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Episode 35 Crunchy J and Lil' Twink present: The Butt Episode

Beavers, Butts, and Candy! This Episode we look at and redesign Beavers. Then we tackle whether or not it is ever okay to poop in public and if doing so can stop true love. After that we talk about Necco's elusive Clark bar.


Episode 34 Barefoot Terrifying

This episode we take a look at giraffes, a story about young love and bare feet, and 5th Avenue bars.


Episode 33 Suck Mouth

We take a look at walruses, get some upsetting news about Necco, find a cheeky pillow, and discuss the Butterfinger.


Episode 32 The One with the Extra Segment

We are still talking animals and rating candy (salamanders and Raisinets in this episode.) But we switch it up in the middle and we had to add another segment at the end because we discovered the next huge Facebook scandal.


Episode 30 Dunk Week

We take a look at ducks, the This Means War (2012) trailer, and Jelly Beans.


Episode 27 Weekend at Merlin's

This episode starts under the sea, correcting one of God’s mistakes. Then we reflect on the “Year of the Wizard” and see what knowledge Jeff has gained in 2017 by creating a treatment for Heads Up very own wizard movie. After we send the “Year of the Wizard” off with a Kiss. Talking points Lobsters, semen, Enthrilled, voice box, bossy, Wanda Sykes, wizards, Bernie, Merlin, in door plumbing, Milton, Snavely, paste, wrapper


Episode 25 Getting That Cheese

This episode we talk sheep, the movie Willow, and gummy worms. Talking points rat race, sheep, shupe, Willow, 90s sensibility, Gumped, George Lucas, DeMoulas on notice, Haribo, grapes all skin


Episode 24 Murder on the Heads Up Express

Things get spooky as our bi-hosts attempt to earn their stripes after learning of a murder on the Heads Up Express. Join our stallions as they show off their knowledge of the animal kingdom with more zebra facts than there are zebras in Madagascar. Hear tales of real people living out the actual plots of not great movies. Then we continue 2017’s mission to help Jeff understand wizards by watching Hocus Pocus. We bring back a fan favorite segment: Jeff, Movie Summarizer because Sean only...


Episode 23 Gabbing About Gibbler

Hey Dude, Welcome to Heads Up with Jeff and Sean, the world’s leading seahorse fan cast. Giddy up as we start this episode “ball out” talking about early 2000s dating shows and stables. Take a knee as Jeff attempts to pander to Sean, which Sean obviously rejects immediately. Instead, Sean chooses to wade through the honest agony that is Kyle’s Click. Marvel at the pair’s inability to thoughtfully look back and reflect on a year of podcasting. Using such advanced tools as the internet, the...


Episode 22 Popping Off! with Jeff and Sean

Hey! This episode is built like a shit brick house and we’re dropping it with the same force and intensity that flattened the Earth. We use every part of Kyle’s social media as Jeff plays social media psychiatrist. We’re popping off about Walter Disney’s The Sword in the Stone. This film plunges into the depths of what to do if you ever become an actual fish, explores the dangers of sexual assault in trees, and flies straight into a wizard battle. It’ll make you sick. Was Twix marketing a...


Episode 21 Magic Michael

Episode Description: In this episode, we have our very first non-Bret special guest. The often hinted at, the occasionally mentioned, and the one time contended number one fan of Heads Up. with Jeff and Sean. It's Hollee! 🔥🔥💥👊🤘👏🎉🎉🎊 Sean may be Jeff's better half in podcasting, but Hollee is Jeff's better half in life. They share an apartment, they share a dog, and now they share a microphone. Our spirits soar higher than Jeff's childhood kite in his parent's front yard as we avoid...


Episode 20 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Bret

Wake up from your government issued comas and get ready for Episode 20. Bret is back and he is full of plums and avocados. He might even have a new landlord. We’re talking the third and final movie in the Lord of the Rings trilogy -- The Return of the King. In a time before sandwiches, when close friends were really close, where orcs tire of harvesting lava, there are elves waiting to sail off to Heaven's Gate. We also take trips to Japan and Australia in the candy segment as we debate the...


Episode 18 The Lord of the Rings: Hoodlums, Hood rats, and Caves

We've been in our caves, but we're back, our hair parts are on point, and we've got some life hacks. In the war of science vs nature, will you choose a side? In this episode, we start on The Lord of the Rings series with The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. We cover Gandalf's diva behavior, the ring wraith's poor sense of direction and social skills, and we talk cast for the inevitable reboot. We also find out what kind of wizard Jeff would be based on what he has learned....


Episode 14 Harry Potter and Deathly Boredom

Preheat that oven, prepare your protein and vegetables, and join us as we get cooking with children's books that will give them a real feel for government and try to settle the age old question of what would win in a fight; a murder of tiny horses or a farm of ants. We get into Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part: 1. An awkward dinner party, inviting half the wizarding world to your secret safe house for a wedding, and three high school drop outs trying to live out their favorite...


Harry Potter and The Seduction of Slughorn

Harry Potter and The Seduction of Slughorn by Heads Up. with Jeff and Sean


Episode 12 Harry Potter and the Dead Wizards Society

Kyle’s Click gets us somewhere! Finally! It’s all coming home in this one, like the proverbial cows and dinners. Have we lost you already? Well, stick around for some cloaca talk – after another long discussion about the byzantine processes of law in the wizarding world. It’s time for some Order of the Phoenix – well, it’s time for the Order of the Phoenix to be briefly introduced, and then forgotten about until the end of the film. Can young upstart Voldemort change the tyranny of the...


Episode 9 Harry Potter and the Dolph Lundgren of Romance

Wizard Year 2017 continues with Harry Potter 2: Snake Stuff. Is Harry Potter actually Lord Voldemort, a la Fight Club? Does Hagrid try to get Harry Potter killed? Just what kind of judicial system do these wizards have, anyway? The threads of Dumbledore’s plot are becoming more tangled, but we sort it out for you. Come along for a magical train ride, if some stupid elf doesn’t lock you out. Elves – always jerks. (And, in keeping with Bret and Jeff’s obsession with the love lives of...


Episode 8 Harry Potter Begins

2017 is the Year of the Wizard, everyone knows that. Yeah, you didn't ask for it, but that's how magic works. Most of this year we're going to be getting into some eldritch magics, examining the questions we all must face at one point or another: what does it mean to be a wizard? We're starting off with some deceptively labeled "children's entertainment" in the form of Harry Potter and Sorcerer's Stone (the film). Did you know Hagrid labors under an enchantment of mind-control? That Harry...


Episode 7 Vampires, Wizards, and High School... Oh My

Sure, it’s a self-conscious intro – our most self-conscious yet! – but just wait until you hear these potential accusations about Ryan Seacrest. We’re not saying he’s a vampire, but we will unless he denies it first. Hashtag attack-cast. Then there’s some wizard talk. In fact, Jeff just can’t let go of this wizard talk. Sean is done with it before it starts, but he’s all wrong, because we get to be Saved by the Wizard up in here. We get into some serious questions in this one, buddies:...


Episode 5 Christmas

The boys really take the music industry to task on this one. Jeff went on vacation, and he sure has some stories to tell. Apologies for Sean’s audio quality. There’s some nonsense about the manticore that rules the Isle of Misfit Toys before we get to the low-down on Swedish fish. Load up some trash music and get ready to send email from Jon Bon Jovi’s email service – it’s the Christmas episode.