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Head of the Cast Episode 23: Cash Mah Head

Bill is ill, yo! Which isn't as awesome as it sounds. What is awesome is that the show is almost entirely listener voicemail driven. After Bill gets a bit serious about television exploiting today's youth, Jim From Canada calls in to talk superhero movies. Gutter Monk wonders what Bill thinks about Mike Tyson. All that in this jam packed Head of the Cast! Check out Jim From Canada's Haunted Walk! Straus21 has lots in store for you at the Reality Roundhouse! Don't forget to check out...


Head of the Cast: NEWS

Hey folks! Hot and dirty for this one: This is NOT episode 23. Just a quick announcement/heads up that the next Head of the Cast episode is delayed due to weather. Check out followmyhead.com for links to realityroundhouse.com! Check back for the next Head of the Cast show!


Head of The Cast Episode 22: 3 Year Itch

A fateful call from the ominous Gutter Monk to Lothgar sends the dastardly demon on a shame quest to revive the Head of the Cast. After using gross out porn to bully Bill back in front of the mic, the HEADquarters gets juiced up and the show takes off. Bill gives a brief rundown of where he has been for the previous 3 years and discusses why he's decided to return to the internet airwaves. Gutter Monk calls in with a question about Nintendo games and piracy. What's Nintendo's deal,...


Head of the Cast Episode 21: File Under 80s Flashback

Bill digs through the achive of his podcast history and pull out three big 1980s themed shows in preparation for the upcoming 80s TV show retrospective. Saturday morning cartoons, a literal trip back in time, and some horrible 80s music jam packs this 4 hour plus long celebration of the recent past! **Check out FollowMyHead.com!** Like my head on Facebook! Facebook.com/likemyhead Follow my head on Twitter! Twitter.com/fmyhead Email me at bill@followmyhead.com Call me and leave a...


Head of the Cast Episode 20: Minisode 3

On this minisode: He-Man, Gutter Monk, death, Achy Breaky, Sam Jackson freak out, Puma Shit, special episode announcement. **Check out FollowMyHead.com!** Like my head on Facebook! Facebook.com/likemyhead Follow my head on Twitter! Twitter.com/fmyhead Email me at bill@followmyhead.com Call me and leave a message to play on the show! (224) 286-4323


Head of the Cast Episode 19: Super Bowel

Bill explains the two week absence of the show before welcoming Effie back into the 2nd Chair. Effie accuses Bill of hating any music made afer 1994 when Bill talks about the 2014 Grammys. Bill plays a little Lorde (oh Lord!) performance and a few minutes of a Cyrus cover song by one of America's most beloved hedgehogs. Gutter Monk wants to know if the actions of the artist taints the art itself. A new caller makes Bill open up about his dislike of anime and JRPGs. Bill gets a...


Head of the Cast Episode 18: It Went There

Here is the quick and dirty: Effie is in the 2nd Chair this week and helps Bill tackle the following topics *The Golden Globe Awards and crappy non-speeches *Things that go in your ass at Walmart *How much is too much when it comes to porn *ICP is suing the FBI *A man in Texas shoots Bigfoot just to watch him die *The Atomic Wedgie of Death *The Curious Case of Shia LaBeouf. All this and a message from Gutter Monk plus some other excellent audio clips that you won't want to...


Head of the Cast Episode 17: I Feel Gouda

In the first proper podcast of 2014, Bill welcomes Effie to the 2nd Chair before marveling at the chilly wizardry that is the weather in the Chicagoland area. Bill discusses how he describes podcasting to people. Gutter Monk chimes in with his love for James Brown and his displeasure with texters. Gutter Monk gave Bill the idea to have a unemployed James Brown star in a very musical edition of Imagination Theatre. Since the Packers aren't going to the Super Bowl, Wisconsin is using all of...


Head of the Cast Episode 16: Minisode 2 - End of 2013

Bill rings in the new year by candlelight out of the tundra that is the Chicago suburbs in this 30 minute minisode! Hear what happens when Bill plays Cards Against Humanity while intoxicated. With the help of Gutter Monk, Bill talks about what stuck out for him when remembering the year 2013. Bill remembers an old departed friend and introduces the pod-a-verse to the glory that is Puma Shit. Bill closes the door on 2013 and looks on to 2014 and in doing so, closes the door on this...


Head of the Cast Episode 15: Big Bad Christmas

Bill is excited to be producing the first HOTC Christmas episode! Effie is in the 2nd Chair as the festivities kick off with a 3 parter from jolly old Gutter Monk cover celebrity bigots, how Bill e-fights on the internet, and Rudd vs Vaughn. Lothgar drops in to spread his brand of holiday cheer and drops some Christmas past all over Bill's face. Enjoy some classic Christmas advertising in this special's Retro Audio segment. And be horrified into a sugur plum void coma when Santa Claus...


Head of the Cast Episode 14: Minisode One

Bill flies the inter-waves solo with the first ever HOTC minisode! No show notes! Scary! What's inside? Find out! Check out FOLLOWMYHEAD.com for social and subscription links!


Head of the Cast Episode 13: Rate My Death

Effie takes the 2nd Chair joins Bill this week for an episode that mainly focuses on the horrible aspects of living within social networking websites. Bill and Effie discuss some bizare Greek customs involving bloody eggs and strength. Bill takes a moment to marvel at Chicago's recent first measurable snowfall of 2013 and how his Facebook wall is more like awkward small talk. Ms. Gutter Monk (Mrs. G) calls in sans Gutter Monk and asks who's death was more tragic: Paul Walker's or Nelson...


Head of the Cast Episode 12: Cat Under Nanna's Teet

The holidays are approaching and the Head is back! Effie takes 2nd Chair as this week. Bill explains the two week absence before jumping right into Gutter Monk message one of two. Effie breaks down some of the better traditional Greek holiday dishes. The crimes of Chris Brown and R. Kelly are compared and rated. You may be shocked to hear what Effie thinks about one of the most offensive words in the USA. Alec Baldwin is a giant tool. Someone has decided that It's A Wonderful Life suddenly...


Head of the Cast Episode 11: Goes In Your Mouth

Bill returns to the non-air waves after a one week absence. After introducing Effie as this week's 2nd Chair occupant, Bill announces that Head of the Cast is the newest member of the Radio Fubar family while also reminding everyone that the show is also available on Stitcher Smart Radio. Gutter Monk wants to know if food and beverage manufacturers should have to put calorie information on everything consumers consume and if pornstars should be viewed as normal human beings. Bill and Effie...


Head of the Cast Episode 10: The Big Halloween Show

Happy Halloween! Join Bill and Effie as they trick or treat their way through your clown brains in Head of the Cast's first Halloween special! Hear what Gutter Monk is making his neighbors witness this year. Relive Effie's horrible first Halloween memory. Blood Larry gets a lesson in love. And Bill goes somewhere only Lothgar has gone before. Does everyone survive? Only way to find out is to listen! Check that candy! **Check out FollowMyHead.com!** Like my head on Facebook!...


Head of the Cast Episode 9: The Voice

A simple yet incurable cold can't stop Bill's head or Head of the Cast! Effie tries to one up Bill's illness but Bill will have none of it. Effie wants to know if Bill finds her voice "erotic". Bill doesn't think it's funny to dress as homeless people for Halloween. Speaking of Halloween, Bill is excited about Head of the Cast's first Halloween episode which will more than likely be available the day before Halloween this year. Gutter Monk wants to know what's up with the internet and the...


Head of the Cast Episode 8: Walken The Line

As Bill settles into the 8th episode of HOTC, a few changes are made to the opening. Bill is also excited to announce on the show that he is in search of a nomination for The People's Choice Podcast Awards again this year. Eric St. Vaughn's recent appearance on the show is discussed as well as RPro's upcoming "Welcome to My Nightmare" Halloween themed wrestling event. Gutter Monk drunk dials the show spewing venom for Jenny McCarthy and Miley Cyrus. Speaking of Miley, her recent appearance...


Head of the Cast Episode 7: Eric St. Vaughn

Nearly a month in the making, Bill meets face to bone crunching face with Eric St. Vaughn as the "Personal Trainer to the Stars" takes the 2nd Chair for a special edition podcast mostly dedicated to the topic of professional wrestling. After the tensions die down, Bill gets Eric to open up a bit and the two begin to talk about Resistance Pro Wrestling, the Chicago born wrestling organisation of which ESV performs in as part of a faction known as Body Magic. Vaughn explains to everyone...


Head of the Cast Episode 6: Beep Beep

Effie's streak in the 2nd Chair will be broken next week as Bill meet's Eric St. Vaughan one-on-one on September 30th's show. On this week's show, Bill and Effie discuss the iOS7 hoopla from last week and Bill's major issue with people using their cell phones while driving. Facebook advertisers are using images of dead people.......on accident? Speaking of the dead, the Emmy's are changing the way they honor Hollywood's recently departed. This week, Canadia Jim and Michelle chat a little...


Head of the Cast Episode 5: Break It Down

Bill is so amazed at how fast the month of September is flying by that he forgets to introduce Effie in the 2nd Chair. Effie plays way more video games than Bill does. Bill recalls one Halloween where he used music (and gallons of fake blood) to creep people out. Gutter Monk is amused by Dennis Rodman and his new buddy, Little Kim. Canadian Jim calls in from the happiest and spookiest place in the world. Bill imagines a world in which Goofy the whatever he is becomes a hardened zombie...