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10. Holiday Gift Guide

Worried about finding the perfect gift this season? We’ve got you covered. This episode is the Holiday Gift Guide! Listen as Myles, Nick, and Jason find the perfect gifts for listener requests with their expert internet product knowledge and know-how. We cannot stress how good these guys are at finding internet products. It is almost like they have a podcast about this. Products this week include pizza sheets, Lego bricks, a parody cookbook, Bob Ross chia pet, an erotic fish calendar, a fart...


9. Comfort

Pull up a comfy chair (“the good chair”) because it’s time to relax. Everyone is talking comfort. In this episode, we discuss some butt-friendly chairs, go deep on the dog-lovers handbook, and get into it about Ferrari pet beds. We learn that Myles sleeps in a barn to watch over his dwindling flock, hear Nick jump off a bridge, and get a hot new take on waterbeds. As the Morgan Freeman chair would say while it delivers you a drink: “I’ve got you.” So much comfort. Bono has signed off on the...


8. Bath Time

Get your loofah ready as we’re scrubbing up this episode. It’s bath time. Listen to Nick, Jason and Myles as they talk about bath products and make some modern renovations to your boring old tub. Honestly, this is tough considering bath time is already the best time. Hell, I feel relaxed and fresh just writing these show notes. This week features a bathtub with celebrity wax heads that help you develop a positive body image, a bath bomb packed with a pretty ring, a hamster-cage tub...


7. Exercise

Tone your muscles and drop some serious lb’s with the guys this week. It’s time for exercise! We all know we should do it, but who has the time or motivation to do it? On this episode, we try to get adopted into the #fitfam, improve the treadmill desk with a dangerous piloted cooking element, review the hottest exercise trends (including the “Kangu,” a kangaroo-themed exercise), and chit-chat about a rave-promoting skip-it, all while dancing our lil’ butts off in hula chairs. Grab some holy...


6. Turkey Day

Slice off a piece of this episode because it’s time for turkey day. In anticipation of Thanksgiving, Nick, Jason, and Myles serve a new helping of fun for a holiday with an otherwise mediocre and troubling background. This episode features the turkey novelty hat, an electric gravy boat, gross-sounding canned turkey meat, and Thanksgiving gum, chips, and soda. Fill up your ear holes with some dumb jokes because it’s hopefully better than your uncle complaining about political correctness...


5. Magic Users

Move over, Gandalf, there are three new spell slingers in town. This week is all about magic users. The sparks are flying, and so are the various objects that we’ve used spells on. The guys discuss old school magic kits, the influence of modern day magicians, and reinvent the magic wand. Alakazam! Be amused, daemon! Featured products on this episode include a wiccan magic kit, a win-in-court spell, a mind freak money printer trick, a demonic tomb about spirit vessels, an improvement to the...


4. Vehicles

Vroom vroom! Finally, an episode in our wheelhouse! Hop into your mobile death trap because we’re talking vehicles on this episode. We create some obviously brilliant additions to cars and motorcycles, run through a few alternative transportation methods, and learn that Jason might be a delusional trash collector or a reverse garbage Santa--it's not exactly clear, and it is NOT resolved. Time to jump into your personal Burning Man land cruiser and blast this podcast for all to hear. Featured...


3. Spooky

Boo! You are now scared! Watch out for all the spooky stuff coming your way this week. Ghosts, ghoulies, and all that jazz. Boris Pickett and the Crypt Kickers are coming to sing a frightful tune, and the lil’ children are in the streets begging for candy. You know what this is all about. It’s time to tackle a spooktacular boo-nanza of products. Featured products on this episode include a skeleton bathroom door cover, dog ghost hunting vest, a literal ghost in a jar, new monster mash song,...


2. Party Time

Throw on your tiny cone hat because its party time. Welcome to Episode 2! This week, Nick, Jason, and Myles discuss products to help make your party the hit of the decade, whether it's a birthday, backyard BBQ, or unreasonably dangerous dance party. Good luck sneaking that jar of queso cheese by your loving wife! Products featured in this episode include the party monster hat, a spin on the classic air horn, some ravin' LED glasses, the party roulette balloon gun, and the Hamdogger.


1. Sports

We're excited to release our first episode of the p'cast! On this episode, Nick, Jason, and Myles try hard to understand the world of sports, although none are really equipped for the job. Products include a creepy-looking fantasy football trophy, multiple variations on toilet sports, and a set of competing salad bowls that shout about an unfair referee while some little coach arms flap among the shredded romaine leaves. Is it a fumble or is it a home run? Probably neither.