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The Birdcage

Will and Marc are branching out this week for their first episode fully dedicated to a movie about a same-sex romance: Mike Nichols's hilarious 1996 thongtacular, THE BIRDCAGE. Join in as they discuss the astonishing achievements of this movie's cast and crew, marvel at Robin Williams's mustache, have an appropriate reaction to Christine Baranski, and shop for Laserdisc players. Plus: Is Kevin Keely just Lex Luthor in Congress? What are "dumps like a truck"? Do Armand and Albert know any...


How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Marc is back, and he's bringing drama, drama, drama as he and Will tackle another listener request: HOW TO LOSE A GUY IN 10 DAYS. Join in as they catch up on summer movies, Little Italy, and Will's high school dress robes. Plus: Is Ben's boss the Love Guru? Would this movie be better with Gwyneth Paltrow? And just how do you bring peace to Tajikistan? On top of that, Will complains about numbers but loves Kathryn Hahn, we get our first #PDSummary, and everyone should go frost themself. Don't...


The Princess Diaries

Marc is out this week (and possibly on the run from the law), so Will is joined by his sisters to discuss a childhood touchstone, Garry Marshall's 2001 royal teen romp, THE PRINCESS DIARIES. While reminiscing about watching movies growing up, the three of them discuss #OldBayJugglin, awkward teenage romance, Fiona's unwinnable board game, and a foot-popping hug that just might change how they watch this movie. Plus: Are the baron and baroness murdering their way to the throne? Should we all...


Made of Honor

If you change the spelling of a word in a title, does that make it a pun even if it doesn't make sense? These are the sorts of questions Will and Marc are forced to ask as they dissect MADE OF HONOR in honor of Marc's future role as a man of honor in his sister's wedding. Also discussed: the act of de-aging actors using CGI, men's apparent inability to emote unless they're playing sports, and the high probability that the character Collin is oppressing his serfs. Plus: Why was this movie...


The Tall Guy

Somewhere up in heaven there's a podcast with big hosts! This week, Will and Marc are rejoined by senior medical expert Moira Redmond to discuss Emma Thompson's debut performance as a nurse opposite Jeff Goldblum's struggling actor in THE TALL GUY. Join in as they discuss plays in movies, hospital attire, and poorly thought-out lies. Plus: Is this the weirdest sex scene ever? Why does Will have so many thoughts about Superman's underwear? Is Andrew Lloyd Webber the worst? Does this movie...


The Thin Man

How indecent!! This week Will and Marc look at their first pre-Code movie, 1934's crime comedy THE THIN MAN. Join in as they explore the Hayes Code, overexerted acronyms, Nora's pajamas, and putrefied oysters. Plus: Marc gets a birthday surprise, Will struggles to keep track of characters, and the two of them try to answer once and for all the question of whether evil really is hereditary. Don't forget to rate, review, and subscribe! Next week: THE TALL GUY (1989)


Down with Love

Wegtent returns! This time, it's the 2003 60s-set Peyton Reed rom-com DOWN WITH LOVE, starring Ewan McGregor and Renee Zellweger as sparring swingers of the space age. On top of that, Will and Marc discuss glorious coats, terrible hats, the witchiness of Sarah Paulson, and the shocking story of a very young senator. Make sure to rate, review, and subscribe! Next week: THE THIN MAN (1934)


Legally Blonde

It's time for class! And time for justice! And time to get your nails done! And just what IS time, anyway? LEGALLY BLONDE certainly can't tell you, but that doesn't mean there isn't a ton of stuff for Will and Marc to talk about! Join in what just might be their most contentious episode ever, as they try to answer crucial questions like: What's the deal with CULA? Is Delta Nu secretly a naval unit? Does Harvard have a uniform? And who the heck is Vicky? Plus, the plots of Legally Blonde 3,...



When you make a building the size of a city, you get all of the benefits of a city. But what else will happen? SKYSCRAPER won't tell you, but Will and Marc will! Join in a discussion of the new vertical Dwayne Johnson vehicle as Will, Marc, and special guest Sean Craig attempt to answer important questions like: Is this the Golden Age of the Rock, or have we Rocked too hard? How does that explosion have such minor results? What possible use could the room at the top of the Pearl have? Is the...


The Parent Trap

It's a trap!!! A PARENT TRAP, that is! This week, Will and Marc welcome #FiFiFierce back to the show to talk about Nancy Myers's debut feature, book-to-movie adaptations, and how to tell if two people are twins. Plus: Fiona learns a new word, teaches Will and Marc about cowboys, and is definitely a serial liar. Also Will tries to make a bunch of hashtags of varying quality happen, plots out two Parent Trap sequels, and would like you all to make #FootForearm a thing again. REMINDER: Submit...


Movie Club Update!

Important update on the Heart of Podness Movie Club! On July 23, we will be releasing an episode on the Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson film SKYSCRAPER, opening nationwide tomorrow! Join us in our Heart of Podness Movie Club by watching the movie and then sending a recording of your reaction to heartofpodness@gmail.com, and we'll play it on the episode! Do it!


National Treasure

Happy Independence Day! Celebrate with Will and Marc as they attempt to understand the VERY thin romance of Jon Turtletaub's 2004 history adventure NATIONAL TREASURE. Help them answer all of the most important questions, like: Where's National Treasure 3? How could Ben and Riley not have known Abigail was going to be a woman? Who's Stan? Why does Jon Voight assume everyone is pregnant? Why does Abigail pretend to date Ben over the phone? And what's the deal with that final treasure map? If...


Set It Up

Holy relevance, Batman! This week, Will and Marc tap into the zeitgeist to look at Netflix's new rom com SET IT UP! They discuss the greatest tagline of all time, the perils of capitalism, women in sports, and the glories of pizza. PLUS improvements to 4DX movies, an incredible invention everyone should own, our favorite scene since KAL HO NAA HO, and possibly the worst dating advice Will has taken from a movie yet. Don't forget to rate, review, and subscribe! Next week: NATIONAL TREASURE


Shark Tale

This week Will and Marc continue their irregular DreamWorks Animation coverage with 2004's elaborate lie/coming out story SHARK TALE, starring a whole bunch of famous actors whose animated counterparts look creepily like them. Is this movie anti-Italian? Is there a fish Jesus? Why are there cabs underwater? Why does Robert DeNiro have an aquarium? Plus the announcement of the Heart of Podness Movie Club (Are we joking? TBD!), our favorite puns in the movie, and the fresh Wegtent we know you...


Kal Ho Naa Ho

This week we're doing a movie too big for just Will and Marc to cover, so we're headed back to #ClairesClorner too look at the 2003 epic Bollywood melodrama KAL HO NAA HO. Join in as we discuss Shahrukh Khan, Kantaben, the three steps to love, and the greatest plot twist in cinema history. PLUS: Just what is the central relationship of this movie? Is Sweetu the best character? Is it the time to disco? Be sure to rate, review, and subscribe, and join us next week as we continue our DreamWorks...


Addams Family Values

Carol Kane put a curse on Will to create a doppelganger of him and, being Will, neither of them could keep quiet. This makes it sound like there's an echo on this episode, but there's not - there are two Wills. Will 2 ran off to Hollywood to try writing something called "Spirit Locomotive" (they clones weren't exactly the same), so we don't expect to see him again. For those of us who are still here after that nonsense, snap your fingers and join in for Barry Sonnenfeld's sophomore feature,...


Ocean's Eleven

Heads up: Will was submerged in a bathtub when he recorded his part of this episode, which is why it sounds a little funky. He won't need a wash again for six months, so it won't be a problem in future. Hello! Join our crew as Will and Marc talk heist movies in the context of Steven Soderbergh's 2001 classic, OCEAN'S ELEVEN. This is one of the more tangential romances we've done so far, but we still find room to discuss SOLO, Chuck E. Cheese, 2001 fashion, and lots of people who were almost...


Say Anything...

YOU. MUST. CHILL. and listen to a new episode of Heart of Podness! This week, Will and Marc take a look at Cameron Crowe's 1989 directing debut, SAY ANYTHING... Join us for a conversation about Dippin' Dots, John Cusack's passionate input into the role of Lloyd Dobler, and some surprising efforts to remake it. PLUS: Will and Marc talk #TwilightAt10, gush about John Mahoney, and uncover the true history of the Space Needle. And Mr. Lep speaks at last! Don't forget to rate, review, and...


Raiders of the Lost Ark

As #PodcastSummer continues, Will and Marc decide to celebrate by looking at one of the all-time great summer movies: 1981's RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. They're joined by friend of the show Matt Grisier to debate perfect blockbusters, the symbolism of dresses and pants, and whether Huey Lewis is doing a black voice in "The Power of Love." Plus we talk about the writing process for the movie, plans for future sequels, and the weirdness of a franchise that spawned both a Nazi monkey and a...


When Harry Met Sally...

I'll have what Heart of Podness is having! That half-baked joke must mean we're talking about 1989's classic rom com, WHEN HARRY MET SALLY...! (Ellipses required!) Join in with Will, Marc, and special guest Katherine Sisemore as we discuss days-of-the-week underwear, fake orgasms, and that central question of whether men and women really can be friends (which has high stakes, since we all consider each other to be friends). Plus, we spend a lot of time talking about Casablanca, Oklahoma!,...