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Episode 30 - Country Fried Misteak

We’re back with another Gone In 60 Weekly Attack! Welcome to episode 30 Goners! Cory & Pat discuss The First Purge, brunch and Cory’s poor choices. Then $h!t gets heated! Listener discretion advised! Rate, subscribe and review on your favorite podcast listening app/subscriber and share with all your friends!


Episode 29 - US and A celebrations!

What up Goners!? We’ve reached one year of this podcast! Thank you all for listening in and sticking with us. And sticking with USA as we talk about celebrating the 4th Of July, how to waste $10,000, more SUMMA sensations from Cory, Warped Tour, politics, movies, music and more! Rate and subscribe to keep us going for more years to come!


Episode 28 - 2 Ryan’s, The World & A Piece Of Space

Happy official start of Cory’s favorite season, Summa! Or how Pat says, Summer. Anyway Goners, today we discuss the changing of the weather guard, dogs, Ryan Reynolds & Ryan Gosling, Space Force, what Pats been watching and more! Rate, review and subscribe on your favorite podcast app!


Episode 26 - The Park-Up Artist

Hello Goners! Welcome to another episode of Gone In 60 Minutes! This episode, we discuss Cory’s weariness of music festivals and Pat’s love for them. Also discussed: old times, dodgeball, titties vs butts, cops, swings and much more. Like, rate and subscribe and spread the word to fellow friends!


Episode 27 - Day & Knight

Welcome back goners! Your two dudes booze crew is back with another tantalizing episode of GI60M! Today we discuss SpORts! Mainly our home team Golden Knights. Other topics include SUMMA, Wranglers, James Bond, tanning, bandwagoners and much more. Plus GHOST appears once more and your bi-weekly FIRE! Rate, review and subscribe on your favorite podcast app and spread the word to others!


Episode 25 - Wait....WHO?!?

What's happening everybody?!? We made it to the big leagues...sorta. We've made it to glorious number 25! In this episode, Pat can't seem to get any names right. Also discussed: America, phone recording, drag queens, birthdays (yup, we have frans which is friends and fans), This Is America and other pop culture. Subscribe, rate and review on your favorite podcast program, send us any questions/topics you'd like us to take on and share with your frans as well!


Episode 24 - Game On

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program. Welcome back Goners! We're back with another jam packed episode of everything and nothing all at once. We answer our FIRST EVER LISTENER SUBMITTED QUESTION! (Someone other than Cory check the facts on that). Video games...how you feel? We talk past and present and future of gaming. Other topics include the Bi-Weekly Fire, pronunciations, psychology and Hennessy. Subscribe, rate and review on your favorite podcast platform and all the...


Episode 23 - Level 5 Potato

Hello again Goners! Sorry for the week delay, but if you think about it, then you're just a week away from another new episode?! That's right! The reason why this is late is somewhat explained in this episode along with privilege, popular beers, work, Pat's bday and much more! Please rate, review and subscribe if you enjoy our banter!


Episode 22 - Sourpusses

Hello Goners once again to another eventful episode of the whackiness about todays pop culture. Too much is discussed in this episode to even list, but guaranteed offensive yet hilarious times will ensue. Be sure to rate, review and subscribe on your favorite podcasting platform.


Episode 21 - Bidness

This time, our dear hosts Patrick & Cory are back for an "plus" episode that involves music and movies per usual. But also involves two business ideas from Cory, while another political Not So Weekly Fire from Pat. Sorry for the delay, Cory was tipsy. ENJOY!


Episode 20 - Spanish Ivanka

WE DID COME BACK! WOO! Last week was a little scary, but Cory & Pat are back at it again and this one is a boozy-doozy! From The Oscars to Xbox to Lorenzo Ball, this one has all the fire. Literally cause Cory's new segment "Not So Weekly Fire" brings that fire! Subscribe, rate and review on your favorite podcast platform!


Episode 19 - Illuminaughty

We may be cancelled after this one! We started to make mention those we do not say their name, next thing you know, Pat has a special guest. Eventually your drunknamic duo gets back together to discuss the world as they do. See you in two weeks?


Episoded 18 - Extra Moist Bestest

Hello once again Goners! GI60M is back at it again with the white vans. Not really but you catch our drift. This episode we discuss birthdays, Smirnoff, being straight edge, the Superb Owl, cold vs reheated pizza, Little Caesars, Valentines Day, Vine and Space. Whew...that's a lot, but not all! We introduce Becky & Amber and Cory introduces a new segment. Rate, review and subscribe on your favorite podcast app! Thanks eerbody!


Episode 17 - Falling Flat

Welcome back! This episode contains so much random, it’s hard to list! Topics include Super Bowl, Celebrity Big Brother (which kind of ignore that), awards and more. Plus, does Pat believe the Earth is actually flat? You decide! Subscribe, rate and review on whatever platform you use for podcasts!


Episode 16 - Raising Cranes

Hello once again Goners. Your two favorite hosts ever are back with another jam packed episode of GI60M! We break down what makes fast food eligible to be called fast food, Bob Ross, truffles and the greatest export of Massachusetts, Mark Wahlberg. He didn’t show up this time, but we still are wishing on that star. Rate, review and subscribe on your favorite podcast outlet!


Episode 15 - Happy New Beers

Well, we’ve all made it to 2018! And we’re not planning on stopping any of the fun and recording! This episode we talk expectations of 2018 and everything else we hope comes with it to make up for the shit-ass year 2017 was. Apologies on the quality of this recording, we did not purposefully make it sound like old time radio. Unless you dig it, then we totally meant to do that. Cheers to 2018!


Episode 14 - The F8 Of The Delirious

What. Is. Going. On. HERE??!?!! A “special” 2 hour episode of Gone In 60 Minutes? It’s true! Cory finally “breaks” while we break down ALL of Furious 7. Luckily for him, there’s only one more after this, so Pat decides we will not wait for another episode and get all of Number 7 in before Christmas! This is the gift we gift you! More of what you love while we get more of what we love, BOOZE! Subscribe, rate and review us on whatever podcast app you use! It’s greatly appreciated!


Episode 13 - Cup Of Joe

Welcome once again Goners (unofficial label for our listeners, maybe) to another episode of Gone In 60 Minutes. We check in with lucky number 13 by breaking up the monotony that is the Fast & Furious series so that Cory can feel free and not be burdened by “doing homework”. Pat and Cory discuss everything such as their brews, their preferred way of cooking burgers, their recent movie endeavors and much more. Subscribe, rate and review so we know what you prefer to Make America Great Again...


Episode 12 - Feast 7

Hello hello helllooooooo once again! On this special episode, we bring in our first ever guest, Sam! We’ve talked about him in previous episodes, and now we finally have him on to discuss his favorite Fast & Furious, which is also the latest Cory (begrudgingly) watched, Tokyo Drift. Pat and Sam also try to break down what Cory enjoys as an action movie and other shenanigans.


Episode 11 - F&F: Tokyo Brass

Welcome once again to another episode featuring your two favorite (maybe?) drunks, Gone In 60 Minutes! This episode makes a brief stop in Flavortown because that's where the Brass Monkeys flow like wine. Discuss recent movies and dig into both Fast 5 and Fast & Furious 6 while Cory hates recollecting every minute of them.