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Episode 32 - Fat Dreams

We’re back for 2019! Tim has been watching Rambo due to being influenced by Instagram, a possible 5 film in the franchise and a possible Brian Dennehy review season. Rob is having some serious issues with his weight after the last Instagram post and he’s losing sleep over it and how much does Tim pay to park at a wedding!? Tim has started watching the whole Marvel film series in order, Rob watches the Bros documentary ‘After The Screaming Stops’ on BBC iPlayer (Bros are an 80’s pop group,...


Episode 31- Dogs Licking Cliff

We're in full seasonal mode here at FUTT Podcast HQ and Rob has a theory on Cliff Richard and his secret son whilst Tim owns up to seeing his in concert, Marco is poisoning Tim and his family which is why he is constantly ill; Rob goes to see Def Leppard in Sheffield all by himself and finds the best male toilet in the UK. Tim is watching ‘Haunting of Hill House’ and ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ and Rob watches ‘Sunderland Till I Die’ on Netflix whilst in the news we have Drone issues...


Episode 30 - Dan

This week Tim’s dad has a birthday party and we meet Dan (who puts Marco in the shade), Rob finds himself at the Bingo on a Friday night and also a police chase that never happened. We have a spoiler free talk about The Predator which is directed and co-written by Shane Black who was in the original film, The Avengers: End Game Trailer and also Venom featuring Tom Hardy. In the news a man dies as his lady friend smothers him with her body, a man coughs something up and Tim brings sexy...


Episode 29 - Midnight Glory

This week Rob goes to see Ralph Breaks The Internet in cinemas and the kids love the YouTube cameos, Tim’s son bangs his head, Bradford Illuminations and his sons worrying use of Talc. Tim has a ghost update for us all and gets creeped out in the middle of the night, he also brings news on a 7 year old YouTube star who reviews toys, LA based musician Threatin’ tours the UK but all is not what it seems and is Les Dennis a graffiti artist? Rob brings another Beat The Intro Quiz for everyone...


Episode 28 - Lost Children of Nightmare

This week we start to talk about gaming as Tim is trying to get his game ready for XBOX, we bring up GTA Vice City, Roblox, Minecraft and Battlefield V, Rob’s son finds a mud slide before school, the loudest clock in the world during a meeting and Tim asks for Mince Pie recipe’s. Rob watches Cam on Netflix and hopes nobody catches him watching it, that leads us to Nymphomaniac Vol.1 & 2. Daredevil on Netflix gets cancelled are Marvel starting their own streaming service? We demand that...


Episode 27 - #MeTooTall

This week Tim knows everything about the ladies at the Soft Play centre and breaks the news to Rob that dogs see with their noses whilst Rob finds it hard to be tall on the school run and is getting clumsier by the day. We discuss Def Leppard as they have done a new track for Christmas, Amazon are trying to ruin Christmas, Once Upon A Deadpool and the end of Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead. In news, a shopping centre has to issue an apology for the Polar Bear Christmas display, a pilot...


Episode 26 - In The Bushes

In this weeks episode Rob and Tim remember finding mucky magazines at the train station, Marco has a cold, Tim drops his child off at an empty day care centre and an important update on Rob's stair lift. Rob has problems with Deliveroo and Burger King, the sad passing of Stan Lee, Charlie Austin feels robbed in the football and how many people still watch Black and White TV? In this weeks news a teacher shows the wrong video in class and an armoured vehicle falls to earth in North...


Episode 25 - Is That Burt Reynolds?

This week Rob takes his son out on Halloween, Noddy Holder gears up for the festive season whilst Tim watches The Snowman already and has magic glasses on. We discuss angry tweets about airlines, how Marco bathes Tim, the Avatar sequels and Terminator 3 is not Terminator 6 (it’s upsetting Rob). In the news we discover how much money a woman can make by selling shoes and socks to foot fetishists, Kurt Russell and Tim’s missus plus a scientist who loses his sh*t in Antarctica. Rob has made...


Episode 24 - Pass The Parcel

This week we remember when Tim made a hole in the wall and hid it with an Alien movie poster, Rob carves some pumpkins for Halloween with his kids and takes them to see Goosebumps 2 at the cinema and How long does it take to empty your pipes, according to scientists? We discuss how our history lessons at school were terrible and we get distracted by ‘No Pants Man’, Rob watches ‘Inside No.9 Live’ on BBC iPlayer whilst Tim caught the latest Doctor Who. We bring news of Piercings being...


Episode 23 - The Kit Kat Approach

This week Tim and Rob took a trip to the cinema this week to see the new Halloween film and the have been on the Marc Jeffrey Podcast Show too; Rob get his wrist operation done for the 2 time, we find a Bee Gees vs AC/DC mash up online and showcase The Slashstreet Boys performing “I’ll Kill You That Way” and is Tim secretly engaged to be married?? We bring news of a man who tries to have sex with a car, divorce over Google Maps, fancy dress limitations at Kent University and were any of the...


Episode 22 - Countryfile With Swords

This week we update you on Strictly (as we are now totally hooked) whilst Rob’s wife tries to spoil everything for him before the results are released; Rob also enlightens Tim as to what the X-Factor Six Chair Challenge is. Rob celebrates his 10 wedding anniversary and sells his car! We talk about some horror films (Scream 4, the Halloween sequels, Alien films) as we are nearing the Halloween season. Also mentioned are Game of Thrones, Ozark, Ready Player One, Kenny Dalglish autographs,...


Episode 21 - I'll Do It In A Phonebox

This week Tim fills us in on the Seann & Katya situation in Strictly Come Dancing, Rob's doing the school run and is having problems with a stairlift, we talk about a couple in Dublin who have missed their Ryanair flight and an advertising campaign in the University of Surrey. We play another round of our Beat The Intro quiz (49mins) which Rob has put supplied and Leo Sayer nearly gets in on the act (but not this time Leo, sorry) then we stop to talk about the 1996 Wes Craven and Kevin...


Episode 20 - A Camp Bear Suit

This week, now that Tim is back in the country and refreshed, we can talk about the sad loss of Chas from 'Chas & Dave' and also Jeffrey from the popular kids TV show 'Rainbow', Rob hears Kylie & Jason for the first time in years, Tim has an update on his house ghost and we ask are Linda Hamilton and Jon Bon Jovi the same person? We go into Terminator 3 a little, Rob has news of an online scam involving iTunes gift cards and celebrities as well as everything else! We play another round of...


Episode 19 - The Gentle Smell

This week we say Happy Birthday to Tim as he celebrates his 40 birthday! We talk about Paul Flart’s internet success for posting his workplace farts online and remember a very embarrassing story about public toilets, Tim’s taken his son to nursery for the very first time and we hear ourselves in slow motion. We briefly talk about Roxanne Pallet on Celebrity Big Brother and the Emmerdale plane crash from the 90’s as well as the cancelling of The Big Bang Theory. Rob brings you his Beat The...


Episode 18 - Always VPN

This week Tim loses a weekend due to illness and has a story about Elvis whilst Rob comes across a cat crime scene in his conservatory and Burger King have no meat! We celebrate Michael Jackson’s 60 Birthday and follow the story of the alleged faked vocals on the posthumous tracks released by Sony. Rob’s got news of a public orgy in Cardiff, a married couple are doing it all wrong in China and much more. Rob has put together this weeks Beat The Intro quiz (which is a little easier to give...


Episode 17 - Constant Dread

We are back after a short break and Rob has been to Scotland where he had to be a proper Dad and tell some kids off, he finds a place that deep fries cheese burgers and goes over his Scottish check sheet. Tim has been to the hospital again with chest pains, we talk about CBeebies and Mr. Bloom; Rob discusses the worst films ever made, harsh reviews and “critical acclaim”. Rob watches The Blues Brothers for the first time ever and we applaud Aretha Franklin. Also The Meg, The Fast & Furious,...


Episode 16 - Don't Get Jealous Of Bernard

This week Rob has had an alcoholic drink for the first time in ages which then brings a few memories back for us including an old friend called Bernard and Tim’s old house being an electrical nightmare then Rob remembers an impromptu meet and great with Jonathan Davis of Korn. Tim talks about getting messy after hours at the local bars Jungle Gym for the adults and when we went to ‘Go Ape’. We give a huge congratulations to Master Debaters for hitting the #100 podcast. We have our Beat The...


Episode 15 - West Side Story With Cats

This week Rob’s had a birthday and has his carpets fitted on the same day whilst his sister Jane sends him pictures of cats on Facebook Messenger, we talk about visiting Granada Studios and Coronation Street when we were at school, is the slang term ‘Johnny’ a Yorkshire thing? ..and Tim thinks U2 sang Cotton Eye Joe. We bring news of a woman who urinates in the aisle of an aircraft in front of the passengers, an arrest made in Georgia decided by a coin toss and a penis so big it can be seen...


Episode 14 - Death Money

We are back now that the World Cup in Russia has come to an end so we talk about that and Wimbledon for a few minutes before Tim brings out another great Ghost story which will chill your bones, that sparks off a few strange stories from our past and Rob tells us what his wife though of 'Rampage' featuring Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Rob brings news of a rat stuck in an ATM in India and a missing woman turns up on a beach in Indonesia whilst Tim provides this weeks Beat The Intro Quiz! After...


Episode 13 - First Blood For Kids

This week Rob's son goes camping with Beavers and Rob's not bitter in the slightest, Tim watches 'Professional Bake Off' and just how brutal it is. We talk about how Taylor Swift failed to sell out stadiums in the UK, we're going to watch the England game in a bar and Tim's mum joins the live chat! Tim has tragic news of a woman who gets eaten whole by a snake, Rob tells of a house full of spiders and Akon is planning on building a real life Wakanda in Senegal. Our friend Lea Rice has...