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Episode 19: Call your Dad, you're in a cult

Help Dad I'm in a cult, also I pretend my boyfriend is my real daddy. Get ready for the best of daddy and happy Father's Day. We explore everything daddy and everything not daddy. Cheers!


Episode 18: Britney is possessed by the soul of a baby and is an illuminati puppet

This one dives deep into Britney Spears' singing career and why she has been marketed as a baby-voiced, pop star who has had a breakdown. See what we think about the weird world of pop star conspiracies, chemtrails, "What the Florida" news, local news, Craigslist missed connections, and anything else that seems strange. Come hang out with us!


Episode 17: Featuring Reason the Citizen, Denver based emcee, artist, and certified cool dude

Zach and Karenna's boss joins us to talk about everything weird on the internet. He also is a Denver based emcee that has some hilarious stories. Check out Reason the Citizen here: https://soundcloud.com/reasonthecitizen


Episode 16: Feat. Guest Alexa from Amazon, MIrrors, Flava of the Week, Wendy Disstrack, Fake News

Another episode your way! This time we invited the specialist of guests: A crappy mass produced AI robot speaker! It's Alexa coming at you will all her funny stories and antics that will keep you excited. Has anyone ever done this before? I don't think sooooooo! Oh, this episode it pretty funny, too.


Episode 14: Featuring Guest Jenksy; Olympic Dong Statues, Fake Fake News, Cuddle Puddle, Pimpette

This episode is filled to the brime with our new guest Jenksy. Segment favorites such as Missed Connections, Cringe Corner, Local News & Prank Calls. Featuring new segments: Fake Fake News & What the Florida. This one is definitely NSFW!! Be sure to check out Jenksy on instagram @Jenksygram !


Episode 11: Featuring Popular Redditor, Amersaurus

Join us with the creator of the popular subreddit, BigBoye, as we share funny local news stories, strange craigslist ads, simulation theory, space, science, bad date stories, and prank calls! www.reddit.com/r/bigboye


Episode 9: Josh Staab, stoner D&D prank calling dumptruck king

No. 2 Guest is Josh Staab, local grower and musician. He joins us on the crazy adventures into craigslist, conspiracies, and prank calling. He also makes a new buddy later on and will be joining him for some nudie bromance videogaming. See what he's up to with his new album dropping on Feb. 14 this year and his stoner D&D board game. You can stalk the guest on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stabberwocky Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/joshua.staab


Episode 6: Krampus, Shitty Gifts, HANUKKAH, and Extra Butter

HOLIDAY SPECIAL! Join us for a drunken belated-upload of our Holiday Special. It's still relevant even in January. Enjoy our first special with the whole episode on the topic of the holidays...sort of.


Episode 4: Bitcoin Crash, Poop Porch, Taco Hell, Blue-Onesie Lovin, Netflix & Kill

New mics, new stories, and new news. So we put all our money in bitcoin and it crashed. Craigslist gave us a story of onesie pajama love and Taco Bell shits. If you love foreign films, then you will love everything that Netflix has to offer from Korean Love Sex Dramas, Mexican Creepy Sex Fantasies, and a Bollywood explosion of abs and North Korean dancing. Join us for another loooong episode of shits and giggles.


Episode 3 - Gym Shower Love, Heil Furries, No Probing Plz, and Pray4Trey

Man we missed you! We are coming at you with a loooong catchup from the Thanksgiving break. Get into the mood with Missed Connections, catch the latest Furry Craze, troll Craiglist, and welcome a new Coloradoan via prank call. Also, the earth is flat. Intro Music: Slotcar by Podington Bear freemusicarchive.org/music/Podingto…r/Soul/Slotcar


Episode 2 - Insta4Docta, FadEarth, Nudists, Cannabis Church and #localnews

Round two! We are back and already things are different. New sounds, new mastering, new local stories. We read the most interesting "Missed Connections" in the area in hopes of connecting love. We discuss flat earth theories. We discover a new social media platform. We get new Netflix recommendations. We realize that what we have been missing in life is "Elevationism". Intro Music: Slotcar by Podington Bear http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Podington_Bear/Soul/Slotcar