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74. Urban Legend

Happy MDW from GTTP. Celebrate this lovely weekend by listening to your favorite podcast duo talk Urban Legend. This 1998 gem has some of the biggest plot holes we've ever encountered in the history of the show. Nothing says cover up like finding out about the cover up in a widely published newspaper article am I right? Come find out about Pendelton University, the safest campus in America that routinely has serial murderers running loose in the form of 110 lb swimmers. Oh boy, Get to the...


73. I Know What You Did Last Summer

Summer is around the corner and your favorite hosts at GTTP have decided to ring in the season with 1997's love story to the 4th of July, drunken nights on the beach with your high school sweetheart, and murder with a fish hook: I Know What You Did Last Summer. Included this episode is an in depth debate about the most 90's movie ever, whether or not Freddie Prinze Jr. is the best best friend on Earth and whether Jennifer Love Hewitt can.....act. Oh and there's about 75 plot holes that need...


72. Ransom

GIVE ME BACK MY PODCAST. The GTTP duo attempt to bring that Mel Gibson intensity to this week's discussion of 1996's RANSOM. Did I say we were talking about Ransom, because really we're just diving deep into the depths of Mel Gibson's insanity. I guess there's also some small discussion over where Jimmy Shaker ranks in the all time villain list, where the name Jimmy Shaker ranks on the all time movie name list, and a debate over exactly how to handle a family member's kidnapping (spoiler...


71. Reign of Fire

This week on GTTP the duo discuss the career of the great Matthew McConaughey, and to a lesser extent the 2002 dragon sci fi flick Reign of Fire. Also starring: Young buck Christian Bale, and the walking sack of shit that is Gerard Butler. If you f&%$ with Dragons, the McConnaissance, and plot holes you know what time it is... time to Get To The Podcast!


70. Highlander

This week there can only be one....podcast that is. That's right we're doing the 1986 bomb/cult classic HIGHLANDER! What would an Ancient Egyptian turned Spaniard accent sound like? Is the female lead a Forensics expert who dabbles in sword expertise or vice versa? Just what the f$%# is the "prize"? HOW CAN AN IMMORTAL PHYSICALLY AGE? Time to Get to the Podcast to find out the answers to these questions and more!


69. Bloodsport

It's a very special episode of GTTP this week for Ryan as he views the classic(?) JCVD banger BLOODSPORT for the first time. Does Cali agree it's a classic or is he too focused on Van Damme's 1988 physique to have an opinion? Just which Giants team did Frank Dux really root for? Is it possible for ANY action movie in the 80's or 90's to have a well written female character (spoiler alert: No)? Do the duo give the great Forest Whitaker his due this week?!? Time to get to the Kumite to find...


68. Blankman

Well slap us around and call us Susan, GTTP has finally tackled Blankman! One of the most criminally underrated comedies of the 90's is finally given it's due by two guys on the internet. Is this Damon Wayans best role in a movie? Is there a movie that can more consistently make a person laugh? Who inspired who, Jason Alexander or Al Pacino? Would Robin Givens really care for Blankman or would she just break his heart? Do what you have to, tie tin foil to your toilet, whatever it takes to...


67. Super Mario Brothers

Highly controversial episode this week. One half of the podcast is incensed at the travesty that is the Super Mario Brothers movie, and the other half is wrong. Tune in to find out where this ranks in terms of adaptations (hint: dead last), what the relationship between Mario and Luigi is and what movie these directors even were attempting to make? Your childhood is about to either get ruined or it's already been ruined. There is no other possibility.


66. AVP: Alien vs. Predator

A Vicious Punishment: Alien vs Predator is on the docket this week. What happens when you take two of the most beloved franchises of all time and hand them over to a horrid director and also let him write the movie? Well, the movie sucks that’s what. Faceless bland characters, neither franchise honored properly and a super sonic sled are the result of this travesty. Don’t worry though, our two humble heroes take this movie apart in all of the ways that were not only necessary but...


65. Blue Chips

GTTP is celebrating St Patty's in style today with the forgettable(?) 90's sports film BLUE CHIPS! Is Nick Nolte the all time greatest movie sports coach ever? Is it possible for Bob Cousy to miss a free throw at 66? CAN SHAQ ACT?! (The answer is no). GTTP to find out the answer to these questions and more!


64. Top 5 Most Hated Characters

Ugh, the worst. This weeks abridged ep lists the characters who make our hosts blood boil. Cowards, cruel torturers, and ruiners of all time great movie franchises this episode is littered with people we hate. So strap in, crack a can of haterade and Get to the Podcast.


63. Wild Things

Gttp is wild for 1998's Wild Things this week....or are they?! There is A LOT to unpack in this one. Whether it's making sense of some illogical character actions or the ahead of the curve use of incest sex scenes (looking at you Game of Thrones) Kevin and Ryan have their hands full. The twist is....that there at least nine of them.


62. Sphere

The year is 1998, mankind has discovered a possible alien craft, the plan is to skim over a report written by a psychologist 20 years earlier and hastily assemble a crack squad of civilians to board the ship. Amongst them will be a mentally unstable biologist and her ex boyfriend because they simply had no time to conduct background searches on any of these critically important people. That’s right, we’re talking Sphere. Join us as we try to find out what makes Jerry happy, presumably it’s...


61. The Bone Collector

Emergency podcast mode activate! It took us longer than expected to get this week's episode in the can but we got to the podcast regardless. This week The Bone Collector is our film and let us say, it's terrible. Denzel decided that while making a boxing movie he could make a second movie where he lays down in a bed the whole time to recover from his boxing scenes. The results are about what you'd expect. Angelina Jolie also stars as the classic trope of the ex-supermodel turned cop who...


60. The Snowman

This week on GTTP we're diving right into the 2017 MASTERPIECE The Snowman! Poor poor Michael Fassbender... you know not what you've done. Topics include: the curious case of Val Kilmer, the behind the scenes turmoil that lead to this disaster, and a frank discussion of the character's accents in the film. Time to buckle up and Get to the Podcast!!


59. The Matrix

Woah. This week GTTP revisits one of the most influential sci fi/action movies of all time: The Matrix. Did the sequels ruin their enjoyment of the original? Was Keanu Reeves' stiff as a board Neo personality a choice or was he just... a stiff? Is the movie's existence worth all the terrible knock offs it inspired? All that and much more in this week’s edition of Get to the Podcast.


58. The Fan

Get to the Podcast celebrates the great Robert De Niro this week with the overlooked gem that is 1996's The Fan. Baseball logic is seemingly tossed out the window in this tale of fame and obsession. Does the movie hold up twenty years later? Does Cali know good acting when he sees it? DOES THIS EPISODE CONTAIN THE GREATEST PIECE OF MOVIE TRIVIA OF ALL TIME?! Might as well get to the podcast and find out!


57. IT

We all float down here, in a podcast about the great/underwhelming smash hit of 2017, IT. This week is a tale of two halves of a movie, one half is a shitty horror movie that isn’t scary, and the other, a great story about friendship, growing up and overcoming fears. Also, there’s a clown that eats children. So strap in and get ready to Get to the Podcast.


56. Fear

It's a Mark Wahlberg f%$#fest this week on GTTP. This one hits close to home as we chart the rise and fall(?) of Boston's least beloved icon via discussing the 90's banger FEAR. Topics include: the most sloppy movie kissing of all time, Alyssa Milano's powers of seduction, and yet another example of movie police being completely inept. It's time to Get to the Podcast ked!


55. Bright

This week GTTP is diving into David Ayer's newest movie, Bright. Join us in a gritty cop movie set in South Central LA, no, not Training day, no, not Harsh Times, no, not End of Watch, no, not Street Kings, this is the one with Orcs. Bright is Netflix's first foray into the blockbuster genre and they spared no expense, except in using an original plot of course. Is this movie the victim of a movie studio funded smear campaign via critics? Is Will Smith back? Could they have possibly found...


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