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Welcome to Syd Wilder's Podcast "Girl Insta-Rupted", where Syd spills her soul and shows you the sides of herself you've never experienced before. Girl Insta-Rupted is a podcast about self-love, sex, show business, soul and sanity with Syd's closest friends and colleagues. Each episode is guaranteed to entertain you, make you laugh and help you find the fun in all your dysfunctions.

Welcome to Syd Wilder's Podcast "Girl Insta-Rupted", where Syd spills her soul and shows you the sides of herself you've never experienced before. Girl Insta-Rupted is a podcast about self-love, sex, show business, soul and sanity with Syd's closest friends and colleagues. Each episode is guaranteed to entertain you, make you laugh and help you find the fun in all your dysfunctions.
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Welcome to Syd Wilder's Podcast "Girl Insta-Rupted", where Syd spills her soul and shows you the sides of herself you've never experienced before. Girl Insta-Rupted is a podcast about self-love, sex, show business, soul and sanity with Syd's closest friends and colleagues. Each episode is guaranteed to entertain you, make you laugh and help you find the fun in all your dysfunctions.




Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #31 – Influencers Under The Influence w/ Natalie Eva Marie

Natalie Eva Marie gets Insta-rupted today. Growing up in Northern California, the Latina former model traded in the runway for the wrestling ring and eventually landed a role on WWE's Smackdown LIVE in 2013. Her journey through the ranks of the WWE Divas division's main roster as a Superstar was first chronicled on the hit E! reality series, "Total Divas." There, she navigated personal and professional obstacles to become the premiere "heel" of the women's division in the WWE, stealing the...


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #30 – Crazy Betch Club w/ Darcy Donovan

Darcy Donovon gets Insta-rupted today. Darcy Donavan is an American born actress and recording artist with a German, Italian and Brazilian ancestry. Born in Miami, Florida and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Darcy began her career in the entertainment industry as a child actor and starred in number of national television commercials at a very young age. Darcy started performing in children's hospitals and raising money for charities in her hometown. She later competed in talent and beauty...


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #29 – Fucked Up and Friendly w/ Jane Johnsen

Jane Johnsen gets Insta-rupted today. Jane is a comedian whose currently working on her own Yoga/Comedy show. Originally from Chicago, Jane has always had a love for improv and sketch. She honed these skills at Second City in Chicago. Entertainment was always on the back of Jane’s mind, but she started her career in Advertising, where she was working long hours. After tons of stress, too much alcohol and prescription medication, Jane had a mental breakdown that landed her in therapy. Now...


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #28 – Dating with Daddy Issues w/ Katarina Van Derham

Katarina Van Derham gets Insta-rupted today. Katarina is a Slovak-American model, actress, and publisher. She’s best known for being the longest-serving St. Pauli Girl, playing Bob Saget's girlfriend on Entourage and being the founder of VIVA GLAM Magazine. Katarina came to America in 1998 when she was 22 years old, she had just $500 dollars in her pocket. Katarina has appeared in over 20 national and international print and TV commercials and has been on the cover of over 60 magazines....


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #27 – Uber Head and Mark Harari

Mark Harari gets Insta-rupted today. But first, Syd tells a couple personal stories about some recent dates she went on. Mark and Syd then dive into the interview. Mark Harari has been involved with athletics and fitness nearly all his life. He moved to LA in his early twenties to peruse acting. He had some success and landed a couple roles, but he realized his true passion was fitness. In 2007, Mark launched Pulse Fitness Studio in Sherman Oaks, CA. During its first year of business, Pulse...


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #26 – Fuck Fear w/ Leah Lamarr

Leah Lamarr gets Insta-rupted today. Leah is an actress, writer and stand up comedian currently living in Los Angeles CA. Leah has appeared in numerous TV shows and films including; Code Black, How To Get Away with Murder and Not Safe w/ Nikki Glasser. Leah currently has several projects going on including her web show “Watches of WeHo” and her podcast “Falling In Love with Leah Lamarr”. In this episode Leah and Syd get dark, get happy and have fun. They talk about their issues, their dating...


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #25 – The Delicious Life Of Nicky Whelan

Nicky Whelan gets insta-rupted today. Nicky is an Australian actress with a plethora of TV and film credits. Most notably she’s been in Hall Pass, The Wedding Ringer, The League, Life in Pieces and House Of Lies. In this episode Nicky and Syd talk about Nicky’s journey from Australia to Hollywood, Los Angeles weirdo’s, dating, the love of being on set and working with talented people, traveling the world and much more. Highlights: Syd Social Media: Patreon:...


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #24 – Gay Grape w/ Adam Ray

Actor and Comedian Adam Ray gets Insta-rupted today. Adam is an accomplished actor who has hundreds of credits in TV and film. He’s also stand up comic who regularly performs at some of the best clubs in the country. Adam and Syd’s relationship goes back many years to when they met each other filming sketch comedy. In this episode they talk about college and old friends, pursuing stand up, writing sketches, making podcasts, dating and the onslaught of social media influencers hitting it...


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #23 – The Crazy Ladies w/ Angelina Spicer

Comedian, Actress and Public Speaker and Activist Angelina Spicer gets insta-rupted today. Angelina and Syd go way back and have spent many a night partying to together in the Hollywood Hills and at LA hot spots. Angelina can been seen on Tosh.O, Conan, Jimmy Kimmel as well as in various other sketch comedy bits, plays, and films. She also performs stand up comedy regularly across the country and at the numbers Los Angeles venues. What makes this episode unique is that Angelina opens up...


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #22 – Blue Comedy w/ Brian Monarch

Stand up comedian Brian Monarch gets insta-rupted today. Brian is a Los Angeles native who grew up in the San Fernando Valley and has lived all over LA. He’s been performing stand up all of his adult life and recently got back from a tour where he opened up for Dane Cook. Currently, Brian hosts several comedy nights in LA at some of the cities most iconic venues. In this episode Brian and Syd get into the weeds about what it’s like pursuing a career in stand up your entire life, dating in...


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #21 – Saying Yes w/ Jackelyn Shultz

Daughter of Howie Mandel and the creator of the YouTube channel Life With Jackie, Jackelyn Shultz is on the show today. Jackelyn, is the first mom Syd has had on the podcast and she brings an infectious honesty and fun vibe to the conversation. Jackelyn is a mother to a girl named Abbey Jax and a new baby boy named Axel Jackson. She created her YouTube channel Life With Jackie to document the life of her family and her and her husbands journey through parenthood. The channel has over 10...


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #20 – Sex and Relationships w/ Jessica Michelle Singleton

Today on the Girl Insta-rupted is Jessica Michelle Singleton. Jessica is an internationally touring comedian who as gained worldwide fans from performances in the U.S, Europe Africa and Asia. Her debut Comedy Album “Please. Don’t Leave. Me.” reached #1 on iTunes and was considered for the “Best Comedy Album” Grammy Award. Jessica has a unique style of comedy, which delivers vulnerable personal stories coupled with ideas from what some people refer to as hyperactive, weird and slightly...


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #19 – Not Fucking Your Way To The Top w/ Nikki Limo

Nikki Limo is on the podcast today. Nikki and Syd’s relationship goes back a few years to when they met each other through mutual friends. They shot a few comedy sketches that they both hope you can’t find anywhere on the Internet. When Nikki moved to LA to peruse acting, she was indirectly building up a following on MySpace. MySpace eventually died, but social media continued to grow and Nikki found herself in a cross over role between an actress, a creator, writer, producer and social...


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #18 – Sageing Dick Mooning Chick w/ Dana Moon

Dana Moon and Syd have a fun filled conversation today. Dana Moon is a Stand-Up Comedian, Actress and Writer known for appearances on major TV networks such as Netflix, Fox, MTV, Oxygen and Hulu.She attended University of Southern California, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre. After college Dana studied improv at The Groundlings theater where she birthed characters such as Duke Ellington, Day-Day, Empty LA Girl, Blessed By The Lord Lady, Janelle Waters and The Ross...


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #17 – Female Artists and Entrepreneurs w/ Lexy Panterra

Lexy Panterra is Syd’s guest on the podcast today. Lexy is a signer/songwriter, an owner of multiple businesses, and a music video star. Her songs have gotten millions of streams on Spotify, her YouTube twerk videos have tens of millions of hits and her dance studio is thriving. Lexy and Syd have known each other for a few years now and in this episode they reflect on how they met, some fun parties they attended and the struggle of finding quality guys in LA. They also talk about honing...


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #16 – Mastering Social Media w/ Kendra Zager

Kendra Zager joins Girl Insta-rupted today. Kendra is currently a Social Media Producer for Buzzfeed/MTV and is an award winning Social Media Manager whose crafted campaigns for Playboy and Pizza Hut. She’s also created marketing programs for entertainment, alcohol companies and auto sponsors. Kendra is a painter and a social media influencer herself with a hot Instagram account that’s growing rapidly. Syd met Kendra a few years ago during a shoot with Playboy and they became friends. In...


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #15 – Sex Talk With My Mom w/ KarenLee and Cam Poter

Cam and KarenLee Poter of Sex Talk With My Mom join Syd on the podcast today. Sex Talk With My Mom is a podcast, YouTube and Instagram community hosted by a sexually liberated COUGAR mom and her funny son. You might think it’d be weird for a mom and son to talk about sex this openly, but they do it in a light hearted and fun filled way. In this episode Syd laughs with both of them as they share funny stories and talk about some sex/relationship Taboo’s without an once of...


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #14 – LA Antics w/ Hana Giraldo

Hana Girlado is Syd’s guest today. Hana is the daughter of Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo. She grew up on the road with her touring mother, Pat. Syd and Hana talk about the LA scene, what it was like growing up with famous musician parents, the YouTube hustle, plastic surgery, instagram verification and much more. Highlights: Syd Social Media: Patreon: YouTube – Instagram – @sydwilder...


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #13 – Being A Women In Show Business

Deborah Kaplan joins Girl Insta-rupted today. Deborah is a writer and director whose known for her involvement in “Can’t Hardly Wait”, “Mary +Jane”, Liza On Demand and many other TV shows and Films. Syd has loved Deb’s work from a young age, so this interview is extra meaningful for her. The two discuss what its like being a women in Hollywood, how the me too movement is picking up steam, getting your art critiqued and navigating this new age of dating. Highlights: Syd Social...


Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #12 – Battling the Holiday Blues with Dr. Danielle Delaney and Syd Wilder

Danielle joins Syd back on the podcast today. They’re both discussing the emotions that arise with the holidays. Oftentimes people feel overwhelmed this time of year because they’re dealing with crowded malls and awkward family visits. Those who don’t have family are feeling anxious, lonely and depressed. In this episode Danielle shares some tips and tricks on how to cope with the holiday blues. It’s perfectly ok to celebrate the holidays in a manner that feels right for you. Start your own...