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No Strings Attached/Friends with Benefits

We're seeing double this week with two 2011 movies that have essentially the same plot: Ivan Reitman's NO STRINGS ATTACHED, starring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman, and Will Gluck's FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS, starring Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake. Join in as we look at the wide world of twin films, suspicious foreigners, pumpkin-based insults, flash mobs, man butts, and eye bees. Plus: What is a Billboard Dad? How many characters is too many characters? Why would John Mayer start a...


The Shining

It's time to check in as Will and Marc talk hotel movies for this examination of the romance of Stanley Kubrick's 1980 horror masterpiece, THE SHINING. Join in as they discuss the best hotel movies, the Disney Channel, the moon landing, drool, and Jack Nicholson's door-chopping prowess. Plus: Is Scatman Crothers playing Professor X? Why doesn't Stephen King like this movie? and what animal is that furry suit supposed to be? Be sure to rate, review, and subscribe! Next week: FRIENDS WITH...


Chicago (2002)

Will and Marc hop bag on the Wegon for a look at Rob Marshall's 2002 feature film debut - an adaptation of the Bob Fosse/Kander and Ebb musical, CHICAGO. Join in as they discuss the revival of movie musicals, Academy rules, the politics of ANNIE, gateway crimes, and romances that may or may not appear in the movie. Plus: What makes a good movie musical? Are Disney's live-action remakes interesting? Who should Queen Latifah have played in EASY A? and what are Will and Marc's positions on...



Never let go! Will and Marc are holding onto one another for a supersized episode on James Cameron's 1997 romance/disaster movie, TITANIC. Join in as they discuss Rose, Jack, a record-breaking box office performance, a bizarre alternate ending, government regulations, Titanic II, and an intense investigation into Rose's ballet skills. Plus: Is Bill Paxton just playing James Cameron? Is a woman's heart a deep ocean of secrets? Who's the real hero of THE WIZARD OF OZ? How many GEOSTORM...


Fever Pitch (2005)

Just in time for opening day, Will and Marc return to the rom com well for the Farrelly brothers' 2005 baseball romance, FEVER PITCH. Join in as they discuss their favorite sports movies, an altered ending, George Bailey's finances, amazeballs, and a truly disturbing lizard. Plus: Is this the worst teacher we've ever seen in a movie? Is Jimmy Fallon's Ben the worst vomit-cleaner-upper ever? Does Ben go to every Red Sox away game? And just what is spring training anyway? Make sure to rate,...


Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Will and Marc are staring at each other intensely between epic swordfights, which means they must be talking about Ang Lee's martial arts epic, CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON. Join in as they talk about blood, Russian literature, the challenges of a multinational cast, meaningful looks, and cave love. Plus: What does the title mean? Does anyone not know Shulien and Li Mu Bai want to be making out? and why would anyone believe some rando had defeated Li Mu Bai? Make sure to rate, review, and...


Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Keep a Weatherby eye on the horizon, because Will and Marc are here to talk about the first film in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean series, 2003's THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL. Join in as they discuss Disney Parks adaptations, why Jack Sparrow should never be the sole lead of a movie, hamming it up, and Ellen's Energy Adventure. Plus: What other franchises would be better off without their lead actor? Why did studio chief Michael Eisner try to shut down production? And why do the Jonas...


Modern Times

Will and Marc are headed to the (almost) silent era to look at the final film in which Charlie Chaplin played his famous Tramp character: 1936's MODERN TIMES. Join in as they discuss the end of the silent era, nonsense singing, and nose candy, as well as a eulogy for the MORTAL ENGINES expanded universe. Plus: Why was Chaplin almost assassinated in Japan? Why was this movie banned in Nazi Germany? Why is that one factory guy shirtless? And just how old is the Gamin supposed to be anyway?...


How to Train Your Dragon

Under orders from their sponsors at SquareApron, Will and Marc are continuing their coverage of the films of DreamWorks Animation, this time with a rare adaptation: the 2010 film HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, co-written and co-directed by the guy who voiced Stitch. Join in as they discuss Kanopy, 3D filmmaking, HTTYD's Oscar-nominated score, and Viking Teens. Plus: What's the difference between a novel and a chapter book? Is Berk on Pandora? What kind of skulls does Astrid have on her belt? And...


2018 Oscars Extravaganza!

**WARNING: Spoilers for all eight 2018 Best Picture nominees.** It's that time of year again! It's the second annual We Love the Love Oscars Extravaganza, in which Will and Marc attempt to recap and rate the romances of all eight Best Picture nominees in time for the ceremony next Sunday. Join in as they address such critical questions as their favorite non-nominated romances, the Best Picture nominee they both refused to see, the Academy's decision to hand out four awards during commercial...


Diary of a Mad Black Woman

This week, Will and Marc are rejoined by senior black correspondent Josh to discuss the first Madea film, DIARY OF A MAD BLACK WOMAN. Join in as they discuss Tyler Perry, his role in black culture, representation, and bandannas. Plus: Do robbers knock? What is "Men's Day"? Why does nobody's suit fit? And does Will know how the hood works? Spoilers for THE PRESTIGE and NATIONAL TREASURE: BOOK OF SECRETS. Remember to rate, review, and subscribe! Next week: 2018 Oscars Extravaganza!


Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

This week Will and Marc take a look at the most topical movie of 1967: Stanley Kramer's interracial romance story GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER. Join in as they discuss model minorities, Spencer Tracy's final performance, fortyears, pontificating poops, and ten-day relationships. Plus: Why was Joey in Hawaii? Does John have any good ideas? Should we keep covering DreamWorks movies? And how does Obama fit into all of this? Make sure to rate, review, and subscribe! Next week: DIARY OF A MAD...



*Stares intensely across the room* You know what that means! Will and Marc are looking at Todd Haynes's 2015 midcentury lesbian romance, CAROL. Join in as they discuss the life and work of Patricia Highsmith, happy endings for lesbians, the 2019 Oscars, glove lunches, and the secret history of the Asheville Fine Arts Theatre. Plus: What was Highsmith's weird favorite animal? How many types of that animal are there? Is CAROL a Christmas movie? Will Cate Blanchett go on a road trip with the...


Dirty Dancing

It's back to the 80s but also the 60s as Will and Marc look at Vestron Films's (only) hit film, DIRTY DANCING. Join in as they discuss 80s culture, carrying watermelons, Ayn Rand nerds, spinoffs, remakes, and Swayze sweat. Plus: How autobiographical is this script? What role did VHS tapes play in getting this movie made? Why did Clearasil drop its sponsorship? and why did God give ladies maracas? Remember to rate, review, and subscribe! Next week: CAROL (2015)


Ella Enchanted

Will and Marc look at the second of Anne Hathaway's princess trifecta in 2004's ELLA ENCHATED. Join in as they discuss animal sidekicks, the adaptation from novel to film, Anne Hathaway's career trajectory, secret plans to solve racism, and tonguing the foyer. Plus: Are Heston and Edgar gay lovers? Is Minnie Driver a squib? And will Char be the worst king ever? Make sure to rate, review, and subscribe! Next week: DIRTY DANCING (1987)


Madagascar & Best of 2018

Will and Marc face a challenge they've never faced before as they explore the romance of DreamWorks's 2005 castaway comedy, MADAGASCAR. Join in as they discuss zoos, penguins, a flaming hot cheetah, and the difference between jokes and references. Plus: Do the animals ever get back to New York? Why did Marc Google "anus"? Why does Will keep watching X-Men 3? All this and our top ten lists of 2018! Please rate, review, and subscribe! Next week: ELLA ENCHANTED (2004)


Last Holiday

Will and Marc are ending 2018 like it's the end of all things, with the 2006 Queen Latifah malpractice comedy LAST HOLIDAY. Join in as they make end-of-year predictions, Marc surprises everyone by making a hashtag of his own, and the crew discusses ringback tones and LL Cool J's lips. Plus: Where does John Candy fit into this? What's going on with Gerard Depardieu? How much money did Georgia spend? How many grills was she willing to buy? And did she commandeer a medical helicopter? Don't...


The Princess Switch

Merry Christmas! Will and Marc are joined once again by #FiFiFierce for their annual bad Christmas movie episode. This year, they're looking at Netflix's new Vanessa Hudgens/Vanessa Hudgens vehicle, THE PRINCESS SWITCH. Join in as they discuss what makes a good TV Christmas movie, the wonders of MORTAL ENGINES, Fiona's encounter with Corbin Bleu, Belgravia's mistletoe laws, that old magic elf guy, and far too many points. Plus: How did Stacy make her cake? Is A CHRISTMAS PRINCE set in this...



It's Christmastime at We Love the Love, and Will and Marc are kicking things off with Jon Favreau's 2003 family comedy ELF! Join in as they discuss what makes a good Christmas movie, the filmography of Jon Favreau, the problem with cinematic Santas, the COWBOYS AND ALIENS trailer, and Will's love for Rankin-Bass specials. PLUS: Is Southtown, USA a sundown town? Remember THE CALL? What makes an enchanted forest enchanted? Why does Gimbels have full showers? And what the heck was George...


Spider-Man 3

THWIP! Will and Marc are headed into the Spider-Verse to take a look at the romance in Sam Raimi's overstuffed 2007 blockbuster, SPIDER-MAN 3. Join in as they look at Bop It, Venom, the Pussy Posse, comic book scientists, and a legendary poop metaphor. Plus: How did "satisfying the fans" lead to this movie's problems? Who is Bruce Campbell playing? How many villains is too many? Why isn't MJ in a union? What happened to SPIDER-MAN 4? And, most crucially of all: Is this movie good? Make sure...