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Metal Gear Deepu | Kept You Waiting, Huh?

Deepu does a quick recording to see how everyone's been doing. After just participating in a 32 hour Metal Gear Solid Marathon by the Outer Haven Network on twitch, Deepu really wanted to talk some gaming. He talks about the marathon, an audition he had to become an official caster for Hearthstone (shocker) with a sample clip included. This podcast is also video. find Geeks Of New York on Youtube Be sure to follow Deepu at @R2Deepu on social media Also check out his new website for...


Star Wars BattleFront 2, Blade Runner 2049, Black Desert, and Cuphead

This week on Geeks Of New York: Deepu gets hired to play MMO's, so you get a lot of coverage this week. He tries out the Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta, Goes to see Blade Runner 2049 (no spoilers here. just go see it), as well as some Cuphead and Black Desert. Do you need to see Blade Runner 1 first? Probably. Is Cuphead Hard? No. Stop being a baby. Check out Deepu on twitch Follow him @R2deepu and the show @GeeksOfNewYork


Ep. 47 Game of Thrones Finale & Sports Game Story Modes w/ Dillon Stevenson | @GeeksOfNewYork

Comedian Dillon Stevenson joins to the geeks for another podcast on the rooftop. This week, the geeks talk about the crazy Game of Thrones finale, Deepu talks about his hatred for the story mode of Madden 18, and Oscar reports on a special DLC for Middle-earth: Shadow of War that some are considering to be a cash grab. * Subscribe - * Subscribe and Review on iTunes:...


Ep. 46 "Uncharted: Lost Legacy, Dragonball Fighter Z & Madden 18 w/ Neko White" | @GeeksOfNewYork

Comedian Neko White braves his fear of heights and joins the geeks on the rooftop. after a quick political talk, Oscar gives his thoughts on Uncharted: Lost Legacy, Deepu is loving the trailers for Dragonball Fighter Z although Neko wants more Budokai, and it's time to start talking about Madden 18. * Subscribe - Subscribe and Review on iTunes: * Favorite us on...


Ep. 45 "Ducktales, More Nintendo Switch & Curb Your Enthusiasm Leak" w/ Dan Ahrens | @GeeksOfNewYork

The geeks are back on the rooftop in this week's episode. Comedian Dan Ahrens joins to the geeks to talk about Shazam and other comic books. Oscar finished The Last Guardian and now understand why it took forever to develop. Deepu is borrowing a Nintendo Switch and is in love. * Subscribe - Subscribe and Review on iTunes: * Favorite us on Soundcloud -...


Ep. 42 $30K Nes Game, Dream Daddy Drama, Comic Con Roundup w/ Josh Alba | @GeeksOfNewYork

The geeks are on location with this weeks guest, comedian Josh Alba. Oscar does a bit of journalism as he explains the drama regarding Dream Daddy and death threats. Deepu gives his opinion on the upcoming documentary "The Problem with Apu." Then the geeks talk about how a copy of Super Mario Bros. for the NES could sell for $30K. * Subscribe - Subscribe and Review on iTunes:...


The Geeks Remember - Game of Thrones S7E2 Recap "Stormborn" by @GeeksOfNewYork

Catch up on the Game of Thrones with the geeks. The Geeks Remember the second episode of the new season. This episode gives us some action both physically and sexually. * Subscribe - Subscribe and Review on iTunes:…d1173303635?mt=2 * Favorite us on Soundcloud - @geeks-of-new-york * Twitter - * Facebook - * Instagram -...


Ep. 41 "PUBG, Destiny 2, Alex Mauer Pt. 2 and RIP Linkin Park w/ Brandon Collins | @GeeksOfNewYork

It's a rooftop show in this episode of the Geeks of New York. Comedians and co-host of the Medium Popcorn podcast, Brandon Collins, stops by to talk movies games and movies again. Deepu talks about his new love of the PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds and his time with the Destiny 2 beta. Oscar reports on the fallout from the geeks run-in with Alex Mauer. Brandon shares his insight with some of the movie news from Comic Con and his love for the Tommy Wiseau classic, The Room. We also say our...


The Geeks Remember - Game of Thrones S7E1 Recap by @GeeksOfNewYork

Oscar and Deepu recap the season premiere of Game Of Thrones Season 7, Episode 1. The premiere broke all previous HBO ratings records, and with good reason. Subscribe for weekly recaps of GOT this season! * Subscribe - Subscribe and Review on iTunes:…d1173303635?mt=2 * Favorite us on Soundcloud - @geeks-of-new-york * Twitter - * Facebook - *...


Ep. 38 "Jumanji: Welcome to the SNES Classic" w/ Aalap Patel | @GeeksOfNewYork

The new episode of Geeks of New York is full of trailers and Tinder. Comedian Aalap Patel from the Playable Characters podcast joins to geeks on this week's show. Deepu tells about him jumping on Tinder while Oscar has his own dating app story. There's plenty of talk about the recently announced SNES Classic. And to finish things off, plenty of trailer talk including Marvel's Inhumans, Death Note, and the very weird Jumanji trailer. * Subscribe -...


Ep. 37: Steam Summer Sale Just for Gal Gadot | @GeeksOfNewYork | Gaming News, Movie News

This week comedian Andrew Steiner talks joins to geeks to catch up on the weeks' news. Oscar talks about how he's in love with the new Glow Netflix series, Gal Gadot is apparently not being paid less than her male counterparts and the dude-only screening in San Antonio. * Subscribe - Subscribe and Review on iTunes: * Favorite us on Soundcloud -...


Ep. 35 Laura Lania: Spirit Animal w/ SisterSarah | @GeeksOfNewYork | Gaming News, Movie News.

Twitch streamer SisterSarah joins the geeks at the Creek and the Cave. E3 is over, but there's still plenty to talk about. The geeks talk about some of the cringe moments of the show, the drama revolving a supposedly missing Laura Lania, and Sarah doing some real-life shooting. * Subscribe - Subscribe and Review on iTunes: * Favorite us on Soundcloud -...


Ep. 34 pt. 2 "Sony, Nintendo and the Rest" | @GeeksOfNewYork | Gaming News, Movie News.

The E3 2017 coverage continues. Deepu and Oscar take a look at the Sony, Nintendo, Bethesda, and Ubisoft press conferences to see what worked and what didn't. * Subscribe - Subscribe and Review on iTunes: * Favorite us on Soundcloud - * Twitter - * Facebook -...


E3 Coverage: EA Conference and Microsoft Conference | Geeks Of New York Podcast

It’s E3 time and the geeks are giving their takes on the early press conferences. EA was the first out of the gate with their event that boiled down to a new story mode for Madden, a new co-op game call A Way Out and a half hour of Star Wars Battlefront II. Microsoft was the second press conference and while they started strong with the new Xbox One X, previously known as Project Scorpio, they slowly rant out of gas. Forza 7, Metro Exodus and the news of original Xbox backwards...


Ep. 33 "StockStream and Switch Voice Chat" | @GeeksOfNewYork | Gaming News, Movie News.

Deepu and Oscar record another episode of Geeks of New York from the Creek and the Cave comedy club. In this week's show, Oscar talks about binging House of Cards season 5, Deepu explains how on Hearthstone streamer had an anti-climactic Twitch moment and finally, the guys get political with talks about terrorism and Kathy Griffin. * Subscribe - Subscribe and Review on iTunes:...


Ep. 32 "Black Bond" w/ Joseph Roberts & Assar English | @GeeksOfNewYork | Gaming News, Movie News.

The geeks are out in the city this week. Recorded at the Creek and the Cave comedy club, Deepu and Oscar are joined by Joseph Robert and Assar English. The big news of the week is the women's only Wonder Woman movie showing, something that Oscar doesn't get. Other topics include talking about the best Metal Gear game, who was the best Bond and lots of Final Fantasy. * Subscribe - Subscribe and Review on iTunes:...


Ep. 31 Small Claims Communist w/ AlyKat | @GeeksOfNewYork | Gaming News, Movie News.

The geeks take on communism in the latest episode of Geeks of New York. Twitch streamer AlyKat joins Oscar and Deepu for rundown of the week's geek news. All three talk about their time playing Prey, Oscar discusses his interaction with a Steam-hating communist and there's a lot of talk about Destiny 2. * Subscribe - Subscribe and Review on iTunes: * Favorite us...


Episode 30: Hearthstone, Nerds & Wings w/ Deno Demartino | @GeeksOfNewYork | Gaming News, Movie News

The Geeks are back in full effect with this week's show. Comedian Deno Demartino stops by for a very awkward intro. After a quick set change, the geeks talk about the Ghost in the Shell, why "whitewashing" is bullshit and Hearthstone making its way to Buffalo Wild Wings. * Subscribe - * Subscribe and Review on iTunes: * Favorite us on Soundcloud - * Twitter -...


Episode 29: Heavenly Bosom with R2Deepu (Solo Episode)

Oscar is out on assignment this week. R2Deepu takes the reigns and decides to do the episode BY HIMSELF. We talk about Bethesda being bullies, the Video Game Hall Of Fame Inductees, and how Tekken 7 is shaping up before it's release. @GeeksOfNewYork @R2Deepu @OGReporter


Episode 28: Daniels In Distress with Kat Burdick

Episode 28: Daniels In Distress with Kat Burdick by Deepu Gill