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Thank you for listening! Follow me on Twitter @SkinnerSteven

Thank you for listening! Follow me on Twitter @SkinnerSteven
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Thank you for listening! Follow me on Twitter @SkinnerSteven






FOTS 46 @kyleidavidson Cousin of the Show

Friends of the Show 46 with @kyleidavidson “Nothing very very good, or very very bad, lasts for very very long” – Douglas Coupland This week’s guest has been involved in the podcast since well before day 1, and I have known him his whole life- he is the creator of the theme we just heard, … Continue reading "FOTS 46 @kyleidavidson Cousin of the Show"


FOTS 45 @RockyMomax throwin’ knives

Friends of the Show Episode 45 with @RockyMomax “I don’t know what’s gonna happen, man, but I wanna have My kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames” -Jim Morrison Rob is a fun and wild twitter jokester who enjoys saving lives in his non-tweeting time. He is a florida surfin’ party dude and … Continue reading "FOTS 45 @RockyMomax throwin’ knives"


FOTS 44 @TheToddWilliams and Sumo the Cat

Friends of the Show Episode 44 with @TheToddWilliams Infant Joy I have no name I am but two days old.— What shall I call thee? I happy am Joy is my name,— Sweet joy befall thee! – William Blake Todd is a great and very funny and prolific twitter joke writer, who also happens to … Continue reading "FOTS 44 @TheToddWilliams and Sumo the Cat"


FOTS 43 @BlaineCapatch just having fun

Friends of the Show 43 with @BlaineCapatch! “Always have fun. if you don’t have fun and the audience hates you, then nobody had fun.” – bill hicks Blaine Capatch is a stand up, a comedian of comedy, TV writer and performer who has written on a lot of cool shows like MadTV in the 90’s … Continue reading "FOTS 43 @BlaineCapatch just having fun"


FOTS 42 @NickNemeroff and Butter the cat

Friends of the Show Episode 42 with @NickNemeroff “It’s a funny thing being in a punk band, sometimes you have to turn your back on a soda you really love” – Patrick Stickles, of Titus Andronicus Nick is a comedian originally from Montreal currently based out of Toronto- and one of my favourites to follow … Continue reading "FOTS 42 @NickNemeroff and Butter the cat"


FOTS 41 @JhanelleDennis talks to the Biebs

Friends of the Show Episode 41 with @JhanelleDennis Jhanelle is a very funny and nice comedy performer who has great energy on stage- I have seen her perform and it was always great! Check out her Comedy Rap Album on iTunes “That they were the worst musicians in the world. They were no-playing motherfuckers. Paul … Continue reading "FOTS 41 @JhanelleDennis talks to the Biebs"


FOTS 40 @Ygrene has Energy

Friends of the Show Episode 40 with @Ygrene! “Chance favors the prepared mind” – Louis Pasteur and also a bad guy in the Steven Segal classic Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (Bad Guy – Travis Dane played by Eric Bogosian) Billy is one of the funniest and also nicest folks who do jokes on Twitter, … Continue reading "FOTS 40 @Ygrene has Energy"


FOTS 39 @DarrenDSpringer’s Five Celebrity Wives

Friends of the Show episode 39 with Darren Springer @DarrenDSpringer “You can never quarantine the past.” (Pavement, “Gold Soundz”) Darren is a funny and nice comedian from Toronto, whom I met around the Toronto comedy scene, for Darren lives comedy, he does funny writing, great articles for CBC Comedy, hilarious Facebook status updates and tweets, … Continue reading "FOTS 39 @DarrenDSpringer’s Five Celebrity Wives"


FOTS 38 Ben @benicus_rex and the Robots

Friends of the Show Episode 38 with Ben @benicus_rex “Therefore / We now ask you, the actors / Of our time – a time of changes and of boundless mastery / Of all nature, even men’s own – at last / To change yourselves and show us mankind’s world / As it really is: made … Continue reading "FOTS 38 Ben @benicus_rex and the Robots"


FOTS 37 @Dave_Cactus and the sign

Friends of the Show Episode 37 with Dave @Dave_Cactus! “Who controls the past Controls the future Who controls the present Controls the past” Oceania Tis for Thee What can we say about Dave Cactus? A Truly nice and great person whom loves to joke online. This guy does it all and is a great friend … Continue reading "FOTS 37 @Dave_Cactus and the sign"


FOTS 36 @LeBearGirdle Penguin Pal

Friends of the Show Episode 36 with Brandan @LeBearGirdle “A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.” -Steve Martin Brandan is a very funny and nice twitter jokester, he has created some of the funniest tweets in recent memory and if you listened to the Hoppers episode you heard us read one of those … Continue reading "FOTS 36 @LeBearGirdle Penguin Pal"


FOTS 35 @SteveVsNinjas the outdoorsman adventurer

Friends of the Show episode 35 with @SteveVSNinjas “Later, he was to decide that Andrew’s life had been fractally weird. That is, you could take any small piece of it and examine it in detail and it, in and of itself, would turn out to be just as complicated and weird as the whole thing … Continue reading "FOTS 35 @SteveVsNinjas the outdoorsman adventurer"


FOTS 34 @IsabelZawtun Fashionably fun

Friends of the Show Episode 34 with Isabel @IsabelZawtun “No me dejen morir así, digan que dije algo” – Pancho Villa (Do not let me die like this. Tell them I said something.) Very interesting and cool life story so far Cool Artwork and drawing tweets Badboy_Bacon @Badboy_Bacon @Markydoodoo Cool fashion n comedy – ‘Hack … Continue reading "FOTS 34 @IsabelZawtun Fashionably fun"


FOTS 33 @FrogAvalanche the absentminded rascal

Friends of the Show Episode 33 with Hoppers @FrogAvalanche “—Yet when we came back, late, from the Hyacinth garden, Yours arms full, and your hair wet, I could not Speak, and my eyes failed, I was neither Living nor dead, and I knew nothing, Looking into the heart of light, the silence.” – T. S. … Continue reading "FOTS 33 @FrogAvalanche the absentminded rascal"


FOTS 32 @FeelingEuphoric and her ukuleles!

Friends of the Show Episode 32 with Madeline @FeelingEuphoric “And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” -Sylvia Plath; The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath Madeline is a very lovely person who … Continue reading "FOTS 32 @FeelingEuphoric and her ukuleles!"


FOTS 31 @NamestartswithZ and the Torn conspiracy

Friends of the show Episode 31 with Zach @NamestartswithZ “Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today, it’s already tomorrow in Australia” -Charles Schulz Zach is a very cool young fun dude who does funny tweets online and is a good guy! I am very happy to have him joining me this week. … Continue reading "FOTS 31 @NamestartswithZ and the Torn conspiracy"


FOTS 30 @AndrewNadeau0 vs the attic

Friends of the Show Episode 30 with Andrew Nadeau @AndrewNadeau0 “If you’re dumb, surround yourself with smart people. If you’re smart, surround yourself with smart people who disagree with you.” – Aaron Sorkin (on his show Sports Night) Andrew is an exceptionally funny tweeter and person! Currently out of Chicago, one of the funnier cities … Continue reading "FOTS 30 @AndrewNadeau0 vs the attic"


FOTS 29 @maisonshouting and badass needlepoint

Friends of the Show episode 29 with Maison Piedfort @Maisonshouting “I get up. I walk. I fall down. Meanwhile, I keep dancing.” — Daniel Hillel Maison is a talented and funny writer and artist, dabbling in many forms of media and doing lots of very fun things, you can check out all her writing and … Continue reading "FOTS 29 @maisonshouting and badass needlepoint"


FOTS 28 @theflans punk rock comedian

Friends of the show 20 with Nick @theflans Flanagan “I eat so many shrimp, I get iodine poisoning” – Pimp C, Sippin’ On Some Syrup Nick Flanagan is a multi-talented and very funny human this guy does it all, I am talking writer, actor, comedian, punk rock frontman, he is also a podcast co-host, nice … Continue reading "FOTS 28 @theflans punk rock comedian"


FOTS 27 @panmidwest is very nice indeed

Friends of the Show episode 27 with Kevin @panmidwest! “One doesn’t realize in early life that the price of freedom is loneliness. To be happy is to be tied.” -C.S. Lewis in The Collected Letters of C.S. Lewis, Volume 3: Narnia, Cambridge, and Joy Kevin is a very funny twitter fellow and nice person! He … Continue reading "FOTS 27 @panmidwest is very nice indeed"


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