk about a great number of things: Old Comedy Central stand-up shows, classic comedians and what they'd be like today, the charm of Springfield, and so, so much more. This one is a can't miss!


Freaking Comedy - Episode 17 - Kurt Metzger

Kurt Metzger calls in with Doug to discuss Baja Fresh, working on a pilot, and having lunch! Get tickets HERE!


Freaking Comedy - Episode 16 - Bret Ernst

Bret calls in and talks to Doug about gambling, travelling and comedy on the no-coast! Get tickets to go see Bret HERE.


Freaking Comedy - Episode 15 - Darren Carter

Comedian Darren Carter calls in to talk to Doug about Los Angeles landmarks, regional fast food (lots of talk about that), and what is, in fact, the deal with planes!?


Freaking Comedy - Episode 14 - Mary Mack

Mary Mack sits down with Doug to discuss such things as breathing, dogs and In-n-Out!


Freaking Comedy - Episode 13 - Nancy Norton

Doug talks with Nancy Norton. Together, they discuss the ins-and-outs of comedy, Denver comedians and she follows through on getting Doug that cassette tape!


Freaking Comedy - Episode Twelve - Sean Patton

Doug has a phone call with Sean Patton. They discuss they're "long history" together, mutual friends and coincidences and bad decisions in Los Angeles in your twenties.


Freaking Comedy - Episode Eleven - ISMO

Doug talks to Finnish comedian ISMO about the comedy scene in Finland, why you shouldn't learn Finnish, and being on Conan!


Freaking Comedy - Episode Ten - Ricky Velez

Doug interviews Ricky Velez, who's coming to The Blue Room comedy club this weekend. For tickets, click HERE.


Freaking Comedy - Episode Nine - Kenny Deforest

Doug sits down with former Springfield resident Kenny Deforest to discuss comedy in Springfield, travelling and everything in between. Kenny will be in town this weekend at The Blue Room. You can get tickets HERE.


Freaking Comedy - Episode Eight - Road Dog with Nick Griffin

Doug talks with Nick Griffin, who will be at The Blue Room Comedy Club this weekend. Together they talk about starting out in comedy, the best ways to grow as a performer, and laying the groundwork for future success, as well as starting comedy during a bubble.


Freaking Comedy - Episode Seven - Places That Used to Be

Billy Wayne Davis is coming in to The Blue Room Comedy Club this weekend, so he calls in to talk to Doug about comedy. Lots of comedy talk in this one. PLUS! Doug asks questions! Get your tickets to Billy Wayne Davis at the Blue Room HERE.


Freaking Comedy - Episode Six - The Grind with Emma Willman

Emma Willman will be at The Blue Room Comedy Club this weekend, so she sits down to talk to Doug on the phone about doing comedy on the coasts, the benefits of doing comedy in the Midwest, and taking significant others to open mics (don't do it). You can buy tickets to see Emma this…


Freaking Comedy - Episode Five - The Godfather of the Blue Room with Tim Northern

Tim Northern joins Doug to talk about comedy, frequent trips to Springfield, hypothetical fights and fun stops along the way. Tim will be at The Blue Room Comedy Club this weekend. For tickets and information, click HERE.


Freaking Comedy - Episode Four - Brown Sugar with A.J. Finney

In this episode, Doug and AJ, who are old friends, catch up, talk VW Buses, watching wrestling in Arkansas, AJ's comedy history, Springfield's comedy history, exactly what an "open mic" is for in comedy, stand-up comedy theory, and A.J.'s visit to the Blue Room this weekend.


Freaking Comedy - Episode Three - Working That Grit with Vladimir Caamano

In this episode of Freaking Comedy, Doug is joined by bi-coastal comic Vladimir Caamano. They discuss things to do in Springfield, different places they've lived in Los Angeles, growing up in a small Midwestern town vs. growing up in New York, and so much more! Vladimir will be in town this weekend at The Blue Room…


Freaking Comedy! - Episode Two - Respect with Carmen Morales

In this episode of Freaking Comedy, Doug is joined by West Coast comic Carmen Morales. They discuss LA, comedy, getting started in Florida, common friends, shorts on stage or no shorts on stage, and play The Sliders game! Carmen will be in town this weekend at The Blue Room Comedy Club. Click HERE for ticket information and details.…


Freaking Comedy – Episode One – Old Ceramic Duck with Dusty Slay

Doug is joined on the inaugural podcast by Dusty Slay! Dusty and Doug talk about the origin of their careers in comedy, bad improv team names, promoting shows, Facebook invites, how being on The Tonight Show effects audience attendance, Dusty being a club-clean act, the new Muppet Babies, raising children in the iPad age, the…