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126: We're Too Old for this Sh*t #GrownDadBusiness Ep.126

The Dads change the scene and go to an old Italian joint to chat about the Thai soccer team trapped in the cave and go down a rabbit hole of scary sh*t the Dads don’t wanna do anymore. Also: Aaron is audio selfish, lame team building, the pleasure bar, best birthday gift, warm Twizzlers, Die Hard, cleaning gutters, Aerosmith, high ropes courses, Crash Bandicoot, white water rafting is a sonnavubitch and snacks, cause why not. Rate - Review - Subscribe - Share! Follow Us @AaronKleiber...


125: Beat the Heat #GrownDadBusiness Ep.125

The Dads chill and chat in the Dadquarters about summahtime things - LIKE - the WDVE Comedy Fest, Aaron on Doug Loves Movies for a 9th time, haunted dolls, Adam owes music royalties, antiquing, flood stories, LuketheNuke beats, Aaron's mum stops by, antiques that should be destroyed, heat bubbles, Pittsburgh accents on the news, public pools stories and Jason won't get in public pools so he breaks it down. Rate - Review - Subscribe - Share! Follow Us @AaronKleiber @JmClark8 Episodes &...


124: Father’s Day! #GrownDadBusiness Ep.124

Father’s day gifts, drunk t-ball Dad, Mandarin Chinese, Mooky, fancy hotels, Dr. Phil, lady locks, JT, gold chain dads, and a lot about tribute bands - also joined by producer Adam Cicco! Rate - Review - Subscribe - Share! Follow Us @AaronKleiber @JmClark8 Episodes & Calendar: Aaron Kleiber, a nationally touring stand-up comedian and actor, emerged as one of the most in-demand acts, touring alongside Bob Saget, Jim Breuer, and Harland Williams. He has been seen on...


123: Dads Shoes: Make Monarchs Great Again Ep.123 #GrownDadBusiness

Aaron needs to know if he should get a Dad pair of Nike Air Monarchs. The Dads take the journey down Dad shoe lane and the evolution of Dad. Jason and Producer Adam share their Monarch tales. Also: widths, BK Lights, Jordans, Zips, Murphy Mart, Snoop wardrobe, baby shoes and Uggs. Check out the Instagram @MakeMonarchsGreatAgain Special Thanks! Ink Division Custom Printing! The best printed apparel at an incredible price! Amazingly quick turnaround, hands on customer service and locally...


122: Showbiz Dads Ep.122 #GrownDadBusiness

After a hiatus, the Dads return to a new Dad-quarters to tell us all about their time off (the podcast, cause we were really busy) filming a new show for CBS. Jason wasn’t an actor, but he is now. Listen to the story and the experience the Dads had this month. Also: Dads after dark, cutting grass, the makeup trailer, drink people on set and shoutouts to friends who helped Aaron graduate high school. (Earbuds: we got a couple swears in this episode) Rate - Review - Subscribe - Share! Follow...