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87. Grown Ups

This week is a very special episode of your favorite movie bitch fest. The cynical duo takes a trip back into their snobby past and watches Grown Ups, the movie that defined the realization that they couldn't stand talking to casual movie fans. Watching Adam Sandler & the Gang laugh at their own horrible jokes for an hour and a half (but not THREE AND HALF HOURS) broke their brains. It turned them into who they are today. Perhaps it was the numerous terrible fat jokes, the repeated Rob...


86. Ghosts of Mars

One of the all timer's today. Ghost's of Mars has made our hosts question who made the film, their own existence in life, and how many times over the heroes should have been dead. Is this the most plot hole filled movie in podcast history? It seems like it. Is this movie offensive every step of the way? Absolutely. This episode is strictly business, no time for small talk, just GA GA GA Get to the Podcast!


85. The Commuter

GTTP is proud to announce their first Neeson Action thriller this week, that's right we're doing Run All Night! Wait no it's actually Non-Stop! No that's not right it's the not the one on the plane it's the one on the train: 2018's THE COMMUTER! Ryan gushes and Kevin shrugs this week as the duo break down the inexplicable 2nd act of Oskar Schindler's career. It's time to Get To The Podcast!


84. The Faculty

American high school X has been taken over by aliens. There is a minor car accident out front which leads to two young girls brawling on the hood of a car. Elijah Wood has the audacity to show up to his first day of school without talking to anyone and gets elbowed in the mouth and then has his groin rammed into a flag poll by 6 other students. A young couple is engaged in an actual physical dispute...I...I'm sorry, this is before the aliens invade. Allow GTTP to check our notes, aliens...


83. Suburban Commando

GTTP is pivoting this week to become a full on wrestling podcast by way of 1991's SUBURBAN COMMANDO. What happens when Kevin and Ryan revisit a beloved childhood classic 20 years later? A case of domestic abuse, a lot of crappy one liners, and an extended discussion over the untapped potential of the great Christopher Lloyd are the answers. Time to Get to the Podcast!


82. Jonah Hex

From Hudson Hawk to JONAH HEX, the Gttp duo can't seem to get out of their own way again this week. Why Kevin thought it'd be a good idea to do a supernatural western we have no idea (maybe it's because of the western breakthrough he had on Silverado), but here we are with this 2010 piece of trash. Josh Brolin + Michael Fassbender + Western somehow equals a steaming pile of you know what and Kevin and Ryan are here to explain the whys and the hows of it. Time to saddle up and Get to the...


81. Hudson Hawk

If ever there was an example of movie star ego going unchecked it's 1991's HUDSON HAWK. GTTP duo Kevin and Ryan subjected themselves to this turkey and ...the results were as expected. Is it a good idea to turn a song into a movie? Whose idea was it to marry a looney tunes comedy to a violent R rated heist film? Spoiler alert the answer is.. Bruce Willis.


80. Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day

A highly anticipated sequel to a cult classic with the same cast and director involved, what could possibly go wrong? Oh...almost everything? Join us this week as we try and figure out why Boondock Saints 2 became a sophomoric comedy rife with stupid humor and terrible dialogue. We have one half of the podcast desperately trying to hang on to the original and the other half pointing out that blatantly ripping off The Godfather 2 doesn't make your movie The Godfather 2. So tune in this week...


79. Silverado

GTTP is going back to that wonderful western well this week with the 1985 classic SILVERADO. this episode? First we tried THE ALAMO. Then it was OPEN RANGE. Can Silverado finally be the western epiphany the GTTP listeners have been waiting for from the so frequently misguided Kevin? Spoiler alert: No. Although one western related code may have been cracked. Time to giddy up and Get to the Podcast!


78. Independence Day

This week's episode brings us one of the greatest blockbusters in movie history. Will Smith's breakout role, possibly the greatest president in movie history, Jeff Goldblum, being...himself. All high points! Today we celebrate not just an American podcast about ID4, but a podcast for all of mankind!


77. Jurassic World

Disappointment is the theme of the week on this episode of GTTP. The duo decided now was the time to revisit the underwhelming Jurassic Park reboot JURASSIC WORLD. Is Ryan's anger just movie nerd rage or is it justified? Does returning character Dr Henry Wu even deserve a mention in this episode description let alone three scenes in the movie? WHY THE F%$# DON'T THE RAPTORS KILL OWEN AT THE END?? Find out the answer to these questions and more when you Get to the Podcast!


76. San Andreas

YAWWWWWWN. Tune in this week, or don't, for an episode about the blandest movie ever made. Does everything happen exactly as you'd guess? It sure does. Is there ever an acknowledgment that The Rock was 14 years old when he had his daughter? Nope. Of course not. Does Dr. Scientist, Paul Giamatti play any real role in the plot of this movie? He does not. So do yourself a favor and Get to the Podcast and listen to us rant about this piece of wood so you don't have to watch it!


75. Windtalkers

The legacies of John Woo and Nicolas Cage are under the microscope this week via the 2002 war film WINDTALKERS. Was the movie focused on the wrong character? Was Nic Cage blown off the screen by a linguist? Is the movie secretly an XMEN prequel where the mutant ability is deadly accuracy? Find out the answers to these questions and Get to the Podcast soldier.


74. Urban Legend

Happy MDW from GTTP. Celebrate this lovely weekend by listening to your favorite podcast duo talk Urban Legend. This 1998 gem has some of the biggest plot holes we've ever encountered in the history of the show. Nothing says cover up like finding out about the cover up in a widely published newspaper article am I right? Come find out about Pendelton University, the safest campus in America that routinely has serial murderers running loose in the form of 110 lb swimmers. Oh boy, Get to the...


73. I Know What You Did Last Summer

Summer is around the corner and your favorite hosts at GTTP have decided to ring in the season with 1997's love story to the 4th of July, drunken nights on the beach with your high school sweetheart, and murder with a fish hook: I Know What You Did Last Summer. Included this episode is an in depth debate about the most 90's movie ever, whether or not Freddie Prinze Jr. is the best best friend on Earth and whether Jennifer Love Hewitt can.....act. Oh and there's about 75 plot holes that...


72. Ransom

GIVE ME BACK MY PODCAST. The GTTP duo attempt to bring that Mel Gibson intensity to this week's discussion of 1996's RANSOM. Did I say we were talking about Ransom, because really we're just diving deep into the depths of Mel Gibson's insanity. I guess there's also some small discussion over where Jimmy Shaker ranks in the all time villain list, where the name Jimmy Shaker ranks on the all time movie name list, and a debate over exactly how to handle a family member's kidnapping (spoiler...


71. Reign of Fire

This week on GTTP the duo discuss the career of the great Matthew McConaughey, and to a lesser extent the 2002 dragon sci fi flick Reign of Fire. Also starring: Young buck Christian Bale, and the walking sack of shit that is Gerard Butler. If you f&%$ with Dragons, the McConnaissance, and plot holes you know what time it is... time to Get To The Podcast!


70. Highlander

This week there can only be one....podcast that is. That's right we're doing the 1986 bomb/cult classic HIGHLANDER! What would an Ancient Egyptian turned Spaniard accent sound like? Is the female lead a Forensics expert who dabbles in sword expertise or vice versa? Just what the f$%# is the "prize"? HOW CAN AN IMMORTAL PHYSICALLY AGE? Time to Get to the Podcast to find out the answers to these questions and more!


69. Bloodsport

It's a very special episode of GTTP this week for Ryan as he views the classic(?) JCVD banger BLOODSPORT for the first time. Does Cali agree it's a classic or is he too focused on Van Damme's 1988 physique to have an opinion? Just which Giants team did Frank Dux really root for? Is it possible for ANY action movie in the 80's or 90's to have a well written female character (spoiler alert: No)? Do the duo give the great Forest Whitaker his due this week?!? Time to get to the Kumite to find...


68. Blankman

Well slap us around and call us Susan, GTTP has finally tackled Blankman! One of the most criminally underrated comedies of the 90's is finally given it's due by two guys on the internet. Is this Damon Wayans best role in a movie? Is there a movie that can more consistently make a person laugh? Who inspired who, Jason Alexander or Al Pacino? Would Robin Givens really care for Blankman or would she just break his heart? Do what you have to, tie tin foil to your toilet, whatever it takes to...