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Grits to Glitz, episode 339

Amy's besieged by happy family from across the ocean! Bay's beset by sudden basketball crazes! How much more can these glitzy girls take?! There's some basketball madness, mink oil memoranda, and ever-present prom and birthday reports for darling Nadia. How are your nails?! Write to us! or, or send us a sound file/voice message! Reverent TattooClassic mink oil usesModern mink oil benefits


Grits to Glitz, episode 338

FUNNY YOU SHOULD ASK.... because Bay never made it to Georgia. Amy and Nadia had lots of fun, but Bay caught bronchitis and stayed home. We talked about what Bay missed, and how nice it was to meet up in Chattanooga, and how great Bay's nails now look, but we didn't have our fun girls' weekend in Covington. Write to us!! Kira Beautiful prom dresses


Grits to Glitz, episode 337

Bay needs a manicure, STAT! Wait, what she really needs is a good manicure. Sure, it's not rocket science; it ain't going to save the world; this isn't the straw that breaks Mueller's case's back, but it's important to *us*. Our nails need to look good! Also, Amy teaches Bay about Georgia history, and Bay cedes a Vocabulary Vixen session to Amy. Top Secret Tourist Tip of the Week with a Tip of the Hat to The Strip Podcast! What are you guys doing for Valentine's Day? Write us!...


Grits to Glitz, episode 336

It's been a long time, and we're back with tales of Airbnb, the Eiffel Tower restaurant, Thanksgiving, New Year's Eve, watching all of Las Vegas' famous fireworks all at the same time, and more rambling and having fun and stuff like that. Yes, we did meet Piff the Magic Dragon! And yes, he is grumpy! Hear about how much we love Jade the Showgirl, and write to us at or! Piff the Magic DragonPiff tries to say Grits to Glitz Eiffel Tower Airbnb Tacos...


Grits to Glitz, episode 335

Very darned hard! We even earn it when we're not trying to be filthy! So after the ELK HUNT, Yamy took her BITCH of a Frenchie to Louisville for the nationals... OK, that's all the filth I can think of today. Amy is fun! Bay can't wait to cook a turkey! Vespas and pajama pants and elections and drunken giggling! Is there a K-Pop store in your town? Tell us about it! or!


Grits to Glitz, episode 334

After a nice break, we're back! We traveled a little, we shopped a little, we ate a little; we stood back and gazed in wonder at what teenagers can put away these days. (Were we ever like that? Don't answer that!) Did you win a billion bucks? Neither did we! But if we do, we're gonna be neighbors. Call us! 44-222-96269! Links: How does junk food affect teenagers? Bay will be an awesome neighbor 40th High school reunions can be ... interesting Mega Millions & Powerball are crazy ways to...


Grits to Glitz, episode 333

You guys liked the drunky cast! Lots of gritty gab this week -- kids going off to school, kids needing stuff for school, kids getting student loans and work study jobs for school ... you would think we had a passel of small children, wouldn't you? But wait, there's more! Amy's patio is finally ready for its close-up, and let's all meet in Vegas for New Year's Eve!!! Too scary? Then how 'bout a little Vocabulary Vixen for your listening pleasure? Email us at!


Grits to Glitz, episode 332

It's G2G Unplugged! No plans. No notes. No links. Just enjoy and float down the lazy river of gritty, glitzy fun.


Grits to Glitz, episode 331

An extra dog!!! Yeah! Everyone loves an extra dog! Unless you're hosting Amy's former bulldog Lola, in which case, now you have to put up with your current French bulldog being kind of, well, passive aggressive. Just a little. Amy's houseguest sets off alarms! But only because Amy made him. And he won a poker tournament -- how much fun is that?! Bay saw fireworks, and we discuss how nice Knoxville is becoming, and there's just a wee bit of Vocabulary Vixen. Did that elicit a response? Oh,...


Grits to Glitz, episode 330

Oh, the trials and tribulations of owning a smart speaker! [From Amazon Prime, that is.] Amy fills us in on how her very well-spoken parrot is now communicating with the Matrix. What is AI, you ask? We don't know, but we hope Amy's credit card isn't connected! Amy's exchange student made it back to Denmark; the Vocabulary Vixen drops by, and there's a good bit of a Grits to Glitz pet update. Anyone else out there remember the brilliant podcast The Petcast? Vindication for Bay is about 10...


Grits to Glitz, episode 329

Bay and Amy have a whole passel of stuff to talk about, from drugging their doggies to dog-loving car salesmen. Wanna get high? Well, how about a helicopter tour? Or get the natural high of calling us at 44-222-96269! Mellow your dogexchange student helicopter tourthey're agingVegas Golden Knights would be horriblehere's how to dealEar plugsMaybe


Grits to Glitz, episode 328

So much cake story deliciousness this episode, it should come with a high-calorie warning! Amy won a dessert contest with a beloved old family recipe! Bay isn't at all surprised! There's French bulldog auction action, and administrative professionals day stuff, and Bay's baby boy came home from his first semester away at college with some bragging rights about his grades. It's springtime, so that means more hummingbird talk! How many years have we been obsessed with hummingbirds? Well at...


Grits to Glitz, episode 327

Can Bay get any more hick with the opening question? But seriously! Such a packed show! We talked about nasty HOA meetings and cute sea critters and trips to hilly cities and twisted ankles. We talked about dining in amazing places and Amy placed well in a basketball bracket thingie, woo hoo! How are Bay's new cats faring? Is she bullying them with terrible names? Maybe. You decide! Tell us the plural of hippopotamus!! Prepare for an HOA meetingbeehive...


Grits to Glitz, episode 326

We took a long break and then had too much to talk about! Amy took her exchange student to Disneyland! Bay adopted two kitties! Lots of chatting! Vocabulary Vixen drops by with a hint about when NOT to abbreviate shit! And who put this swim team report here? It belongs over there! Call us, y'all -- 44-222-96269! VRBO Adopt black kittiesadopt bonded pairsDisneylandglittery mouse earsPhoenix Pharmacy and FountainHighland ParkSan Francisco at.


Grits to Glitz, episode 325

FODDER! Man, y'all's minds go right to the gutter -- and that's why we love you. Hey! We're back! Sorry about the long break, but we were sick. But it's all good now, because we're seeing drone shows and wearing Christmas frocks and exchanging Christmas presents and ... Wait a minute, did Amy even say what she got for Christmas? Doesn't matter; she gets to go to Ikea! Write to us and tell Bay how her son should decorate his dorm room! or...


Grits to Glitz, episode 324

Amy got an exchange student! Bay visited Amy in Missouri! We ate a lot of food we liked! We drove a long way! Bay has PTSD because her boss moved the office from one place on Gay Street to another place on Gay Street! Do you like calendars and fun perfume? So Do Our Awesome Listeners! Please don't abandon us just because we almost podfade every October. Come to Bay's house for Thanksgiving at Christmas! That's an official invitation; RSVP as necessary to Call us at...


Grits to Glitz, episode 323

Amy has had a terrible couple of weeks -- like, seriously, suddenly she has Bay's karma. From a favorite little restaurant suddenly taking a terrible turn for the worse, to a massive -- MASSIVE -- leak under the patio, it's all just, "Ugh." Bay, in the meantime, has turned to a life of crime. She stole a parrot. Well, a cockatiel. Does it count if the victim had 3 weeks' notice while Bay said things like, "I'm going to steal that cockatiel"? (Vocabulary Vixen may need to help us define the...


Grits to Glitz, episode 322

We're fine. We hope you're fine. It's been a weird month, and then stupid stuff happened in Las Vegas. Like every thinking person, Bay and Amy bounce between being sad and being, well, a little angry about that. It's OK; we'll all hug our dogs and be better someday. Speaking of dogs -- Amy almost owns a dog! Is the adoption final now? No? How 'bout NOW? Amy is programming stuff in Las Vegas, and Bay answers the phone really well in Knoxville! Adopt a needy Frenchy


Grits to Glitz, episode 321

Oh, y'all, Amy needs help feeding people! Not really; she figured it out. (Grocery stores deliver now, y'all!) Seriously, though, this episode bolts from entertaining friends to doing good things for rescued French bulldogs, past Bay's culinary efforts and right through the good that buying two pocketbooks can do a mother, and up to and beyond burritos and cool TV shows like Project Runway. We're back into PR, y'all!!! Tim Gunn is our hero!! Arf, arf! custom dog clothes chicken thing Best...


Grits to Glitz, episode 320

She ain't getting old! Dammit. Now, listen, we have a lot to talk about. There's Amy's startling new fashion obsession. There's a new Frenchie in our lives, and she snores. Bay's eclipse menu is more like a bridal shower, and we all want to go to St. Louis to see Amy's new foster dog. Finally, programmers, help Vocabulary Vixen out: How do you say the singular of "parentheses"??? Project Runway's Season 16house dressesTa Ta Towels ALOHA She snoresparking for the Great American Eclipse...