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FOTS 69 – @Jessokfine Returns (Nice!)

What can I say about this week’s friend, she’s the best! She was the very first Friend of the Show before I even knew what the show was, and she helped co-hosting one of the Christmas Spectacular best of episodes, and has been a great friend to myself and so many of us in the … Continue reading "FOTS 69 – @Jessokfine Returns (Nice!)"


FOTS 68 – @2Saddington (Hayley + Paddington)

This week’s Friend is a very funny tweeter who has memed some great memes, and this person also loves Paddington Bear. I am so very happy that she’s on the podcast this week, it’s Hayley! Welcome! THE MEMES! Questions from Twitter! FROM THE DM’s! Hayley/Nephew, What is your favorite tweet of all time (If … Continue reading "FOTS 68 – @2Saddington (Hayley + Paddington)"


FOTS 67 @oldmanweldon and the 2019 NBA Champion Toronto Raptors

This weeks friend is someone I have been following on Twitter since I first started following funny people, found out about him from the canadian comedy twitter scene, but he isn’t in Canada anymore of course- he moved from Calgary to LA to do comedy and he’s doing it very funny! Also, he didn’t like … Continue reading "FOTS 67 @oldmanweldon and the 2019 NBA Champion Toronto Raptors"


FOTS 66 @BrandonHackett and the technical difficulties

This week’s Friend is a very funny writer and performer who has been acting and teaching / performing improv for over a decade! We have been pals on Twitter for quite a long time and he’s very nice and cool! Brandon has appeared on Canadian comedy TV institution This Hr Has 22 minutes and PBS’ … Continue reading "FOTS 66 @BrandonHackett and the technical difficulties"


FOTS 65 @GavinLBS inspirational af

This weeks friend is a very funny comedy performer and actor who has appeared in such things as The Boys and Working Moms and that time I saw him do stand up at a house in Hamilton- it’s @GavinLBS on Twitter that means Gavin Pounds! After moving from Barrie, u met sketch group, Dame Judy … Continue reading "FOTS 65 @GavinLBS inspirational af"


FOTS 64 @WhaJoTalkinBout twirls!

Oh hot diggity! This week’s friend is one of the funniest on twitter and has been doing it for years! She’s a super mario 2 loving mom from Georgia- and a cornerstone of the joke twitter community. I gave her a favstar trophy in 2016 so you KNOW we go way back and I’m so … Continue reading "FOTS 64 @WhaJoTalkinBout twirls!"


FOTS 63 @internetlauren and the Cavern of Secrets

This week’s friend is a feminist and comedian from toronto and has been a twitter acquaintance of mine for many years, very funny and good on twitter, a good writer and podcast host and interviewer herself I always wanted to talk to her it’s Lauren Mitchell @internetlauren Check out her podcast Cavern of Secrets! … Continue reading "FOTS 63 @internetlauren and the Cavern of Secrets"


FOTS 62 @djmausner does it all

This week’s friend is a very funny- I’m talkin’ award winningly funny stand-up, sketch and improv comedian who has recently moved to LA to continue being hilarious but in nicer weather. I am very excited to have her on the podcast, it’s @djmausner! Podcast – The Experts THE JFL SAGA from co-winning JFL homegrown … Continue reading "FOTS 62 @djmausner does it all"


FOTS 61 @maisondecris Return of Maison

This week’s guest really needs no introduction she has been a friend of the show and was so great to help me with the year end best of episodes and is such a lovely person and I am so lucky to be able to chat with her again, it’s friggin Maison P @maisondecris! Questions from … Continue reading "FOTS 61 @maisondecris Return of Maison"


FOTS 60 @House_Feminist

This week’s friend is a great combo of LOVELY and HILARIOUS who is a member of a powerful coven of Twitter mavens, I have known her on Twitter for a whiles now and it’s safe to say that she is one of those beloved people, with great energy and truly good vibes so lets give … Continue reading "FOTS 60 @House_Feminist"


FOTS 59 @YuckyTom keepin’ it 150

This week’s friend is what we call “handsome” in the classical sense, and hilarious in the classical sense, his taste in music is great, I know this because we recently discovered we have the same seminal album. That’s when I knew I had to talk to this guy, and find out what ELSE we have … Continue reading "FOTS 59 @YuckyTom keepin’ it 150"


FOTS 58 @curlycomedy Nailed It!

This week’s friend is a very funny actress, comedian and writer seen on Comedy Central, NBC, TBS, who lives in the BIG APPLE NEW YORK CITY, she’s a working mom and so nice online, follow her on twitter and Instagram at @curlycomedy (and MORE!) it’s Abbi Crutchfield! Questions from Twitter Thanks Abbi! Check her out … Continue reading "FOTS 58 @curlycomedy Nailed It!"


FOTS 57 @behindyourback says TAX THE RICH!

This week’s friend is a not only a cool journalist and writer and really great Twitter user but also Executive Director of the TAX MARCH! Who not only has important things to say but a has a great way of sparking important discussion and also does very funny jokes and is nice- it’s @behindyourback Maura … Continue reading "FOTS 57 @behindyourback says TAX THE RICH!"


FOTS 56 – @aligarchy on everything

This week’s friend is a very nice and funny TV Writer Ali Garfinkel @aligarchy on Twitter, we talk about how she locked up that cool handle, what it’s like working in the worlds of Television and working as a Video game tester, as well as how she produced a podcast starring some very fine actors- … Continue reading "FOTS 56 – @aligarchy on everything"


FOTS 55 – @LlamaInATux vs Peppa Pig

It’s Llama in a Tux! (Kevin)! This week’s friend of the show is a writer and performer who has traveled all across Canada performing plays with a troupe of actors, and also has been a great supporter of the podcast since it started and I really appreciate that! They are also very funny on Twitter … Continue reading "FOTS 55 – @LlamaInATux vs Peppa Pig"


FOTS 54 – @thecassiecao is making it!

This comedian and actress from Toronto is great and everything I like in a friend of the show, smart, hilarious, nice & sweet all rolled into a bundle of fun, it’s Cassie Cao! @thecassiecao on Twitter and Instagram the same, really great on both! Everyone go check out Cassie online and LIVE in a city … Continue reading "FOTS 54 – @thecassiecao is making it!"


FOTS 53 – @sug_knight RETURNS!

The second episode, the first return guest, a friend of the show so nice we had to podcast her twice! It’s @sug_knight! We have a great time as always chatting about subreddits, Utah Celebs, The Fire at Notre Dame, MLM’s and so much more! This episode sponsored by The Barefoot Alliance. Questions From Twitter … Continue reading "FOTS 53 – @sug_knight RETURNS!"


FOTS 52 – SEASON TWO PREMIERE w/ @singwithTaffy

Friends of the Show is back for an all new season! This first episode is a super-sized delight with YouTube singing sensation and lovely and hilarious Taffy Bennington! We talk about how she collaborates to make her funny and wild internet song videos, how making friends online has enriched her life and of course we … Continue reading "FOTS 52 – SEASON TWO PREMIERE w/ @singwithTaffy"


Holiday Special – Episode Four with @markedly

Friends of the Show Holiday Special Episode Four with @markedly Featuring Clips from Friends of the Show @CaptainKalvis @Malt_Skull @SarahJoyShockey @Dave_Cactus @BlaineCapatch @Pstamato @Ygrene @AndrewNadeau0 Thanks to everyone who listened to the show! Send a note to @FOTSPod on Twitter! Stay Tuned for Something New in 2019! Steven


Holiday Special – Episode Three with @trojansauce

Friends of the Show Holiday Special Episode Three with @trojansauce! Featuring Clips from: @RockyMomax @IsabelZawtun @flaccidumbrella @OneTrickTofani @Markedly @MikeBigby @LeBearGirdle @SteveVSNinjas