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Welcome to Syd Wilder's Podcast "Girl Insta-Rupted", where Syd spills her soul and shows you the sides of herself you've never experienced before. Girl Insta-Rupted is a podcast about self-love, sex, show business, soul and sanity with Syd's closest friends and colleagues. Each episode is guaranteed to entertain you, make you laugh and help you find the fun in all your dysfunctions.

Welcome to Syd Wilder's Podcast "Girl Insta-Rupted", where Syd spills her soul and shows you the sides of herself you've never experienced before. Girl Insta-Rupted is a podcast about self-love, sex, show business, soul and sanity with Syd's closest friends and colleagues. Each episode is guaranteed to entertain you, make you laugh and help you find the fun in all your dysfunctions.
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Welcome to Syd Wilder's Podcast "Girl Insta-Rupted", where Syd spills her soul and shows you the sides of herself you've never experienced before. Girl Insta-Rupted is a podcast about self-love, sex, show business, soul and sanity with Syd's closest friends and colleagues. Each episode is guaranteed to entertain you, make you laugh and help you find the fun in all your dysfunctions.




Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #50– Surviving My Step Father’s Suicide

On today’s episode of Girl Insta-rupted Syd sits down with her Mama to discuss losing her Step-Father who committed suicide on 9/17/12. They discuss what their lives have been like surviving his suicide. They also get candid about what they went through prior to his passing. They also talk about how they’ve both moved forward with their lives after Syd’s failed suicide attempt in 2016. At the ends of the episode Syd relay’s coping mechanisms for others who have also survived a suicide...


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #49 – Ben Gleib For President

Ben Gleib gets insta-rupted today. Ben Gleib, is an American actor, comedian, satirist, and writer. Gleib has appeared in several TV shows on ABC and NBC, and is a regular guest on Pat Morrison’s radio show on KPCC; Southern California’s NPR affiliate. His comedy feature “Neurotic Gangster” is on Amazon Prime and his show “Idiotest” is on Netflix. But, perhaps his biggest accomplishment is his 2020 Presidential Run. In today’s episode Syd talks to Ben about why he decided to run for...


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #48 – Just a Tip with Megan Batoon

Megan Batoon gets insta-rupted today. Megan is a comedic content creator and choreographer from Florida. She has over 86 Million views on YouTube and she’s been featured in Glamour, MTV, ELLE and Teen Vogue, among others. Megan has had wildly successful brand collaborations with Nike, Starbucks, Calvin Klein, Neutrogena and dozens of other massive companies. Batoon is also the host of Just a Tip, a comedic advice podcast where her guests tell stories in hopes that you don’t make the same...


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #47 – The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy Review

Syd is on the podcast solo today. Syd doesn’t like to talk about her dating life but she made an exception this week. She values the privacy of the people she goes out with but she had a really bad date and needed to fill you in. She then reviews a recent audiobook she listened to “The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy”. She gives the fans some of her takeaways from the book and gives advice on how to own your sexuality, have more fun in the bedroom, and how to not feel shame for your...


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #46 – Building Booty and Everything Beauty with Dr. Rosenberg

Dr. Rosenberg gets insta-rupted today. Dr. Rosenberg is a board certified plastic surgeon and his research in wound healing, cosmetic surgery and peripheral nerve surgery has resulted in numerous publications, peer reviewed journals and textbooks. Dr. Rosenberg’s practice philosophy is simple: treat all of his patients as though they were his family or friends. This is accomplished by combining an affable and compassionate “bedside manner” with outstanding clinical knowledge and surgical...


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #45 – Wild n Wet Worthy with Dr. Cat Meyer

Dr. Cat Meyer gets insta-rupted today. Dr. Meyer is a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist as well as the founder of Sex, Love, Yoga. Her research focuses on marriages in which one partner identifies in the Kink or BDSM community and the other does not. In her studies of psychotherapy, EMDR, energy psychology, yoga, and modern sciences, she’s realized that sustainable healing must occur on multiple levels, not just the mental or physical. That is why her approach is inclusive of the mind,...


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #44 – Cumming and Sex in the City with Remy Kassimir of the How Cum

Remy Kassimir gets insta-rupted today. Remy is a stand up comedian and the host of the podcast How Cum the podcast dedicated to achieving the female orgasm. At 28 years old Remy had never had an orgasm, so she started the podcast to figure out how. The podcast has blown up and has helped launch Remy’s thriving comedy career. She’s been featured in Vox, Cosmopolitan, Netflix, Sirius XM and many major media outlets. In today’s episode, Syd and Remy talk about all things sex, relationships,...


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #43 – Spreading The Fun with Jennifer Sterger

Jennifer Sterger gets insta-rupted today. Jenn is a model, a TV personality and former online columnist for Sports Illustrated. She’s worked as the Game Day Host for the NYC Jets and hosted several other shows including ABC’s “Race To March Madness”. Sterger has posed in Maxim and Playboy and was a spokesperson for Dr. Pepper and Sprint. Jenn and Syd had been following each other on instagram for a couple years and met for the first time while recording this podcast. In today’s episode they...


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #42 – Emotional Gynecologist with Annabelle DeSisto

Annabelle DeSisto gets insta-rupted today. Annabelle is host of the Adderall and Compliments podcasts, is a comedian and is an accomplished writer who used to write for Joan Rivers. Annabelle and Syd had a falling out, but in this episode they pick back up right where they left off; cracking jokes. In a fun turn of events, Annabelle’s dad sits down with the girls about half way through the show and gives some dating and marriage advice and breaks down why modern men are pussies and cheating...


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #41 – Balls, Mental Health and Social Media with Lauren Francesca

Lauren Francesca gets insta-rupted today. Lauren is an actress, YouTuber, producer and model based in NYC and Los Angeles. She’s used her success as a social media influencer to leverage her career and branding. She has hundreds of combined credits in TV, Film and YouTube where she’s served as both an actress and producer. She loves to livestream with her fans and regularly create new content. In today’s episode, Syd and Lauren discuss the effects of social media on mental health, being...


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #40 – Be Empowered By Your Sexuality with Leigh Ann Orsi

Leigh Ann Orsi gets insta-rupted today. Leigh Ann is the founder of Be Spun, Los Angeles’s premier pole dance studio. Located in the heart of Hollywood, CA, Be Spun believes in dance, high heels, flexibility, making pole tricks easy and learning to love what you see in the mirror. Their classes embody these values and internationally recognized instructors teach all the classes. Leigh Ann joins Syd on the podcast today to talk about the events in her life that led her to birth Be Spun. In...


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #39 – Hearing No and Saying No with Rachele Brooke Smith

Rachele Brook Smith gets insta-rupted today. As an actress and inspiring role model, Rachele has quickly made a name for herself in Hollywood. She has starred in a variety of films, television and national ad campaigns, while continuing to expand her creative pursuits and spread her message of healthy living and positivity. In today’s episode, her and Syd have a meaningful conversation about manifesting, spirituality, creating and saying no to things that don’t serve...


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #38 – My 1st Live Podcast Recording at The Hollywood Improv with Sex Talk with My Mom

This week, Girl Insta-rupted and Sex Talk with My Mom are on the podcast. This show is a recording from their live podcast recorded at The Hollywood Improv, taped on 6/12/19. The threesome gets together and has some fun playing games and doing some Q&A with the audience. Highlights: Syd Social Media: Patreon: YouTube – Instagram – @sydwilder Instagram -...


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #37 – Exploring the Kink Life with Dominatrix Justine Cross

Mistress Justine Cross get’s insta-rupted today. Justine is a professional BDSM consultant and lifestyle Dominatrix based in Los Angeles. She is the owner of both Dungeon East and Dungeon West, Los Angeles’s premier dungeon studios, which have been used for numerous high-profile photo and video shoots. With over 10 years’ experience as a lifestyle Dominatrix and BDSM consultant, Mistress Justine’s expertise and creativity have been called on for dozens of print, radio and video productions,...


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #36 – My Liposuction Story with Dr. Suzanne Trott the LipoQueen

Dr. Suzanne Trott get’s insta-rupted today. Dr. Trott is board certified in both plastic and general surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery. She currently serves as an Assistant Professor at the University of California, San Diego Medical Center helping the next generation of doctors learn more about plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Trott has authored and published many articles about her work in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr....


Girl Insta-rupted Episode #35 - My Darkly Positive Life After The Psych Ward

Syd holds nothing back on her final “re-birth-a-versary” episode for Mental Health Awareness Month. She discusses the highs and lows of what her life has been like after her failed suicide attempt, brief stint in a psych ward, cancer surgery and contentious divorce. She makes it sound a lot less tragic so enjoy the rollercoaster. Syd’s Mom also pops by to talk about her questionable taste in men that she dated during and after her divorce. Wanna see Syd live? She’s recording her first...


Girl Insta-rupted Episode #34 - 72 Hours In A Psych Ward with Syd

This is part two of Syd's "re-birth-a-versary" series. Syd takes you into what her days were like in the psychiatric facility and highlights all of her interesting experiences. She also goes deep and tells you how she found her will to live again, gained perspective and her sanity back amongst the certifiably insane and some gang members. Expect to laugh, hear inappropriate jokes and maybe cry like one teardrop.


Girl Insta-rupted Episode #33 - Why I Tried To Kill Myself and How I Got 51-50’ed

PART 1: After getting a lot of feedback and additional questions from the first episode Syd decided to revisit the topic of how she ended up in a psych ward in a more liner way. April 30is Syd’s 3 year “Re-Birth-A-Versary” (re-birthday + anniversary) after her failed suicide attempt. Syd sits down and unapologetically narrates the shit shows of her life leading up to her stint in the psych ward in both a heartfelt and lighthearted way. Syd’s Mother also pops in and out of podcast to discuss...


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #32 – Sex Life After Rape w/ Dr. Danielle Delaney

Dr. Danielle Delaney gets Insta-rupted today for the third time. Dr. Danielle Delaney is a Certified Crisis Intervention Counselor, specialist in Addiction & Recovery Aftercare, Rape Crisis Counselor, Spiritual Counselor and is also a Sober Coach and an Interventionist. Syd and Danielle have known each other for many years and Syd credits Danielle with saving her life, during a suicide attempt. In this episode Syd and Danielle discuss their sexual assault stories and provide insight on how...


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #31 – Influencers Under The Influence w/ Natalie Eva Marie

Natalie Eva Marie gets Insta-rupted today. Growing up in Northern California, the Latina former model traded in the runway for the wrestling ring and eventually landed a role on WWE's Smackdown LIVE in 2013. Her journey through the ranks of the WWE Divas division's main roster as a Superstar was first chronicled on the hit E! reality series, "Total Divas." There, she navigated personal and professional obstacles to become the premiere "heel" of the women's division in the WWE, stealing the...