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Episode 10: The 10th Episode

Gee willickers, folkerinos! We made it to 10 episodes! May not sound like much, but that's basically 10 more episodes than we've ever accomplished in the past. So I'd say it's a big deal. Today we have an exciting episode full of the same old shit you're used to by now. Gordon, as always, wants to speculate Marvel rumors. Tom Hardy is chosen to play Venom in what looks like a Sony project. Which obviously begs the question: will Venom make his way to the MCU in a Tom Holland Spider-Man...


Episode 5: The Advertiser-Friendly Episode

Welcome to episode 5 of GRR: A Podcast! Today we tackle the recent YouTube drama including the advertiser boycotts and the war with the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). Anyone ever notice WSJ is an anagram for SJW? Coincidence? I think not. As it turns out, many large YouTubers feel the same. And they are up in arms defending their videos and ousting the old media sharks. So, who will win the war? Old media or new media. Let the bloodbath begin! But not before we transition to some hot trends...


Episode 4: The Birthday Episode (Movie Trailers, Elon Musk, Islamophobia, and more!)

Welcome back to GRR: A Podcast. We’ve officially beaten our podcast record by completing our fourth installment! Because we’re winners you see. Today we talk about the wonderful world of movie trailers. We had an exciting week of trailers with such masterpieces as Spider-Man: Homecoming and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and a surprising entry with Velarian and the City of a Thousand Planets. But of course, with the good comes the bad. Although Rick disagrees, Gordon and I think Justice...


Episode 2: Nazi vs. Cuck- JonTron & Destiny Debate

In this episode, we discuss the debate between the obvious alt-right Nazi of YouTube JonTron, and the capitalist "dawg" himself, twitch streamer Destiny. We dig into the gritty details of each argument and circle jerk our way to a sound conclusion on the matter before moving on to Sargon's follow-up debate with the esteemed caster. Where I have some qualms with Destiny's economic policies. Moving on from the debates, did you know that a bunch of nuclear test footage was declassified and...


Episode 1: Should all comic book movies be like Logan?

In our inaugural episode, we discuss Logan and all its gory glory. We debate its rank among other X-Men and Marvel films, and if other properties could or should adopt this cinematic style. We also talk about George W. Bush's beautiful artwork, Vault 7, CIA hacking shit, and touch on a few things we just absolutely hate! It's a... decent episode, to say the least. And a pretty good one if you're a nerd or like listening to podcast virgins, to say the most. I guess you could say it's...