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Temple Mount/ S.B.Y.C

Great Juicy Dragonfruits We're Back Once More. Weird Week No Doubt...Chris punched his ticket for the Sad Boy Yacht Club and took a shallow dive into his own melodramatic sap. Reliably Jerad took the polar opposite approach with some much needed alone time and had the best time of his playboy lifestyle. We learn the critical importance of taking care of yourself because that's the only way you can take care of others. Together we can do It all. We dig you, you dig us , let's grow this family...


Love & Kindness / Divinitus Inspirada

Sometimes a week away from things you love feels right, other times the vacation in your mind ends up kicking your ass into to a slimy pulp of rage sadness. After a long eternity (ten days) of being away from our extended family we couldn't be happier to be back. Chris and Jerad get their asses handed to them by the universe this week but through the miracle of repeated failure and a light dusting of magic psychedelics, they have learned the most important things about being a human. THERE...


Happy Birthday Krsna!

Hare Rama Hare Krishna We're Back, so lovely to be with you, please remove your sandals before entering the temple. This week Crish & Jerad smile their way around an invitation to the Hare Krishna temple only to discover it was a birthday party for Krishna himself! What a delight that was, the boys also base jump into the inner caverns of being totally honest as much as possible and Chris shares a memory of merging with the source of all creation while under a very heroic dose of magic...


A Psychopaths Journey To Fun Town

Sometimes your friends get weird and scare you, other times it's you who's doing the scaring. This Episode of Happy Fun Smiles we drill into the skull of one Jerad Meadows, heterosexual life partner and dream weaver here at HFS. He's been on some werewolf shit lately and it was time to pull him back into the light. We also talk about how teen wolf over here doesn't like sports and how a Royals game with his ride or dies might have changed his mind on more than just the game. We love you so...


Bored Dolphins / Event Horizon

Majestic Dorsal Fins We're Back Once More! Friends we've missed you incredibly, this week Chris & Jerad submerge themselves in the amniotic fluid of being bored, what true freedom could mean, James Cameron - is he more than man? The boys delight in a weird time in history where hippie scientists and dolphins almost learned to talk to one another. THATS FOR REAL, SERIOUSLY, GO READ ABOUT IT... Life is weird sometimes friends and even weirder when you want it to be, Thanks for listening and...


The Antler Room / Dry Crying

The Universe has brought us together once again! This week we’d love to say thank you to the Antler Room and all of the professional dream weavers that made this episode what it is. Jerad & Chris frolic in the bouncey house of fine dining, the true oneness between a wealthy mayors daughter and a recently shot gunshot victim. The soul polishing nature of solo cross country road trips and Chris cries real tears ! Have fun friends and if you think someone would like us too we welcome you to...



Hi! How are you, we’ve missed you so much! This week Chris and Jerad bath in the briny waters of their recent trip to hang out with the flaming lips, sexually frustrated horses, vibrating your third eye into psychic visions and being open to the mystery of the universe. Thanks for listening and sharing with a loved one and as always we like you more than friends, until next time love you bye


Two Woofs / Zen

Sticky Thicc Angels We're Back Friends. How are ya? We're Great, this week Jerad and Chris swan dive into the ambrosia of being cocky, how to manifest your own reality, human sacrifices, trailer park satanists, and Jerad seeks advice on how to understand the two gay wolves that live inside of him. FUN ONE. take care of one another and remember...we like you more than friends


Blac Rabbit

We’re back this week with Blac Rabbit. Jerad and Chris travel to NYC to hang out with fellow explorers of the spirit Blac Rabbit and what a wild time it was, we are happy to be back and as always we like you more than friends.


Friends of the show / Listener Questions

we did it! Were together again! this week Chis and Jerad answers questions from friends of the show before they head out of town. have fun be safe and remember, we like you more than friends


Dosed / A La Luna

Howdy Friends! We did it, we're back together again. Listen....We've all been a little too......You ever been tricked into taking a powerful mind altering something or other and forget who and where you are for large moments of time? Good Chance it might sound a bit like this if you happened to record it. This week the boys discuss how to dock with the ISS without permission, the ultimate Q&A about crows and their milk, proper marijuana "borrowing" etiquette, being bored with the rational...


The Why Game / Por Que?

Sweet Holy Basil Once More We Are Together. This week Jerad, Chris & Sometimes Jake..... Doggy paddle their way through the why game, their own deaths, and what it means to be a real vegan. Its true and yes we like you more than friends, until next time, hug your friends for us and call your mom just because she made you with her psychedelic womb piece . GOOD HUMANS UNITE


$5 Krshna Bliss Box / Brote Sagrado

Were so happy to see you again This episode we soak in the salty brine of mistrusting our emotions, meeting our childhood idols, adventure times hidden agenda, christophers relentless neurosis, and fathers day plans. we love you more than friends, until next time be easy.


Anxiety Tribe / Temet Nosce

By innumerable miracles we are together again! Welcome back and if this is your first one...Welcome....please take your shoes off. This week Chris and Jerad frolic in the mind space of anxiety, the contradictory nature of Chris' off balance sense of being even keeled and how easy it is for anyone on the road to freedom to get sidetracked into a nightmare of self indulgent nonsense. WE LOVE YOU MORE THAN FRIENDS. until next week......thank you beats by kofibae


Puppy Petting Party / Gods Dead

Sweet Lord We Did It! This week Jerad and Chris bounce around infinite power & limited potential, bumper sticker hostility, million dollar ideas, verbal fasting and most importantly how to be better versions than the ones they allow themselves to be. WE LOVE YOU MORE THAN FRIENDS. Intro Outra jammer by true homies, Bryan Koehler & Drew (sweet child ) Little. Casual Friday Ending Song with permission Six Different Ways - Casket Lottery


Ad Infinitum / Vibrations

This week we talk about vibes maaaaaaan. JK but yeah we do talk about vibrations and how you can use them to change your reality and make everyones day a little bit brighter. We love y'all so much. thanks again Song by Jesse Loveall - Mt. Stupid


Peyote Coyote/ Para Todo

This week the boys swim in the loving waters of how to get 5 stars and evade the police, spirit animals, a story about peyote, grownups; are they real, how to love and how to hate and we hear a very cool song by Jesse Loveall. Story time music provided by the one and only Drew Little. intro beat by ZeekyBeats. HEY, WE LOVE YOU. DO SOMETHIG NICE FOR A STRANGER


Who are you? / Temple food

This week the boys discuss proper language and everyones favorite word. We dive into an existential question Chris arrived at while brushing his teeth and they try to peel back some layers of their own identity to find out who's running the game. intro beat by freekybeats outro song by the reytones


Melted Crayons/Occular Prothesis

This episodes Chris and Jerad examine the delicate ways Chris ate very odd things as a child, The boys also discuss their survival strong suits and how they'd get alone surviving together. Do we live in a world where glass eyes are a thing?- Jerad. Finally we dive into manipulating your perception of time through boredom. We love you and thanks for listening. If you want to support the show visit our patreon page @ www.patreon.com/happyfunsmiles. thanks again until the next one


Rave Hippies/This Too Shall Pass

This week Chris & Jerad reminisce about loosing keys, getting way overdosed with LSD, the future and problem with internet rave hippies.THANKS AGAIN AND WE LOVE YOU ALL. NAMASTE WEIRDOS