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122. Waterworld

EPISODE 122: Yet again, two men enter...ones leaves...OR DO THEY?! For once GTTP is in agreement (somewhat) this week with the Kevin Costner career killer WATERWORLD. Has any movie in history featured this many explosions? Can the world of Mad Max be transported to any setting imaginable and succeed (Answer: yes) Did Dennis Hopper have the best movie villain run of the 90's? Time to Get to the Podcast and get the answers to these questions and more!


121. Hard Rain

Was the rain harder than other rain because of flooding? Was it physically painful to be outside during the rain becuase it was heavier than regular rain? We go deep this week trying to define the hardness of this rain that Christian Slater was dealing with on GTTP. So press play and get your hard hitting rain analysis.


120. Mimic

GTTP is going back to the late 90's Sci Fi Horror well this week with 1997's MIMIC. What do you get when you combine Alien, The Thing, and Oscar Winning director Guillermo Del Toro? Apparently a mostly underwhelming sometimes insultingly dumb piece of garbage! Time to Get to the Podcast and listen to Kevin and Ryan break down this train wreck.


119. Snakes On A Plane

I'm sick of these motherfuckin' podcasters not having an episode about motherfuckin' Snakes On A Plane! Everybody strap in!


118. Young Guns II

GIDDY UP PARTNERS! Get to the Podcast is getting back to the western this week with the brat pack gem YOUNG GUNS II. Can Cali make it through the episode without falling asleep? A movie featuring GTTP icons Emilio Estevez and Christian Slater is surely enough to keep him awake right? IS THE WESTERN WELL FULLY TAPPED FOR GTTP? (Spoiler alert: it's not). Saddle up you tenderfoots and Get to the Podcast!


117. Vampire's Kiss

It's a debate for the movie ages this week on GTTP: Is over the top Nic Cage good Nic Cage? If you've never seen this one we've got you covered with plenty of batsh&% crazy clips to help answer the question. What constitutes a Cult Classic? If a drama makes you laugh out loud is that the sign of a good movie? DID NIC CAGE RUIN POOR ROBERT BIERMAN (the director)'s CAREER FOR ALL OF ETERNITY? You know what to do. Get to the Podcast to find out the answers to these questions and more!


116. Species

A doctor, an alien, and an empath walk into a bar, stop me if you've heard this one before. This is one for the record books, our movie this week is 1995's Species. If this week's movie teaches you anything it's probably that diabetic people are losers, I think? Or maybe it's that hiring the effects guy from Alien doesn't mean your movie should try to be Alien. We can't really tell you one way or another, this is an outright insane movie that needs to be seen to be believed, So Get to the...


115. Fatal Attraction

Michael Douglas is back in the spotlight this week as his quest to get America more erotic carries onward with Fatal Attraction. Did Mike ruin his life just to get laid yet again? You know it. This time the apple of his eye is the lovely Alex Forest. A woman who tries to contain her crazy and successfully does so for upwards of 10 hours. A true accomplishment in the world of the erotic thriller.


114. Cold Pursuit (AKA Hard Powder)

This week we get to a movie that sounds like it's the most GTTP movie ever filmed. Liam Neeson plays a snow plow driver out for murderous revenge. We started off hot and then...oh boy. Only problem is they accidentally forgot to include the star of the movie for 20 minutes and got lost giving screen time to one of the worst actors we've ever covered. Also this week enjoy a brief but unavoidable discussion of John Wick 3. Happy MDW everybody, enjoy.


113. Fallen

It's back to that 90's Denzel well for GTTP this week with the underrated 1998 gem FALLEN. Why does no one list this as one of Denzel's better films? Just how pathetic is the life of 38 year old delivery boy / Azazel victim(?) Charles? Does FALLEN contain one of the best 5 minute performances in movie history? Time to Get to the Podcast to find out the answers to these questions and more!


112. The Purge

This week's episode features one of the best movie premises you've ever heard. This week's episode features the worst movie premise you've ever heard. This week's episode features just one movie. You know what that means; The Purge is a MESS! America is experiencing utopian levels of prosperity by a new gov't program that has insightfully decided to....burn the country down yearly. Not sure how that worked! Oh boy, Ryan and Kevin spent more time discussing what this movie suggests than what...


111. Avengers: Infinity War

To celebrate the release of Avengers: Endgame coming out this weekend GTTP has decided to take on the previous film. Our hosts are at polar opposite ends of the spectrum and are ready to come out swinging. Listen in as Kevin definitively wins the episode 6-4 over angry movie nerd Ryan in an episode that was a long time coming.


110. Basic Instinct

GTTP has expanded into a new genre this week that we have criminally ignored. That's right, we're bringing you an erotic thriller starring Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone; Basic Instinct. Nick Curran is the worst cop on planet Earth, Catherine Tramell is a master manipulator/sociopath. In other words, they're made for each other.


109. Road House

One of the most absurd films that takes place in "reality" in movie history. Road House brings us to the Double Deuce, a desolate bar in rural Missouri that pays a single bouncer, sorry cooler, nearly 200k a year, replaces all of it's furniture daily and is completely free from being policed by society. The main character? Your run of the mill NYU graduate who is a kung fu expert/elite bouncer. Your villain? A business man with seemingly zero shady ventures, with a grand total of 5 henchmen...


108. The Internship

Don't watch The Internship, watch Wedding Crashers instead. Not much more needs to be said.


107. Casper

It's Casper the Friendly, Lonely, Depressed, Abandoned, Manipulated Ghost. The unquestioned saddest movie in GTTP history, this one almost ground the podcast to a halt. The true curse of this movie isn't Casper's inability to pass on, it's the audience being forced to confront the darker undertones of this child's film. Try your best to not think too hard about this one or you'll end up like your favorite hosts, dejected and devastated for our poor friendly ghost.


106. The Last Witch Hunter

Vin Diesel has made a fantasy movie. Surely this won't fail like the other four times he's tried this. Sorry, what was that? He failed spectacularly? Who could have ever seen such a thing coming. Get to the Podcast and find out how this unpredictable tragedy has occurred yet again.


105. Tango & Cash

A momentous episode of GTTP this week for your ears. Tango, Cash, Sly, Russell. This is as heavy hitting as 80's action gets. Does the GTTP duo have what it takes to take on Ray Tango and Gabriel Cash? Each member did a cycle of steroids to prepare for this episode and we're still not sure we can withstand the force of a movie that contains daytime car sex, a boot shotgun, or a police officer who is immune to bullets, AND THAT'S JUST CASH'S FIRST SCENE! Strap in listener, this is a big week...


104. The Predator

What happens when you take an iconic franchise, give it a great director who also has appeared in the first classic movie? You get...the worst movie of 2018. Why Shane, why? Predator politics, alien dogs playing fetch, a wooden board for a lead, The Predator truly has it all. Unfortunately, having it all is far too much to make a good movie.


103. Righteous Kill

What do you get when you combine two of the most decorated and respected actors of our lifetime for their first ever team up film? An...awfully written cop drama that features a 68 year old Al Pacino banging out bench press reps like he's Stallone in his prime? Join us this week as we watch two unquestionable legends attempt to tarnish untarnishable legacies by acting in one of the thinnest scripts we've ever encountered. Are there two character traits per main character? No, no there is...